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Will this be fanservice or just a joke? Place your bets

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God I hope she outrights starts masturbating with the showerhead.

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>time to be un-stinky
There goes my boner.

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It seems like girls can masturbate with anything. Not a tranny but I'm a little jealous.

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it can be both

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The chicken might give Omega the finger on this one

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I don't care, I'm masturbating anyways

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Whatever it is, we win.

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Getting turned on by a lesbian makes you a joke from God.

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If masturbating to two hot woman having sex for my entertainment is wrong I don't want to be right.

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After that one stream where she discussed doujins i don't think she's a lesbian

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These two dykes are literally going to fuck one day

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Meanwhile guys can just use their hands and be done with it incredibly fast.

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She's expressed attraction to men a million times by now the only people who still think she's a dyke are shitposters and threadreaders

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She self-inserts as the guy

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Fast isn't fun. It's about the experience.

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>and be done with it incredibly fast
i can edge for hours if i have the time

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and I self insert as the girl? Who cares, doesn't make you gay or anything

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Yeah that's hot

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>Edge in the bed
>Edge in the shower
>Edge in the car
>Edge at the desk
>Blow my load at the drive through

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Sometimes you need to do it fast. Also girls can never feel the pleasure of sticking a penis inside something

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Desperate attempt for views. Like when Marine and Noel pretended to shower together

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I'm guessing it's a joke but if it's real I haven't fapped today yet and am saving it for this.

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but in this ONE instance she is BASED

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Clearly, you haven't seen a single one of her streams. There's definitely a twist here. It's also possible that the twist is that she takes it completely seriously though. A reverse twist, if you will.

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I’m caught up on her vods unfortunately. After her hour long tangent about her favorite tags during the last superchat reading I started to question why I was still watching her, and this stream will probably put me off to her for good. At least she’s making it known that she only cares about milking cumbrains for views and nothing else.

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Imagine if her 2D capture device glitches out and we get to see her in real life naked taking a shower

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>2 (two) streams where she panders to her audience
>clearly this means she has no interest in anything beyond SEX and those who like SEX
Meds now

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>only 2
>implying she hasn't been milking her audience with her ironic weeb habits for her entire existence as a vtuber

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If you're watching Pomu or have been up to this point what does that make you
At least keep up the LARP and pretend to be a Nijinigger

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Maybe it is real. She takes a shower but doesn't take her phone or mic with her so she is just afk for 15 mins

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Since Noracat no competetent tracking program used by vtubers would work like that

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She always has but it seems more obnoxious lately. Maybe it’s just me. Either way there are plenty of livers for me to sub Pomu with, and if she keeps this up there will be hundreds (if not thousands) of cumbrains who will take my place in her audience.

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>ironic weeb habits
If going to idol concerts and maid cafes on the regular in Japan is "ironic weeb habits" that phrase has lost all meaning

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Her and Finana's highschool tier sex jokes are peak roastie. Fuck that was a weird sentence to type out.

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>maid cafes
>literally the stereotypical 'haha japan so weird and funny XD' tropes

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So what you're saying is ironic weebs only see those things as a joke
So actual non-ironic weebs would enjoy those things unironically
So Pomu is not an ironic weeb

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>ironically streams it as an ironic 2d anime girl
i fucking hate pomu. literally unironically the most ironic weeb ever fucking made.

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I'd say that you should go back to watching Hololive if light teasing like this is too much for you but even multiple Holos have done streams like this so maybe vtubers as a whole aren't the medium for you

>> No.11694454

Go start the stream Pomu

>> No.11694484

You seem upset

>> No.11694518

More amazed than anything that somebody can see their oshi doing a shower stream and be anything other than aroused

>> No.11694521

Are you the same faggot that concernfags in HoloID's their threads every time they do something you don't approve of?
You sound like him.

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I see you've moved here since the NijiEN general is too busy shitting and farting to notice your particular stink

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Based double dubs

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People who say Pomu is a ironic weeb are the cringiest posters in this board

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I have never seen a HoloID stream and I never will. Take your meds

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My Oshi is the Biggest Weeb In Nijikek

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>the first 30 seconds of the stream
god she really is autistic

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Wow turns out she isn't in the shower.

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Why do lesbians have no sense of shame?

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I wasn't aware of wotagei until Pomu, and that's been around for a decade.

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I'm going to need a Finana PoV.

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You guys are so mad about my light criticism, it’s really telling. I have never posted in the NijiEN general or watched a HoloID stream before but keep acting like schizophrenics and lowering the overall quality of this board

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jesus fucking christ nigger let kiara shitpost in peace

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>but keep acting like schizophrenics and lowering the overall quality of this board
oh the iron-ee

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It was hilarious when Gura did this first a few months ago.

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because only women can be lesbians

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You can probably go back to posting your bait in the NijiEN thread now, they just made a new one.

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Learning to shower with Pomu!

>> No.11695352

>tfw it's just shower with your dad simulator

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Fuck off chicken, stay the FUCK away from my oshi

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hey this holo is pretty cute

>> No.11697273

Yeah my gf is pretty cute thanks for watching the stream

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Your oshi would most likely fuck Kiara, and will never give you the time of day. How does that make you feel?

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It's just projection because her weeb levels are higher than theirs.

>> No.11697583

Your oshi is more likely to fuck kiara than you.

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Shes just leaching
She had a fucking genmate do this and she said nothing about it

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Im just gonna say it, this is dumber than irl streamers. The more yurishit appears the more the anime girl mask falls off.

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More like [POMU TAKES A SHIT] gottem.

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What a fake bitch she didn't even show up

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>What am I doing wrong that make people leave?

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Guys, I love Pomu. I promised myself I would never fall in love again, how did this happen?

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Pomu is my oshi but I can't understand why this of all streams would inspire you to post this.

>> No.11700528

I haven't watched this stream yet, I'm talking in general.

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