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Paladins is getting an Amelia Watson announcer pack


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/v/ is a vtuber board!!!!!!!

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Cool. Trannies are seething lol.

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eng vtubers are me cringe, same with eng dubs of anime

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She must have gotten paid real well for this

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She probably makes $50k/month on YouTube alone.

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She didn't get paid shit. Hololive though.

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i dont watch vtubers

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Yeah, this. It's pretty well known that Cover is a shit company who shortchanges their talents. People only stick with them because of the brand name guaranteeing them an audience.

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I thought you were memeing.
Turns out trannies are legit seething lmao

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still not gonna play that tranny game

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How come? I thought they liked v-tubers

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Why are they mad about this did she not say trans rights on stream?

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Anything that takes attention away from the normal ethots/dial-8ers makes them seethe.

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Haachama and Miko are the only watchable vtubers

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I hope she has some salty lines when you die.

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Based Ame is going to single handedly revive Paladins

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>all vtubers are cringe

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What is getting a who

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projecting my dick in your mom

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This game still exists? Not even Overwatch is relevant anymore.

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>I thought they liked v-tubers

Vtubers are biological women who pander to straight men and other biological women

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Watch Nijisanji.

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Shame it's paladins and not smite

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99% of them are boring 99% of the time and barely stream.

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Haachama is reddit as fuck, only Ina is based.

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All this means is that Vtubers are going to start branching out to be included in more games so they get more publicity and as well as profits. It wouldn't surprise me if they started appearing in mmos next, which speaking of aren't they suppose to be playing ff14 soon?

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Nijisanji is a black company filled with whores and men who pander to the Chinese market

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>bad unfun game isn't relevant
>good fun game is
what a mystery

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post it please i wanna see without going there

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lulu is gone so no reason to

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When I want to watch Chinese thots talk about shitting and farting on their period while sucking at Starcraft I'll watch Nijisanji

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>no! no! don't watch these trannies!
>these trannies are though!!!

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>7k ingame
bitch paid games from over a decade ago are more relevent and fun

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>trannies hate vtubers

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She is not gone she just stopped using the avatar and turned into real youtuber
she even acts and does the same

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Why is the guy on the bottom scared of Japanese things

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cute tranny shark

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So is Omega that fat asian looking guy she dated?

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>redditlive EN

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>Content for children passed off as being better than it actually is
Started out good but the more parallels you tried your fallacy starts to fall
Next thing your going to say is /v/ is a video game board talk about VIDEO GAMES
Yet why the fuck haven't you.

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What a waste of phenomenal model.

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I don't know what either of those things are

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/v/ros... not us...

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Didn't she just play one game of this?

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>be /v/ mod
>move video game thread from video game board
No wonder they get such a low pay

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Stay in your lane holobrony

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/v/ros wtf
I Hate /vt/rannies

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wait, was this thread moved here from /v/? kek

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if you didn't escape from your cantonment board all the time

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>vtuber make both /v/ AND trannies seethe
based as fuck

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cute troon shark, i hope her cock is still attached so i can suck it

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I don't understand?

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link to this info pls

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well he isn't wrong. Lulu as Lulu is gone. Lulu from Nijisanji is gone. That model was a part of her identity. Although she came back as Misumi it doesn't mean that she came back as Lulu.

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Yes hololive is cringe let's go watch patanee instead

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Valve should make a Fauna announcer for Dota 2 and unveil it at next TI for maximum seething on /v/ and /vg/. Or even better, be a guest commentator/caster for next TI.

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come on cover, bring movable hands back for Miko, they were gold.

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stop anon, i can only get so hard

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Wait why does /v/ hate vtubers now? I remember they loved Kizuna AI.

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How hard do you have to dig to find the "seething trannies"

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contrarian board

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The only good nijis don't stream anymore. Also EN3 will be the death of vtubing.

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>video game board
since when?

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>Has time for this
>Still hasn't delivered on the charity stuff(voice pack and SSS cover)
Amelia continues to be trash.

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That's a lot of (You)'s for such weak ass bait.

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It's official. There should be no question about how vtubers are related to video games.

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hopefully it will balance out the poor level design and poor balance

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tummy hort

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Between this and the Cookie Run sponsorship I wonder when a game is just gonna go whole hog and start adding members of Myth.

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Just like Ollie killed vtubing.
Or that Kiara/Nyanners collab
Or Mori
You drama obsessed faggots are getting tiresome.

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He's memeing you. Cover is a retarded company, not a black one.

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one of the worst things i've ever heard

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She knows this will boost her failing numbers with an influx of normalfags.

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No normalfag is playing Paladins anymore. It's a dead(ish) game.

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The better comparison would be wojakfags and bronies, tho.

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>Valve should make a Fauna announcer for Dota 2 and unveil it at next TI for maximum seething on /v/ and /vg/. Or even better, be a guest commentator/caster for next TI.
I would actually go back to playing that cursed game if they did.

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Can you post links so I can know to avoid these girls that talk about shitting and farting friend

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every time someone asks for ska SSS or the voice pack, it gets delayed a week.

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AHAHAHAHA, I was wondering why /vt/ was seething when /vg/ was pretty chill about this, although this >>11380242 gave me a clue

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I would kill for a Selen Apex announcer pack.

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Holy shit thats so cool. Congrats Ame you're really making it

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based ame

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>seething trannies
you mean people itt right?

>> No.11382357

Fucking Paladins.
Give one to Shibuya Hal. He IS APEX in JP.

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True, /v/ is full of trannies

>> No.11383942

I was wondering why this thread is so shitty.

>> No.11384083

She hasn't even matched her donations yet If I remember correctly

>> No.11384135

can i get a qrd of what's happening?

>> No.11384198

where can I watch the trannies seethe

>> No.11384232

Nothing actually, unless he's referring to /v/

>> No.11384431

>tfw I had a daydream about something like this days ago, but with Selen
Welp, /palg/ is likely unusable now
which site?

>> No.11384467

nothing is happening, anon just made it up because he wanted to bring up trannies. dyrb everything you read on 4chan

>> No.11384536

>/v/ says trannies are seething
>in actuality /v/ is seething

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You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

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It's really amazing how you can see the difference between the schizos on /v/ and sane human beings when a thread is moved to another board so quickly

>> No.11384776

It has a bad side to it, the more they flirt with other corpos, the less time chuubas will have for streams, and in the end you.

>> No.11384912

What's the difference?
>Welp, /palg/ is likely unusable now
They think it's cool or are mostly indifferent about it. If anything, they're complaining about the update in general

>> No.11384918

Jesus Christ this is cute, why is this model wasted on a man?

>> No.11385036

Newfag question but what is it that makes /v/ so fucking schizo. I only went on /vg/ and /jp/ before this board was created.

>> No.11385165

I checked their general and it's on fire for so many reasons, I don't think I can find anyone mad at a vtuber voice pack.

>> No.11385250

>Love Amelia
>Hate Hi-Rez
Aw shit

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/v/ has more topics about trannies than fucking /lgbt/ at this point.

>> No.11385431

WHAT THE FUCK HIREZ? At least get Gura and put her in Smite, your most popular game. Who the fuck play Paladins anymore?

>> No.11385489

People in charge of the game seem to be more focused on talking back to what's left of the playerbase https://twitter.com/ThunderBrush/status/1448327239217688590
just look up Romanova if you're curious.
one of the biggest containment boards that people from other websites visit and take memes from. I'm a santanon there so I only visit during Christmas where its slightly better. /vr/ (Retro Games) has also suffered in quality since PS2 and consoles from that gen were allowed to be posted there last year/vt/ rrats get taken to other social media
Has she ever played SMITE? I'd rather have more cartoon crossovers.

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Me because my oshi is in it

>> No.11385630

>Has she ever played SMITE? I'd rather have more cartoon crossovers.
I don't care if she played Smite or not. I just want her in, though I do agree cartoons crossover are way better.

>> No.11385678

for the amount of posts about Niji being chink shills on /vt/ there is severe disparity between the amount of chinksubs compared to Hololive so I can't watch them

>> No.11385744

Has Amelia ever even played Paladins? What a weird crossover.

>> No.11385879

Yes, 2 times if i'm not mistaken, one was when she did the spanish/japanese only stream

>> No.11386393

>/vg/ and /jp/
Generals and namefags are cancer to the /v/user. Not allowing fester and rot also kinda turns them into spawning salmon, smashing into rocks as they climb waterfalls.
I looked at their archived thread and people were upset about another new paladin of color. I also saw someone say that pirates in the americas were jewish and that there isn't a single white male in the game.

>> No.11386737

after the chink shit? no way they're touching holo

>> No.11387421

I think it was the thing called gamergate or something.

>> No.11387469

Ame finally getting the recognition she deserves!

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/v/ has always been like it is now. It’s one of the most popular board and gets lots of traffic, simple as.

>> No.11388750

I noticed this dude in particular is a sore spot becausehe keeps cramming furry stuff into the game.

>> No.11389050

That's why the thread was so shitty in the beginning

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Is this voice pack only for PC?

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umm... guys?

>> No.11394095

>I looked at their archived thread and people were upset about another new paladin of color. I also saw someone say that pirates in the americas were jewish and that there isn't a single white male in the game.

Where's the lie?
>still seething about his game journos 7 years later

Let it go, resetera.

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>wojak "fags" like wojak had a big fanbase and a rich life

If that was the case he wouldn't have killed himself.

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>> No.11394526

hey that looks pretty cool. I don't play paladins tho

>> No.11394588

It should be on all platforms, the Bruce Buffer voice pack is so this probably will be as well

>> No.11395334


>> No.11396024

It would be if Paladins wasn’t a dead and shit game

>> No.11396148

That's still hopefully a nice paycheck for Ame.

>> No.11396247

Fuck /v/nies

>> No.11399894

Yeah imagine having a video game thread on /v/

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Thank you holofags for shitting on this anon for being a faggot.

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