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everyday i cry about it

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Because both of them are actresses putting on a skit and they viewed it wasn't beneficial to their careers anymore.

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it has more validity to it than two random internet people erping. She and Mori actually met up and went on vacation. blows up any fabricated "drama' about vtubers

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It was fake as shit from day one, and annoying.

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She also killed bottom left so she can enjoy playing her debuff TTRPGs in peace with the few KFP that watch her.

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I'm honestly surprised. I get they set up Takamori from debut to help them get more fanbase, but why kill it all of the sudden? If Kiara was tired of the RP, she could've just toned it down to normal and the shipshitters would've ate that up and said the relationship was "evolving". Did something about the fanbase bother her?

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Its a long con anon. Mori is starting to get more affectionet with kiara now that kiara is trying to distance herself. She is still hung up on mori that is why she goes after all the blonds. Ame, polka, flare,watame and nene all remind her of mori

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>If Kiara was tired of the RP, she could've just toned it down to normal
thats literally all she did schizochama

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They still live on

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>Did something about the fanbase bother her?

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I wish I had the picture of that one shit-stirrer riling up chat by saying Rikka and Mori make a better pair than TakaMori. That shit was hilarious.

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It was fake, almost everyone knew it, Calli wasn't comfortable with it, so Kiara ended it.

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She probably lurks here, so hope you are happy

Thanks god she extremely resilient and has much more life experience than the average /vt poster so I doubt that selfsearch would hurt her or anything

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Because just like mori herself takamori was fake and uncomfortable to watch

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I think it's better for both of them.
Sametimes, partners need to go their own ways to grow.
Their interactions are more natural and better now.

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Because Mori was too autistic to roll with it even when Kiara chilled out on pushing it as often

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Because, they're both fucking busy. It looks bad when they only collab with each other. They're tryint to avoid being seen as cliqueish.

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I think these are all simultaneously true

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Because lesbianism is an unnatural state of being. She saw the error of her so called yuri ways.

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Anon Kiara is an SJW, shes probably happy she has an alphabet fanbase.

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Long range relationship never work. I also think Mori might be asexual.

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There's no reason to keep bringing up that Kiara fucks niggers.

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Not even the Gurame schizo was that schizophrenic

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good lord why, why humans are so schizo for petty things?

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At this point i cant tell if they are actual lesbians or just getting deeper into this shitty lesbian telenovela tier shit. Mori from all we know is actually straight and still chases the manlet, fuck for all we know Kiara could be straight. Why is this hobby so fucking weird and filled with lesbian shit.

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That's something I haven't heard in a while. And I assure you she is not. She just don't give a shit, and will say anything to not get canceled. Compare Kiara half a year ago with how she is now. She doe not care about your feelings. She doesn't hold any punches if she can get away with it. Whed would be yelling N left and right if she could. She even replied that nowadays she has to be careful what she saying, because of people being too sensitive and canceling you just because they don't want to hear something.

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Wait are you saying the leak is fake or that kfp are stupid for ever believing it was real.

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The goal has never changed. She wants to be with her oshi, the rabbit.

In that cause, she would sacrifice anything to be with Peko. It is her ikigai.

Now with the servers integrated, and Kiara being the most capable minecrafter in EN, her dream is closer than ever.

Reaper was just a stone on the side of the path, a step on her way to the ultimate goal, Peko.

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Takamori is still good in art and fits, but it was never particularly well-acted on stream. The girls would rather spend their time interacting showing their real friendship than playing up a dynamic where Kiara is supposed to act stupidly in love and Mori is supposed to act cold. The same few jokes and flirts, no development, hiding their true closeness which is better than anything planned.

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It's really interesting seeing loner autists trying to analyze human relationships.

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Or you can just not ship these girls and just enjoy the content.

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The real takamori is literally Vic and Tiara from HunterMyth.

Kiara is an assertive girly girl whose no pushover, and Calli is a typical bro-dawg who likes pretty girls.

If Kiara didn't go goo-goo-gaa-gaa lesbian over callis model and voice like she does with most mommy-dommy-badass female characters, as we see in tales games,
they couldve had a geniunely brilliant yuri ship.

But it requires Calli to be a bit of a simp, which I think is possible, but since Kiara was the one who initiated, Calli is in the play-hard-to-get position and can never express how nice or attractive kiara is.

How it shouldve happened:
>Calli acts like her bro-dawg self, and always compliments Kiara, like she does with the other girls
>unlike the other girls, Kiara handles the comment with the sexual tension, because she is mature like that unlike the other girls.
>perhaps to herself and viewers, she says she really likes how calli is, and her type.
>calli acts bro-dude, and Kiara acts like her woman-self, and the relationship is a typical woman and a bro-dude woman hanging out.
>nurture a good relationship, and fandom takes over the rest.

Really, I think Kiara wouldve acted like a simp anyway, but it left Calli in the position she didnt want, which was acting like Kiara is a nuisance.

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Fuck off, Kiara.

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things come and go with idols quickly. take this as a lesson

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She unironically DOES lurk here

>/vt/ was the only place complaining about the "flattening" of the EN server
>Kiara later tells the JP girls not to flatten the terrain anymore

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she probably does post her, and I wish her the best despite never watching her stream

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It’s pretty funny how schizos are spazzing out over this even though it’s an actual leak.

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I think they actually got serious and now don't want it to conflate with the meme

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>chuuba ships are real life love relationships

I can't. The level of autism required to act like this is unfathomable. Wouldn't surprise me these people start believing Kiara owns a restaurant and can't die.

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Because Calli told her to.

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Kiara was pidgenholed into playing it up all the time while Mori was free to do what every other Holo does, collab and lightly flirt. Any time Kiara would do that in a stream, it'd get clipped and the /u/schizos of Twitter would go wild. Kiara's public facing character became "Loud 'Australian' girl who's Cali's girlfriend".
Beyond that, it's a tired trope that both actresses played too hard into and it fell off for both of them. I'm looking forward to their next one-on-one stream where they don't have to play into it. The sad part is, the same schizo's who primarily clipwatch and spam stupid shit on Twitter will show up for that one and start spamming stupid shit like "REUNITED AT LAST" and "AWWW THEY MADE UP" instantly ruining the mood of the stream. Mark my words, the shit grey names will be out in full force.

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I mean, its not impossible to consider having the relationship among vtubers be secretive and hidden instead of out in the open. Like in particular, Roberu and Polka don't say anything about the other on stream, however they have played games together in their roommate accounts.

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Well that's one good way of putting it.

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The amount of copium in this image is too much.

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Kiara got tired of Mori leeching off of her, so she had to put an end to it, thats why she announced it on stream, to expose Mori if she tried to leech again

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i dont care about shipping stuff but I want to beat kiara up

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You're right that that's what will happen.
Fucking faggots.

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>Thinly veiled anti thread

>> No.11403072

Something as forced and awkward as takamori is/was filtered out the normal people and only left distilled schizo autists like this.

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It was a cruel kind of funny when the clip circulated where Kiara "killed" takamori...
People that would usually go apeshit over a 21sec out-of-context clip by reacting to to it with:
>muh love confession takamori crumbs my beloved <3<3<3<3
were suddenly the Custodians of reason and tranquility
>please do not overreact, this is just a clip, don't take Things out off context, we don't know what is going on in their heads, let's not rush any conclusions....yada yada yada...
Self awareness goes down 50% when making a twitter account apparently

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That's pretty old
Thankfully newfags don't fall for it anymore

>> No.11403580

Takamorifags are easily the worst "people" someone can have as an audience, holy shit

>> No.11403622

What is it about the bunny that drives women to madness?

>> No.11403683

Mori isnt even bisexual. She still wants to fuck men unless /vt/ mindfucked her to become lesbo or something

>> No.11403795

It was a shit forced meme that Calli smartly refused to go along with

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i dont know anon. I dont know.

i do know there will be a fierce battle for the rabbit sooner or later, as en server integrated with jp.

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The problem with TakaMori, besides obviously having shitty chemistry, is the same problems that Noel and Flare had: they "married" their characters to each other. It created a limiter/shackle on the both of the characters, making it harder for the character to be able to have other "tete" moments with others since they would be compelled to bring up their marriages. You see this in how Noel, Flare and Kiara often have to turn down others because of it, Mori doesn't which also makes it more awkward for their ship. To a lesser extent, it also looks bad for others that try to flirt towards them, giving them the image of a "homewrecker". This ultimately is why both of those ships had to come out and put their relationship "on break".

Just compare and contrast it to all the other popular ships like OkaKoro, AquShio and KanaCoco who haven't had to say in public that they have distanced themselves to the other. Even when they are considered like the de facto ships, not much outcry when they flirt outside of it.

>> No.11404146

Anyone else was "neutral, but entertained" about the pairing? Like I don't care if it's gone since it was forced anyways, but I like how Kiara challenged Calli to go along with it and it ironically sometimes brung out the best out of Calli from a roleplay standard.

>> No.11404373

bunny cunny, obvs

>> No.11404543

Wait, Kiara killed Takamori?
If that's true, she might actually be a lot more pleasant to watch now. I'll give her latest streams a view.

>> No.11404995

the leak is real but overplayed in heavy favour for takamori

>> No.11405078

Like how celebrity couples breaks, it's not popular anymore.

>> No.11406039

yup its surprising how spot on they are too, compared to HRT sniffing troons

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It was fake as shit from day 1, filtering out anyone with a brain and taking in only actual tumblrites who NEED, HAVE TO have some stupid shipping shit to push and draw crappy art over nonstop.

Tete relationships need to be natural to be actually-liked by fans (i.e gurame for the few months that was considered a thing). You don't just declare "this is my yuri partner so tete lolol!!" from fucking day 1 when we've seen all of like 20 minutes of the two girls interacting and nothing has actually happened on screen to suggest jack shit. It doesn't matter that they had gotten to know each other a bit pre-debut, literally all recent gens are like that.

Between killing that and that bottom left shit Kiar is maturing a a chubba IMO in reaching immediately for shitty fucking gimmicks and being willing to do at least some tiny modicum of quality control over the cringe, sometimes. If you say nothing it'll just never stop. That stupid fucking Zone animation ripoff with Gura that made huge waves? It is fundamentally literally another stupid "a" video. Over a year later.

>> No.11406336

2hu reference

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I do believe her when she said she killed it to be closer to Mori. when every stream they both have to act a certain way they can never really develop an actual friendship., and Kiara is desperate for friends.

>> No.11406950

>autistic reaper can't live without any bones
>sperg chicken can't live without any lying
big doubt

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she said the nigger word and has subtly expressed anti-trans prejudice. If she was ever an SJW, its now very firmly past tense.

>> No.11407375

based kiara holy shit my gratitude is immeasurable

>> No.11407436

Lol nigger is just a word. That doesnt mean anything to prove once actions and stance on things and like.

>> No.11407470

hao tu reed

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Even the broken soulless being that is Kiara ducking despises the utter horrible cunt Mori is.

>> No.11407541

I forgor

>> No.11407544

>she said the nigger word
she was singing a nigger song

>> No.11409757

because it was forced and cringe and mori seemed to hate every second of it and probably told kia*a to fuck off

>> No.11410042

Live Again isn't even about Kiara. Hell, there are no songs Mori has written that's even about her EXCEPT for the birthday rap she made for Kiara.

>> No.11411309

Her lore is literally a tsundere she have to play by those rule or else she is just a coward

>> No.11411601

list of hololive vtubers who stuck to their lore and/or idiosyncrasies for more than two weeks :
- pekora
- no one else

>> No.11411626

Mori is the straightest woman you'll find in Japan. It wasn't meant to be.

>> No.11412157

I keep hearing Kiara mentioning bottom left on her archived streams, what does it mean?

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>> No.11413080

I swear nanora must be aflicted with weapons grade autism.

>> No.11413275

Also Aqua, assuming her extreme autism and autism noises were decided pre-release.

>> No.11415494

>kfp still havent recovered from this

>> No.11415641

That "update" on the side makes me sick
Bruh it's just a ship dying why you gotta be such a faggot about it, they seem to actually be friends, that's more that you can say for most kayfabe in media, just take that and run to the fucking hills with it.

>> No.11415901

Same reason Ame ended Amesame.
Ame didn't want to be known as "Gura's girlfriend" and wanted to grow her channel on her own terms.

>> No.11415936

they literally just interacted in TTRPG just now kill yourself and your family op

>> No.11415984

KFP are mentally ill, someone shoot them pls

>> No.11416111

Oi, don't lump us in with the KFBeats

>> No.11416563

Fucking finally maybe i'll be able to watch her now

>> No.11416774

If you want to post member content, could you please at the very least make a clip with Kiara's own words, not a post from a schizo with 10 layers of interpretation.

>> No.11416799

I thought the point of posting that was to laugh at the schizo.

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>> No.11417596

well that's fine for her, betting she's going to graduate any time soon and return to being a european whore selling herself to horny japanese men in maid cafes and sex shops

>> No.11417641

Kromei bros how are we coping knowing that mumei will probably get tired of playing her character up 3 months later

>> No.11417724

reason why vtuber kayfabe is fucking retarded and people should just act how they want

then again, kayfabe is what made calli significantly relevant and kiara relevant at all

>> No.11417726

jesus christ why are the youtube chats always so cringe

>> No.11417761


>> No.11418104

She shipped herself with the most highest-donated person in her gen, invited herself over IRL, and convinced everyone that Mori was homosexual when she's not. Just for moneygrubbing shipping drama

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shippers will try to twist anything into takamori, even end of a life which was as far away from takamori as it could be

>> No.11418578

Kiara was too scared to say it but it's the fans. Its always the fans. Either they were giving her shit for yuribaiting people other than Mori, or they were giving the other person shit.

>> No.11418602

>trans shit flag on avatar
>kiara clone
I think I had a stroke reading that

>> No.11418806

It was reposted from another thread, the original screenshot was meant to shit on them but it is an actual members leak. Just rewritten with incredibely bias wording

>> No.11419141

Good riddance that she killed it

>> No.11419434

The fuck you talking about

>> No.11419472

Yes i saw that when end of life first release in the comment everyone keep thinking its about kiara

>> No.11420507

Because she sucked my cock and loved it, instantly forgetting why did she even bother going after Calli.

Sorry yurifags, real dicks are still superior and I'm happy that I have rehabilitated Kiara.

>> No.11420600

most "/vt/sisters" post i've read in a while

>> No.11420643

I posted this

>> No.11420680

ignore the HRT sniffing kfp seething at this post, you hit the nail right on kiara's head with this

>> No.11421068

You are right. Kiara actually has the power to look into the future thats why she knew before debut that mori would get the most supas. She befriended her monts before debut. Truly the lex luther of myth. I kneel chicken

>> No.11421956

This is the answer. Sad part is that almost all the paypigs don't give two shits about TakaMori and if she doesn't want to do it anymore, they'd support her. The issue comes from the huge amount of grey name clip watchers who are TAKAMORI FOREVER on twitter, never shut the fuck up about it, and make huge deals about Kiara acting tete with any other Holo member. She said specifically that she felt that the TakaMori relationship storyline was keeping her from doing what most other Holo's do with each other, lightly flirt and have fun in one on one collabs. Can't really do that when all the fags pop in and keep spamming "B-BUT WHAT ABOUT MORI!!!!".

>> No.11422015

Don't forget the fact that all of them have talked about how they expected ID levels of fan engagement and that the 'connection' between them was written into the debuts.

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Assuming that kiara is looking at Amelia in this picture. That would make calli rem ame Subaru and kiara Emilia. And in the show Emilia is in love with Subaru (ame) and Subaru loves Emilia (kiara). At no point in the show do Emilia and Rem Express a "love" for another. Meaning calli and kiara never had any kind of romantic bearings. (Takamori was dead from the start) but on the other side there's Ametori. Kiara has expressed multiple times that how she loves Amelia and gets a "feeling" whenever their alone with eachother. Amelia has recuperated these feelings as well by calling her her wife and stating how much she loves her in recent streams. This along with them being Emilia(kiara) and Subaru(Amelia) means that Ametori was the real ship the whole time and TakaMori was an attempt to hide Amelia and kiara's true feelings for each other.

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There are big famous duos like Downtown or Penn & Teller that make a point about how they're able to stay as best friends and keep their act going so long is because they don't really hang out when outside of work hours. Sure, there will be just as many exceptions, but pairs like Kiara & Calli and Ame & Gura may like to reduce their time doing one on one collabs to help preserve their off-camera friendships.
Also, the smaller channels can easily get a complex over being the sidekick/love interest in the eyes of the fanbase, so may want some distance to stand on their own two feet.

>> No.11423221 [DELETED] 

It's from the first collab stream HoloMyth did together. It was a graph with one axis being intelligence, and one axis being pure. Bottom left on the chart was literally "Stupid whore". Kiara explicitly killed the bottom left meme because she didn't like the "stupid" part, which makes sense that she'd be sensitive to that kind of thing since her roommate literally didn't graduate high school.

>> No.11424105

All of them were blind to their future success exept takanashi galaxy brain kiara who just knew who she had to leach of. Move over moriarty you have met your match

>> No.11424175

selamat malam

>> No.11424381 [DELETED] 

why do you retards still think using the word roommate will help you avoid breaking the "no real life" rule

>> No.11427965

>Kfptroons still mad about takamori

>> No.11430088

Speak normally

>> No.11430632

>Trannies still think only kfp hates them
You have become the laughing stock of vt anon

>> No.11431715

ok tranny

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