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Sponsor and break day

Tales of Luminaria (Sponsored): https://youtu.be/BLeOLA-KNcw

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1447336741300547588

Art by: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/93026588

Previous thread: >>11316067

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I hate Kiara

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I love Kiara!

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I'm so excited for Turducken!

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Kiara 2 The Squeakuel

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>Kiara lures all the JPs to Gura's house so they can have a make out session in the corner.
Can we say based as fuck? I also find it hotter that its in Gura's house, I wonder if she knows about all of it.

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I was expecting something more coopish for the first pick, but this will certainly be interesting

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So little gyaru Kiara art...

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Would any of you happen to have that now nearly year old image that cutely describes the fan bases of the myth girl then it says "FROM THE KIARA MOTHER WE ARE BORN, TO THE KIARA MOTHER WE RETURN" for kfp, along with "be sure to check out our mother's new single 'Hinotori', coming this thanksgiving"

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sorry KFP, clicked on kiara's stream and her voice seems a lot cuter today, am I going crazy? my heart felt funny

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She is very excited and happy.
And her audio setting changed a bit somewhat recently, causing her to peak slightly less often.

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Sounds the same as usual to me, unless you didn't watch Kiara since her first "we were here together" collab with Ame. That's the last time she change her sound setting.

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Game is pretty for a phone game, that en va tho

>> No.11425855

Is Kiara playing it on her phone?

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She bought an iPad for the game. And Bamco payed for it.
They absolutely love her.

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Ah, the sequel to "taskute, Kiara, taskute!"

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Cooking a lasagna with Kiara!
Reading the Silmarillion out loud to put Kiara to sleep in a timely manner!

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I Love Kiara Takanashi

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Last time I saw her was when she collabed with Mumei, she was so caring.

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I hope companies realise how good a shill Kiara is. Bamco at least like her.

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Seriously; she somehow managed to not say anything negative about the awful voice acting which is really impressive

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It's only a matter of time before sometime wakes up and realises we have literal fantasy characters with weapons, which game can they cameo in.

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I kinda wished she had done a bit more prep figuring out the game, so she could tell people more stuff.
Kiara is by no means lazy and she pre-played it at least, but a bit more reading how things work wouldn't have hurt.

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Making it look cool is more important imo, a lot of people just glaze over if they hear even basic mechanical talk.

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Bamco. Code Vein and Souls perms please.

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Souls arc would be pain, Soul Calibur dress up only arc would be kino.

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would you say she is cuter than usual

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A friend sent that to me way, wayyy back, before I fell into the rabbit hole. Haven't found it yet but I'll keep looking.

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Code Vein stream where Kiara takes hours making a cute chuuni

>> No.11431647

Well she needs some training if she's planning on playing Elden Ring. At the very least she should try Code Vein even if she'll spend the first hour or two of the stream just customizing her character and taking pics.

>> No.11431654

She would never do it because her "entertainment" autism will take over. But a character creation and fashionista stream would genuinely be kino.
Sadly she cut herself short in Sims 4 already.

>> No.11431857

She could spend a few minutes afterward gushing about how cute her character is... I can't believe the world is being robbed of this

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How does she come up with this shit

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>How does she come up with this shit
She's tired and hungry... and horny!

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My boss is incredibly sexy and has a giant brain

>> No.11432824

She is horny after playing with the gyaru. Only recently did she have Discord sex with Flare and Yelsy reawakened to memories.

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my love

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I still wanna see a Kiara costume get added to a Tales game, is this too much to ask?

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There was a Tales of Luminaria stream two weeks ago on the official Tales of channel and in Japanese.
It has 52k views until now.
Kiara's stream sits at 25k now and will probably crawl a bit higher. The next non-trailer video about the game sits at 8k after two weeks.
Yelsy's Japanse character trailer has 11k views, her English one 4k.
Both Kiara's stream and the Japanese one on the official channel had 2.3k peak live viewers according to Playboard.
Bamco struck pure gold with her.

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Very nice oshi you have here. Would it be OK if I had sexual relations with her?

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She was also very good in her impromptu with Flare though that was mostly Japanese.

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My big worry was that the game would turn out to be rushed out shit.
After watching the stream, Tales of Luminaria seems pretty decent for a mobile gaacha. Characters are somewhat funny, the art style is nice, and the gameplay looks simple but fun.
>Bamco struck pure gold with her.
It was so obvious Kiara was actually enjoying the game, not just going through marketing powerpoints or running around blindly. I honestly think if she wasn't hungry she would have kept the stream going into the 2-3 hour range. 10/10 for a shill stream imo.

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KFPbros, you oshi acknowledged /vt/ once again with the annoying orange building.
How do you feel about kiara lurking /vt/ and possibly reading all her antis threads?

>> No.11436851

Do you guys think Kiara is drifting from her genmates? I just feels like none of them mention Kiara in their streams. I'm probably just being a schizo tho. It just feels like she's isolated in her timezone.

>> No.11436856

She's the best shill in EN.
I think you should fuck off retard.

>> No.11436980

Kiara is only small compared to her monster coworkers. She’s getting great numbers for a Tales of gacha shill stream and her fanbase has a very high concentration of weebs and JRPG fans who have a proven record of spending a ton of money on their hobbies. BN is quite obviously thrilled with her. JP companies are really into prior business relationships so hopefully this will help open doors in the future too

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I mean if you're really gonna be schizo about it, you could always numberfag it yourself by doing the following:
>Go to each of the fan discords
>Search the relevant tagging channels for Kiara's name and see how often it shows up in the tags lately.
Dependent on how good the taggers are, of course, but there's your methodology if you want one.

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she has great relationships with Ame

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If you watched Mori at all you'd be really wrong. I can understand not watching her latest T3 stream where she sang sparks and told people to play sparks, but she talked a lot about Kiara in the Fan made game streams. Ame recently collabed with her and had a surprised minecraft visit, she was also probably blushing like hell after Kiara vehemently defended PPP and it's importance to the server. Gura does too every once in a while, especially when visiting phoenixton.

More JP's are getting random interactions with her since the merger. Ollie was also flustered like crazy that kiara made her a birthday video message.

If anything, Kiara is rising in popularity. Maybe not with her newest kouhai since 2 are out of commission and the others streaming times are too far apart, unfortunately.

I'm genuinely glad Kiara feels less left out with her recent JP interactions.
Watame, Polka, Flare and Ame are all cute blonde blessings in our dear birbs life.

>> No.11438395

Look at the skrellingtons in her eyes

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Please make her play Ace Combat Imaigne her playing the last Ace Combat Zero mission

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And let us be honest, Tales of is niche here in the west, so making this numbers by herself make a goldmine to Bandai Namco.

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>> No.11439152

Suisei's Tales of Arise stream
>Part 3
>5 days ago
>ccv 8,865 / 10,807

>> No.11439202

I know it's not true, but I wouldn't be surprised if Huke randomly did something like that, especially since there's a skrellington themed BRS character.

>> No.11439233

Thanks for the double (You) faggot, but if you look in my post, i said west. I know that mistake is from being a phoneposter, which makes you eve more disgusting

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>> No.11439451

i just add some numbers to conversation. can you stop be fucking aggressive shizo?

did you see any smug shitposting here?

>> No.11439461

Spanking tenchou...
I hope we get to see depict it in greater detail.

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>> No.11439536

Are you hyped for Dishonored stream? Which will her reaction to the queen's dead in the first level?

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>> No.11439592

she should play 2nd. you can choose girl as MC there

>> No.11439625

>Are you hyped for Dishonored stream?
Is that confirmed? I thought there was permission stuff to sort through first.

>> No.11439656

Dis 2 was bad, no one recommend it to play it since it jumped the shark too much

>> No.11439718

I mean, Deathloop is delayed until her PS5 arrives, with Bethesda we won't get any troubles, i guess...

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This has some strange energy I can't quiet put my finger on

>> No.11439792

i didnt play 2nd 1
i still think Bioshock infinite is the best FPS for tenchou, but i know about permission bullshit
>Dishonored (1)
is kinda boring game for stream

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>> No.11439893

>Dis 1 is fun as a little sand box and way to roleplay, and also have 2 endings depending on your actions in the game, also this game is for testing Kiara's skills on FPS, i know isn't a "real" but hey at least has more fun into it, specially went you stop the time and shit, i like the game.

And i agree with you, Bioshock Infinite is the best game for her, but fuck 2K

>> No.11439981

Why the fuck i > my post....

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>ywn look sexy and cute while wearing a chef's hat and beret

>> No.11440074

IDK, I think Infinite really sucks, both gameplay and story wise. But Elizabeth cute and the maps are pretty straightforward so she might enjoy it.

>> No.11440176

I like the game but if i have some criticism toward it, is that the best way to play it is on normal so when the maps if filled with enemies you don't get so many dead, specially during the High District before Comstocks's house area, that part is a filler full with enemies.

But with the straightfoward maps, and Elizabeth, she might like the game.

>> No.11440208

>Dis 1
>testing skills on FPS
this game is more about being sneaky
>depending on your actions in the game
Doesn't that just depend of how many people you've killed?
> sand box
fun to play, not fun to stream/watch

>Bioshock Infinite
is great because its is story driven adventure.

in the end of the day i will watch Kiara's streams anyway

>> No.11440325

I do still think she need to get those Ace Combat permissions.

>> No.11440370

this is less about how good game is and more about
>will Kiara (who hates FPS) enjoy it?
thats why i do NOT understand ppl who push Bioshok 1.
i guess they didn't replay it.

>> No.11440477

Replaying Bioshock 1 is so fun but in the bad side, you get tired quickly on the format and that you could get the game done faster knowing where all the objects are. And the Big Daddy section is fucking horrible

>> No.11440550

I think they want mold Kiara to be like Mamatori. (Mamatori debut doko)

I'm happy as long as she's having fun and being entertaining, I personally don't like Minecraft all that much but watch every one of her mc streams.
I honestly would like it a lot if she stepped out of her comfort zone a bit but it's not something I desperately want.

>> No.11440631

This, i don't want Kiara to be Mamatori, playing old jaded FPS because yes isn't fun, and playing Apex is not how you play FPS in the first place, i think someday she will try it, but for me, getting games that took us into an other Kiara just like Yakuza did, it's fun

>> No.11440839

Probably. What would be cool and probably easiest to do tho would be give Kisara a hair cosmetic that gives her orange/green hair like Kiara.

>> No.11440857

agree, sometimes it feels like KFPs don't really know/understand Kiara.
old viewers know that if Kiara will not having fun during stream, Nobody will.
>she hate Horror, don't really like FPS, like pretty things
>ppl push FPS (APEX, Bioshock 1) at her

>> No.11440898

>Tales of Arise on PC
just search for proper mod, jeez

>> No.11441070

I feel she has been getting closer to everyone besides Ina and Mori (because they already seem decently close). From the panel and collab with Ame being super sweet, and Gura joining her in her Mario Kart stream and having good bants, Gura also seemed to get a kick out of her valley girl impersonation in the beginning of the TTRPG was cute.

>> No.11441142

Hot as fuck, love the attention to detail too with the wings on her uniform

>> No.11441365

Bioshock 1 is more for the atmosphere, I love it a lot, but I am not sure if it would be Kiara's cup of tea, and it really hasn't aged well. This is why I personally keep pushing Prey. Its a better Bioshock/Systemshock.

>> No.11441381

My heart jumped a bit.

>> No.11441619

I choose to believe one of the owls you find uses her voice, and I refuse to look at the credits.

>> No.11442289

This Luminaria stream really gives me anime con vibes

>> No.11442676

Who hired this random old man and gave him a script?

>> No.11442929 [DELETED] 

All people saying "muh normalfags", let me tell you the ugly true, you failed in socialization. Now get out of your zone and get laid faggots.

>> No.11443097 [DELETED] 

wrong thread, anon

>> No.11443099

>deep voiced F L O W E R
Oh, watching this stream is worth it...

>> No.11444390

why don't you have a good fucking taste on music, Ame pls recommend her some music ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sorry I'm taking my meds right now

>> No.11444551

her Japanese music taste is fine

>> No.11444568

>Shrek I don't want to go over the bridge!
Yaaaelsy confirmed as a donkey

>> No.11444648

You don't have a good taste too if you think queen is good in the first place, sorry to tell you the news

>> No.11445109

At the risk of turning on the karaoke timeloop, I like Kiaraoke well enough despite not knowing shit about idols, but I wish Kiara would mix in more examples of the "funny" or more "out there" songs

>> No.11445535

Idol otaku, and pretty EU 2000's tastes for the 90's kids so you're fucked in that regard I loved that my Mr Brightside suggestion to into the last Member Stream Karaoke

>> No.11445914

Oh, by funny or out there I meant funny/strange idol sung songs. I'm well aware she won't be singing hard punk or American folk music, so I'm relying on her digging up the aforementioned sort of idol music or her going with a recommendation I've never heard of that I happen to like

>> No.11445980

She has more chance to sing British songs than burger songs

>> No.11446179

I know

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>> No.11447214

Good luck in the doctor Kiara

>> No.11448155

Ametori duet with Material Girl

>> No.11448618

Fucking Susan, Why Kiara x Nene Collab Still has no chat/lag, But Nene's stream has no same proble?!

>> No.11450274

It's so cute how smug she is about getting a dumbass sponsorship deal for a game she likes.

>> No.11452888

>honestly think if she wasn't hungry she would have kept the stream going
I think she had a general time limit like most shill streams. Otherwise it would be JRPG stream length. But you do really feel the difference vs the amesame shill stream, where it felt like they were trying to have fun banter despite the game.

>> No.11453016

If her surprise is that she got to cover a Tales song, I would be almost as happy as an original song. She's bopping in this archive.

>> No.11453381

Took me too long to realize, but thats it. Kiara's new outfit will be a Miko formal wear. The new feathers in her hair will be from traditional hair ornaments. Screencap this.

>> No.11453520

I was hoping she'd have something shrine maiden-esque after being the EN server maiden. But I think it will be more like a fancy dress.

>> No.11453617

i really love idia of Kiara of EN shrine maiden, hope she will push it more and visit her shrine more + add some upgrades there

>> No.11453802
File: 199 KB, 1434x2048, blk dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I assume the new outfit would look kinda like this.

>> No.11453918

My dream is for multiple shrines going up worshiping different girls, then statues of the 4 heavenly holo kings guarding them. Yagoo-ten will protect EN from the flattening.

>> No.11453953

I'd prefer if her new outfit had no clothes.

>> No.11454087

It's going to be a Huke rendition of Kisara and you all know it deep down.

>> No.11454128

Full metal tenchou would be cool

>> No.11454738


>> No.11454899

>Noel gets a german whore outfit
>Kiara gets a knight outfit
THEY ARE spit roasting the not-dark elf!

>> No.11455143

>ametori on the rise
>gura jumped into her mario kart stream for some fun races
>cute appearence in a recent ina stream where she roasted the tako about chickens
>mori can't stop talking about her during her own streams
It cooled down for a while but if anything it feels like she is growing ever closer with them again.
All of them really love to have her around because her energetic personality makes them happy and I can see Myth getting a bit worried that JP is going to steal her away now that the portal is open.

>> No.11455220

>mori can't stop talking about her during her own streams
tsudereaper indeed
btw QRD pls

>> No.11455366

Yeah, this is basically the peak one can expect from a regular Tales of stream I would imagine.
Kiara getting a fifth of those live viewers (with YT number culling which seems to be weaker in JP) on a shill stream and her several hour long regular streams is quite impressive.
Her VOD views for Tales of streams even hover at around half of Suisei's, pretty impressive.

>> No.11455429

>funny/strange idol
I enjoyed that "sexy island" one she sang last archived stream. It had a really different feel from your usual idol songs.

>> No.11455538

>Her VOD views for Tales of streams even hover at around half of Suisei's, pretty impressive.
her streams are 3 times longer

>> No.11455744

She did do some macross covers...

>> No.11455965

Mori generally speaks about Kiara here and there but did it a lot during her dungeon stream, commenting on hinotori and the am animal videos. I find it funny that she rewarded Kiara with the most beats during the recent TTRPG session. She also mentioned wanting to do something minecraft related with Kiara. Honestly I'd take anything at this point.

>> No.11456074

and then ppl asking
>why Kiara "killed" Takamori
seems like it was the only way to kick that lazy reaper ass
>She also mentioned wanting to do something minecraft related with Kiara.
weekly MC series finally inc?

>> No.11456153

Speaking of she just mentioned taking them all to the spa and how she did it with Kiara.

>> No.11456181

They were talking about Diablo collabs before, so next week or one after is likely.

>> No.11456185

Probably just them exploring the server. I want them to work on the carnival near Phoenixton.

>> No.11456225

i saw lamy was playing it on PS, i guess Takamori x ShishiLamy collab will not happened

>> No.11456618

There is no crossplay?
Sasuga, Blizzard

>> No.11456700

i dont think so, thats why
>Takamori x ShishiLamy collab will not happened

>> No.11457262

I've read that while there's no crossplay, there's crossprogression and you can import a PS character to PC etc
So that's still a possibility

>> No.11457662

Ye sure, with how bugged the servers are and characters constantly get lost I am sure this feature works flawlessly

>> No.11457768
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>> No.11457827
File: 43 KB, 1080x278, Screenshot_20211015-073901_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11457871

Meant for

>> No.11457958

I wonder how the fuck did mori catch that at first because i certainly didnt

>> No.11458537

I hope Kiara gets close to one of the council girls like Mori and Bae are. Having a little kouhai is cute.

>> No.11458708
File: 284 KB, 1546x2048, FBl8I2bVIAEJpe2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11458748

Same I hope she organises more stuff with them. Since she hasn't really collabed with them outside of Baelz and Mumei.

>> No.11458850

Unfortunately random collabs are the thing now, so times and planning autism hurt her a fair bit. Even Flare she knew was logging on. Needs to adapt to the meta.

>> No.11459211

An unfortunate consequence of being perceived as someone who used to readily approach others for collabs is that they are also expected by others to initiate contact. I do find it interesting that despite KeyWe perms being delayed, Mumei proactively suggested the MC collab instead. Good on her.

>> No.11459893
File: 177 KB, 1200x1117, FBMez7-VkAEfGvF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11461213

If she collabs more with Mumei, that'd be super cute. I feel like they'd have a lot to bond over and it'd help feed my rrat that Mumei was the one Tenchou talked to after EN2 debut.

>> No.11461282

What was it that she said...? That there was one she had talked a lot with? Can't really remember.

>> No.11461438

Her actual words were that she purposely stayed up longer to be there for Council right after their debuts. Seperately said some may have encountered unspecified difficulties. Threads kept reiterating it until they thought Kiara spoke to someone in EN2 at length when in reality no one actually knows the details.

>> No.11461519

You can hear it here, but it's what the anon above me said:

>> No.11462671
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>> No.11464093

Another one you could mention is the pressure of keeping up with all the other members Kiara interacts with. She's on good terms with at least 20 people in the scene, if not more. Keeping in touch with them and looking to collab is a chore on its own (see the constant pings she gets).
I hate that being a wallflower pays off more than being proactive in this hobby, and I'm not just talking about Kiara.

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File: 3.26 MB, 1560x2400, 13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11466955

Even if Mumei is acting, they feed into each other well, kind of like how Kiara and Ina are somewhat opposites but they create a good collab.

>> No.11468257

That kinda sounds nice but honestly I want a fun, exploring stream. Maybe Kiara can lend an elytra to calli, teach her how to fly and then they can start mapping out their world/look for mesa biome.

That or that diablo 2 collab with possibly Kronii and/or Botan

>> No.11470782

I'm sort of upset she met Botan off stream and they never collabed.

>> No.11471358

What if the new outfit is lasagna skin? She's notorious for dropping things she's not supposed to say.

>> No.11471757

As long as you make it cute and fashionable, Huke. Give the girly girl some details and skindentation.

>> No.11471903

Rather than Kiara drifting away from her friends I'd say it's more that her friends have had the opportunity to get closer with each other simply due to timezones and such.

>> No.11471981

Portable bandages, al dente

>> No.11472737

She probably thinks Botan plays a lot of FPS games on stream, which she doesn't like much.

>> No.11473339

After seeing the Mori endurance stream. I hope she goes ahead with a proper podcast and rotating guests. It's right up Kiara's alley since she can talk for days

>> No.11473553

Does Mori talk about her other genmates as much as Kiara?
Comparing to Kiara, Kiara talks about Ame a lot (as we all know), Mori and Ina every now and then, and Gura once in a blue moon.

>> No.11473711

I watch Mori when Kiara isn't streaming and I can say she's just about as unity as Kiara is, so yes.

>> No.11474080

More is my 2nd most watched Holo, with Kiara being #1. She definitely talks about all her genmates often.

I think Ame talks the least but considering all of them always gush about how she's always helping with random production stuff and offering support, I think she thinks about them just as much as they do of her.

The only reason why I feel Kiara is a bigger UnityChad than the rest is because she often connects not only her genmates, her kouhai but ID and JP as well. Cannot wait for that turducken stream and the eventual EN mega amoog us collab.

>> No.11474146

Yeah, if you watch her collabs with JP and especially the tours she’s constantly shilling the EN girls and tells them that some of them know Japanese and they should collab with them.

>> No.11474151

It's gonna be great for sure.

>> No.11474299


>> No.11474524

Here you go

>> No.11474551

Let's say Kiara gets to give another tour. Who would you want her to give it to?
I would vote Fubuki. Mainly because I'd like to see them interact agan

>> No.11474597

I might be a total contrarian this time, but i would love her touring the EN with Marine

>> No.11474738

I want Fubuki as well.
She is a huge inspiration for both Kiara and Gura and maybe the rest of EN as well but I know that these two talked about her. Yet it feels like she had no contact with EN since HoloTalk.
Also I would love Kiara to become part of Bakatare since she already works so well with Watame and Flare.

>> No.11475013

Speaking of. We haven't had a Marine x Kiara collab in ages. So I hope we get one soon.

>> No.11475016

Fubuki would be good, but maybe something to spice it up from the others is that maybe could do a group tour, with like Fubuki, Marine, and Aqua. I think those are the only ones left that havent come to the server that play Minecraft now and then.

>> No.11475066

I doubt Kiara will give a tour again. She has already mentioned she doesn't want to make the same content over and over again, but more importantly the amount of possible participants are rapidly declining since more or less everyone who does Minecraft streams regularly on the JP side has already done a tour one way or another.
But for the sake of answering the question, I'll third Fubuki so she could join Polka in the extended Bakatare universe.

>> No.11475069

Just for the connection, I'd love if the EN server could lure Ayame back into MC. Never gonna happen anyway.
Maybe Noel? Would fit with her new outfit and Kiara could load her up with german stuff.
I feel she's done with tours for the next while tho.

>> No.11475070

Turducken would be fun. She already agreed to guide Shuba and Reine would need a new tour after all the new stuff that appeared. I do hope they build something in the server instead and if ever the tour happens, late next week please.

>> No.11475688 [DELETED] 

Just for the record, I went through in my head about the remaining possible participants, and those are >the entirety of gen 1 for various reasons (Matsuri was preoccupied with Apex tournaments, Aki did a solo Ender Dragon run recently, Fubuki did her own thing, Mel had a break due to a family tragedy and Haachama is Haachama)
>Marine (hiatus until the concert, also doesn't play Minecraft that much)
>Towa (same as Matsuri)

>> No.11475745

Just for the record, I went through in my head about the remaining possible participants, and those are:
>the entirety of gen 1 for various reasons (Matsuri was preoccupied with Apex tournaments, Aki did a solo Ender Dragon run recently, Fubuki did her own thing, Mel had a break due to a family tragedy and Haachama is Haachama)
>Marine (hiatus until the concert, also doesn't play Minecraft that much)
>Towa (same as Matsuri)

>> No.11476250
File: 148 KB, 1154x1049, 20211015_133930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11476280

Not a tour but I really hope she talks to Kanata. After hearing her mention Morning Musume in her recent Getting Over It stream I want them to collab even if it's just 2 hours of idolfagging,

>> No.11476355

Do you guys bust a nut to Kiara or is it off limits?

>> No.11476893

She should be off-limits but she is too sexy and constantly telling me she loves me. How could I not?

>> No.11477252

i am only a man
not while she's streaming tho, that feels too creepy

>> No.11477703

Yes, even sometimes listen to her streams in the background (never live). Hearing her voice while doing it makes me reach maximum gosling levels.

>> No.11478610

I'm conflicted on this. She's hot as fuck and art of her makes my dick diamonds.
But at the same time I gotta keep that separate from Kiara as a person. That feels weirder to me. I've had a couple of moments where like I've just nutted to some art of her and then like right after I'd get a reply from her on twitter or something wholesome and it feels weird.
One time I was beating off during the loading screen and nutted as she did her Kikkeriki, it was an experience

>> No.11479441

Are (you) ready to have Kiara and Ina laugh about your island?


>> No.11480742

I'm ready for anything takotori related

>> No.11482600

The Flare tour was a 10/10 stream, and the Nene stream managed to top it, I don't think there's anywhere to go at this point. If she gives a tour to anyone else it will be wholesome, and I hope she does it again, but it already peaked.

>> No.11482738

What I want to see is the area around Phoenixton improved, mainly the carnival since nothing has been done with it since the endurance stream.

>> No.11483023

Phoenixton itself could use some more polishing, we know she's not done with it yet.
The main problem now is the entrances themselves are not that noticeable, much like the bush exit in Pekoland, people would try to do anything to get in/out of the place before they look for the actual gate.
It's pretty fixable though, just put some colorful blocks or lamps right above the entrances, and clear the damn hills around Phoenixton, the one time flattening would do a lot more good.

>> No.11484391

The original entrance from the water elevator connected to the railway is gone since its now behind the farm house.
The entrance at the end of main street which points towards EN village leads to some nice flat land, all it needs would be a larger gate and some decoration. But Kiara said she wants to shorten main street since its last section is bascially between two walls right now which is kinda unessessary.
The only other exit that currently exists leads to Mori's carnival and a proper set of stairs would be enough to make it noticable.
Some more entrances would be nice, one for the farms and one towards Tetsuo's old quarters which she wants to remove from the city.

>> No.11485531

So seeing as she finished Yakuza 7 months ago and still hasn't done it what dark god do I have to sacrifice eggs to for Kiara to sing Ichiban Ka?

>> No.11486917

Please more takotori.

>> No.11487192
File: 175 KB, 301x303, 1629590553164.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would unironically build a shrine to her on my island.
I don't play AC anymore at this point, so my island is ripe for an overhaul.

>> No.11487373 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 1079x122, FAPog9FWEAMHgjb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11487548
File: 31 KB, 1079x122, FAPog9FWEAMHgjb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminded me of her pre-chat? (I forget now) during the Mumei collab

>> No.11488704
File: 1.25 MB, 1212x690, 1630265328824.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11489514

Delete this

>> No.11489522 [DELETED] 

>Roomate complaning about being a crazy cat lady
She's ngmi, isn't she ?

>> No.11489840
File: 95 KB, 1080x640, 1626227122457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kiara is strong. She wouldn't be where she is if she wasn't.
Hopefully she can vent to her genmates, IRL friends, or Mamatori at least.

>> No.11490182

We feel you, Tenchou.

>> No.11491020

Well let's hope Kiara will open up to her genmates and kohais. It's like she's afraid of bothering them, she's inside her own head again

>> No.11491334

Who else “picked last for PE class” here I hope she’s doing ok chicken bros

>> No.11491526
File: 488 KB, 2731x4096, 1629931420112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know that the parasocial angle of this whole hobby (and for her, employment) means that we chickens can never truly be her friend.
It's natural to feel down sometimes for anybody.
Hopefully a long stream tomorrow with her fanbase-core can at least help her laugh.

>> No.11491528 [DELETED] 

miss me with rmt shit but it IS nice to see the cats

Me. I was actually athletic as fuck people just disliked me. Then by the time that turned around I was probably the least fit person in the class...

>> No.11491775

This is the worst thing about no EN being in Europe that she could hang out with. Sounds like she got bailed on by a friend or something. Hopefully instead of autistically waiting for 3D to happen to meet in Japan, they can meet somewhere else and hangout. With all the cons and Kiara going to Dokomi in person, I believe its more likely they all meet up for a con than going to Japan.

>> No.11492312

I can definitely relate to her feeling like an outsider. My empathy goes into overdrive whenever she shows signs of feeling left out.
...but it's equally satisfying whenever she gets any kind of validation, which is why I love her interactions with Ame. It really feels like Ame actually makes her feel like she matters, at least for a little while. That surprised face she made in the BIY collab when Mori said "Stream SPARKS!" also made me really happy.

>> No.11492473

Wouldn't this imply that she ultimately feels like Ame doesn't really give a fuck about her.

>> No.11492513 [DELETED] 

Really worried about your oshi's roomate KFP

>> No.11492661
File: 2.18 MB, 498x417, wdym.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11492709

If Hakos tries to steal Nenechi I'm calling the exterminator

>> No.11492721

Sounds more like she was someone's 3rd or 4th backup. Learning about that can be really soul crushing.

>> No.11492799

This really puts into perspective why in the HoloEN/ID Mario Kart collab, Kiara didn’t allow the Team Captain approach, and just went with rando teams for the last set.

>> No.11492860
File: 229 KB, 1200x1200, 1626254038196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe one day there will be a concert with Kiara in burgerland.

>> No.11492889

Anon she literally explained it that way back then.
Also why did only the comment talking about Kakun get jannied?
...Is Kakun a janny?

>> No.11492943

He's doing a shitty job as a janny then.

>> No.11493193

Nah, what it means is that she doesn't think that Ame would pick her first, which is sorta like something she's said in an actual stream, saying that she feels like both Mori and Ame prefer to hang out with their other genmates.
Kiara's problems aren't that she's disliked by her friends, but rather she feels like she's no one's favorite

>> No.11493331

To clarify I didn't mean she won't have another good minecraft stream, I just can't think of a better tour than what already happened.

>> No.11493564

Anon there was more than one tweet.

>> No.11494407

Instead of analyzing cryptic menhera tweets, how does everyone feel about the Tales of Arise finale tomorrow?
How long will it take her to get through the rest of what she's allowed to stream?

>> No.11494477

Probably not gonna watch it since I want to get the game, might ask for tangent highlights around here or smth. Is she still not allowed to actually stream the whole game?

>> No.11495243

>she is still awake

>> No.11495380

As much as she loves the game, I'm glad to have it out of the way. Its had its fun buts but its a bit weak compared to her past jrpg streams.
The side quest bit kind of cooked my brain but I don't think she has more then 6-7 hours wheres shes at right now

>> No.11495562

I wonder why she hasn't brought up the Replicant perms outside of members streams yet

>> No.11496309

She seems semi reluctant to play it since chat brought up that Miko dropped it.

>> No.11496579

I was never picked first or 2nd in PE teams so I get where's coming from. I know it's dumb to speculate on what she means by this because it could be related a bunch of non-holo related stuff but I still worry about her. As much as most of want to, we can't be the ones to make her feel special & loved every day as she wakes up and goes to sleep.

>> No.11496945

I mean its been since TTRPG since she has been able to talk to chat, so hoping for top tier topics, also was saving more vacation stories.

>> No.11497293
File: 54 KB, 788x1022, amongoose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11498481

why did miko drop it? I only watched her play a little bit and she seemed to be pretty bad at the game

>> No.11498533

It was too grindy, low views

>> No.11498851

I may be wrong but I think there was a part where she forgot to save and lost a lot of progress by dying or the game crashed.

>> No.11499319

yeah I think she'll be just fine

>> No.11499517

She was the one who brought that up I recall, and brought it up again afterwards. I think shes a bit nervous but not reluctant

>> No.11500136

What would you guys like to see her play next? Since she's played Ryza already and I don't see Replicant sticking around for no more than maybe two streams at best, she could start trying out different FPSes to see if there's one she likes. Shot in the dark but she could take Coco's advice and try Yakuza 0

>> No.11500361

Would be interesting to start a Yakuza, but I think she mentioned she might play Dishonored. Idk if she would start a JRPG and Dishonored around the same time.

>> No.11500539

Would be cool if she decided to move forward and stream Ori next. Plenty of space to talk over the game without being distracted by cutscenes and voiceovers. Despite only Nier Replicant (Eng) perms from Squenix, I'm still hoping for actual Final Fantasy streams if she wants to jump right into another JRPG series.

>> No.11501759

I don't really care about FPSes, I just want her to try new genres and get our of her comfort zone a bit. There's so much stuff I she might like if she gave it a chance and would be less of a debuff than the constant extremely long jrpgs.

>> No.11501847

Yakuza would be nice. She also mentioned wanting to play the new TWEWY and finish it in a few streams, right? I want to watch that though I’d want to play it myself too.

>> No.11501982

Has she played the original? Both games are great, and would be pretty fun to watch.

>> No.11502024

What are her options for JRPGs if she drops Replicant?
>That one Zelda game she wants to play feels too soon
>Atelier can't be monetized
>Interested in playing Yakuza next year at the latest, but that can still change
>Still waiting on FF permissions

>> No.11502732

She should play Undertale

>> No.11502747

Maybe other Tales of games but if they have permissions from SEGA I'd like to see her try out Valkyria Chronicles.

>> No.11503064

I recall her mentioning that she has played the original DS version. I heard that the Switch remake is shit though so I hope she doesn’t stream that one and just do the new one.

>> No.11503250

Xenoblade is also an option she has mentioned in the past, but I feel like she'll just play Dishonored instead. Kiara has a tendency of talking about her next game quite ahead and so far that seems to be Dishonored, although Deathloop just got a patch that fixed a lot of performance issues, so she might try it on her PC.

>> No.11505377
File: 233 KB, 1400x1753, FBy4WKaVkAMrF5r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11505457

Okayu played Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, technically it's a JRPG if you squint enough
I don't know if she's mentioned Bravely Default or its sequels
My knees would shatter from kneeling if she played an Etrian Odyssey game
Not a JRPG but Code Vein

>> No.11505759

hey KFP. haven't been watching Kiara streams in a while. why is Kiara not finishing the Tales of Arise game? that's a shame -- i was looking forward to binging all her ToA streams all the way till the end.

>> No.11505819

>why is Kiara not finishing the Tales of Arise game?
who knows, anon

>> No.11505830

There's a predetermined point that prevents her from playing any further as a sponsor

>> No.11505893

that sucks ass. guess i won't watch the ToA streams then.

>> No.11506205
File: 1.01 MB, 991x1404, 20211015_153820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11506308

I recommend still going through the timestamps, there's some good tangent kino.

>> No.11506451

Don't know when it'll come out, plus chimkin brain says 2D = bad. But I'd love to see her play the Dragon Quest 3 remake. Or Octopath.

>> No.11506864

I don't know shit about octopath, but if it requires her to grind at all like FF does she'll not be happy.

>> No.11507153

>her to grind at all like FF
FF is considered grindy? I swear people think fight more than once in a blue moon is grinding. Plus Tales of is known for awkward difficulty spikes where you have to grind, just mention Vesperia and that boss gets brought up.

>> No.11507280

I haven't played a recent FF game, but the old ones are really grindy.

>> No.11507575

I don't agree, pretty sure the devs even said from FF4 on they designed with the intent that if you don't skip battles as you play the story then you'll be an okay level. You can go full job autism with 3 or 5 but you become strong just playing normally. 1 is probably the most grindy, while 2 doesn't need grind but is usually snapped in half by the proto-saga levelling system.

Grinding to me is like Etrian Odyssey. Where you need an hour grind at the start of a new set of floors, untill you make your party super broken.

>> No.11507717

Not really. If you know the game's mechanics then if you just battle normally through the game you'll be fine. Hell FF8 actively punishes you for grinding levels.

>> No.11507918

>Grinding to me is like Etrian Odyssey.
Thankfully they stopped doing level scaling after the first title. Pretty dumb system to essentially make your level your most important "stat".
Since III there is very little to no grind unless you want to be 99R99 (or 130R130 in Nexus) for the final post-game superboss.

I was surprised by Kiara describing Tales of as grindy but seeing as she tries to skip encounters whenever possible I can understand how she arrives at this conclusion.
It's not that hard, people - just fight the stuff the game throws at you and you will be fine.
People always complain about random encounters being annoying but when they get symbol encounters instead they can't properly deal with it and just avoid battles altogether.

>> No.11507920

Wait, i was sleeping, did I miss something?
What is this about 3rd or 4th place?

>> No.11508033

I want to eat Kiara's asshole

>> No.11508210

I think most JRPGs at least have one awkward spike where you need to level up a bit. But to me going and doing a few battles for 10 minutes isn't grinding. When I think many see excessive fights as grinding, so all old games with aggressive encounter rates are "grindy." Though I'm on the other end of the spectrum where I'll happily spend hours grinding and fusing broken demons in SMT

>but seeing as she tries to skip encounters whenever possible
Yep it is a bad habit but I think it ties into her gotta keep the stream interesting tism. I wish more games mixed symbol and random. It helps keep the world alive but stops players fucking themselves over.

>> No.11508543
File: 71 KB, 1200x675, kstare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw can't stop thinking about her cute giggles, the way she pronounces somethings wrong on purpose while laughing and knowing it gets under some peoples skin
>can't stop fantasizing how nice and warm it would be waking up next to her every morning, the cute noises she would make when you kiss her neck, how she would pout if you headpat her fluffy hair, how giddy she would get while cuddling with the cats

I need meds but am too ashamed to go to any medical professional and confess I have feelings for an anime girl.

>> No.11508605

What they are referring to is roommate posting, please ignore.
Kiara has expressed frustration about Mori liking Gura more than her and how she seems to be nobody's favorite. Although I am fairly certain she is Reine's favorite senpai but she is not giving her fellow bird enough love...
She is also always extremely happy when someone calls her her favorite or oshi.
But in the end Kiara is still Kiara, her mood is very volatile and she is an extremely feminine woman. So if she ever rants it's not necessarily a call for action. And whatever soured her mood will probably be a minor memory pretty soon.

>> No.11509394
File: 3.35 MB, 1280x720, kiara meow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11509434

>Although I am fairly certain she is Reine's favorite senpai
How do you come to that conclusion?
She likes her for sure, but favorite?

>> No.11509481

Sounds like she's being a woman

>> No.11509991
File: 352 KB, 608x317, 1634375090433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no Kiara, Wake up, pls!

>> No.11510179

It's sad we will never a proper sp00py watch a long with kiara.
On one hand, I love her and don't want her to be genuinely distressed.
On the other hand, I feel like she would have the most honest and funny reactions depending on the film.

>> No.11510245

I think so far Reine is the only one singing Heart Challenger - aside from the Kiara/Nene duet.
Reine also used "Stream Ai Dee" after "Stream Sparks" became a thing.
And she seems to partially copy Kiara's streaming style, going for games she enjoys like the Zero Escape series even if it brings low views or doing zatsu SC readings. The latter one even got some flak from her viewers because she has a dedicated zatsu series with YABE so some people felt it was too much zatsu (fucking idiots).
She also seemed to be a bit taken aback when Kiara said "everyone" calls her a chicken and pointed out that she doesn't do that.
She also talks about Kiara a lot after their (sadly rare) collabs and praises her for how caring she is.

>> No.11510423

>copy Kiara's streaming style
bad wording

>> No.11510587

Hu, that is nice to read. I wish I had more time in the day, I would definetly watch some Reine.
All these things probably went totally over chickens head, though.
Like all positive things towards her do, see every compliment Mori ever made towards her.

>> No.11510593

True. I mean that she gains some inspiration from Kiara.
It's not like she completely changed her approach to be like Kiara but there were some small changes after they collabed.

>> No.11510697

Kiara is the definition of the dense protagonist at times.

>> No.11510719

>I wish I had more time in the day, I would definetly watch some Reine.
same here + i was on a n edge to go full on iRys, but Orange bird is ruthless in term of amount of content

>> No.11511582


>> No.11511702

They are pretty bad at taking a bath.

>> No.11512019

Her collaborating too often with the JPs also isolate her more from the rest of the EN sphere. Also whatever happens in those JP streams cannot be weaved together into an over arching EN plot like many of the EN interactions with each other.You cant really have infinite 'friends'. Whenever i have a new group of friends i always fallout with another. There is not enough time to be in connection with everyone. Collabing with JPs once in a while is fine but when most of your collabs are with JPs you are prone to lose EN viewers. The JPs that watch those collab streams do not watch normal Kiara streams anyways, they are just there for the guest.

>> No.11512472
File: 756 KB, 962x1200, FBxydSGUYAMiFVH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11514067

big beautiful chicken booba...

>> No.11514376

Suzy had trouble holding 7k viewers and mostly streamed Tales of Arise for 6k people after the last streams were around 8k, 10k and 13k respectively.
RPG burnout is real even in Japan.
Kiara's numbers never started high but she manages to hold on to her core audience with fierce determination. But I really hope she manages to "finish" ToA without doing another 9+ hour gameplay stream like she did for Ryza, Yakuza and Zelda...

>> No.11514520

today being a long one is fine since it'll be over anyway and she really needs a chill talking stream to unwind after this week

>> No.11514581

Declining CCV with successive episodes of a longplay is just obvious, JRPG or not.
Kiara could beeline for the Forbidden Zone cutoff point in a matter of 2-3 hours, but she'll probably check all branching paths and take her time with the voiced cutscenes like usual.

>> No.11514643

>she enjoys like the Zero Escape series even if it brings low views
Funnily enough, the Zero Escape series is pretty much the only stream I watched from Reine beside collabs. It's a shame that this game is under appreciated.

>> No.11514949

There is a big difference between a 5h gameplay +5h SC zatsu stream and a 10h "I need to finish this game because I'm dumb and put Finale in the thumbnail" gameplay stream.
I'm really hoping for the former and not the latter.

>> No.11515064

Doesn't help that it is a new game, which for JRPGs might be a debuff. She is just a bit past me now so I'm only going to watch her doing side quest stuff if I have the time. 1-2k is the limit and I'm shocked she has maintained the higher end desu.

Maybe people should start recommending some shorter rpgs

>> No.11515125
File: 313 KB, 1506x2048, phoenix breath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine the sneeze...
source: https://twitter.com/YorobiSan/status/1448928942249885696/photo/1

>> No.11515200

I know this has been discussed to death here, but thoughts on Kiara's intention/interest in playing Dead Space?
Is it possibly the worst first ever approach to that spectrum of games?

>> No.11515293

She'd probably not care for the sci fi stuff or horror. But I doubt she'd have more trouble than usual playing it.

>> No.11515410

I don't think a possible Dead Space stream has been discussed that much. She seems only vaguely aware of it because of existing permissions and other's streams. I just can't see her enjoying it, gameplay, setting, horror or otherwise.

>> No.11515694

She's such a woman.

>> No.11515743

She makes me want to slap her with a wet fish at times, honestly.

>> No.11516055
File: 15 KB, 325x160, 1605199850703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember when KFP used to do that

>> No.11516113

She's obviously only trying to play an FPS to appease her viewers. Having her kill two birds with one stone by making it a horror-based story FPS is prefect. I really don't think she wants to play those kinds of games, online or otherwise, so having a good reason to not come back to them would be for the best. Sometimes you just have to take the L when it comes to the kinds of games YOU want to see on stream vs what someone actually likes to stream.

>> No.11516245

Perhaps Gura can spare us some fish?

>> No.11516720

It's a good fucking series, and the different perspectives and twists are where VNs shine

>> No.11516721

I mean this isn't really something you can do that for

>> No.11516849

She makes me want to slap her with my dick

>> No.11516858

what did she do this time

>> No.11516892

I used to dislike Kiara, but after reading this thread I feel bad for her. I hope chicken is not sad.

>> No.11516947

Read above

>> No.11517016

Still have no idea whats up unless you mean roommate shit and she seems to be over it already judging from kiaras twitter

>> No.11517024

She was watching Kson 2DLive debut, right? This fucking woman, i love her

>> No.11517034

Sparks is already at 1.9M, this banger really does climb

>> No.11517071

After 1 year of streaming, making more fans than ever and making good friends in Hololive there's a need inside her that clearly we nor her Hololive friends can satisfy.
She's better than ever but will forever be sad until that need if met, if ever.

She's been like that for days but brushes it aside for streams. Spending time alone with her cats and her thoughts makes those thoughts resurface and don't let her sleep as well.

>> No.11517079

No need to over analyze that tweet, there is a huge chance that she's frustrated about The last cosplay thing and not being able to do it because the one who she paid LITERALLY have her as the last pick, nothing related to Hololive, so please take your fucking meds niggers

>> No.11517138

Considering the vague (or not-so-subtle) comments on stream she's dropped spread out over months I think it's something that's always in the back of her mind. Just Kiara being Kiara.

>> No.11517181

Iby the sound of it at least her bff and rental boyfriend are there for her and i hope some of her genmates check up on her

>> No.11517230

I think people often forget that streaming isn't their entire live and somethimes they are sad about something that has nothing to do with hololive

>> No.11517238

eh, she gets into the bad moods as easily as she gets out of them.

>> No.11517316

This, she literally spammed collab this weeks and tomorrow we will get another collab, people is just hungry of tangents since we haven't get a SC reading since 5 days ago.

>> No.11517391

Also that she is Christmas Cake and she knows it. You can talk shit all you want, but most women do want children and she's voice frustration on stream before about the lack of love life and need to 'focus on her career first'. I feel a little bad for her. Funny part is all the simping in the world won't get you into her personal good graces. Enjoy this ride while it lasts fella's, cause once she's gone, she's gonna be GONE.

>> No.11517427

She often says that she does not want to marry and that she is not sure if she wants a family

>> No.11517495

Many 'STRONK WOMEN' say the same thing. She treats her cats like children, has gone on record talking about loving kids, and obviously has holes in her personal life that she tries to fill by proxie. Being the third wheel with her friend and boyfriend exacerbates and alleviates that depending on her mood.

>> No.11517505

She's on high dosage of copium. She loves babies, weddings, and having her cats give her a purpose on life, the same would apply for an actual baby.
It took me a while but I understand I won't get close to her. I'll still support her

>> No.11517522

The fuck is this discussion kek

>> No.11517571
File: 157 KB, 326x559, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Takanashi "I want every Tales of Arise thumbnail to look the same" Kiara

Why is the last one different?

>> No.11517582

Why i do feel someone is projecting his lonely on her

>> No.11517651

SEA hours tend to have some /r9k/ thrown into them at times. Other than that there's nothing else to talk about so people are quick to jump into roommate rrats

>> No.11517696

Right? Not everything is Hololive/Lonely shit, she's very into the work and she still has some last plan as her roommate.

>> No.11517719

Because she is lonely as fuck in her personal life. Believe whatever you like, she's still entertaining and I will still continue to watch and support her.

>> No.11517727

It's probably for the best for everyone that fan interactions stop at the screen

>> No.11517744

>Please note that discussion should pertain to a VTuber's streams and content, and should not pertain to their real lives, relationships, or appearances ("IRL").

>> No.11517751

In prechat she said she didn't want the art to go to waste iirc

>> No.11517819

Came here expecting talk about Kiara supporting the other orange woman, and you fags are still looping roommate shit.
No wonder most of us stick to global.

>> No.11517826

>she's very into the work
Anon that's part of the problem, she doesn't have a personal life, she even said it herself on stream.

>> No.11517877

look, the current discussion is dumb, but there isn't much you can say beyond 'based' about that, assuming that is actually what the tweet is about,.

>> No.11517891

People really can't help themselves when it comes to roommates here. /vt/ is more interested in discussing them than the actual chuubas because literal children visit this board

>> No.11517894

Yep, this is why i hate this split, parasocial niggers making up rrats, even the global thread has better discussion about Kiara than this place

>> No.11517933

Thank fuck she uses Zeiss' amazing art.
She probably madeher thumbnails this way so she wouldn't accidently spoil anything and upset Bamco. That's why her stream titles are so generic as well.

>> No.11518007

I wonder if she has to stop before going to Lenegis
There's still a good 10 hours of game left.

>> No.11518044

Don't worry, I played catchup and have a bunch of small discussion topics about the last week or so's streams that I'll stick in the next thread. Can't wait to get called a faggot and have everyone tear apart my thoughts on them.

>> No.11518045

It sucks we won't get to see the end. Those are usually her best streams. I'm looking forward to Turducken tomorrow. Thank god, I'm off.

>> No.11518069

Global is just the plot of your average time travel novel most days. You could make a full cereal from all those loops.

>> No.11518285

I just don't like to use it often because it's for stream discussion of whoever is on, and most of the time that's not Kiara.

>> No.11518353


>> No.11518471
File: 1.15 MB, 700x986, 308e734e164de116ce1a5f3a46fc1d1a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Marry Y/N?

>> No.11518476

Good thing she is a phoenix because she deffinitly died there

>> No.11518548

100%. Cute, high-maitanance wapanese is all I need baby.
Would the reality of a relationship with her work out barring physical attraction? Probably not, she's said before she's a lot more quiet and waits for others to take the lead more often irl and I tend to be relatively passive unless I'm play host.

>> No.11518560

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.11518709

I've had enough of Kiara, make the next one chonkers general and ditch the bird

>> No.11518740

shaddup smoothie

>> No.11518748

t. chonkers

>> No.11518932

New thread up:

>> No.11518948

Chonkers and smoothie debut when

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