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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight, Obsydia and Ethyria!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>11339487

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Nice subject, fucker.

>> No.11345199

>no subject
Bro, I'm about to freak it.

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Itazuraneko. Start reading/listening to JP stuff asap, grinding cards and exercises will get you nowhere and you'll get burned out.

>> No.11345220

>Wosemi OP
>OP is retarded and forgot subject

>> No.11345224

>no subject
I can't believe Rosemi made our OP

>> No.11345229

I like those no subject threads they feel nostalgic

>> No.11345231 [SPOILER] 

>no subject
So wosemi attracts retards, huh? Who could've guessed?

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>> No.11345239

finally a good OP banner

>> No.11345241

It's always the Rosemi and Petra fags

>> No.11345265

i love how millie uploads assortments of complementary videos

>> No.11345294

No subject, at least it gives you something else to talk about thats not pl or doxx shit

>> No.11345314

I like millie

>> No.11345315

Pluck You, flowerhead

>> No.11345326

What's the average Roseposter's IQ?

>> No.11345328


Timestamp of Nina talking about how she applied for Nijisanji and how much Lazulight inspired her, for anyone that didn't catch the stream.

I've really come around on this fox, she's really wholesome and cute.

>> No.11345334

Please try to use pictures of the recent waves they need the boost at the moment, previous waves already had it all for themselves, now make room for the new girls.

>> No.11345336

I like enna

>> No.11345339

Holy fucking shit. I want to bang the NijisanjiEN ghost so goddamn bad. I can't stand it anymore. Every time I go to Youtubaa I get a massive erection. I've seen literally every rule 34 post there is of her online. My dreams are nothing but constant fucking sex with Reimu. I'm sick of waking up every morning with six nuts in my boxers and knowing that those are nuts that should've been busted inside of Reimu's cold, infertile pussy. I want her to have my human/ghost hybrid babies. Fuck, my fucking mom caught me with the Casper the Ghost real life sized action figure. I'd dressed her in my sister's skirt and went to fucking town. She hasn't said a word to me in 10 hours and I'm worried she's gonna take away my PC. I might not ever get to see Reimu again

>> No.11345340

If Elira solo phasmo can peak at 3.3k this Selen collab marathon is probably going to put up some impressive numbers I expect.

>> No.11345342

Swim or sink bitch

>> No.11345346

Same number as resting rosemi heartrate, roughly 140

>> No.11345352

Dare I say, cute and funny?

>> No.11345353

why are rosebuds like this

>> No.11345359

yeah, those gen1 fags are always selfish

>> No.11345361

nice to know she is a good actor

>> No.11345370

Yeah, now divide it by 7

>> No.11345373

The new wave are all growing faster than Rosemi though...

>> No.11345378

really not

>> No.11345395

Rosemi had her chance. Time for the new blood now.

>> No.11345399

>follows Akina the shotacon
>but not Kenmochi the lolicon
What could it mean?

>> No.11345405

>Dis is a tread fo' da dick-di-discussion of Nijisanji's Engwish bwanch and deah vtuber units, Lazulight, Obsyttia, and Ettyrria!

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>> No.11345411

She stated her true interest soon after.
She wants to fuck the ikemen vtubers.

>> No.11345418

women can't be offenders

>> No.11345441

women double standards
simple as

>> No.11345459

I can't do math that big

>> No.11345460


She clearly said she follows male vtubers she thinks are hot. Akina is hot, Kenmochi is not.

>> No.11345464

But what is her taste... stupid fucking mommy give some names so I can imagine you giving the guys a nursing handjob

>> No.11345467

I only just realized how cute Pomu is.

>> No.11345476

men can't be victims

>> No.11345482

Akina is exemplary female menhera at times. Just like his oshi Kanae.

>> No.11345499

I see nothing wrong with this statement. They're both my wives.

>> No.11345513


>> No.11345518

made me respect her a lot ... i love lazulight too

>> No.11345541

i like her ... i enjoyed her stream

>> No.11345576

There's like almost 150 niji most of them not even speaking english, seems dumb to expect people to ever know every single one.

>> No.11345605

>tourist for not knowing JP Niji n°104
this is NijiEN thread, maybe you didn't realise because of the lack of OP's subject?

>> No.11345616


>> No.11345623

Honestly peopole mentioning them in the first place are borderline off topic, if possible should be avoided unless a nijiEN directly mention one of them like here.

>> No.11345636

>She was depressed due to Covid making her unable to go outside
>Discovered vtubers around that time and used them to fill the void of companionship
>Found Nijisanji while looking for hot ikemen male vtubers, not ashamed to say she loves hot men
>Watched Lazulight and saw how good their chemistry was which made her wanna join NijiEN
>"Other" vtuber companies aren't as good because they seem like they just clock in and clock out while barely getting along with eachother
>She wanted a group she could feel at home in and make friends because she was very lonely
>Did her very best in her audition and vowed to work the hardest she's ever worked if she got in because she was unsatisfied with her past life

>> No.11345648


>> No.11345654

She is listenable during this stream compared to her debut, but I guess I'll wait a bit longer before she starts doing actual things that don't feel tethered to he debut stream. I want a game, karaoke, instrument playing, some sort of skit, or what ever before I really make judgements about her. Watching Millie's karaoke yesterday and Enna's Super Hot streams were fun and I feel like I got a better feeling of them. Especially with chat banter.
>Chat: Don't put your face into the bullets
>Enna: How about I use your face instead

>> No.11345658

Millie has superchats now

>> No.11345666

I wish girls who say they love sexy guys would flaunt it more rather than always falling back on MY SENPAIS ARE SO SEXY AHH THEIR TITS MY DAUGHTERS

>> No.11345679

I mean, that's pretty based goal. I can support that, just like I'd support anon going for female chuubas if he's got into some big company

>> No.11345692

uh... so you'll support that from wave4 if one is in to get closer to a nijiEN girl?

>> No.11345694

I'll guess it peaks at 6k.

>> No.11345713

Yes? I'm gonna ship wave4 males with the NijiEN girls as soon as possible

>> No.11345717

Both auditions started at the same time, though the boys' ended later. It's not impossible that the girls know something that we don't at this point.
I'll pay some more attention to Nina's tastes in 2D boys, and a jojo-esque character design sounds like a very safe bet for Nijisanji EN (but which part, though...). Chaika is usually the first thought when one thinks of Jojo and Nijisanji.
I was wondering how long it'd take before monetization.

>> No.11345726

This will always be an Elira's TITS thread, Fox. Nice redemption arc tho

>> No.11345734

I'll ship them to make unicorns seethe

>> No.11345736

I'd support a guy getting in who'd say things like certain Nijis tits are hot as fuck, not a guy who says he's in love with a girl liver. Nina never said she wanted to get closer to the ikemens, she just finds them hot. You know. Like how guys find girls hot.

>> No.11345752

Finana, Elira, Reimu, and Petra are all very open about their attraction to sexy guys
Millie and Enna are pretty clearly lesbians for eachother and Elira
Pomu goes either way and Selen is only attracted to Apex skills
Rosemi is too young to know what sex is

>> No.11345758

Sure, if they have good synergy and it won't be just forced ship bullshit like most of yuribait

>> No.11345760

Holy shit so many russkies in chat. Is this a EU primetime stream or something?

>> No.11345769

>> No.11345787

I think so? It was around 12pm est

>> No.11345790

its gonna be hard to draw a line but if its something like 'i fucking love elira pendora she is so smart and funny and talented and i could listen to her talk for hours' then i would be fine with it but anything more and id probably send him a pipe bomb in the mail

>> No.11345799

Yes it is. Also lots of donations are written in Russian and at least two recurrent gachikoi are among those.

>> No.11345802

I'll only ship them if they're based like Kanaeboshi

>> No.11345805

Fuckkkk how do we get them to voice this

>> No.11345807

Actually yes, it was like 7PM. Also Russians tend to show up in big numbers if they notice even a small mention of their language/culture.

>> No.11345810 [SPOILER] 

Yet another reason why Rosemi is the perfect chuuba and is livinig YAGOOs dream

>> No.11345813

I don't really get this mentality. You seek to actively damage the girls careers by scaring away their most dedicated fans but somehow think it's acting in their best interest or care so little about them that you don't care what effect it has on them. Like doing your shipping is fine but there's no reason to try be intentionally obnoxious with it.

>> No.11345825

Based mommy.

>> No.11345832

Petra is the cutest girl that has ever existed.

>> No.11345845


>> No.11345856

Reimu JP-only stream in 2 hours

>> No.11345857

I imagine there were a lot more guys applying than girls, keep in mind that this is the first big EN org thats hiring males.
Gyari, the ceo of VOMS or whatever, talked about how he received much more male applications than female, so I imagine its even worse for nijiEN

>> No.11345865


>> No.11345869

please make a separate thread for this shit...

>> No.11345870

>Wagie gets PTSD from hearing the word "overtime"
i feel really bad for her

>> No.11345876

Elira is practically creaming herself over sexy guys for 6-8hrs straight everytime she plays Genshin.

When it comes to other male vtubers though its just kind of unprofessional to apply that same treatment to coworkers unless its some pre-agreed thing you are going to do and risk annoying both of your fanbases and damaging both your incomes.

>> No.11345878

ah nijisanji is still at their bully antics even now, lashing out at their own fans for not pulling some gacha boi

>> No.11345883

But Rosemi didn't say whats ligma, she should be immune to the spell through sheer brute retardedness

>> No.11345889

they are not real fans
just like how ninafags are mostly composed of contrarians as well

>> No.11345900

I can't see anyone becoming a gachikoi or gosling for her. She fills a whole different niche. She gives me vibes of a drunk and flirty aunt/step mom who isn't afraid to give you relationship advice and less of a dommy mommy vibe. I'm interested to see what direction she decides to take her character, so far I'm indifferent towards Nina.

>> No.11345907

Best poster itt

>> No.11345910

I just hope the designs are good

>> No.11345926

No. I have to put up with Pomu and Elira carpet muching posts, I WILL heterosexual post in here, I WILL also gaypost the males if they have a ship. Yurifags reign is over.

>> No.11345944

i think that's the joke

>> No.11345950

>> No.11345957

Vtubers that chat intimately with their viewers tend to draw in tons of gachikois regardless of how GFE they actually are. She'll probably be the superchat queen of Ethyria, especially since she fills a niche no one else in NijiEN does for the findom fags that want a dommy mommy.

>> No.11345964

If I didn't sound like a weedy nerd and have the wit of a wooden plank I'd apply and actively flirt with the other men just for your sake

>> No.11345974

fuck off
not everyone interested in girls wants to watch the boys
just split the thread

>> No.11345995

Die mad about it. I'm not interested in Finana yet you don't see me throwing a shitfit

>> No.11345998

fox singing clipped from latest stream

>> No.11346002

Sorry no, Nijisanji is a integrated company where genders interact freely. Threads will be the same, in the spirit of Nijisanji.

>> No.11346006

I've done it before at anime cons to entertain fujo friends so that wouldn't be a problem

>> No.11346022

Why are europeans like this?

>> No.11346045

I don't like it because it reminds me of how looks matter above all else and how my subhuman appearance prevents me from ever getting a girlfriend. I prefer them to lust over women only so I can just pretend they are lesbians and enjoy the escapism they provide with their streams, without being reminded of how chad mogs me into oblivion every day.

>> No.11346055

Goddamn that first clip is just pure unfiltered SEX
She claims she can't sing, what the fuck.

>> No.11346077

based self aware gosling

>> No.11346080

Fuck off, I'll discuss Nijisanji EN in the Nijisanji EN thread.

>> No.11346083

not exactly, she said her first singing lesson was recent

>> No.11346084

Sorry but having barely any EN streams for so long made me bitter and I have to make other people miserable as a rightful retaliation.

>> No.11346092

If you feel threatened by an anime boy I don't know what to say. Are you triggered when Elira drools over 16 year old 2D twinks

>> No.11346110

This is dumb, anyone can be a cute vtuber no matter how ugly you are in real life. It's not like they're simping 3DPD, these girls are all weebs.
Too bad incels never succeed as vtubers because they're ugly on the inside too.

>> No.11346112

She sung a little bit of My Chemical Romance, too.

>> No.11346123

>looks matter above all else
Not above money.
Just get rich bro if you care about it that much

>> No.11346128


>> No.11346162

backs are a sexual organ

>> No.11346174

>Not above money.
Money does not equal affection. Good looks and the personality that come with them (the general quality of your genes, lack of mutational load) do. All you'll get with money is moneygrubbing whores looking for a provider for someone else's kids or short-term flings.

>> No.11346188

>Fuck, my fucking mom caught me with the Casper the Ghost real life sized action figure. I'd dressed her in my sister's skirt and went to fucking town. She hasn't said a word to me in 10 hours

>> No.11346202

I'm happy for you bro

>> No.11346231

how is it that hard to remember to put a subject?

>> No.11346241


>> No.11346244

It'll be interesting if Nina finds a loophole around the Youtube copyright system by just singing 100+ year old Russian and French songs lol.

>> No.11346249

I kind of imagine it like a nature documentary:
"Here we see the fujoshi dragon in her natural habitat playing Genshin Impact, now watch as she is presented with images of a cute anime boy and listen carefully and we might just hear something special..."
elira squealing in the background
"and there it is! The mating call of the fujo dragon, splendid isn't it!"

>> No.11346265

Is she a decent singer? Because I don't want everything to be Japanese.

>> No.11346277


>> No.11346293

rosebuds barely remember who is their oshi in the first place and really just are here to spam pictures, you're asking too much

>> No.11346302

I love her involuntary squeals and fujoshi 'ehehehehhh' followed by an immediate "ahem.... Anyways...."

>> No.11346324


>> No.11346336

Thanks, I'll be looking forward to it.

>> No.11346375

Pluck you, flowerhead! I love Rosemi with all my heart and wanted to make a thread that fit her dorky incompetence.

>> No.11346415

I would make it my animated intro video during the debut stream.

>> No.11346439

I swear I saw Rosemi's eyelid curve downward while she closed her eyes one time

>> No.11346491

bogos binted?

>> No.11346500

Somewhere someone is still thinking about someone else

>> No.11346518

>10 rosemi pictures
>4 nina
>other girls have 1 at best
spend less time downloading reaction pictures and more time watching your own chuuba

>> No.11346671

Nigger, I rewatch the vods multiple times.

>> No.11346672

rosemi-sama probably keeps her bush unshaved in the belief that it'll turn off and discourage molesters when they feel it after sticking their hands under her skirt

>> No.11346686

disgusting, no wonder I don't watch her

>> No.11346700


Lmao this fox is cute

>> No.11346701

Im gonna ask you anons. Who here would even prefer watching ethyria watchalong over the Kino that is Selen Phasmo collab later?

>> No.11346702

Here, have an edit.

>> No.11346711

hands in the air, molester

>> No.11346715

I can't believe Kirt is so insecure he is spreading lies about his gf on /vt/ hoping to turn off competitors.

>> No.11346739

wtf did she photoshop that?

>> No.11346743


>> No.11346754

I'll be asleep for both ;_;

>> No.11346762

Based SEAnigger

>> No.11346765

I merely follow the cunny

>> No.11346770

I hate watchalongs

>> No.11346786

like most girl in relationship she's probably at least trimmed

>> No.11346790

I was thinking it's really weird their first group collab is a watchalong. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?

>> No.11346794

isnt birb the biggest hag though?

>> No.11346805

wrong thread? there's not a single NijiEN in this video, seems off topic

>> No.11346816

>watching nina without being a contrarian

>> No.11346823


>> No.11346837

ignore those basic baits and let the jannies do their job

>> No.11346838

Holy shit you guys are gullible as fuck

>> No.11346840

best of both worlds, I'd say

>> No.11346850

Well she learned her script properly, that's something I guess.

>> No.11346858

fuck you kimura im not coming back

>> No.11346868

Damn got a warning for reporting Rosemi roommate stuff, posting on a Holoboard is tough bros.

>> No.11346871


>> No.11346882

and now
>announcing a report

>> No.11346884


>> No.11346900

let me call you a nigger too and hit me with racism

>> No.11346929


>> No.11346930

same goslingbro same

>> No.11346985


>> No.11346993

please stop

>> No.11347030


>> No.11347041

Wait you faggots told me Nina hates loli and lolicons and yet she picked fucking Mononobe Alice when asked who out of Nijisanji she'd like to swap outfits with.
You fucking retards lied to me this fox is beyond based.

>> No.11347051

shes china's favorite so shes is disqualified

>> No.11347057

liking an outfit has literrally nothing to do with that whole thing at all

>> No.11347103


>> No.11347135

>ninafags everywhere
Can we make a thread separating eunuch and lazulight/obsydia

>> No.11347155

I wish, since half of those are just contrarians, but saying that will just make it worse

>> No.11347182

What are you guys opinion of this girls donation reading?

>> No.11347196

I never really did get though the kind of fans that get deeply possessive over vtubers. I feel like I can relate to some of their stuff like being a bit too obsessive over the girl but at the same time it's never even crossed my mind to be jealous that they're interacting with a male. I think I see them more as you'd see performers in a TV show or something like that.

>> No.11347203

I never watch any of that, it's the worse content.

>> No.11347221

/r/ niggasani.

>> No.11347230

i don't watch nepotism pick

>> No.11347231

I hope her management doesn't make her stop kissing us

>> No.11347252


>> No.11347279

I hate it when someone tries to go for too many demographics at once. Her doing the smooching then, then followed up by the erotic/crude noises she made for Millie made me uninterested.
Pick a lane, bitch.

>> No.11347282


>> No.11347323

Millie is her actual girlfriend retard it's not yuri pandering.

>> No.11347360

Then she should be a little more devoted to her instead of smooching every person who tips her. Poor Millie.

>> No.11347385

Millie likes to watch if it wasn't obvious

>> No.11347449

Elira Pendora titfuck!

>> No.11347473

Everybody else gets a platonic cute chu, Millie gets a wet deep kiss with extra tongue

>> No.11347775


>I think I see them more as you'd see performers in a TV show or something like that.

i share this perspective but I still don't want to watch the males. Simply put if I want to watch a male content creator i'm not going to go for Vtubers in that case.

Part of it for me is that growing up the online gaming/entertainment realm was pretty heavily dominated by males(Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Tobuscus, etc.), and after a decade and some change i'm burnt out from it. Vtubers have been a huge change of pace and a breath of fresh air for me because of the female domination of the genre.

>> No.11347780

Since things like the dream SMP became big in the west do you think there's a chance for our boys in wave 3 to be popular to those crazy bitches?

>> No.11347827

Fuck no lol. They'll blow a gasket researching Nijisanji clips and seeing the blatant lolishota talk.

>> No.11347873

I've been watching Millie and she's seriously the whole package.
>super cute
>genuinely funny
>engages chat
>seamlessly mixes in playful kayfabe
>fun overlay use
>always finds something to talk about
>cute and funny
>boner fuel with Enna
I'm down bad bros.

>> No.11347877

Fine, here is a non-rosemi picture then just for you

>> No.11347917

>no subject
back to the good ol' days huh?

>> No.11347928

I want to watch Elira play The Long Dark

>> No.11347938

Alice is 16, newfag

>> No.11347941

Oh no... Tosemi and King chimera...

>> No.11347961

>boner fuel with Enna
double naizuri

>> No.11348028

And Shinobu is 600 years old

>> No.11348037

how do these headphones work?

>> No.11348060

That's a good vtuber design
I feel you could make a rogue character like this, and increase a bit more the rodent traits, and it would really make a nice vtuber.

>> No.11348067

what's millie's stance on NSFW art of herself?

>> No.11348077


>> No.11348100

Yes, that's why she's not a loli. Lolibaba at best.

>> No.11348107

The sweetest girl in the world just woke up

>> No.11348117

>boner fuel with
what? she has no tits

>> No.11348132

The tag she chose is CreaMillie.

>> No.11348149

She's practically asking for cumflation art

>> No.11348152


>> No.11348206

I would like to have a threesome with Selen and Millie (both of them are pregnant in this scenario but millie has twins and selen has a singlet) and I would like to engage in food play and slather both of them with custard and lick it off and also try to make whipped cream by pouring it into Selen's cleavage and groping her milky tits and also I'd like to rub Millie's nipples with cooked unagi (sex food) and get her sauced up and squishy so that me and selen can double team her and while I have sex with her vaginally Selen can use her monster hand to have sex with her abdominally and we can put together a nice charcuterie spread on top of Millie's belly and flick pieces of cheese and fruit into her mouth from the top while she lays on her back like the funny paper football game you play on a table and when we're done with that (lots of belly rubs are included obviously) I can have Selen lie on her back and we'll use her slightly smaller pregnant belly and the crevice between it and her breasts to hold some waffles which will be covered in her whipped breast cream and Selen will be the dessert station and I'll lick up the sweat from her underbelly and feed her bubble waffles and rest my head on her chest and millie can rest her head on my chest and I can grope both of them at once and we'll fall asleep on a plastic tarp and wake up with mild rashes and we'll all take a shower toegether where they can feel my erect penis rubbing the underside of their belly and maybe there will be a bit of duel bellyzuri and kissing and Selen and Millie won't fit properly into the bathrobes so when we're done showering they have to wear their robes with the two sides being parted by their bellies leaving their entire lower body open and it'll be super cute and everyone will have a great time and good sex

>> No.11348208

I was going to be silent with my heterosexual shipfagging but now I'm definitely going to change my mind and just turn this thread to shit with constant shipfaggotry and yaoiposting 24/7 just to make you seethe. holy shit this is gonna be great.

>> No.11348261

Didn't read but based

>> No.11348277

finally proper thread

>> No.11348292


>> No.11348295

nta but I would have no issue with Boy on Boy and Girl on Girl, I just dislike basic hetero stuff that shit is gay

>> No.11348297

who's the ultimate wifeform in nijien?

>> No.11348312


>> No.11348319


>> No.11348320


>> No.11348334

This thread pretends to complain about gayposting as if it isn't cooming over Oliver's voice or Mayuzumi's smile any time they collab

>> No.11348348

You shouldn't marry a bro. That's guy dude

>> No.11348365


>> No.11348369

But this is NijiEN thread not not a regular niji one.

>> No.11348383


>> No.11348409

that's all me though

>> No.11348417

I don't even know who the fuck is Oliver

>> No.11348440

Oliver deez nuts

>> No.11348441

yes, i would and we would have at least 3 beautiful children

>> No.11348484

Sorry I strictly use Mayuzumi picture to tell everyone about the issues of NijiEN and they messed up not getting males earlier.

>> No.11348486

NijiEN male division

>> No.11348510


>> No.11348513


>> No.11348516

Do you not watch streams? He's been in EN girls streams before.

>> No.11348534

Well not the girls I watch then

>> No.11348570

my uncle's friend

>> No.11348582

personally I just shitpost here, for a month or two, until I get used to the girl faces and gimmicks enough that I can handle checking out a stream.

>> No.11348606

Not in the same way but it could happen through other means and directed to a different audience, in fact I think it's the only way for western male vtubers to stand a chance without relying on luck. Dream's rise to fame gives a good idea on how and why male streamers in general have more potential to blow up (namely creativity to do something new or something that people want to see that others did before but not in the right way).
In the end of the day, whoever gets in will need to put a massive effort in order to hopefully make it through, which is why being a NijiEN male should be more suited for part-timers, in other words people who wouldn't mind not earning much from their hobby.

>> No.11348618

I love my spectral wife.

>> No.11348657

this cute witch is a talker. I get sucked in every time she opens her mouth

>> No.11348661

What do you think dragon milk tastes like?

>> No.11348687

Goat milk, but even more bitter.

>> No.11348696

I do think she can suck you off good too

>> No.11348698

Guys, I think I'm the ocean she wants to dive into tonight...

>> No.11348740


>> No.11348747

ok thats new, never heard or seen tag like that one before

>> No.11348776



>> No.11348778

>> No.11348783

Scientifically false, as it is known the all the salt is execrated through the sweaty pits of the dragon, milk is kept soft and sugary

>> No.11348784

sucked in a deep and dreamless sleep, that is

>> No.11348795

god I hate D*bi

>> No.11348797

Wtf is this and why are my wives wanted

>> No.11348816


>> No.11348823

Oh no no, numberbros....

>> No.11348825


>> No.11348832

Now Pomu is wanted

>> No.11348835

2232 is TAIHO

>> No.11348836

Why the fuck is Pomu's bounty the lowest, fuck this.

>> No.11348840


>> No.11348847

The Gweat Piwate Wosemi-sama...

>> No.11348851

is that guy big? nice he got interested in nijien girls I hope it gives them a boost

>> No.11348853

What is this?

>> No.11348855

i dont think meds can fix this anons hormones

>> No.11348857

smellira pendora - 9 billion
pomu - 223 mil

>> No.11348858

Your wife is great.

>> No.11348863

It's 2232

>> No.11348871

Some sort of mascot I think? I've seen it before, he has good numbers at least

>> No.11348880

Apparently the bounty prices have a meaning in Japanese if you convert the numbers to letters?

>> No.11348882

Elira is the captain

>> No.11348891

So they invited EN and Virtual Real, it's a Nijisanji World event then.

>> No.11348892

Good taste

>> No.11348907

What's up with Naraka's team, are they gonna be able to communicate?

>> No.11348915

kek they have the original shark chuuba from virtuareal too

>> No.11348917

The bird basically mogged most niji singers. Talented as fuck.

>> No.11348921

What the fuck, you don't know Debiru?
I don't know about Nanami but the others can speak japanese

>> No.11348931

What are they doing?

>> No.11348932

why is Nagi so, so what?

>> No.11348940

Blazing Sails
And KR, etc.

>> No.11348956

Is this the collab on Elira's birthday?

>> No.11348959

specially the ones with the smooth and slender back valley

>> No.11348960

there's like 150 nijis...

>> No.11348975

what's this about?

>> No.11348981

Holy shit this will be kino

>> No.11348985

>I don't know about Nanami but the others can speak japanese
most of VR can speak Japanese so she'll be fine. And she's one of the biggest VirtuaReal girls whose collaborated with a lot of NijiJP before so of course she knows Japanese.

>> No.11348987

Awoo bark bark grr

>> No.11349022

bro even clipfags know about the shitty koala

>> No.11349023

Good morning, Rosemi-sama!
hearthstone has a new single player mode if you wanted to try it out!

>> No.11349029

Hard to believe that Pomu's bounty isn't by far the largest.

>> No.11349036


>> No.11349047

Just looked that up and it looks really fun, when is it?

>> No.11349066

Why is Nagi so cute?

>> No.11349073

Its a pun like Kuzuha's is 928 million (ku zu ha apparently, which is why it's his day 9/28) idk any other number puns...

>> No.11349097

>big Pirate Game collab
>Nun Bora is there but Ban Hada isn't there
Kaizocrew bros....

>> No.11349100

this weekend i suppose? Pomu mentioned a huge world collab this week

>> No.11349109

Shellin came up with the 2232/Ninisani team name?

>> No.11349118

Anon it reads Ninisani

>> No.11349122

Probably that thing at 2am on Elira's schedule for her brithday I guess

>> No.11349127

Captain is busy being mutiny'ed

>> No.11349137

Thanks, I'm really looking forward to it.

>> No.11349143


>> No.11349172

for a second I thought this post was another language

>> No.11349181

Well, Bora is the King of Pirates, if you didn't know.

>> No.11349183

more like Ban Sada

>> No.11349186

>all these gullible anons
Holy shit, you faggots are embarrassing. Women are natural emotional manipulators and you betas are all getting manipulated

>> No.11349204

Legend has it until this day, Vei is still trying to figure out how to unblock her.

>> No.11349213

>I wish girls who say they love sexy guys would flaunt it more
Holy cuckoldry

>> No.11349228

I love this sweet lewd mermaid!

>> No.11349230

EN girls will be in the same block as the boys.
Kinda want to root for both.

>> No.11349246

which bois

>> No.11349247

so the ??? in their schedule is this right

>> No.11349282


>> No.11349288

Just want to root for the boys because Kenmochi is in there.

>> No.11349290

Seanig hours =doxxposts and shitflinging, you retards are legit subhumans

>> No.11349291

18:00 japan time, huh.
Good look girls...

>> No.11349297

>all these replies to hrs old Nina posts
Holofags, please kys. Thanks.

>> No.11349306

>kou's face

>> No.11349311

>Elira's wanted for 掃除苦手罪
>The crime of being bad at cleaning

>Selen's wanted for 笑顔銃乱射
>Going wild with guns while laughing

Can't fully make out the others.

>> No.11349317

>Rosemi is too young to know what sex is

>> No.11349342

Take the red/black pill

>> No.11349349

I kind of agree with their point but they should at least do the minimum which is replyin some empty words to a random post before commenting about nina, so it doesn't show as a new IP

>> No.11349352

>Hima's crime is being too fat

>> No.11349376

she's never even seen a penis before in her life

>> No.11349381

you should be awake by then, why arent you

>> No.11349394

>posting on cooldown

>> No.11349397

Whatever you need to tell yourself to cope

>> No.11349399

Because she really like it from behind, on all 4 if possible

>> No.11349409

rosemi says something about dajare which is like dad jokes and bad puns right?

>> No.11349412

>3 decent at JP
>suddenly Selen
She's the monkey of the crew isn't it?

>> No.11349426

I'm in europe. Just feeling bad for them.

>> No.11349427

I think they'll just be communicating within their own team, so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.11349429

She just made a shitpost referencing gay porn...

>> No.11349437

you don't have to watch it live if you can't, besides it's a world collab and most of the people involved are NijiJP/KR and then there's Nana7mi from VirtuaReal out of nowhere so EN have to adapt their times. Besides, it's a weekend.

>> No.11349461


>> No.11349466

they probably are awake around that time to watch jp nijisanji

>> No.11349475

Given the substance of her words usually, whatever language she uses really doesn't matter

>> No.11349480

I want someone to translate the introductions they got given. I assume some kind clipper will do it at some point.

>> No.11349481

They can also do anything they want with the other teams, they can technically ally for a while if they want to apparently so they can communicate in that way.

>> No.11349502

why would the work on their free time, they only have to pretend to care during work

>> No.11349512

that's probably only Elira lol

>> No.11349513

Yeah, I just couldn't make out the first kanji. Found a better pic in the Nijithread.

>Rosemi's wanted for 脱法ダジャレ
>Illegal puns

>Pomu's wanted for 愛粉強要罪
>The extortion of "love powder"

>> No.11349517

>doesn't speak English


>> No.11349529

Believe it or not, it's worse during spic hours.

>> No.11349532

yeah, everyone else doesn't really give a shit about watching other Nijisanji livers other than Selen and Elira.

>> No.11349533

>judging people based on whether they had sex or not
I'm sure you're a pretty nice person yourself too.

>> No.11349534

>doesn't stop sucking dicks


>> No.11349541

JPs like Selen even though she can't speak Japanese.

>> No.11349562

>my dick
>doesn't stop getting hard whenever I see Belmond


>> No.11349568

she's exposed even to the jp members...

>> No.11349600

>all of you


>> No.11349604

>doesn't like Sasaki or Ange


>> No.11349608

>I'm Pomu?
>I'm Pomu.


>> No.11349621

Watching Reza’s talk show with Finana and what the hell? The fish can actually act professionally. Not only that but her Ryuguards are really dedicated, they tuned in to watch the stream and were quick to send akasupas, even more impressive is how she recognizes the names. Is this why fishfags love her?

>> No.11349624

I think she needs to have sex
with me preferrably

>> No.11349626

granting third worlders internet access was a mistake.

>> No.11349639

Going off of her PL she should be able to establish herself as one of the best vocalists in Nijisanji.

>> No.11349651

受粉 pollination

>> No.11349674

when you only get superchats from the same 3 people its significantly easier to remember them

>> No.11349675

>Elira is worth the most
looks right to me

>> No.11349678

Selen language is pretty irrelevant, the noises she make don't depend on it.

>> No.11349679

your guys' fault for accepting PL posters, it only goes downhill from there

>> No.11349682

pretty much, she remembers all her simps

>> No.11349685

after all, most of her shit is an act

>> No.11349704

>wake up
>see Reimu
>get a boner
thank you Reimu for curing my ED

>> No.11349710

chima wannabe

>> No.11349717

Yeah. She's actually pretty chill and laid-back for the most part if you watch her streams and not just the clips. She's not exactly for everyone though since her energy can just go from 0 to 100 in an instant if she wants to.

>> No.11349735

Selen is pretty much the only good en desu

>> No.11349750


>> No.11349754

>is acting like that 0.1% of the time is why fishfags love her?

>> No.11349761

Finana is pretty capable of being professional as long as no one brings up doujin sites. Even her PL tweet about auditions that people mock her for was actually pretty professionally worded.

>> No.11349776

I mean its more likely she got the idea from Elira considering Elira did a chorus of a tiktok meme too and made the most successful video in NijiEN history with it.

>> No.11349788

>basically mogged most niji singers
How to spot a newfag.

>> No.11349796

well, they invented it

>> No.11349834

we're the only reason this site ever gets any use though

>> No.11349873

Ah. That font made it hard to differentiate between 愛 and 受 and I won't feel bad about fucking that up.

>> No.11349920

>that singing
>mogged anyone
lol, flips are delusion

>> No.11349952

APEX mention! (for saying she sucks at sniper rifle)

>> No.11349955

I don't understand anything but Reimu is still cute today

>> No.11349956

I hope you’re not counting that as a positive

>> No.11349960


>> No.11349965

between her and nina this could be the best niji gen at singing, who knew it would come from EN

>> No.11349982

Japanese is the most cute language, and anyone speaking it has a varying CUTE buff

>> No.11350000

Someone who doesn’t watch her streams and just goes by clips

>> No.11350019

Elira is pretty good too

>> No.11350021


>> No.11350043

Is cute!

>> No.11350045

The whole wave are stacked singers.
Bird is definitely top 10 Niji singer. And when I say that I mean all branches, including VR.
Ghost and Witch are definitely top 20.
Even Fox, according to her words, didn't have any experience singing, but her debut song coach said that she has a huge potential.

>> No.11350052


>> No.11350055

>tune in
>she's speaking japanese

>> No.11350056

Trips of truth.

>> No.11350066

Reimu? Why would you do a zatsudan while your husband is doing a new outfit reveal?

>> No.11350069


>> No.11350085

Lack sample size but I would even say top 5 and top10, and that's without experience so may reach the very top.

>> No.11350090

Quads of Quintissential Knowledge

>> No.11350097

Ninisani calls for death to Nijisanji.

>> No.11350113

Technically trips too

>> No.11350134

When I say top 10, that means she could be anywhere from 1 to 10.
>and that's without experience
If you are about Bird, you're grossly mistaken. She has a massive singing experience.

>> No.11350176

In term of Japanese skill
Petra > Elira > Rosemi >= Reimu >>>> Pomu > Enma = Millie = Finana >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nina = Selen

>> No.11350181

Really disappointed with Millie. Flips and Millie fags really hyped her up as someone having this amazing range and shit when it turns out she’s just alright.

>> No.11350200

I WILL find Enna and I WILL marry her

>> No.11350237

So would you put Elira in the top 20 too then? Just from their first karaokes I definitely don't think it's unreasonable to consider Elira's better than the ghost and witch.

>> No.11350239

I am laughing hard everytime flipfags hype her as la creatividad.

>> No.11350249

anon, she's 37. she's likely to be already married now

>> No.11350257

>the bounty prices have a meaning in Japanese if you convert the numbers to letters?
Goroawase interpretation of the numbers. This is an interpretation, not the word of God or the author:

312, saijin (才人, さいじん), skilled, talented person, a reference to the Gweat Wosemi-sama's many abilities
this one has many more readings, including:
- saijou (妻女, さいじょ), wife and daughter
- saifu (財布, さいふ), wallet

916, kinpira (金平, きんぴら), Japanese vegetable cooking techniques that can be used for cucumbers as well, slice, sauté and simmer, a reference to PIKL

2232, self-explanatory

4613, surihiza (磨膝 すりひざ), literally polished knees, etymologically, it originates from a religious Shinto ritual in which tatami is scraped because you're on your knees, now it means rubbing your kneepads while banking very, very hard on a motorbike, to the point you injure the joint, it's a reference to Selen as a competitive dragon rider

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