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I love you Gura!

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https://streamable.com/qlz2en No fighting, bad!
https://streamable.com/oe9vbh Never give up, Never surrender!
https://streamable.com/e2v7mm no sunshine...
https://streamable.com/xmsxh1 You can go to bed,take it easy
https://streamable.com/btp38i Drink of the intellectuals
httpshttps://streamable.com/cj3uzt Dude Pancakes LMAO
https://streamable.com/72kou1 Kani kani kani~
://streamable.com/vqaw4a Dango Dango Dango~
https://youtu.be/MoNRQCcdToI Ina - I'm Horny!
https://files.catbox.moe/kpur8h.mp4 This is bait
https://twitter.com/ninomaeinanis/status/1309632969531953152 Woomy~!
https://files.catbox.moe/9rjtxv.webm peesa
Added titles for no embed anons

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I love Ina!

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I love Reine!

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Me too!!

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Suddenly Gura saying 'would you love me even if I was stinky' during that superchat reading makes a lot of sense

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Reminder hololive is Sora's harem

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[Sad News] Gura gains respect, and then instantly loses it.

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This enrages the shitposter

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Smellfags can't stop winning

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Mori love!

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Is this horse gacha actually good? It looks pretty fun.

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Gura stinks of rotten eggs and mold!

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Hey guys Ame lost her swimsuit
Can you guys help her?

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need a steaming_body edit for this one after that stream.

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Let's try to keep the IPs a bit lower this time

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Imagine the smell

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How do you feel about Haato getting her project shut down and her going on Hiatus?

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Gura watched Noel's ASMR stream today!

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Lol, yeah because loner hikki weeb NEET girls never go out to anime conventi-

Oh wait you're a retard.

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What's the timestamp of Gura almost soft ""doxing"" herself

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Shut up about ships and embrace /u/nity. THEY ARE ALL LOVERS

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Takamorikeks and Guramekeks on life support, Kiara leaving Japan was the best thing ever

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That's because it's based off historical results. Try going to a Uma thread in /a/, the show goes all in with the irl lore.

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Papers Please Endless Calligula.

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Gura wtf

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When Daisempai stands, everyone kneels.

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fun fact, Ina's middle name is "sex"

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Life isn't fair

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nice nipple

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Imagine having these two funny collabs happen and all you can do is be a falseflagging SEAnigger larper.

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if you have 16 minutes to spare for Old Spice (watch after Mori's stream)

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Gura is by far the stinkiest girl in EN now since Ame left the stinky club.

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>Gura-chan, feels like an older sister

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It's really not that great of a collab game.

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The duality...

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if you think that it looks like fun, then play it anon

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Which horse girl would you fuck?

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>Last thread
Just another 1 PM in Jakarta.

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gurame really does live rent free

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anon it will inspire savior fags i mean honestly as a dude i could do all the fucking chores and do all the chores she refuses to do its not hard to even just handwash dishes or sweep and mop floors sure it takes about an hour if you live in an apartment maybe more if you live in a house proper but its real easy

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both of these collabs were too short and i'm mad.

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Hey friend!

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please don't waste precious image slots on bad art or reddit memes

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Sora GFE is too strong

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and people were doubting kiara antis...

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The gap between each Ame/Ina collab made it pretty easy to spot newfags each time, actually, or at least people with terrible memory. When the Iname zatsudan was scheduled some people thought they wouldn't vibe well together because of their different energy (lol). When Hat in Time was streamed, people were again surprised, for some reason, that they were comfortable around one another.

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Taking care of Gura!
Cooking healthy meals for Gura!
Washing the dishes for Gura!
Giving Gura a bath!
Dressing Gura up in her pajamas!
Making sure Gura doesn't do any chores so that she has maximum stamina at night!
Gura draining your balls before bed time!

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Look at that rabbit dude...

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Lost in fat cat.

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>2 kino collabs
today was a great day anons, we even got an Ame guerilla stream

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so, when they get injured, do they get peared?

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Hope she doesn't decide to pull a Miko, even though I wouldn't blame her for doing it. This is some real bullshit from Cover.

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>Tfw Sora is actually the ultimate GFE

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Hey deadbeats, the collab was fucking great. I'm gonna come chill in your oshi's stream now, let's have another great thread kings.

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>Ninomae SEXU Ina'nis..
>The Empty SEXU One before Two..

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The one that canonically has the biggest cock irl

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Y'know, that there are plenty of degenerates who want to smell that stink

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Gura clean your room and wash your cunt

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How do we save Gura? Does Enma have the power to hire her a maid?

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She is graduating and I don't care

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the one currently streaming the game

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Question is, how long do we have to wait for them to do it again.

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Go back

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not a loner hikki weeb NEET and never was
professional artist
get better examples.

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All of them

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>horse girl
>only two legs
what is this shit?

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this is true

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Went for food to watch Mori, mah boi is never ogey

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Bourbon, too bad her design in the anime is nerfed in the game.

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Watching Botan's horses show off the fruits of her labor in training them as they run on the pavement, winning tournaments for her.
While Aruran's horses show off the fruits of his labor in training them as they run on the pavement, getting fourth place because he's using the dumb horse.
While Mori prepares to shill for her song in Princess Connect, the game that she made and sung a song for yet she's not allowed to play the game that she made and sung a song for and that's absolutely brilliant.
So friends, where we at?

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based chumchad

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I want to see Amelia fuck Gura and Kiara fuck Mori and Ina fuck Enma
but above all
I want to fuck all of them

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I love and cherish Gura!

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This will be the first night I sleep without worrying about missing a random 4-6am stream from her so I'm pretty happy.

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Enma could at least send her DMs three times a day reminding her to eat

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Depends on what you consider a SEAnigger larper. I thought the AmeTori one was okay with Kiara being weird about yuribaiting but felt the Calligula collab was pretty amazing.