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Which Hololive member got the horniest people in their /vt/ general thread?
Answer can also be

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Answer can also be not in the pic? Sure

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FPBP, /∞/ is a domain of Slaanesh.

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ID: Moona
EN: Kronii
JP: Shion

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Any of the hags but especially Botan or Mio's. Those fuckers are practically rabid

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>domain of Slaanesh
if you know what i mean

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>believing a discordnigger

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>ID: Moona

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I wanna fuck them

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nah, but this plays in fun way with slaneesh's lore

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>kronii thread is a shitfic sharing literal circlejerk thread
>gura thread is mentionable as it's just a group of pedos posting the same softcore loli porn on repeat at eachother

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I wonder how long it would take Gura to gratuate if all pedos disappeared one day.

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ID is Reine’s, whether it’s them wanting to fuck Reine or them wanting Reine to fuck other girls

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You realize the vast majority of Gura's viewers are children and normalfags?

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They don't give her money.
Dead subs.

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Is Suisei counted when the horny ones got told to go away constantly so much they have to make their own general for hornyomis?

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While /ZomG/ might not be the horniest, their vore necrophiliac fantasies are definitely one of the craziest

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Ollie swallowing me alive uooovh

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You never went to the Suisei general right?

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Don’t worry anon I thought it was funny

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thank you voice in my head

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Thread over before it began.

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>Which Hololive member got the horniest people in their /vt/ general thread?

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/ringo/ and architecture general

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The Hoshiyomi thread might not tolerate hornyposting and some of them might profess (keyword: profess) to only love Suisei platonically, but that doesn't mean they aren't horny for her. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with them for feeling that way. Her looks, her voice, and especially her attitude are incredibly hot. Why is it verboten to long for her AND to feel inspired by her talents and accomplishments at the same time?

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But when OP said horniest people in their general I assume is people that hornypost all day which is not true for the Suisei general.

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>Why is it verboten to long for her AND to feel inspired by her talents and accomplishments at the same time?

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Mio doesn't have a general, she shares the hag general whenever it's up, and I feel we don't really have too many Miofa overall, just people who really like her design and/or hags Like how we don't have too many Fandead, just a couple passionate ones and assorted lolicons.

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I know the most depressed general though.
t. haaton

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there aren't *that* many pedos in the world.

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About every man

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She doesn't need a general for me to hornypost about her daily.

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The one calling gura's fans pedos are pedos themselves

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my favorites

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Anyone that says this is obviously a pedo. Most men (like me) view having sex with children with such great disgust that it has a physical effect of turning our stomach. While ruining something innocent or weak or inability might seem interesting to you, most people view it with anger and disgust. Its the most degenerate thing in existance for a reason, the difference between a barbaric animal and a human

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I wish that was the case in the akushio thread, not enough cunnyposting there.

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