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What are menhera vtubers? What makes them appealing to you? Who are some examples?

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abusive menhera

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The best vtubers are horndogs and shitposters. Not menheras.

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What makes Noel a menhera? Never heard of her being one

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Menheras are incredibly cute and loving despite their obvious problems that is what makes them so great. Also they know how to have fun.

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I just have terrible taste in women, anon. It's that simple.

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Cause most menhera are the cutest girls with insecurities, so you want shower them with praise and love. It gets even better when they reciprocate the love they've been given. And also they are somewhat relatable to me except for the cute part.

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Will she ever stop her Hoshikawa obsession?

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>Has a mental breakdown on her way to college
Menheras are so fun

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You can’t save Ayame from IBS

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Didn't know that the pirate was a menhera

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>he didn't see the stream were she admitted to being a pedophile

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who is this

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Marine isn't a bigger menhera than Rushia wtf are you smoking?

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child predator

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That's...got nothing to do with being a menhera

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Just give her a buttplug

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I only like menheras when they are overly dependant on their chat for validation and emotional support

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Sit back anon

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I thought being a menhera was more about being mentally unstable rather being a massive degenerate, also she never actually crossed the line, only fantasized about it

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time to get my popcorn

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She admitted to fantasizing about real children she saw in public. She admitted to buying her boss's kids toys to groom them. She made a living by making shota and loli comics.

I like Marine's personality but God damn does she have a sketchy past.

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Careful, Gachikois get mad when you bring that up.
as far as I can see, she learned her lesson on her own..

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none of that has to do with being menhera

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You really think she would admit to crossing the line with thousands of people watching her?
She is still my favorite.

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Pedophillia is a mental illness. Marine is actually a danger to society, making her the biggest menhera. She needs to be locked up.

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most of the "yikes" aren't menheras

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I don't know much about those 2 ENs and but at least 4 of the JPs are borderline menheras.

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whats the context behind roommates video about her slamming the keyboard?

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Didn't she just accidentally say her catchphrase?

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Said danchou.

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>most of the "yikes" aren't menheras
maybe that's why they aren't in the menhera category retard

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further proof that everyone who makes a tier list is a faggot

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I want these girls to be happy and healthy! I don't want angry keyboard smashing Danchou. I don't want crying Matsuri and Coco. I want happy and healthy chuubas.

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> I don't want angry keyboard smashing Danchou.
Neither did the keyboard, but it never saw it coming and got what it deserved.

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Noel is happier and in a lot better place, watch her Nioh streams and compare them to her Dark Souls streams from last year, she is managing her anger a lot better.
Matsuri will work through her problems too.

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Holy shit, you could make a whole teirlist just out of these link.

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From my time of following Matsuri I've come to the conclusion that menharas chuubas are truly the thinking man's choice. You see and experience their highs and lows, and yet there's joy in seeing them develop a sense of understanding and growth over time.
The only danger in following a menhara is that you end up at risk of being crazier than her, and that's not healthy for anyone.

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It's menhera, not menhara.

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She didnt do shit to the boss's kid. But she wanted to tho

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Why cant i get a ''friend'' like Matsuri... its not fair

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having a clingy-menhera friend like Matsuri isn't necessarily a good thing, she'll constantly be showering you with a rainbow of emotions while constantly trying to be around you and get your attention

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if your posting on this website you already probably have some sorta mental disorder

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she didn't do anything to her boss's kids. she never even had degenerate thoughts about them. she bought them presents because she wished she had younger siblings/children of her own and liked the positive attention they gave her.

don't spread bullshit about someone as pure and wholesome as Marine

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Gura is a menhera imo.

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Or an esl.

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alcoholism isn't a mental illness it's a physical sickness that infects the brain.

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Other than fantasizing about shotas' legs on the train, she has never done anything sketchy with a kid. She has said she wanted a shota to think she was the cool, hot oneesan but not that she wanted to do anything sexual. You're spreading rrats.

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Why does this excite me...

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There's nothing menhera about fantasizing. Marine has shown time and again that she has fairly good judgement and impulse control when it comes to her fetishes. Even though she's a degenerate that pretends to be out of control she's also a very empathetic person who cares deeply about being respectful of others.

In summary, she's the perfect woman.

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i really wish Matsuri the best but she needs to find a way to fix her attitude.
she would be considered overwhelming even outside of Japan and pushed away. I can't imagine how it gets received in japan.

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She literally bought kids gifts in an effort to groom them. She encouraged ichimi to try prostate play. She refuses to exercise and take care of her health. These are not the actions of a mentally stable woman.

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ogey retard

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>menhera are the cutest girls with insecurities, so you want shower them with praise and love.
And then they'll get bored and cheat on you because they need ever more attention. Menhera = trash.

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I will never get over the irony of actual mental patients on this site creating narratives for how "menhera" certain v-tubers apparently are. Meds, everyone, NOW!

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Sorry, we gave them all the Noel, she smashed them under her keyboard in a fit of rage

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go away, esl-kun, let us have fun

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Would you trust her if the genders were reversed?

>> No.1133318

She'd be me so yes.

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It's the mental illness of anons on here that equips them to identify their ilk.

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What's so menhera about her? I've seen her streams and she didn't seem that menhera.

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She's just a 4 year old with too much soda

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Every alcoholic I meet has some sort of mood/anxiety/personality disorder. While technically alcoholism is a physical disorder the underlying issue is menhera and the alcohol is a coping mechanism.
A sane person isn't just going to drink enough to become an alcoholic.

>> No.1136081

this is stream acting

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These types of friends are hard to have, especially when you’re not as close to them anymore but don't want them to off themselves

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Everything will come to an end. Better cherish the joyful moment rather than thinking about the bitter end.

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What is sheep doing in "yikes"? Shove your reddit list up your ass.

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>96% of these are hamming it up because lol gamer rage at the hard game
>The other 4% wasn't even her best keyboard smash
I'm disappointed anon

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How does she get away with blatant Bleach copyright infringement
calm down you autists it's just a jodan

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Oh shit, I can see myself in some of these but what the fuck with Zelda & Mario cart clips?

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I want a menhera to tie me up and abuse me

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I was browsing this shithole on the subway in México. I got off on my station and made a post. I got a message, the IP had received a warning for posting a thread on /a/, the OP read "Which Holo has the best ass".

Mexibro, if you're reading this, I salute you.

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I have the theory that you can cure menheras with your dick. But you really need to fuck them real good, not many men have that capacity.
My ex was like that I would hate fuck her until she couldn't walk. She would improve her behavior for a couple weeks and then I had to do it again. If I have had a better condition I could have cure her and turned into a housewife, but I failed.

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or the menhera becomes even more emotionally unstable cause she thinks you hate her and your her only emotional crutch

>> No.1142519

Mind break her with your dick then rebuild her with pavlovian conditioning.
We can rebuild her, we have the technology.

>> No.1142624

Unironically cuck mentality.

>> No.1142721

do you think you could calm matsuri down from a menhera attack by letting her sniff your armpits

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probably, she'll be too horny too for her normal menhera thoughts to surface

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Why did she have to delete her old yt account??(T_T)

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Have you ever had a menhera go after you? It's bullshit.

They ask you every day if you hate them and if they did something wrong, even if you told them 100 times that they are fine.
The only thing they look forward to in life is waiting for you to come back home, which is a burden if you can't reciprocate and spend all of your living moment entertaining them.
Then they do a complete 180 and lash out at you over complete misunderstandings and false information they made up in their heads, and have no remorse hurting you because "you hurt them first".
As the other guy mentioned they then do another 180 and go on to cheat because once they have all of your attention, they don't stay satisfied, they want even more validation.

It's only fun to shower praise at menhera if you have a fixed distance between you and them (i.e. vtubers), where you get the most benefit without the cost. If they had a boyfriend, I'd feel sorry for that boyfriend.

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They handle it the same way they do everything that happens like that. They ignore it and nothing happens

>> No.1150161

>She encouraged ichimi to try prostate play
Sounds pretty based to me, but not a sign of being a menhera.

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I don't really care about other menhera. I only care about Matsuri.

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most people in this thread dont know the difference between a menhera and a super degenerate

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I think we've figured out the root cause: Matsuri is the soul of an American trapped in the body of a cute Japanese girl. It's why she comes across as menhera and also why she was fat.

>> No.1150583

At least someone would then.

>> No.1150898

There are other keyboard smashes?

>> No.1151043

Deduplicate your links anon.

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>> No.1151215

>what are mehera vtubers
>people here don't even know proper definition

>> No.1151279

No, Matsuri is an oji-san soul trapped within a women's body. That would explains everything from being fat to groping girls on regular basis.

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I thought she was fasting? Or did she already gain all that weight back?

>> No.1151352

She was. She don't publicly announced her weight yet though but she returned to eating sweets again lately.

>> No.1151420

why does this never happen to me

>> No.1151467

The more I watch Marine the more I wonder if she and her sister were sexually abused.
She said her dad is extremely vulgar, and that her older sister hates her dad.
She also said that her dad asked a subordinate woman at his place of employment if she was on her period, and offered her a break for it, and that he could tell that she was on her period.

>> No.1151574

And even after experiencing this entire chain of events first hand.... God damn the things I would do for Matsuri.

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>> No.1151666

thought she lost all that weight since her school years

>> No.1151678

I guess if the menhera is cute then it can all be forgiven.

>> No.1151694

Tell me about the nurse

>> No.1151869

>shows extreme detest to her former workplace boss
>wants to visit home after lockdown ends
Absolutely nothing supporting your claim.
Sister is just autist, you should be able relate anon

>her dad is extremely vulgar
Guess you've never met a real countryside dads, they literally give no fucks about social etiquette

>> No.1152608

>includes retired
Where TF is Chris Hitomi?

>> No.1153173

>mfw Matsuri is an isekai character

>> No.1153312


>> No.1153427

Mental gymnastics

>> No.1153634

Based and Architect-pilled

>> No.1153717

because you're 27 and smelly

>> No.1155230

Prone to jealousy and insecurity about her relationship with her partner, a fellow Nijisanji streamer. Most notably, anyone that wants to have an offline collaboration with her partner at her house needs her permission first.

>> No.1157023

She went starving to hospitalization > super fat > kinda chubby but cute.
Dunno where exactly she is now.

>> No.1157460

Dyke cuck

>> No.1158267

In all honesty I don't know many people who are weebs and are all there mentally, I'm pretty sure the same applies to Japan too.

>> No.1158442

Menhera battle royale when
I want to see each and every single one of these girls fight to the death.
Using brute force, manipulation or triggering menhera attacks on the others.
It would be pretty fun

>> No.1158589

But marine realized she had a problem when she was trying to go after real little boys and took the steps to rehabilitate herself. That was years and years ago, she isn’t a pedophile anymore.
I would say that kind of awareness and insight firmly shows she isn’t menhera.

>> No.1158932

She is over 9000.

>> No.1161386

why make a second account with the same name as the 1st to rant about stuff? it just makes it look like you're starved for attention

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