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definitely pic related for me

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[Spoiler]Trust me, I know[/spoiler]

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Suisei. I like strong willed women an danger.
Anonchama... Your spoiler reps.

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Both Holo and non-Holo chuubas have said she'd make the best wife.

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Wasn't the first one that came to mind, but now that you brought it up I might have to agree

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The risk of wanting to put your penis in the hair portal has to deduct some points. I'd be tempted at all times until I did it and suffered the consequences.

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Haachama, well at least i want that retard to be my wife

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I'm a lolicon, but I have to admit that I find Choco extremely attractive. Same goes for Mel, Marine, Amelia, Fauna and Mumei

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Literally Mio, and no one can me prove wrong on this one.

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watame, for our kids

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Very solid pick

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gura easily

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How is this even a question? She literally acts like a mom to other holos.

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im way out of your league anonchama

hags are a good choice as well, and who could be a better hag than mio?

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Me fondling Mio-sha

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my oshi

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I think Subaru would make the kind of wife that everyone on this board needs.

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she's a bit too loud, though.

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>can cook
>will motivate you to workout by doing morning runs with you
>very in tune to people's emotions
>always smells good
>beautiful skin
>would buy you a car
>prone to pampering people and buying them tons of clothes and accessories
>keeps himself completely hairless downstairs

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Gays not welcome

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>>can cook
>>will motivate you to workout by doing morning runs with you
>>very in tune to people's emotions
>>always smells good
>>beautiful skin
>>would buy you a car
>>prone to pampering people and buying them tons of clothes and accessories
damn... i might be gay for a boy wife
>>keeps himself completely hairless downstairs

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watch their kuukiyomi streams
pick the most compliant one

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would never marry someone with the last name (((rosenthal)))... disgusting...

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The hair portal was always a bit offputting.

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Shes a Half Elf/Siren from a different universe where 1+1 may not even equal 2. There are no Jews to wreck shit which is why they have antigravity hairclips

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Being able to understand the text on this art makes it a lot hotter. JP reps paying off

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Mio will make the best wife. I want to marry her, make love, and start a family with Miosha!

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fatto catto hands wrote this post

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Vtubers aren't a good wife material.

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Will give you autistic babies.

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Like father like son

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Don't care, don't want kids

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Autismos don't deserve happiness.

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There's too many people on earth already anyways, Bill Gates was right

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I like my independance.

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Fubuki unironically.
Trust me, I know.

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That Taiga's and Tawa's "mother" seems like the best choice we got

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Go back, Oga

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Not him, he was my best man.

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my oshi of course

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This is just autism but I can't watch Kanae because I fucking hate his design.

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Now, I do wonder, what would happen?

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Watame for the comfiest life

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Is it too feminine/bored looking?

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They're sentient technology so they'd defend themselves.

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Yeah too feminine. Especially the hair clip stands out in a bad way.
Out of the NijiMales I probably like Yashiro and Fuwa design the best.

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I guessed as much, although calling Fuwa a favorite design is interestimg considering he's yumejo bait.
Yashiro is masculine, no doubt about it.

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Objectively she wouldn't even be a good girlfriend since she is someone who wants to be alone, easily irritating and she would forget birthdays and anniversaries, don't get me wrong, Chama is my oshi but she is not even girlfriend material if you have to endure that much and basically babysit her

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if thats the price i have to pay for Haachama to be why wife then so be it

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None of them
Social media addicts make for the worst significant others

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NTA, but I want to be alone, too. it could work.

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this is literally the only correct answer

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I've ben with worse.
at least her forgetting important things isn't out of disinterest, but pure retardation and that's totally fine with me.
plus, I dislike clingy women anyways so her wanting to be alone is perfect.
and desu anon, I'd gladly babysit chammers

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botan. gamer wife

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Choco would be lovely...........though the last time I heard, she wants to marry someone with lots of money (???)

Dunno if that is really true or not....

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Yeah, me NTRing everyone that wants Ayame.

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That girl has a deep voice.

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Aki is the absolute best answer to this question.

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Reine has it all

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It's not, it was from an out of context clip.

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Any answers that isn't Botan is a wrong answer

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The correct answer is Saionji Mary.

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Pekora easily.

>sits in room all day
>can easily please her by bringing her homemade food and keeping her company when she's lonely
>act understanding about her autism to make her fiercely loyal to you
>she earns money enough for both of you so you can focus entirely on supporting her

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>Great cook
>Great housecarer
>Always attentive to the persons she care about
>Also needs caring and attention
>Extremely cute
>Has exquisite manners

She's perfect

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Polka as a wife would lead to us never having a dull day

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>loves to cook
>instinctively cares about children and old people
>extremely nurturing
>socially functional
>not a pedo
>hot as fuck
>possibly open to threeways with other girls
Kiara has the highest wife powerlevel in Hololive. This is a fact.

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Its indisputable.

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>A good wife is one that leads by example, one that looks for an equal or better but not a master or a pet. One that looks for the best in you.

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I like Polka, but I have a sensitive nose. I don't think i could handle her smell everyday

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ctrl+s, you fucking shitlord

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you forgot
>manhating dyke

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Go back

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Anon is a pedophile

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>used her favorite perfume on the birthday signed cards
>reportedly uses the same high end shampoo as rushia
What, would you not like a citrus scented wife?
Is it sad that I swapped to a more citrus focused cologne based on this fact? I've gotten some compliments from it but the reason for the switch is sad

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I saw the second one as great cocksucker for a second.

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She smells like ojisans dick tho

>> No.11397854

Anon, she loves BBC...

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I want to marry Watame but her streams are so boring. I still love her.

>> No.11398143

Got fucking damn I hate this manhating burd so much but I cant stop having the urge to hate fuck AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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I see.
If so, then I would be happy to volunteer myself........so that Choco-chan won't be lonely.

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bros...I'm gonna fucking do it. I'm gonna tame her.

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