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Have (You) taken the hagpill yet?

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I only like 2d hags

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i don't watch vtubers under the age of 30, zoomers fuck off

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No. Because i'm not a doxfaggot who need to pry on their personal lives to know how old the chuubas are.

Go neck.

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yes, and it was pic related

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I wish I could but the hag selection on the EN side is way too lacking.

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I wanna breed chubby hags

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While Mio was reading submissions for this week’s “recommended ingredient” theme she read a tweet from someone who recommended tofu and bean sprouts. He justified it by saying that Hololive fans’ wallets are tight from SCs and merch, and Mio told him that even if merch is being actively shilled to you, it’s on you to take your accounts into consideration and decide if you can afford to splurge. Like a child who doesn’t have money to buy snacks. She then told him to think things through and eat more vegetables than just bean sprouts

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If you know of any others please let me know so I can add them to the list.
>Ookami Mio
>Tokino Sora
>Shirakami Fubuki
>Shiranui Flare
>Shishiro Botan
>Inugami Korone
>Tsunomaki Watame
>Aki Rosenthal
>Uruha Rushia
>Himemori Luna
>Kiryu Coco
>Airani Iofifteen
(Will be a hag in 2021)
>Tokoyami Towa
(Will be a hag in 2022)
>Houshou Marine
>Yozora Mel

>Inui Toko
>Gundou Mirei
>Rindou Mikoto
>Shizuka Rin
>Hayase Sou
>Nui Sociere
>Sister Claire
>Ange Katrina

>Suo Patra
>Saionji Mary

>Hoozuki Warabe
>Milk Enomiya

>Ayamy Garubinu

>Indie Hags
>Kamishiro Kurea

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no sorry, i've been into cunny since i was a teenager
hags turn me off

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How embarrassing for that guy.

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i didnt expect het way to react that way to some guys joke

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Not well liked on here, but Nina from NijiEN is over 30 I think, and Pomu's either almost there or there (especially if her actual birthday was a couple weeks ago like some people speculate)
Also picrel is probably not even close to a hag, but it's funny to go along with the rrat that she's almost 40

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She truly is the mother of Hololive.

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It's not the first time she chastised a fan for being irresponsible.

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Marine and Mel will be 29 this year.

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i don't take pills

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Just say you're a faggot, it takes less of your and our time

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The vast majority of them outright revealed their age themselves by talking about events they could have only experienced if they were older than 30.
Like I don't know why some people are still in denial about Luna being a hag. She talked about playing super nintendo games as a child and knows fucking COBOL.

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>(Will be a hag in 2022)
>Houshou Marine
>Yozora Mel

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What is the minimum age for a hag?

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>Choco isn't a hag
Why do this to me? She's no longer erotic. Miosha will always be the sexiest member of Hololive.

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Pomu is a hag now. Her irl birthday seems to have been near the start of this month (her best friend Elira surprised her with a visit from beatmario on stream), and she had a marshmallow from a few days ago asking her if she was a hag, and she said yes: https://streamable.com/7r48sg

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Unironically yes. I want to fuck a middle aged Asian woman who is working a laundromat.

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Anon, you can figure out they're hags just from their voice. They just emanate that pure "I need to be bred" hag energy. After looking at the doxxed ages I just thought "yeah that makes sense".
Hag love

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30s is usually the lowest people can consider a hag. 20-29 is usually considered a cake.

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I love her so much

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I'd say more like 25-29

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I thought Irys was a hag because of this and because everyone else said it but she was only 25

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Why not both? Hag and cunny are symbiotic.

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Haneru’s a hag as well

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>why not both
isn't something i can answer, i don't have anything against hags or hag lovers, i just don't find hags to be hot

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What about Animare? I'm pretty sure none of them are under 25 but Izumi emits great hag energy.

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>She talked about playing super nintendo games as a child
I did that and I'm 26.
Luna is cute baby

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You don't know COBOL and classic VB. Faggot.

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Only if the hags ravage me.

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0-5 Toddlercon
6-13 Loli
14-18 JC/JK
18-25 Oneesan
26-29 Christmas Cake
30+ Hag

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I don't but that's only because I took the data science and ml pill.
She could easily have chosen to learn it because she heard how much money it can make you. Even I heard of it back in my first year of uni.

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Japan is slow to keep up with tech and apparently still use COBOL for a lot of systems. They're usually 10-15 years behind with stuff because their executive class is all literal boomers.

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>>Inui Toko
>>Nui Sociere
>>Sister Claire
>>Ange Katrina
Nijifags, why didn't you tell me your sexiest livers were also hags?

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COBOL is getting more and more irrelevant and only exists because of garbage legacy systems and classic VB has been dead for more than a fucking decade.

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>Born with a lust for older women
>There was a time even 20-somethings were in ara-ara mommy range
>every year that passes, more women are younger than you
>be current year, and look around to see the ladies that would have been considered delicious hags in days gone by are now your contemporaries
>suddenly realize that the total pool of hags on the planet is finite from the moment of your inception, and only decreases as they and you age
>that familiar feelsbad

Lads. Lads hear me and listen. Enjoy older women now, while you are still able....for one day you will look around, and there will be not a hag to be had.

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I've been meaning to add Haneru to the list but I wanted double check on the rest of AniMare first.

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Just remember that a 3X years old is doing these poses.

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It's cute when Botan does 3D streams because you can see the old girl is a bit stiff when posing and dancing around.

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That's even hotter.

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Imagine being an 18 year old intern working the 3D capture and a tiny slightly chubby Japanese woman in her 30s who is thicc in all the right places wearing skintight mocap suit goes down on all fours. She then proceeds to arch her back and point her fat ass towards you while lowering her face towards the floor. She starts howling while you're staring directly at her huge ass and cameltoe that are clearly visible through the mocap suit. You have a boner so massive that it's starting to hurt and it's taking all your willpower to not commit a crime.

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But anon, having yourself as the reference is the wrong way to go at it. Sure, when you're a teen a 21y girl is "experienced" but once you become an adult that doesn't work anymore. You need a fixed period (let's say, 27-40s) and you can capitalize on it because most men always prefer the youngest women / teens, so (you) can tell (you)r future hag that you like her because you like "REAL WOMEN", unlike the other guys. That'll be a plus on her eyes.
Good luck and don't give up, fellow ojisan