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What the fuck is this shit, have nijis lost their mind?

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Does it smell like maple syrup and leafs?

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she really want to prove she's not an idol doesn't she? Hololive member would never do something dirty like that.

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this cant be real

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I can't tell if you guys are joking or not

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What the fuck is this? Vshojosanji?

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would be better if it was finana

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so is this just a talking stream with extra steps? or is she gonna actually do something risque?

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After having Taco Bel

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>anon forgets noel, marine, and kanata uploaded a shower stream a while ago

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who? im only watch nijiEN

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I lost the link to Aki's Bathtub ASMR streams. Anyone have them?

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missed Aki's monthly bath streams

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its okay when they do it.

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Vshojo reject

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>newfag doesnt know about twitcast streams

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YOOOOOOO let's get another thread with the exact same image and OP this one isn't doing as good as the other one, I don't think /vt/ knows yet

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What the...
I don't want to see my oshi with pomu.

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Thank you anon.

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Shameless, riding iinchou's coat tails once again.

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I'm hard

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hey wait a minute that picture says something else......

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Pomu would prefer to ride Iinchou's cock

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Ahahahaha I didn't even realize

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Absolutely no decorum at all, what the fuck

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Is this the creative freedom nijiniggers keep on bragging about?

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Ripping off Hololive as usual I see.

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>she got like 500 bucks in akasupers just for showering

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Damn, she gets more talking about her wagie struggles.

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It's 4:30am and why the fuck is this edit funny

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God imagine the smell and the view..
Seeing Pomu struggle and making noises, trying to let out a thick brown log in the toilet..

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"ripping" in more ways than one

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Mori did not invent defecation, deadbraps.

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True, but she basically invented and was a pioneer for "Just shitting" streams, you can't deny that

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Iinchou is a girl

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>Its ok when hololive does it

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Literal shitposting. OP not Pomu.

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>comments turned off

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How can this be anyone's fantasy? I would have homicidal rage if this was me.

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>This is unironically canon

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god, i wish i were her toilet

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Anal with Pomu

>> No.11704812

Not to mention Gura’s bathtub pizza stream.

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Pomu taking a shit would just be her pulling a gun on people while on the toilet.

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how can it not be?

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It's not. She took a shower.

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it's SOUL

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Pomu takes a Pomu?

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I expected horni and got a comfy shower with occasional murder

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With a penis

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>Not titleing it "Potty Plopin' with Pomu."

>> No.11708337

>Mori facing Pomu

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my shitty ten minute thumbnail edit made it to the front page of four chan and it's being used to dunk on my oshi. sugoi.

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Oh come on. This isn't even good bait. You can even see where the editing was done.

>> No.11711151

I think it's one of those "joke" things, anon. For "humor." I am aware this is an unfamiliar concept to twitter and redditor tourists where literally nothing can ever even appear to be done at anyone's expense even though 80% of humor works that way.

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Bravo, an instant legend.

For real though actually it was an amusing stream, sorta like Gura's bathtub one.

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Usually I hate this pee pee poo poo shit but that title made me audibly chuckle with how brazen it is. You get a pass this time Pomers

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More like steamy awards

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even Vshojo wouldnt do this

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they are too based

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Can't she be satisfied with her own? Whose shit is she taking?

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thread of the month

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I shouldnt be laughing this hard fuck you

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Who shat in the bathtub?

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Some twitch girls unironically do this. They set the camera in the bathroom so you can't see below their stomach and sit on the toilet. Teasing out (fake I assume )farts for a an hour or so before going silent when they push out their shit so you can hear it stick to the toilet and steam up.

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