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What advice would you give her?

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suck my dick on stream

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eat more bread to build up a tolerance

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just bee urself

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Breed Kiara with her medium-sized futa cock

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Honestly, even assuming that she would read and take my advice seriously there isn't anything I can think of. She just needs to chill out a little bit and not stress out over things.

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Please Ame, I know you are here, pleasd bring back Shark Tank and Ame in the A.M.

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Stop trying too hard to be creative and rest more

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Relax and have fun.

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"quit, you're not about this life."

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Watson, stop trying to outdo yourself constantly. Coco did that and she fucked herself hard because of it. Same with Aqua.
Also ignore grey chatters, if not use an extension / user style to hide them outright.
Just have fun. It's a good and bad situation to be in where you are, but you need to make the best of it by hiding shitters or you'll destroy yourself.
Also, ignore 90% of this board.

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Take sleeping pills and force your body to pass out at a sensible time. Other than that, I'm in no position to give her advice since she's far more succesful and wealthy than I'll ever be. So she must be doing something right. Literally just sleep better and improvement will follow. That's it.

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You should kill yourself now

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Place your SC earnings on Bayern winning the UCL

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>he beleeb it's gonna happen
Rumao rumao

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move in with me

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Growing a spine and following through on projects would help. You've been in this for 1 year and over 1 months already. You should be able to stay committed to something longer than a flash of inspiration.

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Don't be stupid, she would end up broke. It's going to be Chelsea again or Liverpool.

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fundamental financial and investing knowledge if she doesn't already have it.
people tend to handle money poorly when they get a sudden windfall of cash.

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Liverpool will win

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Marry me

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Wrong, she also needs to have sex with Gura LIVE

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Turn your chat off when you do anything story-heavy.

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We don't actually-know her enough to really-do that, same goes for any chuuba essentially. The most advice you can reasonably give is on how she streams/could stream and you're just gonna get "thanks for the feedback lol."

If I was gonna attempt to get one sentence through to Ame it'd be "remember where you were before Holo and have some humility both for yourself and for chat being a range of people, some of them quite stupid but many of them OK dudes."

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Watson, associate yourself to something again
Your association to time has been robbed of you by Kronii
It's like people always got reminded of Gura whenever there's a shark or even the fucking letter a
That's Power

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Graduate and find something else that you actually enjoy doing.

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Consider killing yourself!

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>"Fuck off backsitter REEEEEEEE"

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Madrid will win the UCL

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Send me all your money via monero

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Find a story for yourself. Lean into it. Really RP it up. Like, is there some mystery you can look into? Doesn't have to be a real one. Might be fun.

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I think she needs therapy or meds, seems like anxiety/depression is doing a number on her. Once that gets started, following through, setting a schedule, all that would help.

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graduate while you're still at the peak. not when you reached rock bottom

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I am going to kill everyone in this thread who said graduate.

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Ame it's been a year and you have by far the WORST commentary skills of anyone in myth besides Mori who is obviously literally autistic and thus not worth comparing to. Only time your streams are good is when you go off on the occasional tangent, other than those you just repeat obvious observations of what's happening on screen and make silly noises. You need to actually express your thought process and let us hear how you're processing and feeling about what you're playing real time. Instead of stumbling to find words to summarize the last minute of silence after the fact and just coming up with "interesting".

Here's a tip for all streamers, instead of saying the word "interesting" why don't you try saying WHAT'S ACTUALLY INTERESTING ABOUT IT

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What else does she enjoy? Nature stuff?

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How the fuck are you so bad at collabs? I skip Ame collabs as a rule now because she's proven she cannot interact smoothly with a human being. Even the fabled gurame pairing really isn't very good, it's mostly gura trying to carry conversations and Ame responding with "haha yeah I guess". Councils antics are finally showing EOPs what actual chemistry looks like with Irys, Kronii (she's rough sometimes but has good moments frequently), Mumei etc. I don't even have advice on how to fix this, smoke weed I guess? It's been a year what's wrong with her

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Fuck Gura already.
Film it and make it membership content.

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Ame feels very boxed-in still, sort of like early Gura, at least during games. She can zatsudan pretty well actually if she's in the mood for it (talking about fish etc) but she seems unable to crack the code to integrate quality chill talk into her gaming (particularly MC is easy for this yet a lot of the time, she is just describing what she's doing in the game).

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she's missing a healthy dose of vitamin (my) D(ick) three times a day

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Stop being ungrateful and do your stupid job. Which is to play video games. It’s that simple.
Oh and stop eating bread. Dumbass

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She's smoked too much weed. She's too paranoid and the side effects are seriously messing with her ability to perform. She needs to go to rehab and get clean.

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Assuming you're a real girl, stop wasting too much of your time in this place & using some famous chuba face for expression. Maybe some meds.
Wait, you're talking about Ame? Lmao, she is 3rd fastest growing holo & very satisfied with her numbers/social life, unlike Kiara or Calli.
She is literally capable to give the middle finger to DMCA & her own sponsors, not even Gura can do that.
WHY, does she needs any advice from this place?

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uh anon, everything you posted is false
>she is 3rd fastest growing holo
Ina over took her in average sub growth months ago. In fact, Watson has the 2nd worst viewer retention next to Kiara.
>very satisfied with her numbers/social life
she has admitted that she is depressed and doesn't feel like she is preforming to her standard.
>She is literally capable to give the middle finger to DMCA
So has almost everyone in EN, multiple times
> her own sponsors
She has done a total of 7 sponsored streams. the closest I could find to your description is her Core stream, where she kinda made fun of it, but said she still really enjoyed it

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If Ame graduates do you think she will cut my lawn for a dollar? Lol

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She doesn't smoke nearly enough weed. She's too anxious and the excess cortisol is seriously messing with her ability to perform. She needs to go to a dispensary and get lit.

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Woah, anon, you can't just lie on the internet!

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Freaking takokek

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Her favorite JP word is Omoshiroi heh

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>ignore 90% of this board.
My sides!

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Stop thinking chat is one guy maybe

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go back in time and leave your spot and model for someone more talented and interesting

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>not even Gura
If there is anyone who can't, it's the golden sheep

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no need to thank me

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This would stop her mom from wanting to visit her.

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>betting on Commieball

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I don't fault her for anything honestly. People say being a chuuba is fun but I can see how it can be the most mind-numbing bullshit out there for most of the time and how quickly the initial spark for it can die. If she's just depressed I'd advise her to seek help for it. If she genuinely doesn't like doing this anymore, then moving on would probably be the better option.

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show your titties more often please

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>Hey guys how do we save this chuba with 15x more subs than she intended & so many projects to the point she can enter the manager room freely?

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stream blackout

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I have stopped watching most of Ame's streams. She's not bad, just that Selen plays better apex and more interesting retro games. Hell, even Ina is playing games with more variety than Ame these days.

1) Play more interesting games like Selen or Ina.
2) Bring back AsaAme.

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All you beggars have earned is that I will never give your nijis views and actively tell people to not bother with your group.

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After being to a ton of cons and actually seeing her viewers in the flesh you'd think she would stop seeing chat as an antagonistic force out to get her but she's actually gotten worse.

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lol, thanks for the question

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>all these anons not realising he's trying to get her to lose all her money so she has to actually start trying again

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get a boyfriend and marry seriously

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What happened? I don't watch her

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Become my girlfriend

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Stop trying to re-invent the wheel on all of your creative shit and just have fun.
Re-use ideas, your viewers won't care.

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eat bread

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guess I'm redownloading paladins

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get /fit/

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Stop doing watchalongs

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