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Canada seems pretty nice.

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All I see are twinks, trannies, and whales. No in-betweens.

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I eat pretty unhealthy and have done so for a decade but how the fuck do you even get that fat?
Don't move the entire day?!

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When is the fanexpo shit going to be over?

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Jesus fucking christ that looks disgraceful

Im actually ashamed to call myself a vtuber follower if everyone looks like that

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The last day for the girls should be tomorrow

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Take it or leave it mate. We've seen what the worst is, and this is far better than what we got in Dallas.

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I fucking hate anime conventions

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Don't get too distracted by the landwhale. Those men in skirts are using her as camo.

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A lifetime of wrong decisions with a big mac on the side.

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>giving a flying fuck what people around you look like
Do you faggots get nervous about your social credit score dropping when you see a fatass at the DMV or the grocery store?
Going to a convention for nerds already puts you firmly in the “beyond hope” category.

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aww i bet she thinks she can become a vtuber, because you dont have to show yourself on cam. How naive.

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Metabolism, a slow one will give you this level of obesity while being a hikki.

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Too thin to be Porka.

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This guy's face has similar energy to the bald dad in the red and white hawaiian shirt with the red face reacting to his kid announcing he's trans.

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t. fatass

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Actually, too fat to be polka, i wanna see her glow up when cover abuses 5th gen with dance lessons, just look how slim pekora got.

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anons really make fun of these people but then never post pics of themselves.
you dont look any better, and neither do i. >we are all a bunch of fucking faggots watching cute girls play vidya and talk to us.

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I'm more concerned about the dudes dressed as ladies than the fat people.

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cool bait faggot but no one will ever spoonfeed you that video.

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Ok lardass

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Still here after who seeing who was behind the Ina birthday billboards then you should've left a long time.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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25 BMI
Ask how I know you twinks style your hair and unironically care about “men’s fashion.”

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Pekora's not fat nor was she fat.

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when i propose to my oshi, she will fall on her knees

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>twinks style your hair

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Based and slightly blackpilled

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Americans truly are disgusting people, why are they allowed to post here.
>Noooo Canada is a totally different country
We dont care

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this. i bet most anons have got even fatter because of the pandemic. people should follow mr. koro’s example, being a vtuber or a neet is no excuse for not taking care of your body.

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I know, but Rushia confirmed she got so thin she couldn't recognize her anymore, that's the kind of dancing lesson abuse that polka needs to lose all that butter.

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no one there looks good enough to be a twink

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Lol, a malding twink.
Let me guess: you grew a beard and researched ways to “make the bald work look” when you started losing your hair, didn’t you?

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nah you need to consider they're the kind of people who go to these sort of events in the first place

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It isn’t in Texas

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Time to start exercising so you don't end up looking like them! You can start by going outside and jogging for an hour!

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>doxxing yourself in this convinient honeypot
never moshe

>> No.11850092

I'm calling you bald. You wouldn't;t seethe about hairgel otherwise.

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>hair gel
You are a colossal faggot.
Do you wear make up and nail polish, too?

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Concession accepted. You still got a chance faggot.

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I mean, that's unironically what you should do when you're balding?

>> No.11850351

>insecure about being bald
Do you pluck your eyebrows and moisturize, too?

>> No.11850364

calm down there nijibrony, eat your donuts

>> No.11850376

>caring how a fanbase looks or acts and not about the content
The insecurity needed to have this mindset is mind boggling

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To be fair women don’t care about baldness or grey hair when you’re /fit/

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yes, because that one is in Canada, not the middle of USA

>> No.11850593

>caring about beauty advice
You’re a man. Fucking act like one.

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Its called self preservation insctincts you subhuman, youre not people if you dont have them

I would absolutely not out myself as one just because its not of my pleasing to be associated with those wretched creatures

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Don't worry man, I look average if not slightly attractive. There is still hope.

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>wretched creatures
have sex

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>have sex

I do, not with wretched creatures for sure

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Do you think vtubers feel good when their fans are decent looking members of society?

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That's conventions for you. No one who attends them has any self-awareness.

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>Pomu said she's training for a marathon and encourage her viewers to do it with her
>Pomu encouraging her views to take care of her their skin recently
I always wondered if she's doing this to not have a fanbase that looks like that

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>t. /fit/ bald dude who gets a lot of attention from men & just has women insult him for being bald

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why do I have to share a common interest with people like this

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No, I’m actually overweight (26 BMI) and my hair is fine but I’d probably have more success with women if I looked like that.

>> No.11851807

>ITT: the faggots in this picture malding

>> No.11851865

>not with wretched creatures for sure

>> No.11851982

What are you fags so triggered about, there's one landwhale and two cosplayers in a sea of normal-looking guys in black shirts. The guy talking the selfie does look like a serial killer though

>> No.11852151

hairlet cope

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Fuck I'm so fat. I absolutely love running lard all over my belly. I just really really enjoy the feeling. I have a fan under my desk that cools my crotch. I don't wear pants.

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I cannot imagine going to these types of events, liking vtubers is fine but going to an event with other people over just having the similarity of liking a streamer seems cringe. Celebrity culture is cancer

>> No.11852269

powerlevel meme applied to the one place where it's not cringe to not hide your powerlevel is my guess

>> No.11852287

I look pretty normal, maybe just the most schizo ones are the ones going to conventions, and makes sense since normal people is normally working or with their friends

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>Below 18.5 is underweight
>I'm only just over 15

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I get hit on much more aggressively with a shaved head than a normal haircut.
You probably have a soft baby face, narrow shoulders, and small chest.

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dayum nigga my girl selen made it into the shot

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>anons really make fun of these people but then never post pics of themselves.
I have a hug cock

>> No.11852892

he reminds me if hide the pain Harold , his smile has something very dead

>> No.11852898

there's a difference between eating unhealthy and your brain never telling you you're full.

>> No.11852905

Who the fuck is the guy in the fore ground?

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I'm a normie outside of my hobbies, it's the curse of being caught in both worlds

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Biggest KEK i had in months thanks anon

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I hope, there's more POV. That's a lot. Could be the reason they held this on main hall cos there's more attendees than expected?

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The face of fear

>> No.11853367

You don't have to hate yourself, check the mirror again

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I made this one first but I thought the whole picture was needed for context in the future

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>your oshi's target audience

>> No.11853470

Consider that the people that actually go to conventions are ironic weebs, discord users or normies that know a vtuber or two
An actual meetup of vtuber fans would looks different probably. Less feminine guys and more schizos and hikkis

>> No.11853479

canadians are alright i guess

>> No.11853509

whole picture one is superior gud job anon

>> No.11853565

Women in their prime (18-24) do care, quite a lot actually. Going bald means you're stuck with ugly single moms in their 30s.

>> No.11853606

To be fair its easier to make a bald guy look good than a fat guy

>> No.11853637

You might just have a really ugly scalp, anon.

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>single moms in their 30s
Aka hags, I cum

>> No.11853704

Just when I was starting to feel comfortable with my new hobby

>> No.11853747

stress, diabetes, thyroid issues

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>Women in their prime (18-24)

>> No.11853842

That's fucked up.
It's clearly ogayu.

>> No.11853875

Honestly, yeah. Fuck vtubers and fuck this board.

>> No.11853908

Calories in, calories out. Things like metabolism and hitting the gym are a meme for weight loss.
You just have to eat less. Even if it’s eating 3 slices of pizza instead of 5.
It’s easy to let your portion control get away from you if you eat processed food regularly.

>> No.11853974

You fuckers laugh but I would be Polka's architect, clussy is clussy.

>> No.11854018

Not being fat is the bare minimum you should be doing as a guy who can't get laid. I don't want to hear anyone complaining about >tfwnogf when they're still obese.

>> No.11854019

jeezas how did she even get there ? i see no mobility scooter

>> No.11854101

I was just about to make this edit, glad I checked.

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>Women in their prime (18-24)

>> No.11854151

Im a above average normal guy, liking vtubers is not a detriment to my socials. My friends don’t know, and the ones that do, don’t care. I even have an acquaintance that has subaru as his profile pic on discord, when people like you for you, probably something you don’t have experience with because you’re an insecure faggot, they don’t care what you like to watch in your spare time. you also don’t associate with retards because you like something they do, thats the internet retardation seeping into every fold of your brain

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This is me. I have no idea why these faggots are leaving their home.

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Who is your oshi

>> No.11854251

based pomubro

>> No.11854292

As of right now it's Fauna but I'm still a Chumfag at heart

>> No.11854306

>taking selfies as a man
Not your Tinder profile, faggot.

>> No.11854359

gym rat bro

>> No.11854362

I originally took it for a /soc/ thread last year

>> No.11854381

damn she’d be a looker if she lost weight. I’ve been a fatass before, and I still have trouble with overeating every once in a while, but how do people seriously eat themselves to look like that..

Does their brain not step in and tell them to stop when their bodies look like they have an orbit around them?

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>The insecurity needed to have this mindset
nobody wants to associate with landwhales, unless you are one yourself, is a genetical response, there is nothing to gain there

>> No.11854415

>no dick print

>> No.11854489

Post dick

>> No.11854524

>>>you also don’t associate with retards because you like something they do

you are on this Board Anon ........

>> No.11854525

How do I do it without getting banned. I'm pretty sure my oshi visits these threads.

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I'd still hit

>> No.11854559

I’ve known literal heroin addicts who said nothing was as satisfying to their fucked up brains as a delicious meal.

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in the US everything is associated with morbid obesse, so it's guaranteed that Muricans EOPs looks like that

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>> No.11854594

>but how do people seriously eat themselves to look like that..
jewish food made to be addictive, jewish inverted value of family love (pushed through hollywood proganda and judicial breanches in occupation gobernments)

>> No.11854627

holy faq are all americans such a parody of a human ?

>> No.11854681


>> No.11854688

In my opinion there is nothing to lose, Im not fat, why would I care if I like the same movie, game or book as people that are?

>> No.11854739


>> No.11854792

Metabolism is a meme. Yes it's possible but most likely not.

>> No.11854825

Most people eat, get full, and don't eat again until they're hungry.
Obese people will eat, get full, and eat again once they don't feel full.

>> No.11854836

I do not associate with you niggers however

>> No.11854842

Oh hey that's me lol

>> No.11854868

>Everyone wearing masks

Yep. Canadians still slaves

>> No.11854872

It’s well documented that the smartest coaches in the world dress and look like shit.
Basketball, hockey, and fall grass coaches dress well because they have fuck all to do except coordinate player swaps.

>> No.11854876

What's wrong with him exactly?

>> No.11854878

And they'll take a guy with hair and /fit/ness over you.

>> No.11854935

I live in canada, they literally asked me for vaccination proof at a theatre

>> No.11854948

No it’s not and I’ve seen it first-hand while living with high and low metabolism individuals. The difference is crystal clear, even without exercising and eating crap (just not being too indulgent), those with high metabolism are able to maintain a better looking body for much longer.

>> No.11854950

host actually has a trollface lmao

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>Women in their prime (18-24)

>> No.11854988

sports acelerate your metabolism regardless of condition, yet look the difference between sportmen >>11854577
kek American whales really do suffer from collective blindness

>> No.11855009

I think you don't understand how autistic NFL coaches are and how much the live, eat, and breath football.
Football consumes every facet of their lives.

>> No.11855022

The opposite, buff anon should have posted face, women are unironically face>personality>height>Job>dick size/hair>muscles

>> No.11855078

rent free

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File: 18 KB, 447x312, EBpIoRcWsAApb4p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally this

>> No.11855088

nigga chill

>> No.11855094

He probably doesn’t even know what the coaching positions on a football team are.

>> No.11855156

i will, after they are dead

>> No.11855194

Get her a chair, Jesus.

>> No.11855202


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all the whales are seething

>> No.11855234

Someone post that dunkin donuts milkshake

>> No.11855337

the other convention thread was the same lel

>> No.11855427

Its hilarious that people on this board think that they aren't as unsightly or degenerate as the people in OP's pic. We all watch vtubers. We're all in the same boat of degeneracy.

>> No.11855526

Yeah but so long as there are two retards sitting on a hill comprised of shit and cum, one of them will want to sit closer to the top.

>> No.11855549

why wear a business/formal suit to a sporting event where you yourself appear on the floor?

>> No.11855585
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, iu8efault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's disgusting how Tumblr you are
Fuck off

>> No.11855643

Case in point.

>> No.11855653

Cope with what? 90% of this board are newfags, and they spend all day ranting about ENs.

>> No.11855657

No one you have ever told to fuck off actually fucked off :)

>> No.11855717

No Im a cute shonen in real life

>> No.11855731
File: 2.28 MB, 370x424, 1634843122600.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no no no anon, don't be blind please, the clothes aren't the problem at all and that doesn't matter, WHY THE FUCK AMERICANS ARE SO GOD DAMN FAT?!
it's atrocious

>> No.11855868

everyone else is already pointing that out along with counterpoints as well so i'm just pointing out another thing that baffles me. but yeah why do these sports coaches look unfit?

>> No.11855932

Because they don’t need to be fit, they bark orders. Its like wondering why a war general isnt a good swordsman or archer, its not their job

>> No.11855967

I will say this again, isn't it funny how a confirmed land whale has a song about eating?

>> No.11856204

You don't need to be fit to tell other people what to do. It's gross, but it doesn't stop them from doing their job.

>> No.11856424

Polka and ogayu are not land whales in america and possibly not in japan. They would have been hunted by now

>> No.11856583
File: 183 KB, 1024x727, h2ws8UwGcw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Because they don’t need to be fit
yeah they don't have to be fit, but it's still embarrassing that that's yours and their only argument to live a life of depravity, what a great example for their players, that entire country inherit that mentallity and "discipline"

>> No.11856656

Yes, it IS a meme.
Genetics does play a part, but there is plenty you can do to raise your metabolism(the most easily accessed way being gaining more muscle mass.)
Some people have god tier genetics that you will never replicate, but 99% can keep a decently fast metabolism and not get fat.

>> No.11856801

I'm a /fit/ bald guy. Very very very few women are into bald men no matter how muscular they are unless they also have a very attractive face. Otherwise you end up like me and just look like a scrotum attached to a muscular body which most women are disgusted by.

>> No.11856875

Top coaches sell their soul to football and give up everything else, not even making time to work out.
Bottom Coaches spend time grooming and doing things that aren't thinking about football.
Top Coaches are better coaches and its why US is still the king of Football.

>> No.11856985

so thats what cunny posters look like

>> No.11857234


>> No.11857449

Did Ina admit to being Canadian

>> No.11857561


>> No.11857568

Yooooo an irl deadbeat wtf!!!

>> No.11857610

Funnily enough one of the questions was whether any of them went to Canada before. Ina said yes but the creepy MC never asked her to elaborate.

>> No.11857712

with the fact that you´re also a retard

>> No.11857728

/uoh/ general summarized

>> No.11857834

Don't care, I still enjoy talking with you fags even if you look dyel as fuck
But still, lift for your oshi. Hell, even a couple pushups right now is something

>> No.11857869

How is not wanting to be associated with manchildren a bad thing?

>> No.11857945


>> No.11857998
File: 1.11 MB, 1123x1296, 1630293560081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only difference between Canada and the US is the number of chinks

>> No.11858022

To be honest this is just how people who go at anime conventions look like. These conventions literally have to beg people to put on deodorant, do you really think you have the best and brightest hanging out at these places? Still, I wonder what the chuubas think when they see these rejects of society roll in the room to see them. I'd be absolutely fucking devastated. I know Kiara used to love to go to these so I doubt she'd care but Gura probably wants to fucking kill herself.

>> No.11858034

what about race

>> No.11858077

we're talking about western roasties here, in other words Karens

>> No.11858140

Better get off 4chan then.

>> No.11858157

It's not a bad thing, in fact it's normal and healthy. I do the same thing with anime, love watching it but will never tell a fucking soul about it just because of how bad the anime community is. I wonder if you replaced vtubers by say xqc or Sodapoppin, would the fans look like this? I doubt it.

>> No.11858161

black or white = buff
hispanic, asian (except for the korean femboy look), etc = debuff

>> No.11858180

Fuck off anon, you're being too reasonable.

>> No.11858245

this only aplies to the US/anglo countries

>> No.11858248

I used to think nothing of marrying someone outside of your race but going to America convinced me that racemixing is abhorrent and should be avoided as much as possible. The mutt meme is not a meme at all.

>> No.11858322


>> No.11858417

Insecure cucks who think everyone who follow their hobby need to be superchad or supermodel or something baka.

>> No.11859850

It's a false equivalence anyways, European Football is not the same as American Handegg

>> No.11859961


>> No.11860110


I know the stereotype of 4chan is basement dwellers NEETs that never go outside but man you guys are reinforcing the stereotype in this thread man.

>> No.11860266

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

>> No.11860291

Im marginally retarded, Im not a retard

>> No.11860346

Race has no bearing generally, but it does depending on your location. Even still I would argue it comes after all of those things

>> No.11860347

>except for the korean femboy look)

>> No.11860428

Project harder

>> No.11860468

Anon, I don’t think race mixing is good just because it makes people look more boring and homogenized but niggas on pol posting ugly creatures is not every mutt on the planet. Biracial people, or as mutts call them, lightskins, are so desirable that people meme them about it

>> No.11860537

Ironically the most degenerate vtuber fans are the ones who leave their houses and get photographed at shit like this

>> No.11860552

That does not prove anything, you can push yourself to your peak as will I, me watching vtubers does not mean I stand along landwhales, just as me liking starwars for example does not make me a redditor

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