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> forced myself to watch holostars
> realize they're much more charismatic, charming and popular i'll ever be
> imagine them being your bros and giving you advices about being a winner and not a miserable loser.
> now i feel happy and praise for their sucess
> dopamine increases when they collab with hologirls
you can do it, anon

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Roberu wins for all of us. Roberu believes in (you) anon

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Fucks sake I want to believe this thread isn't bait.

The unicornfagottry needs to be broken from the inside, it's been a thing for decades in the idol culture and I found it extremely autistic for it to be carried over to the vtuber scene.

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>checked out holostars
>noticed they're not particularly charismatic, charming or popular
>don't imagine having any sort of relationship with them
>still feel happy for the general success of random strangers I don't know
>dopamine levels increase with collabs with hologirls because I never saw a division in the first place.
This is how the normal brain works.

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>forced myself to watch holostars
>realize they're much more attractive, sexy and arousing than the hololive girls will ever be
>imagine them being your bros and giving you a good pounding while exclaiming they're winning while making you cum wildly
>now i feel happy and praise for their cock
>dopamine increases when Izuru's boipussy
becomes 3D

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>don't care
>don't know
>imagine being a vtuber trying her best to GFE
>now i feel secure in my knowledge of how vtubers should or shouldn't
>dopamine levels increase when defending Unicornary

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This reminds me of that one time I found a fandead supporting Roberu and a Yukimen lusting over Oga

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>a fandead supporting Roberu
probably me, I'm an autist for both Rushia & Roberu

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They can't stop us. The boys have been underrated for too long. The clip of winning son's collab already has more views on Sushi's channel than some of the other recent clips.

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put me in the clip sushi

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I can see Roberu saying the "Believe in the me that believes in you" line by Kamina.

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So, you became a gay? No thanks!

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Dont be slandering my son like that.

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Did you copypasted it from reddit? Or maybe YT comment?

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Just have fun you only have 1 life

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God I wish one day I can become as based as you.

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Based proud cucks!

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>forced myself to watch holostars
Stopped reading there. I will never watch male vtubers

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Based hime, keep up the good work

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As I told you fags before from the beginning, the unicorns were always the one who ended up ruining hololive! If you think about it, even chinks are far tamed than those brain rotten piece of human trash

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Idol company gets idol problems.