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Blessings upon thee /vt/
Confess your sins to Pope Gura V and she shall forgive you

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Nijisanji IS as good as Hololive and I'm tired of pretending it's not.

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We get it Gura you're the number 1 most subscribed vtuber but not everything is about you

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Gawr Gura is the only member of Hololive I still watch sometimes.

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I have Bell's Palsy. I confess.

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I used to watch pre-Vshojo (specially Mel) but i got bored and burned out of lewd content in general, then i switched to holoEN when they debuted and i keep watching them since.

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I am unironically in love with Rosemi. Like the person behind the avatar. I cannot believe someone so cute and naive exists.

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I don't actually watch vtubers. I don't even know who these people are.

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Coming to terms with how I've become a gosling for my oshi's roommate is painful.

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Im too much of a perfectionist/autist when it comes to gaming, should my oshi get a bad score or loose in PvP, I get unreasonably pissed and start unironically seething, not at her, but in general.

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I came to this board by misclicking the list of boards during when Kiara was getting spammed and people were mad about her announcing that she's moving (I think), and I thought gee you people are wasting your lives. It's been over half a year now and I've been watching vtubers every day since. Mostly Nijisanji. But sometimes I check on Kiara general to see what she's up to. I think the mood on her on this board has changed. So my confession is yes I do watch HoloEN sometimes.

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I'm addicted to Noel's roommate content.

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The only chuuba I find entertaining is Gura. I'm subscribed to many vtubers, most of them not in Hololive. I try to watch other chuubas and I get a chuckle or two from "haha yeah that's cute/edgy" moments, but most of the time I'm bored out of my mind and wish I was watching Gura instead. I don't care for rrats and tribalfagging so it's not that. I just think I might be done with vtubers in general and Gura is my last line.

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Sometimes I'm glad this board is shitting on my oshi because it stops me from a parasocial relationship.

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I dreamed of MFF sex with Reine.

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i nostly watch EN minecraft streams and when it comes to the JPs im a total clipnigger

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I utterly hate Kiara's voice and her stupid pity party antics. It kinda tears me up because I really do appreciate what she does for Holomyth and is willing to shit on management when they do stupid shit, but she also has no goddamn filter so it's really hard not to want to just throttle her and say "half of this shit is your fault with your shitty chicken voice! Just use your roommate voice is 10,000x better!"

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Sometimes I have my favorite 2views stream on mute, so I can give them the views while actually paying attention to Ame or Ina

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I can't sleep without listening to my oshis ASMR and she only did it once.

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It's ok anon. you're in good company.

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I used to enjoy Kiara's streams to a certain amount until the more believable rrats convinced me she had a shit personality and shit content

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Muting streams removes your view

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A chuba someone on here made a shill thread of during a marathon stream of hers posted a cute selfie during that face reveal thing going around on Twitter that I almost jacked off to

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What about muting the tab instead?

>> No.12079195

Well, i full on jerked off to lumituber. She cosplayed herself and posted a clip of her wiggling her hips. She's hot as fuck.

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That also removes the view. Basically just put it at the lowest level possible on the slider.

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Same here. I feel a little guilty from jerking off to the few roommate images that she posted. Her body just makes me horny for some reason.

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I paid a fuckton for a commission to have this beautiful man drawn and rigged for me to stream. After doing so, right before starting everyone I talked to about it told me it was disgusting and that I would most likely end up getting reported and banned because of anti-cuck people as well other random people. 2k down the shitter.

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I occasionally do roommate reps for chuubas i enjoy and I dont really know why. All it ends up doing is make me slightly annoyed for a while and then I just kind of stop giving a shit and go back to liking them all the same. But its never a positive experience. I just don't have self control i guess.

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You should've kept it to yourself. Also just do it anyway, retards who can't deal with obvious humour aren't worth listening to.

>> No.12079612

>2k down the shitter
just do it anyway pussy

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i have no idea what oshi, roomate, or rrat mean, or what any of this has to do with ryan gosling

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It is physically impossible for me to masturbate to vtubers I am familiar with. I can't get hard. I've used non-vtuber hentai to get hard then switch to vtuber lewds and went soft.

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I want to be a vtuber but I have lots of shit attached to my online names. including people who want to expose me and tell everyone my private business. It has already happened without me having a career

Including a man who lives three hours away from me who thinks we were a couple but I assumed we were just roleplaying sex and a family

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Although vtubers and /vt/ should be light entertainment, I've noticed it's incredibly draining for me mentally for some reason and has completely fucked up my productivity and energy levels both at home and at work. No other medium has had this effect on me, even at the same consumption rate. I don't even take it seriously so I feel it's unearthing a blind spot I have about my self-identity/lifestyle. I'm not as self-aware as I thought.

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HoloID > HoloEN
I have no regrets

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do it anon, i love getting cucked

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I want to become a shota vtuber to get closer to all those onee-san vtubers.
I'm a bald and brawny man.

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New mediums are scary. Like people are taught that reality tv is junk engineered to steal your attention. Yet when it's disguised in cartoon form we don't think the same of vtubing. I think in a few more years people will realize how harmful and worthless the entire genre of streaming is as a whole.

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Im the Anon that complains in Moona tread about her short hair and also a Daydreaming Anon Mad scientist that DIY's oxygen for her to breathe, so that ciggarete smoking baboons in her country would not pollute the air that she inhales.

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I'm the only one who sent Kiara an email when she leaked her address in the early days.

>> No.12083846

Don't worry, she's going to be on a oxygen mask soon enough with what she eats.

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>confess right after posting on /moon/
did you just, instant regret? holy based

>> No.12084028

At least you didn't do something weirder.

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Is she that hot? Cant be that good if shes a vtuber

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I'm new to the whole vtubing thing and have only started seriously watching streams and clips for catching up around the time of HoloMyth's first anniversary.

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i want Haachama to dominate me sexually and take my virginity

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i jack off all my oshi's genmates but not my oshi herself. i love her too much to think such depraved thoughts of her. also it's what she'd want

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I like Hololive ID and Nijisanji ID despite not being Indonesian and having 0 connection to that part of the world's culture.

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I typed "Pride of Hololive" into Sora's chat (not even a superchat).
I then heard her mention something about Suisei in a confused voice, as if she was saying "Isn't that Sui-chan?" in response to my message.
I'm cringing hard at the thought.
Please purge my sins of being retarded.

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I feel like I'm becoming a unicorn, I want my oshi to grow and have fun but I have a hard time trusting certain people _he collabs with to not have ulterior motives for getting close to him. I know it's schizo and they probably talk off stream regardless or whether they're collabing or not, but I hate thinking about it, and I hate that I hate it because I want to support him in everything he does. Please make me normal, pope gura

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It's sad but I don't think you can relive the first year of myth by watching clips/streams. The magic is gone.

I remember I fell into the rabbit hole when I saw a reddit thread about how some anime girl made $50k while crying asking people to stop giving her money. I watched the clip and it was cringe and awkward, but it was full of soul. Stupid freestyle over a banging toilet seat, decent songs, and a cute self-deprecating reaper/rapper that you genuinely want to root for.

Oh how times have changed.

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You are such a retard kek Stream?

>> No.12085426

I can't think of a single vtuber that wouldn't want their fans to jack off to them. It's the highest form of validation to their GFE performance.

>> No.12085434

I gave it a little more thought after my confession and I feel it's a mix of what you said and the fact that these are real people you can interact with. Vtubers are attractive reality TV stars that have been visually and sonically designed to effectively stimulate your brain, with the same amount of drama, menhera and FOMO, more intimacy (GFE and interaction) with a very accessible fanbase and community to satisfy most of your social needs. The medium's most toxic attributes are masked with memes, shitposting and trolling so you can't even see what effects it's having on you unless you detox for a while.

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I barely even watch streams anymore

My oshi has a PACKED week and I haven't watched a single minute of it. I just think watching a girl play vidya badly is a complete and utter waste of time and I'd rather be doing anything else. I like streams when she talks about stuff or sings, but even then, hearing the ramblings of a woman that will never ever be mine is also a waste of time too.

I think the girls are great and they have inspired me to pursue my interests in the future, but the content they produce is garbage akin to reality TV like another anon said on this thread.

>> No.12085475

Suisei. Coincidentally, she also doesn't do GFE

>> No.12085557

I can think of several that are super awkward around the topic

>> No.12085606

I like Council more than Myth

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Me too, brothers.

t. white dude

>> No.12085612

Not all girls do GFE.

>> No.12085711

I refuse to watch anyone from Niji until Nina is graduated.

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Help me

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Vtubers unironically improved my life by giving me something to always look forward to in my day/week and for the cute girls.

>> No.12085842

Who's your oshi anon? I think I'm going through a slightly similar experience with mine.

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Rosemi is the most seiso in NijiEN and one of the most seiso vtubers I know. Her combination of what seems to be completely genuine naivety and pureness is pretty unique.

You are fucking retarded.

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The people on this board made me genuinely hate most Hololive fans.

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I have the impulse of false-flagging as a racist Japanese around my oshi.
I'm still hesitating whether I should actually send it or just keep it as an impulse.

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I like HoloCouncil and their chuuni lore

>> No.12091189

Me but mostly just because it gives more powerscaling material.

>> No.12091199

I can't help but respond to bait and shitposting anti's of my Oshi. I know it's just
>le ebin troll got you to reply
Faggots 9/10 times and an actual schizo the other 1/10, but some days I just feel the need to jump into the anti threads.

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Came here from /v/ a week ago
I started posting as the s--chizo (which i didn't know existed) for a couple of days now. I just copy-paste archived s--fag post to make it more genuine and then modify it a little bit.
It's fun seeing them fight each other and dig up old ss which i know nothing about.
Pic related is what i imagine they look like when they try guess who it is

>> No.12094382

I dont really get the hate the lore gets. Yeah its chunni but its not like they are dedicated to it. Its just used for silly jokes from time to time.

>> No.12094402

Do you honestly think people are scrambling at your every move and not that they just happen to be looking at the thread at that moment and have a clip or screenshot to refute your shitpost?

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I used to go to this local zhang massage parlor every month, the hags don't look bad tbf but I find it difficult to stay hard during the whole ordeal. Then I started imagining them as holos. First, Marine then Okayu, Mio and Botan. The whole cast. I came hard every time. It closed down during the pandemic unfortunately which is sad. Hag blowjobs are the best.

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Most of the time s--fag and i are actually on the same side, they're very easy to manipulate.
I don't know how many times i blamed someone of being a schizo and the s--fag will join me on piling up on that poster.
I'm with good company

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Some people took what Kiara said and ran with it, others view it as a waste of time and resources. Personally I think its just material for the talents to work with, and its up to them if they want to play into it or just drop it.

>> No.12096135

I thought you were going to say how young she was. I really, really like the way she dresses, it may come across as sheltered/overly girly, but eh. What I'd really want to know is if someone archived face pics from her old roommate account, I have only seen so much in the archives and her old twitter is locked and it sounds like she deleted pics after uploading them (sometimes)
Her reactions to stuff are so pure, God she's lovable.

>> No.12096844

I joined Sana's first superchat stream solely to mock her for being dead last. However, she began to talk about how she bought party poppers so that she could set them off for each superchat she got. The sheer enthusiasm and joy she exerted each time she set them off was infectious: I now wanted to cheer for her.

Feeling guilty over my initial plan on picking on her for her unpopularity, I ended up super chatting her. While she's not my oshi, I still cheer her on and hope the best for her.

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>> No.12097234

nah you're good. i started watching vtubers to mock the entire concept.

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I'm addicted to shark cunny

>> No.12097254

I really hate my oshi's fanbase, both JP and EN, on every platform, and it makes me ashamed sometimes

>> No.12097411

She looks like a fucking tranny, you faggot

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Not my sin, but my mother caught my younger brother jerking off to one of Gura's streams and gave him a beating. I'm repulsed that this bitch was my kid brother's first fap.

>> No.12097645

Maybe on chrome it does. For any other browser there is literally no way for (You)Tube to tell if the tab is muted so it will work fine.

>> No.12097682

guessing chumbuds but people who choose gura as their oshi usually don't have that level of awareness

>> No.12097764

i know this is a joke but projectUglyBastard seems to be doing fine

wait... is that you?

>> No.12098020

My oshi is not the chuuba I interact the most with.

>> No.12098078

nice, I caught my younger brother jerking off to Gura too so I pulled the plug on his membership for Gura.

he doesn't know I jerk off to Gura's cunny too

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>> No.12098115

Why does everyone wants to fuck Gura lol? She talks like a child and her model looks derpy.

Also, was it her RFA stream? Because that one's understandable

>> No.12098326

How old is your brother? You may live with the fact that he'll become a lolicon
Erotic cuteness I guess

>> No.12098537

thats your own fault for not reading the room, dipshit.

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I really only watch chubas for "idol" content, or whatever is a good name for concerts/3D lives/Karaoke streams. I just can't bear to watch someone (often poorly) play vidya. But watching/listening to an anime girl sing or dance feels more appropriate somehow. It doesn't even matter if they aren't that good at signing or dancing, the effort and growth is the entertainment for me.

>> No.12098677

dude, your brother is a lolicon AND he has poor taste.

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I think I may be legitimately falling in love with Finana Ryugu.

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The worst part about being a schizo is being self-aware.

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File: 1.37 MB, 1974x2500, hololive calliope 54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've routinely tried and failed to learn Japanese for my oshi Botan Shishiro (yes I use Western order, sue me). I just can't. I am genuinely too autistic to learn new languages, except a tiny bit of French.

Also, I never call picrel Mori. She is always Calliope to me.

>> No.12099226

I'm subbed to every HoloEN except Kiara

>> No.12099669

I reported my oshi on Twitter and she got banned for it.

>> No.12099745

spoonfeed the archived pics

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I fell in love with my oshi, i know perfectly fine that i'll never interact with her in any meaningful way but i still get annoyed at the mere thought of her having a bf, i want her to be happy more than anything but this selfish thought does not leave my mind

>> No.12100402

I hate vshojo and ironmouse mainly because of the Cdawg va not only because they are sluts.
Feels weird seeing a complete normie trying to get into some fragile sick virtual idols puss.

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HoloID and subsequently HoloEN irreparably damaged the fanbase by inviting all the westerners and thirdworld minorities. Now every other hololive-related post has middle school level humor in broken english or is a repost from leddit. Hololive peaked during the Azur Lane collab.

>> No.12102188

> Hololive peaked during the png collector collab
lol, and also

>> No.12102204

Fuck off faggot. I came here to be forgiven for my sins, not laughed at.

>> No.12102311

Great. More Kiara for me.
I'm actually glad that Kiara filters people, since it means the remaining fanbase is closer and more loyal.

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My bro's nine going on ten. I don't want him to get into the habit of beating off to lolis, especially not gura

>> No.12102558

I just watch clips
and mostly memes
I could never watch full streams
I hate this place
It's filled with wrath
it makes me want
to have a bath
I wish you knew what y'all are doin'
As all good things are brought to ruin

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I'm not sure what it was I just caught a glimpse of the screen and saw gura. My mom was yelling at him and I didn't want to go all the way in his room

>> No.12102645

Tell your brother he’s an ENfag with absolutely shit taste

>> No.12102673

Goober gets amazing art and her personality is cute and teasing. There are infinitely worse women he could be spilling his seed for.

>> No.12102722
File: 570 KB, 1008x720, mad-lain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hopefully my mom giving him the belt nips this shit in the bud.

>> No.12102743

>t. Miofa

>> No.12102992
File: 298 KB, 464x633, 0Tbx1zvqHbUfttdF2BzW5rSU7e3eHt26AcdjlnxPA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminds me of the time I caught my cousin humping a pillow and watching PJ Masks. he's 34

>> No.12103039

I thought she'd get a few bad emails so I wanted to compensate with a funny concernfag email.
The next day, she said on stream that she only got one email. I wonder if she actually got more and lied but her vague description of the email kinda matched what I sent.

>> No.12103072

Maybe he just likes her because she's childish? Like those teenagers looking up porn of 13 year olds and their parent's getting a visit from the party van for it.

>> No.12104857
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I kept thinking various JP members kept mentioning Coco pretty often even though she graduated
Then I realized "koko" just means "here" in Japanese

>> No.12105131


>> No.12105227

Either he'll grow up and will start liking adult characters, or will become infatuated with the characteristics of lolis
I didn't expect to talk about a 9 y/o jacking off to Gura
I remember something that a researcher said: minors will search porn featuring people of their age and given that CP is illegal, they'll encounter loli/shota porn instead

>> No.12105230

Don't go into the server, it's a waste of time. As long as you get into reading semi regularly, you'll get there. Lots of vtubers have clips in Japanese too, you can use those. I'll be lurking for a bit if you have any language questions anon, but otherwise keep trying, your oshi would be happy to hear she inspires you

>> No.12106143
File: 37 KB, 600x609, tfw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuckin disgusting

>> No.12106386


>> No.12106659

I downloaded a video of a vtuber and clipped the part where she laughed so I could masturbate to it.

>> No.12106777
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The woman behind this persona terrifies me.

I can easily imagine myself being friends with every holos even mentally gosling a meaningful relationship with them, all except with Suisei...to her I am meant to be only a fan. A peasant ruled over by a shining radiant blue queen.

I will never be enough for her.

>> No.12106958

My oshi is getting older every day and I have been eyeing up her younger friend who is crazy sexy.

>> No.12107035
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Same but with Mori.
>me watching holo minecraft
>keep hearing Calli's name everytime a jp walks thru a forest

>> No.12107150

I DM my oshi

>> No.12107194

You're supposed to confess sins, not admit you're a retard

>> No.12107573

I made my oshi bust her balls in laughter recently with a chat message and for some reason my brain has tripled up on the infatuation ever since, like she triggered something in my mind..

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>> No.12112538

I mean if she does vtubing for a living she cant be that good looking, cmon anon

>> No.12112618


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pic in question is true

>> No.12112994

Not true, i hate twitch thots cause all they do is act like a whore. Aslong as the streamer has some integrity i dont mind watching them

>> No.12113074 [SPOILER] 

I like Crunchyroll-Hime.

>> No.12114066

I want to be a vtuber but I'm emotionally unstable and schizo and have lots of stupid shit attached to my name, including a man who is obsessed with me and wanted to murder me because he couldn't have me, everyone respects him though so he got away with it. iif I become a vtuber he might amp his efforts up and tell people we are in love and expecting a baby when in reality I never met him in person

>> No.12115226

Best you can do is flee the country before trying anything else in your life if the guy you speak of has that kind of power t b h

>> No.12115319

his brothers are rich... like I said he's well respected and lots of people refuse to judge him for anything.

he will probably even pay people to harass me if I become a v-tuber. maybe its just me being scared about nothing.

>> No.12115710

Well you did say you were a schizo. Honestly, just move somewhere with good security if you are really wary about that and follow your dreams instead of being scared of this dude and not being able to do anything due to being paralyzed from fear

To be a vtuber you don't even need to leave home. If you have a work at home job you can just live indoors for a while until he (if he's even that much of a psycho which is rare) stops caring.

>> No.12116039

I always three people at home.

and yes he is a psycho.. like I said already he tells people we are in love and that I want him back when I never said that and we never had any sort of e-relationship.

>> No.12117645
File: 3.13 MB, 638x456, gawr-gura-gura.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've held this in for years, but I rigged the Minecraft 2017 vote so the phantom would win. FORGIVE ME GURA!

>> No.12121525

I can guess two reasons why:
1) if Omega's ego isn't kept in check, the character designs/concepts could get even MORE ridiculous from here on out (think seven deadly sins or alien/eldritch gods)
2) the awkward dynamic where the older, "weaker" gens are the senpais and the newer, "stronger" gens are the kouhais

I get the feeling Kiara, Ina, Mori, and Kronii secretly hate their coomer fans.

>> No.12121696

I watch chuubas because I wish my little sisters liked vidya
I have sent more SC and memberships than I should have. I just want girls to grow up in a world where being a vidya streamer is a possible career path.

>> No.12121936

Kiara is literally a femcoomer and has always appreciated people...uh...appreciating her figure.

>> No.12122116


>> No.12122638

What is it?

>> No.12123627

I guess I was just thrown aback at how she clapped back against the "bottom-left" meme; at the very least I assumed she understood but didn't like it. (Clipfag mostly of the Vsho/Niji/Indie variety, pls undrstand)

>> No.12124367

About once a week I masturbate to Miko's dom audio JAV or Miko laughing compilations and pretend she's laughing at my dick...
Yes I am 35P

>> No.12124618

Rosemi not only got the cutest model to ever exist but she's also incredibly cute herself.
Dare I say the cutest woman on the planet.

>> No.12124793

>It is physically impossible for me to masturbate to vtubers I am familiar with
weird isn't it

>> No.12125221


>> No.12125317

I sincerely believe Gura deserves her subscriber count.

>> No.12125378

I can respect that.

>> No.12125427

But it's okay because the girls are his age

>> No.12126448

You can see some images if you use wayback to search FM around Christmas last year. No idea if those are new to you but they're all I've got atm. I agree that she looks like a real cutie but I just lust for some reason.

>> No.12126749

>don't have to spend 2 hours before every stream looking your best
>harder to stalk
>people don't recognize you when you talk down the streets
>don't have to watch your face to make sure your expression isn't getting sloppy
>can stream in undies if you want
>can go to the bathroom without ever having to worry about nipslips and shit
>don't give off the impression of trying to get carried by your looks
vtubing is nothing but upsides if you can afford the model anon, even for a hot girl

>> No.12128095

She looks fine she's just doing it so people don't see her bigfoot feet

>> No.12130719

I've gotten into watching a small EN indy that puts on a high pitch voice.. Usually I dont like that sort of thing but I cant help myself and I feel wrong.

>> No.12132098
File: 70 KB, 400x388, afkgaming_2021-08_79649079-d0e7-4acd-853b-6a2b92797da3_copium_png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12133833

>Either he'll grow up and will start liking adult characters, or will become infatuated with the characteristics of lolis
I mean it could be both at once too. I used to fap to loli when I was a teen and now I do a bit of every age range.

>> No.12133970

>so I pulled the plug on his membership for Gura
the fact that you let a kid paypig for an ethot in the first place is appaling

>> No.12134767

She debuffs herself and still can't stop being the queen of numbers.

>> No.12134863

gura is most subscribed for a reason
she gets the internet

>> No.12134869

bro wtf

>> No.12135010

nearly everyone on this board is a clip nigger when it comes to jps

i also find her obnoxious
just absolutely no people skills too, her collabs are excruciating

i dont know why youd force yourself to jack off to them wtf kek
this was also gonna be my "confession" (altho im not ashamed of it): i dont jack off to chuubas at all
i get the sex appeal of some of them, but the ones i like are more like a parasocial friend or comedian, i dont see them in a sexual light

>> No.12138856

vtubers are boring for me now

>> No.12138901

that was fun

>> No.12144712

What's wrong with JP Astellas?

>> No.12147485

I have the github for the matsuri monitor, in case I ever became a stalker fan and decide to fork it.

>> No.12147518

I'm a filthy secondary. I mostly just watch clips and fap to fanart and out of context audio.

>> No.12147983

Me too, the thought makes me feel physically ill and it takes me a few minutes to snap out of it. Parasocial love is nothing but pain.

>> No.12148024

really love irys personality and fanarts. but her model is ugly af

>> No.12148184

I hate how most of the fanart people are basically just sucking each other's dicks 24/7 over almost every little thing, their little happy rainbow magic life on Twitter disgusts me.

>> No.12148209

Gura's the only chuuba I enjoy singing from.

>> No.12152360

You remind me of a horse I used to know.

>> No.12153603

I don't think I even like vtubers I'm just horribly lonely.

>> No.12154385

I never plan on becoming a member or superchatting. I'm just a leech, and content that way.

>> No.12154527

Gura is the only karaoke I really enjoy from an actual quality perspective. I like Ame's karaokes because they're funny and unique, and I like Kronii's because her voice sounds really good on certain songs, but other "good" singers like Bae or IRyS just bore me and make me wish I was watching a Gura karaoke.

>> No.12156146

No, don't think so, she doesn't seem to mind when people appreciate her model that way (as long as you don't behave like a creep)
probably indifferent
Considering that she created a tag on Twitter for her lewd stuff, I doubt she minds.
Almost certainly

>> No.12156264

? She just doesn't want to be seen as a dumb pervert, it has nothing to do with what she thinks about the fans who fap to her

>> No.12158367

Well, with Gura streams for me. It's like seeing my favorite actor in a movie escpecially in collabs. Like, I just expect her to perform well.

>> No.12158651

bro... look up Noel's roommate.

>> No.12158670

I have so much drama under my names and so many people who hate me I wonder if I can ever be a v-tuber.

>> No.12158827

I sometimes get an odd amount of amusement when seeing certain chuubas with lower than usual numbers.

>> No.12161817

I never watch streams. I primarily watch vods, and even then usually broken up into smaller chunks.

>> No.12162487

Well I didn't get to see much but I did see a new one. She looked much less Asian than the one that appears in Google when you search FM. Cheers, man.

>> No.12162829

i'm not a virgin

>> No.12165941

I still love your content Finana.

>> No.12168554

How is that a sin? Isn't that normal?

>> No.12171258
File: 430 KB, 1051x1096, 1612177850614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't stand her laugh

>> No.12171318

I'm the original schiyomi who spammed Suisei images in anti threads or bullshit threads about Suisei but the past few days with the Roberu baits I understood how worthless that is. You can never win, you lose time, they keep the narrative going and some people in your oshi's fanbase might hate you for doing the spam. I'm just going to stop. I kinda liked how my bullshit inspired different fanbases to do the same though, it's just not worthy anymore for me.

>> No.12172211


>> No.12172311

>finally realizing that screaming at a wall is pointless
you may just be retarded honestly
I should know cause I was in the same boat getting into arguments with legit schizos

>> No.12173534


>> No.12173795

Why do you care though? Are you one of the baiters?
Tbf, my purpose was to derail the thread it didn't work

>> No.12173841

Funny, Suiseifags got shit on for that when I used to spam Kuzuha genderbends in Kuzuha bait threads and everyone had a fun time. Maybe you went at it too hard. You're supposed to only do it on occasion not in every single bait thread to defend her. It feels desperate

>> No.12174072

Eh, I kinda already stopped by the time the Roberu collab happened. I just did it on one thread during that time and stopped halfway through. Some anon said to don't force myself to be a schizo and that might be true.

>> No.12174094

I was going to watch a Korone clip but I accidentally typed Korne in search and ended up listening to Korn instead

>> No.12176374

I used to do some quick and decent faceswaps via Reflect using clear roommate face shots and porn body shots that line up well. Yes I was really bored and wanted to jerk off to some novel stuff. Too bad the app shut down some time ago.

>> No.12178755
File: 23 KB, 416x416, E3sBEJWWEAQQfqV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12178978

>can stream with "facecam" and even be lewd without thousands of virgins checking you out and being horny over your body
>never have to meet and smell your fans in person

>> No.12179119

I want to rape smol Ame while big Ame watches.

>> No.12179138

Kiara's attitude is the essential Mountain German experience. Blunt like Fish Germans, but almost as talkative as Italians.

>> No.12179476

Tell me the stream and I will translate what she said so you can obtain peace.

>> No.12181715

I don't know the timestamp though.

>> No.12183529

Kronii is hiding her boobs all the time now. It's so sad.

>> No.12184657

Schizo-san you've replied 3 times already, calm down

>> No.12184909

lol wtf

>> No.12185411

Not only do I think that Gura's model is ugly as fuck, I also think her personality and voice are bad and I don't understand how she is so popular, however that's the case with many youtubers so it's normal I guess. And I only ever say this here because you can't really talk about that in other threads

>> No.12186024

Hell, Kiara loves the smutty cosplay of her and retweets and gushes over those pics all the time. I think she's basically a coomer fan for herself.

>> No.12187057
File: 324 KB, 1501x3423, 1627241400678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im kinda sad for my oshi getting fewer viewers. I cant blame them since shes getting bland and repetitive lately. I still love her tho.

>> No.12187120 [DELETED] 
File: 645 KB, 865x819, 1619285732489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not only do I think that Gura's model is ugly as fuck, I also think her personality and voice are bad and I don't understand how she is so popular, however that's the case with many youtubers so it's normal I guess. And I only ever say this here because you can't really talk about that in other threads

>> No.12187438

Could be worse. At least they aren't taking repeated breaks and cutting back streaming. I hope your oshi gets back to good content soon.

>> No.12189161

She didn't even see your message. Try learning JP first before making assumptions about what your chuba is saying

>> No.12189445
File: 72 KB, 180x186, 1632098408077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I masturbated to Orange woman porn, and my oshi is watson.

>> No.12191299

Also no.

>> No.12192125

I fap everyday to Botan and Mio's roommate and i cannot stop
I've already cum 2 times today

>> No.12194077

You really couldnt resist replying to the obvious FP bait couldnt you anon?.

>> No.12194342

I want to be Choco-sensei's guard dog.
Does that make me a furry?

>> No.12195215

Depends if you mean becoming a dog literally.

>> No.12197704


>> No.12198235 [DELETED] 

I had a dream wherein Silvervale's nudes got leaked.

I don't even watch her.

>> No.12203492

That'd be bestiality.

>> No.12206959

But an oshi is not jerk material necessarily. An oshi is when someone wants to support someone specifically.

>> No.12209185
File: 136 KB, 1000x1000, hololive fubuki furry 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's nothing wrong, in principle, with being a furry. It's just that 95% of furries are awful people. Pic unrelated, she's one of the good ones.

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