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She will enjoy being on top, being dominant, being powerful and start to tease her chat or genmates during collab about those topics from time to time ("ha-ha, wouldn't it be silly, for you to end up beneath my foot, right?"). She will hate the idea of being a sub though, and will never be into it, will never retweet or even enjoy artwork where she is not in complete control, and ignore all hornypost superchats where viewer places her in sub role, but gladly react to even blue ones where she is placed in dominant.

She won't blantantly admit her dominant preference, but it will be easily seen.

Who it gonna be? For me - picrelated.

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How many times this insatiable time goddess made you cum? Hundred? Thousand? For you it only happened once anyway...

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but that’s already gura

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0 and it will probably stay that way

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I'd say Ame but I think it's kinda true already. Still wouldn't mind her showing it more.

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gura's a massive sub she just likes being a brat
gura would only do anything even remotely dominant for the purpose of setting up a proper reversal

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She wants to be crushed underfoot by giant girl. Are you sure?

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This is unironically just a description of IRyS

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She already admitted it openly right after debuting desu

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Then why the fuck she is not a giant? She could've asked managers to make her a giantess, like Ame dreams?

Also, any clips of her acting suspiciosily horny for domming someone?

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How do you know she isn't, look at the nephilim wiki article

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Last time I saw her, she's on the verge of crying cuz nobody believes her. It was soo hard to look at I close the stream

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