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the final yab ganna happen soon......
what you tinking of it????? i feel sooo sad and becuase my oshi from hololive just gona be fired from her job..........
do you know who it is???? i just saw it right now what happen, and i CANT BELEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you know wha i talking about????? you have to just beliuve me right now!!!! im not telling a lie THE FINAL YAB is just here today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I honestly hope a holo graduates soon. There hasn't been much drama recently and I'm running out of topics to shitpost about. I crave drama and I crave (you)s.

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shut up Haachama or else i'll feed you pepeloni

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This. There is too little stimulation these days. too little. I'm not satisfied with just Minecraft streams.

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Chamaposting never gets old.
Best ESL chuuba, I kneel.

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akai haato
akai haato english
haachama english

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What is she thinking about?

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>a whore
Nothing of value is lost

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Getting mating pressed

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>Implying Haachama could solve a captcha.
Immersion ruined.

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Smoking a fag

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Your mom is a chuuba who'll graduate soon? Come on anon...

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Chammers would fuck up the captcha five or six times, rage, then give up and buy a 4chan pass.

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Suck my fat nuts chammer.

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is the final yab you showing your naked body on stream Haachama?

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I absolutely believe OP is actually Haachama and nothing can convince me otherwise

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The 'final yab' already happened: some whores (see your pic) stumbled into controversy and attracted the "Free Hong Kong" baizuo crowd to ho****ve.

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see >>11349912

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chama please come back

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You just gonna ignore Sana taking a break? That's pretty big and you can doomfag it into oblivion so it spins to 'SHE'S GONNA QUIT!'.

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Tianamen square massacre great leap forward famine wigger genocide Wuhan did COVID-19

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>final yab
>Pekora getting married next summer
Just watch as she takes a week off at the same time as jun marries his "regular woman"

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the final yab will be chama stop giving a fuck and streaming valorant with a face cam

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Matsuri's probably not gonna last.

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Go home OP, you're drunk.

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Lever man should be a haaton

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Don't you have anything better to do with your life?

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ahh the pepeloni, pepeloni. you know the pepeloni? the nooo one. i always, i always order the, the domino. domino pepeloni and without pepeloni. i always order the pepeloni and without pepeloni. pepeloni! i like pepeloni, yeah. i always, i always order the, the cheese- cheese pan. ahh how can i explain? i can explain by my drawing! i always order like the cheese pan that it has cheese on here, this part, the ear. ear of pizza. and then, i order- wh- when i order pepeloni, the ear- it always have a pepeloni on h- on a top, but i pick up these... away! cause i don't eat it. and then i eat the cheese pan pizza. okay? you understand? understandable! pepeloni! yes.

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haachama? what're you doing on vt?

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She doin the shitpost

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someone forgot their meds again, huh.

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That's why she has me. Her boyfriend.

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unironically this, vtubers are literally reality TV
someone needs to fuck up

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Omega forcing Kiara to close The Hole will create drama in the fandom.

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That's just petty drama that will be forgotten in a week. I want something at least as big as Coco's graduation.

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That's Chamaspeak you degenelate.

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the final yab has happened its cha-

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yabba dabba doo

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I miss her bros

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She tweeted a few days ago. She working on something at least. Keep you spirit up and hope shes giving it her all to uni. shes also been doing this streaming game about 6 years, it may be near time for her to move on.

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How did you end up being like this and how can I avoid that

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going to uni is the worse decision that she has ever made, the only thing that would top it is if she quits holo for uni/a normal job. she will make absurdly less money and will be miserable just like all the other wagies in jp

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She should just leave Hololive and stream whatever she wants.

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also i don't hope that she gives it her all, i hope that she crashes out of uni as fast as possible, its for her own good that she does

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Like, in the long term? Do you want me to go in depth about my childhood?

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Oops I posted the wrong one. Not like there is much of difference though.

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yes. u will be great material for my upcoming anime

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>You just gonna ignore Sana
many do

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The final ya would be if a holomember committed suicide, and minutes before that plastered social media with a reason why, stress and pressure from Cover as the main culprit, then it's over.

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It probably takes every once of her willpower to put effort into studying for Uni. She has not talked much about her studies outside of mentioning a couple times that she is slacking off.

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haachama family is fucking rich

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Its funny how you think haachama needs the money

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what if this is actually the chama?

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chammers please...

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>Sana, Mumei and Baelz taking a break on the same day
>Kronii being a drug addict and/or alcoholic and calling ollie absolutely wasted
>Ame burnt out
>Omega tranny forcing Kiara to fill the minecraft hole
I would say HoloEN sucks right now UNLESS you are a dramafag, with them playing minecraft 24/7 and all that

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i know that she doesn't need the money, im confused/angry that she is choosing to make significantly less money then she could be and at a job that she will be miserable at

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She's just sad about how her life was during her HS years which h most people is when you love you truly to the most and I can't really judge her for that.
My life would be boring and shit of I hadn't lived the way I lived in HS

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>haachama is my girlfriend, right haachama?
>kore wa suupa chaato
>shaatap, shaatap degenelate FAQ

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why arent you collabing with the sheep more, bitch?

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too busy whoring around uni to stream or collab

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>not streaming = whoring
truly the millionaire cuck grindset

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better than millionaire simp grindset like you

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'snot even my oshi, cope more faggot.
post more cynicism and rot whatever's left of your brain

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the only cynic here is you trying to deflect away from women's natural state, c*ck.

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you wouldn't even be able to state a man's natural state if you tried cuck. go on, name your metaphysics, name your epistemology, name your ethics.
your view of man(and woman) is a futile cuck's perspective, face it.

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which you are one. I hope you realize that before you overdose on HRT, c*ck.

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Same. Watching them go on nonstop minecraft is goddamn boring and I want something to happen so that Hololive can be interesting again.

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>can't even make an original insult
here's what you can't seem to put together, faggot: you make of your objects of desire, innate and immutable faults and yet resign yourself to being a patron of such faulty objects.
you make them out to be inevitable whores and yet you're here still watching, what does that make you?
i bet you wouldn't even realize how the interpretations of cucks aren't possible without a widespread notion of the very thing you are spouting.
rope yourself, according to statistics you're next in line. enjoy depression.

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shut up homo, both of you watch fat jewish women pretend to be a asian cartoon dolls. kill yourself

>> No.11415832

Just don't be a bitch and you're good.

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understand 2nd grade biology first and identify the right sex. then i'll take your opinion on complex topics seriously. deal?

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seethe at the fact that in a community of strays you still find yourself alienated.
my oshis make me happy, while you have nothing. wallow on your self imposed hell.

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understand axioms of cognition and necessitate the foundations of scientific knowledge you purport, then you can propose the rest of man's nature.
keep making a boogeyman tranny that denies biology as your enemy and surely the words that are stabbing your soul can be ignored - you are where you are right now, you're more delusional than your boogeymen

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shut the fuck up you bickering women

>> No.11416157

no one's reading all that shit from a troon who cant do what first grade kids do. kek
biology first. complicated stuff later.

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Holy based

>> No.11418362

I bet that would feel great.

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>>Sana, Mumei and Baelz taking a break on the same day
>>Kronii being a drug addict and/or alcoholic and calling ollie absolutely wasted
Fauna needs to get with the program.

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Take your meds

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Make your own entertainment then. Find, kill and consume one of them and watch the rest fly into a panic. It's the only way.

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