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Numbers = quality.
Prove me wrong.

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The best vtuber in the world only has 712k subscribers

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Oh no anon has posted cwigewu. Duwu uwu have any wastu wowds tuwu say befowe i send uwu bawck tuwu sad sack of shit cave uwu caww youw woom?

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Cocomelon is the best vtuber. Also, Justin Bieber's Baby is one of the best pop songs in history.

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what is your definition of quality?

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t. Susan

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T-Series is the best music channel ever!! this is a fact

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McDonalds is the best restaurant with the highest quality food. Food analogy, so it's easier for you to understand.

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How did you know I was an American?

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>Prove me wrong.
Hololive exists.

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Honestly I don't know why I watch vtubers at all anymore when XQC mogs all of them regularly

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>They watch streamers
I read the Bible, it utterly MOGS people playing video games while guiding you onto the path of salvation.

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akiroze >>> gura

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thank you for acknowledging my oshi's superiority anon

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Your picture is more than enough to prove you wrong anon, imagine thinking that pigora streams are quality by any stretch of the imagination

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Sana a cute!>>11504847

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They are for people who have any semblance of good taste, knowing quality when they see it and standards. You obviously don't possess any of these things. I only watch her every now and then when the chuubas I watch regularly aren't streaming, but whenever I do they're always great streams with high entertainment value.

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What? You don't like lewd girls doing lewd things? I just miss the fucking character. But its the same fucking character.

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No, quality is subjective and thus irrelevant, only numbers matter but they're not equal to anything else, they're simply numbers, beautiful on their own.

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Eh, the Quran's a better read and also more true.

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Why watch internet streamwhen television news mogs them all by the billions.

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Quality is entirely subjective, numbers are many subjective opinions on quality added together. They're not the same, but related.

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The truth /vt/ wont accept

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that twitch whore who's number one in that recent ranking

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Nice joke here.

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