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She is ugly senpai

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Hey. That's not very nice of you.

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How is she so cute?

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why is her face growing on me

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I live Irys' teeth I wanna lick them clean

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Because the girl behind it is great so the bad face becomes SOUL

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i've gotten used to the model now but it's still pretty offputting

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You mean horny

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just pop it

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shes not ugly, just in a really different artstyle. put next to her kouhai though shes definitely a little worse for wear.

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IRyS-bug-chama. Kiara's Arch Nemesis!!!!!

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power of cake

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I have never seen an Irys stream nor any of her collabs. I just can't be bothered and her personality doesn't really seem to be anything that exciting or interesting from what I've seen

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She's just very sweet and bubbly and has a nice natural voice and laugh. Should at least watch her karaoke with Mori; they sounded good together and had so much fun.

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Her art style is still weird to me, but I really like her eyes.

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It takes some getting used to but once you do it's not so bad. She's lucky she's in Hololive as most people wouldn't give her the chance to get used to her without it. Though she probably also wouldn't have a model like this if she weren't

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I've always thought this was All Might smile...

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Tbh she looks very cute or very ugly with no inbetween, i feel its probably gonna be better in her future outfits

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