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What is your dream collab?
Pic related is mine, although Fauna would also do well with Noel and Watame, Lamy is the best choice in my opinion.

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>holoautist : Mori, Moona, Aqua
>Risu & Ayame

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Gura Peko

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My dream collab:
>My cock
>Irys hag pussy
Do the math

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Gura and Iofi

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Would boost Iofi's viewership for sure

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Rushia and/or lamy with any male.

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Indogs would shit all social media. Their pettiness is only 2nd to Zhangs.

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Anon and meds

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Here's a controversial one

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She already did a collab with Anya and no, Gura's presence alone can't lift IDs.

IDs get noticed through becoming essentially honorary alt-mode ENs. It's kind of sad in its own way, but hey some of them can speak English perfectly fine and they make like 10x more money/get 10x the attention talking with us.

One can argue it's cultural imperialism but I'd say it's more like just West itself just speaks English so much (tons of randos worldwide picked up English just from internet and watching burger movies/shows) that it pulls everyone towards that center; US media has the same kind of effect on much of the world that Japan does on weebs so tons of randos just pick it up.

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>Do the math
imaginary results do not count here

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That is not controversial. Ironmouse is the only acceptable collab partnet in Vshojo that people won't say No to. If for some reason Connor weasles himself in the collab though, that would be a different story.

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Ina collab, onegai fatto catto.

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Add in Kronii for the ultimate vocal sex collab?

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I'd want to see Korone with one of HoloEN that isn't Kiara/Mori

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As a non-indog SEA, I really like Reine. I can relate her own SEA lived experience in a language I understand and often talk to her about the many cultures of South East Asia. This is give and take because she does encourage her fans to learn indonesian.

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>Vocal sex
Nice joke

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Hey! i get the joke! that one meltdown on amogus collab yes?

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They have nothing in common. Mori even hates Jojofags.

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That would be Risu

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NGL, I thought the joke was just "the biggest number w/ the smallest number"

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Off collab between Rosemi's virgin pussy abd my cock.

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I don't like Nina very much at all, and even I admit her model and voice are top sex

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Forgot Kiara-Ara's sexy voice

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Someone give me the Luna and Mumei collab

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Senzawa and Ayunda Risu

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Kiara and Pomu, which both of them appear to want, anyway. Just a zatsudan chatting 'bout idols.

I blame Omegatroon for blocking it.

Selen and Botan.

And I know this makes me a faggot, but I want to see Aqua hit it with a kaizo runner, too.

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>I blame Omegatroon for blocking it
based, gatekeep that niji leech omegatroon!!

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Amelia and Pippa for the gremlin overload
Pomu and any of Holo Myth, just a chatting stream would be fine
Selen and Botan

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Ame and Selen Apex collab with no filter
Selen would rip her to pieces

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nobody has ever said anything for a collab between these three

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Anya & Petra BL game collab

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That might actually be career-ending for Ame.

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It will happen sooner or later. Lamy is drinking buddies with Aki. Flare has been doing the Anpontan vs Bakatare with Aki and also reached out to her when Aki started her ender dragon challenge.

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Pekora and Kuzuha play minecraft

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Ollie Selen Apex

Petra and Gura

Selen with anybody who can properly throw verbal hands with her

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Roberu needs to watch stuff too

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Kiara x My fists

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>Ina & Ayame
>Sana & Watame/Subaru
>Kronii & Grass
>Bae & Flare/Lamy
>Fauna & Rosemi/Lamy

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Sora and Ame

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Me and your Oshi

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Anya and Petra with JP from start to finish

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>Okayu Korone Risu (or Okayu & Ayunda)
>Pekora Risu Bae
>Miko Moona

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Suzuhara Lulu and Akai Haato

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PekoMiko 2021 and beyond

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No fuck you, don't let Lamy get near this bitch.

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Show me on the doll where Green Lamy touched you.

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Pochi and Kson
Kson and Sora/Kanata/Coco

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Luna and Sasaki

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>Kson and Coco

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Apex ranking to master in a team with Botan

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they finally crossed each others paths last year when their circles of much of the same vtuber friends crossed over while were working with projects on the DNBC Minecraft server but at this point it doesn't look like it'll happen. this is in spite of both of them talking about each other on their own streams after meeting.

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my dream collab is the same as haachama's, whatever her dream collab is.

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>Haachama/Amelia ;_;

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Moon Jelly

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A song collab with Mori, Watame, and Suisei.

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Me and my oshi

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