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Post chuubas being abusive

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>tfw Noel will never guess my router admin password and set up hundreds of firewall rules that block me from searching or watching any other chuubas
>tfw I will never circumvent them by secretly using my 4g data to watch them on my phone instead
>tfw Noel will never catch me doing that, then throw me back on the bed, lay on top of me, and let the full weight of her torso down on my face while her boobs cut off my air, pin my arms down at my wrists, and lay there while I struggle desperately, but more feebly with time, noticing how my movements go from panicked to relaxed as my body slowly starts to accept suffocation, moving up for just a second to hear me involuntarily gasp as much air as I can, then repeating the process for an hour until I'm completely docile and don't resist at all, holding me against her and rolling over on her side, caressing my hair while I cling to her out of dependency and fear, cooing about how nice it is to know I'll never think about another girl except her

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I really like this one. Subaru's such a sweet girl. Plus, like this, she never has to worry about you blabbing about dating an idol.

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I like how in other threads anons are all "what? No im not weird and waifuing the chuubas. Preposterous, i jist think they are fun to watch, im not a simp you dumb incel . Get a life you dumb goslingposter" and then this thread appears right after with weird ass femdom stuff.

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containment thread

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femdom? weird? a strong girl who loves you is fucking great. i want to be loved and know someone good loves me.
its the cbt, torture, cucking, etc, that disgusts me.

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>>1112036 anon we're just larping
although I am a masochist who wants risu to stub cigarettes out on my chest and choke my with her tail, so maybe I'm not the best one to explain this concept to you

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Back to what i said about ollie last thread she can be a real scary to deal with as an abuser

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part of it is a fucked up fear of insincerity. i don't care too much what a girl does as long as she well and truly loves me. in a way i'm happier if she can cut me a little and i her -- i think high trust and emotional sex is very very hot [/spoiler[

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Dogfuckers: When they cry

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>to stub cigarettes out on my chest
I've always hated when people joke about this. I have two scars on my face because my dad did that to me.
I've always been self conscious about it.

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You deserved it

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i need more aqua co-dependency and ame Zoomposting.

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Some anon is writing a story about abuse between the chuubas https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1Glud9rXjrjBuJS0CW8Hni4mV2keUJkSWVb7zwRNyTDo/mobilebasic

If you're in this thread anon keep up the work this shit is a good read.

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We need more Cuckposting (and maybe a threesome)

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How's this abusive she's just whipping repeatedly

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What the fuck did you guys do to me.
Why do I want my oshi to gaslight me so bad?

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Was waiting for someone to post this. Needs to be in every abuse thread.

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Haha imagine Nilihistic abuser Gura gaslighting You into staying with her by telling you that your the only thing that feels real in her life haha wouldnt that funny

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Haha bro I was thinking the same thing, but she's like, a barely functioning alcoholic who doesn't even eat half of the time because she can't give enough of a fuck to leave her apartment to buy groceries or take care of herself lolol

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Are there any stories of Suisei abusing a shota/shonen? There's a lot of potential there.

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That's just cruel

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There’s one about her little brother.

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I didn’t save it, sorry, anon

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Anybody got that haachama abuse google doc?

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>no one archived the one about a selfharming Aqua and a abusive Suisei

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I got your back bro. Just made it. Forgive my shit compilation skills.

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What's the meaning of the last line? Optimism?

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The glass that (You) made sure was full before you left the sink was half-filled when you reached for it. It was a literal thing.

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He put the drink down, but it was never mentioned that he drank any of it, so since it's already half empty, that means that even the most recent memories have been messed with, I think

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>circumventing a remotely comprised router by using your phone when you have physical access to said router

Free tech tip, you can always hit the reset button.

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Not particularly into Gura but I find her shark aspects very nice for these sort of pictures. Shame it's so underutilized.

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Biting fetish is patrician as fuck

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absolutely mental

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2:17 look at how quickly she goes from her happy-go-lucky kawaii self and threatens the cameraman.

2:57 to 3:17 it almost gets real ugly before Fubuki steps in and defuses it.

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Abusive Reine is actually pretty scary considering the amount of the power that she has.So if you mess up too much or try to leave you will basically be sleeping with the fishes

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>Suisei struggling between being a sadist and utterly loathing herself

fantastic. people didn't like this one for the lack of a pov but i did simultaneously find the concept of hurting Aqua hot and feel like shit fot this

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>You once again wake up in a dark room, tied to a chair
>How many days has it been since you've seen sunlight? Weeks? Months? You don't know.
>All you know is that you want to get out of here, but THAT won't let you
>Every time you tried to run, THAT took something precious from you
>You hear a door creak, looks like it's time
>You hear someone approaching, footsteps getting louder, you finally look up and see it carrying a plate and a wooden box in each hand
>"A-are you Haato or Haachama?" you ask in a weak voice
>"Haachama is Haachama", the thing says. "Are, you hungry? Haachama brought you some peppeloni pizza", the thing says while presenting you with the plate. "Haachama loves the peppeloni, but she left her share of peppeloni for you, so be sure to eat everything"
>she smiles
>you look down
>previously you had nearly escaped, because you were assisted by Haato, but at the end Haachama regained control.
>"You aren't leaving Haachama, are you?" she said in a slightly deeper voice
>"N-no" you say hurriedly
>"Good, Haachama wouldn't want to punish you as well" she smiles brightly
>You recall how this all came to be, at first when you started dating you found her cute, but she got more and more obsessive as the time went on. She started getting jealous of your female co-workers so she told you to quit your job, she assured you that she already earned more than enough. Later she started deleting your contacts be it friends or family members. You got into an argument about this, she later apologized while asking whether you hate her. That same day, after eating the dinner she prepared, you passed out and found yourself here. After you attempted to escape, she caught you and told you that she'd "AWAY" the things that make you want to escape, those things being everything not called Haachama.
>"Not going to eat?" her words cut off your thought train
>"Ahh, you want Haachama to feed you like a baby, come on, say aaaah."
>before you could get a word out she stuffed your mouth with the food she had brought
>after nearly choking, you managed to swallow it and catch your breath
>"Are you thirsty? she said before filling her mouth with water
>she sat down on your lap, turned your head to face her and kissed you
>you gulped down the water mixed with her saliva
>"You know, Haachama is doing this because Haachama loves you" she said while giggling
>"Oh, Haachama forgot, she brought you a present"
>she stood up and walked towards the wooden box she had previously brought
>"Haachama was wondering what she should do to prove Haachama loves you" she reached into the box
>"Haachama thought long and hard, and finally she found the perfect present" she pulled it out
>"Haachama wanted to give you Haato's big red heart" the devil smiled, in her hands a human heart, blood still dripping from it

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I like how there's a sense of innocence in how she treats the reader. There's no maliciousness in her actions, she's just doing what she thinks she needs to do without realizing how wrong she is.

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For fuck's sake I regret making the first "Post chuubas being abusive" thread, I didn't expect you retarded generalfaggots to turn it into a general.

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>make a "post chuubas being abusive" thread
>people start writing prompts and greentext on it
>thread dies but people want more
>another thread is made with the same name to not create confusion
I don't know how you expected anything to happen differently.

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>another thread is made with the same name to not create confusion
This is where you are wrong, confusion is good, your threads must be exciting and different every time. Take a look at other boards and how they turned into cancer because of generalfaggotry.

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Making generals is not even in top 50 of why boards turn bad (one of the absolute worst boards i somewhat regularly go to explicitly bans generals)

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>post "post chuubas being abusive"
>people post chuubas being abusive

Are you the guy who posts Watame pictures and got confused why people call him a watameposter? Just asking.

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Nope, I'm the anon who bitches about general on several boards at least 2 hours a day.

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Even in the early days of 4chan when there was but /a/ and /b/ there were threads which were only about one specific discussion topic. I don't remember what term was used I know it was't 'general' but the effect was still the same. They were single topic threads. Eventually we got boards for different things; /k/, /fit/, /g/, /l/, /rs/, shit like that. But all those boards were born out of a thread that lasted many threads. A discussion of a general topic. A general thread.

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Hey guys it's the author here, I decided since the dev's self insert went over so well in Haato's fangame I'll also be doing a self insert. In the next coming parts I'm going to start turning this fic into a harem staring myself.

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I'll do you one better; An abused Chuuba


I Genuinely couldn't tell if this was just her character or if it was a genuine cry for help of some kind

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I can actually see that. Her, Gura, or __Ina_

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Imagine Abusive Kanata or abhsive coco trying to make you all yours actually how would an abusive coco would she try to make you kneel with her cocock

>> No.1127191

anonchama did coco shove her cocock up your ass when you were typing this?

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Was posted in the last thread and i don't see it here

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She was last active on august 2019, a full year after she debut. I wonder what happened to her...

>> No.1128063

definitely a very strange case that unironically has me concernfagging.

its likely that she didn't know what to do with all the attention she very suddenly got (Both negative and positive) and was too overwhelmed to continue. She seemed pretty normal on her twitter but part of me thinks she actually had some abuse related trauma

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bros help me Coco is abusing me with cocock Plz send help im scared Oh dear God is that her DEAR GOD HE

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I just had a dream about living with Haachama.

She woke me up one morning and visibly super embarassed asked me if I wanted to try some new form of play while hiding a chastity cage behind her back.
We awkwardly put it on together, it wouldn't fit properly since my dick wouldn't get soft until we realized we could make it small by dousing it with cold water in the shower, and she put the key on her necklace.
Then she gave me a really really cute and meaningful smile, as if we both knew I was completely wrapped around her little finger and completely at her mercy now, and I woke up.

It was weird, I've never been into this kind of stuff before but now I get super excited when I think about it.
I'm seriously contemplating buying a chastity cage and doing something like only letting my penis out during Haachama's ASMR sessions.
I feel like it just wouldn't be the same if I held onto the key myself, but what can you do

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Her face was grim. You could see the cause in her glasses reflecting the laptop screen she was staring through — you couldn't read the text, of course, but you knew what a declining graph looked like. Not particularly surprising. You could see the beginning of the end a while ago — as this field of business started getting crowded, the usual trouble with permissions escalated into trying to force each other out of business with exclusivity deals. Turns out, for instance, Sony is an enormous conglomerate owning not only a large game library, but quite a lot of movies and music as well, and that Microsoft owning Minecraft actually mattered sometimes. No matter how loyal your fanbase could be, this left a sour taste in people's mouth, and this could be tracked through declining numbers quite easily. One could have assumed she would think about the declining revenue, but not you. You knew her too well. All Fubuki cared about was making people happy.

You garnished rice pudding with a fresh mint leaf, put a double-folded omelette next to it, and went to put it in front of her. She shoved the plate aside, and you carefully adjusted its balance to not drop the food.

"I already ate dinner with my friends." she said, furiously typing a message without looking up at you. "Eat it tomorrow."

You responded that it won't be as tasty reheated, and she narrowed her eyes and started ranting. "First: I don't care. Second: you can toss it into the garbage then. Third: why are you wasting food that you're buying with my money in the first place? What is wrong with you? You could have asked me when I'll be coming home and whether I'll need to eat when I do."

You could have asked before cooking all of this, and you tried to, but she didn't answer your calls or messages. She knew that perfectly well. "By the way, while you're here: I will be eating with my friends tomorrow again. And the next day after. Just so that you are informed."

You didn't suggest joining her, because you knew the answer, you heard it so many times, same as always, "I'm your wife, not your friend" or a variation thereof. Instead you suggested that you could simply get a job if that's an issue, hoping for a reaction. She waved you away like a moderately annoying fly. "Your job is to be a husband. Try not to shirk it sometimes."

You ate in silence, turned on the electric kettle and asked how the meeting went. No response. Did she see the EN3 girls? No response. Is Marine planning to come back? No response. You washed the dishes, put the rest of the dinner into the fridge in an off-brand tupperware container and, on the way back, gave her a quick hug from her back. Finally you got an emotion out of her. Fiery, uncalculated, real. Your little fox actually noticed your existence.

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Holy shit imagine abusive enma as your manager i think i have struck gold with this concept

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"DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!" Fubuki's nails were sharp and immaculate. You could feel the scratches very slowly swell with blood. She probably moderately neglected slapping your face like that, not because out of concern, heavens no, but because that was a mark of giving you attention. Still, it was a tiny bit of skin on skin contact, and it was a shame to have to immediately kill the warmth with coldness as you disinfected the scratches with medical alcohol. It would be embarrassing to leave the house for a few days. Maybe that was part of the intent? No. Couldn't be. Fubuki stood up, grabbed her laptop, and went back to her sound-isolated room, at her usual pace, not showing that this incident affected her in any way.

Otaku culture wasn't the same these days. She never mentioned you on stream, of course, but it was a not particularly guarded secret that she had someone in her life, and she didn't even get any death threats over this. You did, sometimes, but didn't really care. It was not righteous indignation, but envy. The queen of Hololive, the pillar of the temple, CEO of Cover Corp. International, ever cheerful, ever charismatic, majestic demon fox Shirakami Fubuki regularly moans in pleasure and lifts her tail, and not just for someone, but for you, you no-name bastard gaijin, that drove dudes absolutely batshit insane. You considered this hilarious. They lacked the necessary information. It was half a year... actually, four months and eleven days, give or take a few hours, since she last allowed you to kiss her. You didn't "forget what she looked like naked", because, first off, that was impossible, and second, she didn't even care if you were in the room when she was changing. These scenes were burned into your retinas, every single one of them.

You didn't even care for sex. That was a hilarious delusion, of course you cared for sex, of course you wanted to feel her body contort in your hands again, to hear her say your name, to fluff her tail, to take in full lungs of her pheromones, but that was secondary. You wanted connection. Emotional response. Most of all, you wanted some warmth. Some body heat. You were so, so, so, so, so cold.

You took out your old droid cellphone with a cracked screen and opened up the streaming app. There used to be a whole war in that direction, Youtube versus Twitch versus OnDemand versus... but now, after the mergers, it was just "Streaming". She was running a guerilla stream. Guerilla zatsudans were a bit of a punchline, but not when it was Fubuki. There always was something interesting she could say, or you could just lay there and bask in her energy. Looking at how she behaved around you, you could say she was fake. No, that wasn't it. Singing along to a tune a member sent as a voice message, giggling at her own pun, ever cheerful, ever joyful, she was simply talking to two hundred thousand people about how her day went, how she met up with the girls, how they had to share the same parfait because the cafe ran out... That was her. That was the real Fubuki, that was what you fell in love with, so many years ago. The one you talked to today and yesterday and the day before that and... that was fake.

There was a book you read years ago, about a city of happy people, the lynchpin of which was a starved, tortured and neglected boy, chained alone in the basement. He wasn't a criminal, he... they just decided he should be there. Turned him into their project. The horrible thing is that they weren't sadists, most of them didn't pay any mind. It ends with the protagonists leaving. Not the boy though, he's a background character. He's there.

Your phone was fairly shitty, the battery didn't last long and it overheated easily, even now, with just Streaming, it was like forty degrees. You plugged it into a wall charger. Fubuki was pretending to hug the screen. You hugged back.


She knows you're always watching, she can't not. On some level she should be aware that she's hugging you too.

She will tear down the awful city.

She will come back.

One day.


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Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/HuBZu1t2

My other works for this thread I saved for posterity:
"You have to take your meds!": https://pastebin.com/DaXaKEN1 — Subaru/(You), gaslighting
"Gloves off": https://pastebin.com/xA19qm6w — Suisei/Aqua self-harm, co-dependency, physical abuse

Feel free to offer more requests.

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the worst thing about it is that things like these happen to people in real life.
good lord in what a world were living

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If it helps, initially I was going to imply that Aqua is affected by brain damage from oxygen deprivation.

>> No.1132692

Yandere Rushia who keeps bringing you back to life after you try to escape her by killing yourself would be interesting

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no, dude...

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how are you so good at this?

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My life is not exactly a nexus of joy.

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hi /trash/

>> No.1133893

in all seriousness though, a popular interpretation of the ones who walk away from omelas is that the child is the "starving artist", the creator that supposedly needs to suffer for others to enjoy his art.

>> No.1133956

these threads are good shut up

>> No.1134447

Abusive enma limiting your collabs With other hololive members when

>> No.1135189

Appreciate the works, Anon.
Don't talk into a mirror like that unless you're rehearsing for a role.

>> No.1135410

My pea brain is confused about what is exactly going on. Does she abuse him because she's so positive all the time and he's her outlet for her negativity? Is he just a project for her, how fast and how far can she break someone? Is she just frustrated about her declining numbers and thus the amount of people she can make happy diminishing?
I got the feelings I guess you wanted to project, but not the logic, and it's been nagging at me.

>> No.1135646

Anon you are a fucking genious

>> No.1136389

>I'm your wife, not your friend

>> No.1136642

What a cold and uncaring relationship

>> No.1136862

I just fapped to this. And I don't feel any shame

>> No.1137077

Keep going, anon

>> No.1137082

It's always hilarious how it looks like Korone was about to beat the everloving shit out of Mio

>> No.1137178

This sucks

>> No.1137335

This spoke to me. Bravo, anon.

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Miko would be a horrible gf and likely would be a mega abuser considering how much she hates males

>> No.1139397

I remember glazing over this and not thinking much of it before but damn, this is good.

>> No.1140100

what a fine piece of literature

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Yea alright I’m hard

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It's been a year since you had married your true love and best friend in the whole world (she made you pinkie promise), Polka. Today was your anniversary, if you were right. You picked up the date on the monitor during her last stream. Sinking back into the comfortable chair she chained you to, your mind drifts away as you wait in silence for her to come to you once again. Maybe you'll beg again. Maybe you'll just lie there limply. Your muscles to continue to atrophy in this situation, anyway. It's not like you'll have a choice soon. Your thoughts drift further as you begin to reminisce.

You knew from the moment you met Polka that there was something behind the facade of cheerfulness she portrayed. It was there in small movements in her face, twitches at the edge of her smile, or slight winces when she was trying to tell a joke she was anxious about. The girl was a bundle of nerves trying her absolute hardest to be liked and well-received, and something about that resonated with you. It was familiar, you suppose. As things gradually developed with Polka, one night she finally broke down and confessed her laundry list of insecurities and anxieties. You were at the center of them all. Not a cause, but someone she was most afraid to lose. You held her close to you as she sobbed into your shoulder, idly stroking her back as you assured her that you'd never leave her. That you loved her, and that all you wanted for her was the best. That you'd do everything you could within your power to help her through her issues. That you'd be with her every step of the way. The two of you were married not soon after that. You meant every word, then. You still do. But Polka can't see that clearly anymore, only in brief glimpses of lucidity that quickly fade as she realizes what she's done to you. Her fears blind her, and her guilt keeps her afraid.

The first few months of life with Polka was difficult, but blissful. She struggled with even the most basic of daily tasks such as waking up. She showered infrequently, suffered from a dense brain fog, and had trouble making decisions that lead to action, such as cleaning her room. It hurt to see your wife so depressed. So...vulnerable. But you didn't give up. Slowly, together, you worked with her to try and improve her condition. Her sleep schedule began to look better. She was taking better care of herself. She even finally conceded with your own worries and began to look for a therapist; a licensed professional who could do more for her than you ever could. She was doing better. She confided in you that she was finally starting to feel more and more genuine, lasting happiness. Things were looking up.

At least you thought they were.

It had been building up over time, you surmise, rather than all happen at once like you had initially thought. The climax of it was so explosive, it's not hard to tell why you got washed away in it, your perception of time seeming altered. Polka had always been insecure about you and other women. From her coworkers to people giving you standard pleasantries when you were out together, something about it hurt her. It went deeper than jealousy...more an intrinsic, deep-seated fear that whoever it was deserved you more than she did. That they were better than her in every way and that she was holding you back from someone who could blow her out of the water thrice over. No matter how many times you addressed her concerns as ridiculous and that you were completely happy with her, it never really stuck. She was convinced that at some point, something would happen that would involve you leaving her, or just getting tired with her flat out. You never said anything, but this grated on you. You felt like you were doing something...well, wrong. No matter what you did, it wouldn't abate those feelings she had. You felt guilty.

"I...don't know what I'd do without you!" She sobbed bitterly. Another breakdown, this time after Botan had the audacity to smile at you, triggering the fears Polka had been struggling to contain once more. "I-I feel like...my heart would just stop...it hurts so bad to just imagine it, that if it ever happened..."

Such outbursts weren't uncommon. But it really should've served as a warning for what was to come. Maybe if you had been more perceptive, more...aware of the situation you were in, the problem you were actually dealing with. If you had focused less on Polka's sadness and more on Polka's fear. If only you hadn't nodded off like an idiot.

>> No.1143632
File: 3.97 MB, 1447x2047, but in retrospect, it's all so obvious now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One night, Polka was working late. You weren't exactly worried, you knew exactly where she was. The office was close by. It was the night of one of the bigger collaborations, and Polka was involved. You had been watching it, eager to support your wife of course. It was Minecraft between some of the other gens. You hadn't really been paying too much attention past the two hour mark, but you had noticed that Polka had become somewhat quiet, more reserved. You worried that she was getting overwhelmed...or maybe feeling overshadowed by everyone else. Both of them were completely viable options given Polka's feelings on things. This continued for awhile, giving small responses to things as she apparently focused on her own buildings...though there were several points where Polka simply stopped altogether. She moved, but her face was clearly struggling to stay happy.

"Are you watching?" She asked bluntly, staring blankly at the camera as she smiled. Her facade was starting to crack, alongside her voice. "With so many girls going at once...all of them so funny...am I still your favorite? You'll never leave, right?"

The chat loved it, thinking it was just another case of Yandere Polka. However, you knew who that message was really for, and the truth of the worry behind that statement. Just as quickly as it had begun, Polka quickly reaffirmed her mask, going back to cheerfully playing, trying her best to interact more with the others. The longer things went on, the more...normal things seemed. It was getting late. The collab went on, seemingly without end. Eventually, your eyes grew heavy. Your concentration lapsed, and then you fell asleep.

You woke already in the room you reside now. The cuffs and chains kept you bound, as Polka sat across from you, sobbing quietly into her hands, looking disheveled.

"W-Was I..." She blubbered, looking up at you. You can still recall how hard the sight hurt your heart. Her make up was ruined, her face contorted into an amalgam of suffering and anger as she shook in her seat. "Was I that boring compared to them?!"
"No! No, I was just tired, it was almost midnight!" You protest, wriggling against your restraints. When did she even get these? "Why am I...Polka, what is this?!"

Her eyes narrowed as despair twisted into fury. Lunging out, she brought her left hand up and across your face with a loud, echoing crack, stinging your face as her nails slit your cheek on the way up. An unintended side effect. She hit you. You remember just...gawking at her. The pain of the attack didn't hurt nearly as much as the feeling of...betrayal? Powerlessness...something along those lines. Just as quickly as it had begun, however, it faded. The anger on Polka's face quickly melted into horror. She looked at her hand, the bit of flesh on the tips of her digits as your cheek finally began to release pain signals to your brain, and quickly turned heel. She hastily left the room, hyperventilating and muttering phrases of denial to herself as you sat in silence. The door clasped shut, and you were alone.

>> No.1143702
File: 159 KB, 679x1024, it was all just a lie for your sake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally, your eyes open. That was quite some time ago. Maybe A month. Maybe more. Your understanding of the passage of time is...muddled, somewhat. All you know now, with any certainty, is that today is your anniversary. It makes you want to weep. Though it would be foolish to blame yourself for this situation, this nonetheless feels ultimately like the result of your failings to provide the care Polka needed...needs. Maybe you were inadequate. Not good enough for her. Maybe you deserve this, after all. The latch of the door clicks.

Slowly, Polka enters the room as you watch her. The light clicks on and you grunt, only for her to mutter an apology. She still looks like she's barely slept. She's relapsed to how she was before. Far worse than that, if you had to guess. She once more comes up to you, taking a straddling position on your lap, facing towards you. You've not the energy to fight it or complain about imprisonment, anymore. You merely give her a weak smile as greeting as she returns it. The situation's become far too complicated now. Things can't go back to the way they were. Both of you understand that. As much as it turns your stomach...you want to cling to her no matter what, still. Softly, Polka hugs you, grasping to your body. You lean into it as much as you can, bringing your head to rest on her shoulder. It's unhealthy, to want her so badly, despite all this. There's no ignorance to that fact. You simply don't care. You need her just as much as she needs you.

Polka's arms fidget at your sides as her hands move past your body, and your heart suddenly jumps with anticipation. With a heavy click, the cuffs around your wrists unclasp, and your hands finally fall to your sides after being secured in place for so long. The flesh aches, and Polka slowly unwraps her hands from behind your body, pulling back a bit as she studies your face. This could be it. The thought crosses your mind quickly, that you could escape...but is quickly extinguished as something in your mind screams at you to do what you've wanted to do for ages. You bring your hands up to Polka's waist and grasp her, tugging her back in to your chest, holding her tight. Polka seizes against you before letting out a soft laugh. As she buries herself back into your chest, the laugh escalates as she shakes in your grasp. You can feel her staining your shirt again. Maybe the solution isn't to try and get her help, to fix her problems, you briefly ponder as your head swirls with joy.

Maybe it's to become as broken as she is.

"Happy Anniversary, honey." You whisper into her ear through your own tears of content. Slowly, you begin laughing with her. Two people clinging to the last things they have left. What's not to find funny?

I like Polka. I wanted to write more Polka. Stockholm Syndrome and self-hate as a result of a Holo's actions is abuse, right?

>> No.1144050

the reason it works is that you know other people are gonna be receptive of your abuse-posting, and that all the abuse-lovers can see it instead of just the people that browse certain threads

>> No.1144154

By the Pope. Cheers to you for the bone-chilling quality.

>> No.1144361

>Maybe you were inadequate. Not good enough for her. Maybe you deserve this, after all.
The parallels... Polka is like a black hole. She drags you in until you can't escape, and molds you into something like her. If there was ever a continuation to this, I guarantee that (you) would act towards her interactions with other people the same way she did at the beggining. That is, if she ever did that again, which she wouldn't because they don't need anything but each other, right?
And yes, it counts as abuse. The best kind: twisted love.

>> No.1144671

Good shit man, I love this writing. I want to try my hand at this sometime.

>> No.1144969

Try it, writing's fun. I wanted to write it as a sort of continuation to the >>1111748 greentext I wrote a few days beforehand. More OC is always nice.

>> No.1145441

Thanks anon, you made my night.

>> No.1145611
File: 174 KB, 463x453, 1602734607676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So there's writefags here, huh? Reminds me of the katawa shoujo writefag threads I used to write and participate in on /a/ back in 2010 or so

>> No.1145800

>start writing a story
>become convinced halfway through that it's shit
>delete everything and feel embarrassed for even trying
Any anons have advice for dealing with this? How do you have faith in your work, for lack of a better expression?

>> No.1146022

For posting stories on 4chan specifically, just post it, even if you think it's shit. If it is, at best you'll receive criticism on why it's shit and how to fix it; at worst you'll get ignored.
Maybe you'll post something that you think is a dumpster fire and end up receiving praise because it's actually good. But you'll never find out if you never push through it and delete it all.

>> No.1146035

cocaine and steel nerves anon
you're welcome to forgo the former

>> No.1146045

>Wrote for several generals including DDLC and now writing for fucking vtubers
Strange aeons.
You just need to power through it. Is the grammar and all that sound? Is it an idea you want to see through, can you follow the story, etc.? I know how petty and unhelpful that advice is, but getting over how you feel about your own work is usually the biggest hurdle to deal with. You're your own worst critic, as they say. If you have a clear image in your head and can write it out in a way that's legible, don't let self-doubt plague you; the feeling of getting it out is worth it. Barring that, try and pinpoint what exactly you don't like and think about why you don't like it, and what you can do to fix it, if it's really nagging you that much. Fix it up bit by bit. You can do it, dude.

>> No.1146557

I'm not the author, but I think its the opposite of
>Does she abuse him because she's so positive all the time and he's her outlet for her negativity?
Basically, she's putting all her energy and love into streaming so she doesn't have anything for her husband.

The whole thing about reclining numbers seems to be more her getting depressed over the state of streaming.
Its likely the reason why she started acting so coldly but also the reason why she considers streaming more important than anything else, because she wants to keep being a positive figure in the community .

>> No.1147574

>I'm your wife, not your friend

>> No.1147587

How Miko work as an Abuser gf what would happen if she sees you try to leave the relationship

>> No.1147966
File: 20 KB, 1238x152, Haachama wants peppeloni.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1148462

You gotta take the first plunge. The first plunge is always the most nerve-wracking.
It gets easier afterwards.

>> No.1148715

It's intended to be intentional emotional neglect and watching how badly that could go. The Omelas parallel here is that she picked (You) to be the sole person in the world she doesn't care about.

>> No.1149048

Man, that's fucking awful. Jesus.

>> No.1149647

Jeez thats kinda of fucked up

>> No.1149721

And she wouldn't still care if (You) went up and disappeared or would things slowly crumble after that small leg holding the table that is her life gone?

>> No.1149746

I would love to see a follow-up with the second scenario

>> No.1149785

If it were then akin to a table that's missing one of it's legs then perhaps one would try to replace it but none would come quite close to that perfect fit that (You) were molded into after all these years.

>> No.1150041

Now how would she try to get you back? Threats? Manipulation?

>> No.1150188

Not sure if I'm supposed to be turned on by this but I like your stories anon. Very unnerving and evocative.

>> No.1150244

The years of pent-up negative emotions, previously safely contained, would pour over her. It would not be a career-ending mental breakdown, she would just grow more distant, gradually sever contacts with her friends and eventually silently retire in a year or so. She would consider starting another project, but it would really not be the same. What use is not caring about a stranger? She would have a few casual flings, but nothing permanent. In the evenings, she would always think back about her obsession, someone who loved her unconditionally, to the end. Maybe the last person who will ever do so.

>> No.1150324

I thought about making it more erotic with the reconciliation at the end. I'm no stranger to flatout porn, but I wanted to make it more palatable and up to the imagination. Maybe in the future.

>> No.1150846

Is it wrong for me to see Noel as more of an emotional abuser with her only being physically abusive when she starts thinking she's losing control?

>> No.1151035

Was actually thinking like going missing forever for whatever reason. Probably dead somewhere but no suicide

>> No.1151306

Try not to worry about it. At the end of the day, its just 4chan. Worst case scenario, you get a few mean (You)'s and in a few hours, the thread vanishes, and you get a clean slate.

>> No.1151877

Laaaaamy gaslighting oneeegaaaaaaaiii.

>> No.1151905

Cite any Smash Brothers stream

>> No.1152029

It's possible. Let's not forget she openly spanks chat when they get out of hand.

>> No.1152170

Lying down across Noel's thick and soft thighs, feeling her hands pull down your underwear, hearing her exclaim "This is a punishment, you're not supposed to be so excited about it! Hold on, let me sort that out." and shove one of her hands between your legs while the other keeps making brief and painful contact with your skin doesn't sound like abuse to me, anon.

>> No.1152206

Being chided and talked down to/having your thoughts disregarded as if you're a child is 100% abuse. It's just not the normal sort of like, beer-bottle-to-the-face abuse most people think of. That's 100% mental/emotional abuse because it makes you think that whatever you have to say doesn't matter; that you're stupid or uneducated and shouldn't talk, etc.

>> No.1152387

noel gentle mommy femdom...

>> No.1152533

More like this, please. I'll take Stockholm Syndrome and having every bone in my body broken by my oshi any day over the soul-crushing anguish that was the Fubuki-story and others like it.

>tfw you're genuinely too afraid to suggest your own oshi in this thread

>> No.1152616

Do it. Maybe she's someone else's oshi, as well.

>> No.1152740


>> No.1152819

You should just be more specific and sensible with your requests.

>> No.1153106


>> No.1153227


I feel like this is one of the most disturbing stories on here because it feels like it could actually happen. Not with Subaru obviously but a real manipulative/abusive relationship.

>> No.1154081

Can I get some pegging over here?

>> No.1155765

that's just her personality

>> No.1156963

Man I want to write something too but I'm a ESL and I don't want to mess it too much

>> No.1157098

Go ahead. You'll do fine as long as it's not an unreadable mess and you can get your point across.

>> No.1157173

nice blogpost anon.

>> No.1158430

Dude we are in a thread talking about abusive chuubas nobody will judge you

>> No.1159100

>*theres a flickering fluorescent light, barely functioning illuminating the room, cold hard concrete. The whole space is only around a few square feet, and the indifferent grey walls give off a suffocating atmosphere of hopelessness. Gura doesn’t know if it’s been days, or even weeks since her last feeding. Her hazy vision sharpens as a familiar ring of light appears around the doorframe. It’s time again*
Hey Gura! It’s your old pal Amelia a-Watsoooon here to give you your scraps!
>*she delivers the words as usual with total innocence, she’s perfected this fraudulent way of speaking. As if she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and why*
P-please Ame-
Nuh uh Gooorah! You don’t talk without permission!
>*a sharp slap to the face sets the shark to the cold floor. Her gaze turns upwards as he sees Ame squat over her head, her skirt and panties removed*
P-please Ame-
Mhmmm here comes seconds Gura!
*cough* Ame... I’m going to be sick again... please why are y-
OHHH MAN! I’m gettin’ fired up! Here comes dessert!
>*Ame lowers her foul smelling pucker right to Gura's lips, the odour of expired instant ramen utterly overpowering, the festering gland pulsating as it releases it’s noxious gases, prepared to let loose another steaming shit into Gura's pursed lips, muffled screams and choking are all that is heard as the little sharks mouth is filled to the brim with Amelia's waste, the dinner of the highest subbed vtuber. As Gura takes it down her throat, her insides churning and on fire, she slowly loses consciousness. She will wake up later no doubt, when it’s feeding time again. Amelia sits up, slamming the door shut as she goes to start her Apex stream of the day*

>> No.1159398


meds NOW

>> No.1159572

If you have an idea for Mio I'd like to read it.

>> No.1159754

Wtf man I think thats too much even for this general i swear one of these days somebody is gonna write the perfect horror story here

>> No.1160069
File: 82 KB, 625x574, donny....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>calling either of these actions threatening or interpreting it as genuine anger
This board has only existed for a short while but it's already sett on taking the autism crown from /fit/

>> No.1160747

Rrat here. I can confirm that this 100% happened

>> No.1161371

Sadly, I can't think of anything. I don't know much about Mio.

>> No.1161502

>1 year ago

Incredible description

>> No.1162058

Kek but also AAAAAAAAA

>> No.1165327
File: 1.71 MB, 1200x1600, 1614356314568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ina's possessive, grabby tentacles.

>> No.1165525

Assuming those tentacles are strong she's probably one of the only vtubers who could consistently beat the shit out of you

>> No.1165590

Are Ina's tentacles completely subservient to her or do they have a degree of autonomy?

>> No.1166638

They're a part of her body so they're probably just extra limbs to her, but she can also summon tentacles too and those are probably somewhat autonomous but still under her command.

>> No.1166816

Well, it's not like she was born with her body tentacles, they're an external modification, so what if they're controlled by her subconsciousness instead?

>> No.1167148

On her Monday stream she implied that she can use them for simple multitasking (using them to holding her coffee while drawing with her hands), but that using them to do too much (holding the coffee while typing with the tentacles while also drawing with her hands) would make her ineffective. But groping you and clinging to you with them probably wouldn't take too much coordination.

>> No.1167712

I was thinking more like, her tentacles reaching out and grabbing people, gagging them if their voice annoys her. Stripping other girls if she finds them hot, or outright molesting them, that sort of thing. They could also turn on her and inconvenience her that way. If you're familiar with the quirks of how this works, you can probably use it on a whim, like make her feel really guilty about something and watch the tentacles bend her over and lash her butt.

>> No.1167727

No that's Korone

>> No.1168067

god I wish that were me

>> No.1168135

Damn, Mr koro always ready to throw down.

>> No.1168260

I can't picture Mio like this at all, even when she tries getting mad, chat just bullies her back into submission.

>> No.1168378

Yesterday she said they are as strong as her own arms, so at most they can give you tentaclejob.

>> No.1168518

The most you could do with Mio would be based off of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZDoME69Uio
Her insecurities get the better of her. Then what? Mio's not the abusive type, she'd sooner abuse and harm herself than others. So it wouldn't be a chuuba being abusive, unless you count being abusive towards herself, which would count by technicality. Even worse is that in terms of telling a story about the subject, the Polka story already does that even better, because Polka is believable as an abuser unlike Mio.
You could write something heartwarming out of it, but it wouldn't be about the thread's subject matter.

>> No.1168898


not mine, but another storyfag from another abuse thread is writing a story, its really fucking good honestly and i like what he does with some of the characters

>> No.1169738

Kino thread

>> No.1169834

Nice, got updated. I love this one.

>> No.1170060

How lewd do we go with this. I have an idea but, y'know.

>> No.1170463

This is great. Laughed out loud at times, other times was moved, and some very interesting concepts with the characters' powers, especially Ina and Ame. I hope it evolves.

>> No.1171440

Hahaha imagine an abusive coco or Kanata or abusive holocaust in general

>> No.1172477
File: 82 KB, 817x475, 2846BAF2-D567-4140-9151-79C2957AB984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw love tragic stories
>tfw love writing them
>tfw not bothering to write any short stories because you don’t have the spare time to watch vtubers very often and thus won’t be able to get their personalities down to make a good story

>> No.1172597

Just wing it. Seriously. If you can get a very basic idea of what someone is like you can twist it within reason. Tragic stories rule.

>> No.1172883
File: 952 KB, 1022x1498, moguyacht.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are no limits here anon

>> No.1173699

I’ll give it a shot. Give me maybe an hour to carve something out

>> No.1174226

This is some Godtier shit, i hope they keep it updated

>> No.1174459
File: 187 KB, 850x1258, Psychoactive substance secreations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your head aches as you gradually stir to consciousness. It's more than just your head that hurts: you feel like you've been slammed into a concrete wall by a semi. Withdrawal symptoms, you quickly deduce through the pain. You try to open your eyes but a thick layer of gunk keeps them sealed, and you groan quietly pain. Your voice sounds jagged and dry. Ears ringing...sweating. You feel like you're dying. You process the turning of a chair as a soft 'wah!' fills your ears. Something within you clicks on when you hear it. Calm washes over you in a wave of dizziness and nausea, and pain is replaced with anticipation. It won't hurt for much longer.

"Oh, you're up." Ina remarks. You barely wrench your eyes open enough to see her leaning over her chair, smirking at you. "And you look like you slept hard. Come here."

Weakly, you attempt to roll over to face her better, but you barely make it part way before pain shoots through your sternum, causing you to groan and relent. Ina frowns for a moment but quickly cheers back up as she leans forward just a bit more. Swathes of tentacles slowly grasp at your limbs, wrapping themselves around your arms and legs before gripping your torso properly. With a huff of concentration, you're lifted up off the bed and brought forward. You aren't sure when Ina became this...strong? Maybe you're just lighter than you used to be. Something about this feels off. Brought face to face with the priestess, she leans in, giving you a soft kiss as a tentacle teasingly snakes its way up your torso. Your body burns in excitement as the tip of it stops in front of your face.

"You need your medicine, don'tcha?" She asks teasingly. You nod furiously in excitement, much to her delight. "Ask nicely, like a good boy."
"Please..." You cough out. Speaking hurts. "P-Please, Ina...I love you..."

Satisfied with your answer, the tentacle before you begins to...spasm and swell, swinging intimidatingly from side to side. Ina's face flushes as she huffs, idly toying with one of the appendages on her head as if it were hair, giving you an almost amorous look. You know where this is going. At the tip of the tentacle, a thick, black droplet begins to form, almost resembling something like a small water balloon. Your mouth opens instinctively as another tentacle slowly wraps its way around your neck, squeezing you softly as Ina eyes you, running her tongue over her upper lip. The liquid seems to swirl and pulse with odd colors. Oil on water. It's unnatural...hypnotic, almost. Something within you recoils in horror. But you *need* this. It makes the pain go away...

"Here...don't waste a drop of it, okay? It's special..."

Carefully, the tentacle positions itself just above your open mouth as your pupils shrink to pinpricks, hyper-focused on the package it carries. Slowly, it lowers itself into your mouth, and as soon as the droplet makes contact with your tongue, you convulse. An involuntary moan of pleasure slips from your lips as your brain is crashed into the ground from a flood of dopamine. Ina worms the limb in and out of your mouth carefully, panting as she watches your reactions. The pains in your body wash away as your vision clears...almost becoming sharper, colors seeming brighter. You feel light. You feel...an immense amount of pleasure, as Ina's tentacles continue to squeeze and writhe over your exposed skin, the one in your mouth continuing to softly piston, secreting more of Ina's 'medicine' into your mouth as you groan. Oh, God, it feels so good...but beneath it all, something inside of you is...terrified. Fighting for a moment against the sensation, your brain racks. When was the last time you went outside? What day is it? What month, even? All you can remember is...this, and even then it's blurry. You gag as the tentacle tickles the back of your throat expectantly, breaking you out of your train of thought.

"Th-That's a good boy...keep drinking..." Ina practically gasps. You feel an appendage slither towards your waistband. The thoughts of before fade away as you sink back into a comfortable, pleasured haze. "Juuust like that...I'll take care of you as long as you need..."

>tfw no Ina GF to keep you addicted to the secretion of her tentacles like a good pet

>> No.1174750

My dick is actual diamond right now.

>> No.1175031

Does anyone have the one where they slap Kanata's deaf ear?

>> No.1175077
File: 151 KB, 512x512, 1613792808043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

n-no please ame..... not apex...

>> No.1175464
File: 151 KB, 933x802, Etce8KHUcAAtZxX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're still big meaty tentacles, and there's many of them
its less about her beating you up, and more like you worrying about getting too close or she'll easily wrap you up tight unable to move

>> No.1175733
File: 622 KB, 789x799, 1483224916402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was very hot, very good, and very very based

>> No.1175811
File: 1.55 MB, 2048x2872, silence requiem[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fis19dc.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know, when I started watching Kizuna Ai I never though I would end up here being aroused by a creepy priestess with tentacles and drug-like secretion.

>> No.1175836
File: 504 KB, 1182x785, sex with ina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That sounds great though.

>> No.1175997
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anon eats okayu's shit.jpeg

>> No.1176049

I started off struggling to buy it then all of a sudden tentacles were bringing me to attention and giving me my meds, it wasn't Ina, it was the void. We can't disobey the void. Ina only does as the void commands, just as we do.

>> No.1176101

yeah but who wrote it haha

>> No.1176145

I was originally going to have an off screen hand/tentacle job as (You) struggled to remember what got you into this situation complete with rapid "wahs" as (You) got closer to finishing if that helps.

>> No.1176177

do you take commissions

>> No.1176294

I have in the past, yes, but I'm fairly inconsistent as what I write is a result of my desire to get the story out of me rather than monetary incentive. It suddenly becomes much more difficult to get something done if it's not something I'm deeply into. What exactly is it that you want?

>> No.1176541

something involving coco trying her best to seduce, probably failing/almost making it, then giving up just to do her own thing. however i'm right there with you on the story thing; i don't write as much any more either but when i do, especially if nsfw is involved, i like thinking more about how things go along or what i want done. might be because i burnt myself out on JUST smut but it's creative and fun.

>> No.1176610

you have actual, honest-to-god autism

>> No.1176630
File: 1.40 MB, 1076x974, double-skullgirls-intro.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine her ascending into a new form, with far more power but also more maddening effects
imagine being literally driven insane by eldritch pussy
imagine her transforming into something completely unrecognizeable, but still being madly in love with her because you're somehow able to sense that her soul hasn't changed a bit

>> No.1176679

When you say "seduce" is this another captive situation or just Coco spilling the shit out of her spaghetti? And do her own thing, does that imply saying 'fuck it' and dropping the pretenses and just doing what she wants? Just looking for clarity is all.

>> No.1176737

the captive possibility wasn't on my mind but the added context of her giving an invitation and kinda keeping them there is pretty amusing. spaghetti spilling absolutely, along with her just dropping the act she's trying to pull and just doing what she wants. nailed it pretty much.

>> No.1176816

Yeah that sounds fun. I can probably nail something out for that.

>> No.1176979
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sounds rad, thanks! even if you said monetary isn't as big an incentive, would you still want payment? if so, a method you'd be comfortable sharing here?

>> No.1177275

I won't demand one straight up because I do what I do for fun, but I wouldn't be adverse to a donation you feel comfortable with. You can reach me at iclosemyeyesandseizeit@gmail.com if you'd like. I only have Paypal and I don't feel comfortable dropping that here for reasons mostly alluding to paranoia, but just send me a message there and I can pass along the account info.

>> No.1177974
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I did it. It’s been like 3 years since I actually wrote. Sorry if it’s shit

You have tried to reason it. You’ve tried to course-correct. You’ve tried every trick in the book, but you can’t escape one simple truth: They don’t like you anymore. What was it? You’ve stayed the same, you’ve done more collabs, you’ve even slowed down on the Apex. Isn’t that why you were bleeding fans? No... no use in trying to fool yourself. You know exactly why you’ve lost most of your base.

It was HIM.

He showed up in your life and little by little he changed you. He brought you out of a dark place and showed you that you deserve love and respect. He took care of you when you got sick and he was your rock whenever the dam would break. When you were turned down or pushed to the side for someone better, he was there for you. He knew you had genuine feelings for these girls, but he was THERE FOR YOU. There was one thing about him that agitated him about you, though. He didn’t deserve someone like you.

>> No.1178006
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He’s in a going-nowhere job, he’s not the most handsome of guys, he didn’t even watch your goddamn streams that often! He was just a regular guy! He doesn’t deserve someone like you!
Lately, you’ve felt the need to make that more and more obvious. It started innocuously enough. Saying he was lucky to land a girl like you, how he hit the jackpot etc., but things started to change when you made a FATAL mistake. You told people. Your happiness blinded you and you wrote your own death sentence. It didn’t take long for the insults and rumors to start. “Whore”, “slut”, “loose”, “tease”. These words began to become commonplace in your chat and they didn’t let up. Even those who didn’t care began to leave you because of the toxic environment and even a month long break didn’t fix things. Hoshikawa doesn’t even talk to you anymore and Luna doesn’t want to collab anymore, even if she does check in from time to time.
Playful ribbing turned to actual insults and your conversations are never positive anymore. He doesn’t mind, though. He NEVER minds and it absolutely pisses you off! This is all his fault, after all. He doesn’t deserve someone like you!
The monitor going into sleep mode snaps you out of your angry stupor and you look into your own tired eyes. It’s been a long day so you get up to take a bath. On your way to the bathroom, you notice a cracked picture frame and you’re reminded of the first time you hit him. It had been a particularly rough stream and he had the audacity to try to tell you “everything would be alright”. You don’t even remember swinging, just his leaning against the dresser and his nose bleeding. Him saying that it was okay infuriated you even more!Surely he knows how replaceable he is! Surely, knows he doesn’t deserve you!

>> No.1178073
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You walk into the bathroom and run the water with a bath bomb to follow. As you open the cabinet to retrieve your shampoo, a small silver object catches your eye. It’s a razor. You bring your attention to your arm and it’s mostly faded horizontal scars. You remember when he found you had started cutting yourself. God, he went OFF. You had never seen him so angry. After the screaming, he cleaned you up and held you in his arms and you cried into his chest all night.
You step into the water and it’s perfectly warm. Today’s been particularly hard so you decide to rest a bit before cleaning yourself. You can’t relax, however. Today’s events replay themselves in your head once more. The constant barrage of insults that your mods can barely even cover, the dwindling superchats, your viewership not even a third of what it was 6 months ago. There are rumors from very credible people in the company that you’ll even be forcefully graduated soon. What will you do then? You’ll lose everything! Your head in a swirl at the mere thought. You don’t even remember when you picked up the razor and positioned it at your wrist. Your friends, your job, your fans, your money, your happiness. It’s gone. All of it. Maybe it’s time you should go too...

>> No.1178109
File: 1.91 MB, 1564x2412, 5666ABDD-7556-42C2-A6C0-012954A463D7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The pain is searing. So hot that you don’t notice the dull warmth dripping onto your skin that sits above the water’s surface. It’s not before you begin to fade as the water goes from a flowery scented pink to an iron-heavy red. “This is all his fault” you think to yourself. He showed you a life you thought was lost to you. He loved you unconditionally. He was your strength when you were weak and your light in the darkness. He was your angel. Your last regret is him having to find you like this. Such a sad, weak, worthless girl.

He doesn’t deserve someone like you...

>> No.1178210

love you writefriend

>> No.1178895

>He doesn't deserve someone like you
Is both a book-end and a play on words.
If this is you after 3 years of not writing your past works must have been some top tier stuff.

>> No.1179068

As a quick aside, how explicit do you want this? I currently have (You) pinned down by now-frenzied, unrestrained dragon titties after some encouraging words on (Your) part

>> No.1179120

that's REALLY nice.
the usual high energy coco-stuff. up to you if consent is in her vocab or if she's just raunchy and vulgar. i'm sure whatever you'll come up with will be wonderful.

>> No.1180149

Thank you, bud

Thanks, but I don’t deserve praise that good. I’m rusty but it’s like riding a bicycle. I kinda just slipped back into my groove. And I’m glad you liked that line. I thought of the concept and wrote the story around it

>> No.1180207

Nearly done with it. It'll be two/three posts but also a lot of SEX. Stand by.

>> No.1180276
File: 1.23 MB, 960x1072, I am war criminal [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Frz9w2x.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Post chuubas being abusive

>> No.1180586


>> No.1180716
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You were sitting in a chair with your mind in a haze while you only felt a numbness from the tip of your fingers down to the end of your toes. Your eyes were only opened slightly, just to see a table with a full plate of raw wasabi on top of it and directly placed in front of you. Everytime you try to move around a wave of achiness stops you in your tracks. After a while you stopped and only sat there, a sense of emptiness filling as you try and search your mind to figure out how you got there.

But then you heard a door slowly creek open and the sound of a footsteps slowly approaching.

“Ah, dear! I’m glad you didn’t fall over… that means you would’ve missed supper…” spoked a familiar voice as a familiar pair of wolf ears came into your side view. The memories came back. It was Mio, the one person in your life. She took care of everything for you. Everyday.

“Mio...momma…” you barely whisper as you feel her chest press against your back. You feel her hand reach around your face and direct it upwards. There you see them. Those orange eyes that are always there for you. A smile was across her face as she pressed her lips against yours but quickly pulled away and let your head fall back into place.

“You’ve been a good boy… tonight momma will treat you to something special...:”

She walked around and grabbed a spoon and scooped up a swath of wasabi. The spoonful of wasabi was pushed in front of your mouth, Mio waiting there almost expectantly as you slowly opened your lips, knowing what would happen if you didn't accept it.

The burning sensation of lava filled your mouth as the wasabi overwhelmed your senses. You felt your body begin to heat up, sweat began pooling and tears began to fall. You tried to swallow to the best of your ability but the sheer pain wouldn’t allow you to. Your body forcefully ejected the wasabi out and you hacked it out all over the table.

Dread filled you as you shakily tilted your head up at Mio, who was only standing there in silence. That warm look she once had was now replaced with an icy visage that sent a chill down your spine.

“You don't… like it? Ah, and here I was… about to treat you to something great but it seems we’ll have to change that attitude of yours…”

She quickly walked over and pulled you off the chair and your body violently crashed against the floor, unable to do anything as she grabbed you by the collar of your shirt and dragged you across the floor. You could only wait as Mio lifted you and propped you on her bed.

“Mio… momma…” you say again but instead of responding, she slaps you across your face and straddles you. The sting hurts as that familiar devilish look fills her eyes and you tremble on the inside.

“Don't worry, dear… momma will take good care you…”

Then the true pain began.

She would take turns, slowly caressing your body and filling you with unbridled pleasure, but just before you can climax she would punch your stomach. Again and again she would repeat these rhythms as your mind began to slowly shut down from the storm of sensations. This torture of pain and pleasure would go on and on for hours.

“Mio… momma…” you pleaded with tears flowing freely down your face and drool pooling at your lips.

“Ah! It seems I might have overdone it… you’ve lasted this long, so momma will let you off easy tonight…”

Mio then presses her breasts against your chest, her tail wrapping around your leg and gives one last touch that sends you over the edge. You finally climax and the pleasure you feel is so overwhelming, enough that you almost black out. As you're in your post-climax clarity, however, Mio knees you in the crotch so hard that all that pleasure evaporates in a second and a horrible pain overtakes you.

She gets off the bed and walks over to the door, stopping just before she opens it and turns to you once more, that look of warmness returning from earlier.

“We’ll do this again tomorrow… make sure you're a good boy and get some rest…”

She then leaves the room and the void of silence only remains. You can only lay there in pain, knowing that the next day will bring the same routine.

You’ll have to live it again.

And again.

And Again.

Your consciousness fades as the comforting sounds of her singing and playing the ukulele in the room next door fills the house and lullabies you to sleep, knowing there wasn't anything you could do.

>> No.1181044
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You double check the hastily scrawled note in the center of your sweaty palm with a gulp. Getting through apartment security was fine enough, but the beating of your heart was starting to deafen you somewhat. You don’t exactly know how you did it: through either sheer charisma, or maybe luck, you were perched outside of the apartment of Cover’s very own dragon. And that wasn’t a fancy euphemism for the power she had, you meant that literally. Kiryu Coco of the fourth generation. What’s more is that this wasn’t a guerilla stalking mission finding fruit. No, this was much more intimidating; she had willfully invited you after you somehow caught her eye. You work as a janitor at Cover’s offices, so you get some in-the-same-room time with some of the idols as you work, trying very hard to make it clear that you aren’t listening to their small talk. You aren’t exactly sure why or how it happened, but you somehow found yourself on good terms with Coco, who would often stop to talk with you a bit if you happened to cross paths. Maybe it’s a language thing, you ponder.

She was always somewhat…intimidating, despite her friendliness. Despite being at least two inches shorter than you, she was still imposing. Though it’s not hard to tell why. The woman could fold you in half like a piece of paper, or worse, unleash some of that actual dragon power she has. And now she wants to invite you into her home. You shiver uncomfortably in the hallway, shakily lifting a hand up to the door and delivering three soft knocks. The gravity of the situation – that you’re actually about to enter the den of a dragon – hits you all at once. But as the locks on the other side of the heavy door begin to unlock, you understand that there’s no going back. It’s just hanging out with a friend, right? No pressure. No pressure…

The door is ripped open with no small amount of strength. Coco beams on the other end of the newly opened entryway.
“Well hEY there!” She cheerfully proclaims, trying her absolute best to not bring attention the fact her voice just cracked. Her face flushes red, indicating that she has failed in that, quite miserably. “Come on in, haha! It’s cold out there!”

As you parse the comment and realize you’re in the middle of May, Coco grasps your shoulder and tugs you inside with herculean strength, closing the door behind you. By the time you catch your balance, the doors have already been locked four times over. Huh. Coco stands before you, face still red as sweat begins rolling down her forehead. You quickly note a few beads of sweat glisten atop her heavy breasts – the window to her cleavage leaves little to the imagination – but avert your eyes out of respect. Her arms are tucked behind her back as she sways almost nervously, her heavy tail twitching just at the tip. The pleasant scent of honey wafts by you as she quickly becomes animated, attempting to break the silence settling in.

“S-So, did you find the place okay? You took a while to get here, I was starting to get worried. Were ya busy with something? Y’know, jackin’ off?”
“I- What?” You stammer.
“Nothing, haha! Just a joke, haha! I-I’m glad you got here safe! I…uh, I made dinner for us! Since, y’know, I was hungry and with you coming over I thought maybe you’d be hungry too, and…” She trails off, turning a shade darker as she avoids eye contact with you. Without warning, she moves past you, her heavy tail slamming into your thigh as it nearly knocks you over. “This way! It’s spaghetti!”

The dragon leads you to a small dining room, urging you to sit down on one of the chairs as you comply. She hurries off to the kitchen out of sight as you relax, decompressing a bit. This is weird. Not…unwelcome, but weird. You’re not as dense as the usual protagonist, though. Coco’s trying to impress you. Not like she needs to go through all the effort. You’d be a filthy liar if you wanted to imply that you weren’t interested in her. As you begin to ponder what exactly lead to this, Coco bounds back in carrying two plates of pasta.

“I hope you like Italian, because I—” She begins, but is cut off as her heavy tail slams into the door frame as she moves in haste. The wall visibly cracks as portraits of dragons past fall off and clatter to the ground after being dislodged, but most importantly, the impact causes Coco to stumble. Rather than fall gracefully, she all but flings the plates at you in a fastball style throw, the first one hitting you in the chest as the other gracefully soars overhead. Mercifully, she finally collapses on to the ground, face down in a heap. Neither of you moves or makes a noise.

Just what in the fuck did you agree to by coming here?

>> No.1181165
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Coco mutters out something resembling an apology as she lies face down, seemingly too embarrassed to move. Moving to help her up as you wipe the pasta off your previously clean shirt, you hear her mumble something about dropping her spaghetti. Helping her into a sitting position, her shoulders drop.

“I’m not really good at this romance shit…” She laments, idly stroking her tail. “S-sorry about the shirt. You can throw it in the wash and wear one of mine for the time being.”
“Y’know, you don’t need to go through all this just to impress me.” You chime in, planting a hand on her shoulder. She brings her face up to yours, staring into your eyes as you continue. “You can just be yourself. I’m fine with that.”

Coco sits there for a moment, briefly parsing what to do as she looks around. In one fall, she’s managed create quite the mess. With a soft “hm”, she closes her eyes, seemingly focusing on what to do next. Without warning, she stands, knocking you square in the jaw with her chest as you stagger back. Before you fall, though, her hands latch on to your shoulders and lift you up. You look at her in confusion, only to see a renewed spark in her eye. You can practically feel the fire roaring within her from here. Oh no.

“Got it! No more lovey-dovey bullshit! Kiryu Coco is Kiryu Coco! Not some blushing girlfriend bullshit!” She proudly proclaims as the ache in your jaw is very quickly replaced with mortal terror. “And Kiryu Coco is a fucking dragon! Y’like fucking dragons, right?!”
“Y-Yes?!” You bark out in response. What did you do?
“Oh, so you’ve fucked a dragon before?”
“Wai- No!”
“Then you’re a fucking liar! You don’t wanna be a liar, right?!”
“No!” What did you do?!
“Then let’s fix that!” She announces, carrying you over her shoulder. You can hear her giggling as one of the hands she holds you up with squeezes your ass, and you let out a noise of confusion.

Quickly being bought into a bedroom, Coco wastes no time in tossing you off her shoulder and on to her mattress, pulling your shirt off almost immediately as she gives some throw away comment about not staining her sheets. The dragon sets into you quickly, bringing her lips up to your neck as she wraps her arms around your body, her chest pressed to yours while she holds you in place, her tongue working its way up and down your tender flesh.

“I was worried I was gonna have to keep up that act through a movie…but you wanna cut right to the good shit too, right?” She whispers in your ear softly before biting it. You let out a soft moan. “Fuck yeah you do, you little slut…I saw you eying up my tits. You weren’t jerking it, right?”
“No, I wasn’t, honest!“ You spit out before you wince. Her teeth sink a bit deeper into your ear as she tugs on it.
“Good. That means it’s all for me.”

Pulling away from you, she quickly pulls the front of her top down, letting her heavy breasts fall free with little fanfare. Your head swims in a mix of disorientation and lust as you attempt to sit up, but she quickly pins you back down with one hand, the other quite literally tearing the belt off your pants as she rips them downward, exposing you. You’re ashamed by how cripplingly erect you are, but Coco merely takes this as consent – not like she’s been listening to you this entire time, anyway, nor do you think you could stop her if you really wanted. Wasting no time in getting to the ‘good shit’, she hurriedly leans down, drooling thick, almost-impossibly warm saliva onto your twitching prick. The sensation causes you to buck up just a bit, gritting your teeth. It’s less like spit and more like warm honey…can all dragons do this? With a grin, she quickly positions herself before you, and without a word of warning, envelops your cock between her tits. The heat level is off the charts, but it doesn’t burn. Your back arches as she roughly begins heaving her tits up and down against your shaft, her long tongue snaking around your swollen tip.

“I bet you were fantasizing about this all the times we talked, right? Am I right?” She teases, now starting to alternate one breast going up as the other goes down. “That or watching my ass as I left?”

You gasp out in response, but you don’t exactly think Coco is expecting you to be coherent. You wonder how much differently this could’ve gone if you had just put up with the romantic stuff she tried to seduce you with, rather than inadvertently give her the go ahead to start trying to fuck the shit out of you. The squeezing pressure combined with Coco’s tongue, on top of the excitement of it all is very quickly starting to get to you, though.

>> No.1181356
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You manage to ground yourself just enough to speak.

“Cumming,” You blurt out. You steel yourself and continue. “C-Coco, I’m gonna cum!”

Without a word, Coco drops her head, taking you into her mouth as much as she can with her breasts in the way, eagerly licking and lapping at your twitching dick. Your mind blanks for a moment as you arch your back further, moaning out in ecstasy as you unleash a torrent of seed into the dragon’s agonizingly warm maw, rope after rope of cum staining her throat and tongue as she giggles around your cock, lapping it up eagerly. As soon as your orgasm relents and your hips fall back on to the mattress, you watch Coco lift her head up in a daze, swallowing the proof of your orgasm effortlessly. She lets out a small, satisfied ‘ah~’, a puff of flame accompanying it. She grins at you, eyes narrowing just a bit.

“We’re not done. Mommy’s still horny.” She says ominously, standing up before you. Lifting her skirt, you’re blasted with a wave of heat as she exposes her pussy to you, soaked with arousal. Your abused penis twitches in response as your eyes widen. You guess she really wasn’t kidding about the tail being plugged into her ass. Straddling you, Coco takes the lead, grinding the furnace of her loins against your recently spent dick, though you quickly harden back up as the dragon watches you amusedly, her cheeks flushed. “I’ve been waiting for this since you walked into the building. I could smell you. Nervous, unsure…did’ja think this would happen, maybe? Or maybe you were just hopeful?” She chuckles, slowly raising her hips. She grinds the tip of your cock against her slit teasingly, seemingly enjoying watching you contort and shift in pleasure. Her long tongue runs its way over her lips, and with a wink, she drops her hips all at once. Your eyes widen as you let out a loud moan, with Coco letting out a prolonged sigh of bliss. All of her muscles contract around your shaft as she begins to pump herself atop you. The heat and pressure is almost too much to take, nearly bordering on painful, but absolutely drowned out in favor of being pleasurable. Weakly, your hands grasp on to her skirt as you melt into the mattress, fumbling to cooperate with the woman currently riding you like a toy. Leaning over you, Coco plants her hands on your shoulders, keeping you pinned down as her waist rises and falls rapidly, the wet sound of impact overwriting your groans.

“T-That’s it, that’s the spot…you said you like fucking dragons, keep going, give me it…” She moans, insides still violently clenching and massaging your length as she leaks out and around you, her arousal going as far to coat your balls and the bedding below you. It’s just as warm as her saliva, but even thicker as it sinks into your skin. Bucking up against Coco as best as you can, you try to match her movements, thrusting up in tune with her pushing herself back. She groans out in appreciation as she finally goes quiet, simply muttering alternating phrases of “Fuck” and “Shit” as she gets more and more into the swing of things, the muscles in her vagina contracting and relaxing as she pants. You just came, but this is quickly bringing you back to your limit. Coco’s movements become more and more erratic, alternating from harsh pounding to wriggling her hips on top of you.

The dragon finally squeezes you tight as she drops her ass down on you one more time, letting out a loud “FUCK!” as she shivers and convulses, roughly grinding you inside of her as she orgasms around you. This action finally proves to be far too much for you as you grit your teeth, attempting to buck up into her even as she keeps your lower half pinned with hers, now filling her clenching pussy with cum as well. The dragon throws her head back as a gout of flame barely avoids igniting the ceiling as she screams out once more in pleasure before finally relenting, collapsing upon you as your own moans are cut off by her heavy breasts taking residence on your face.
The two of you lie there for a few moments as Coco pants heavily, cunt still weakly attempting to milk your now completely spent shaft as she clings to you, muttering out various phrases of praise and admiration you can’t exactly make out through the heavy haze fogging your mind. Slowly rolling off of you, Coco brings an arm up and across her face, covering her eyes as sweat rolls off her body, your cum barely dribbling out of her as you lie next to her.

“S-So,” She mutters, still attempting to catch her breath. “Same time tomorrow?”
“Yeah…” You reply. You’re not exactly sure how you ended up in this agreement, but you certainly aren’t complaining.
“Can I skip the lovey-dovey shit?” She inquires sheepishly.
“Thank God.”

I'd put up a Pastebin but they are very not pleased with sex stuff, it seems. There you are, Anon.

>> No.1181972

about time one of the most thuggish holos got her own story

>> No.1182101

Not the guy who requested this, but holy fuck this a good. That dirty talk made me rock hard man.

>> No.1182119

this is incredibly stuff anon, thank you so much! i didn't expect such a speedy delivery! i can't look it over too in depth at the moment, busy with friends, but consider some compensation. do you check your email often?

>> No.1182224

Yeah, I do. I would appreciate it, but there's absolutely no pressure. Thank you for your patronage either way.

>> No.1183654

You found it. After all the tips, all the doxing, asking around, you found it. Her house. Botan's home. It took you months of investigation but here you were. Now, it was and you aimed to make her yours. You smile, and nervously lick your lips. Hands clammy and heart beating you wonder if it's really what you wanted. The voice in the back of your mind screamed "YES YES YOU WANT THIS YOU NEED THIS!" Fine. Ok. But not now. "PUSSYING OUT?!?!" No, just...at night. We go in, at night. I go in at night. You nod to yourself. All the rest of the day you spend watching her house from various locations, trees, bushes, the roofs of other houses. Soon the sun drops below the horizon and you see her lights go out. "NOW! NOW!!! NOW OR NEVER!" Ok fine ok. You creep around the back, and try the door. Locked. Fine, ok. Lockpicks. You fiddle and jimmy with rakes and shims until...there! Open! You creep quietly in, making as little noise as possible creeping toward her living room when you hear the most horrifying thing you've ever heard in your life. Metal sliding on metal. That distinctive kerchunk. The sound of a shotgun racking. "NO NO NO-" The world erupts into noise and fire and pain! So much pain! You get a glimpse of her face in the muzzleflash, a sneer of contempt molded to her face. You go down hard, not at all like the movies where someone flies back. Instead you just drop like a sack of dirt. Odd. Your breath shudders and you know you don't have long left. Already you can't see and everything sounds hollow. This is what we deserve huh? No answer. They stopped? They stopped! The voices are gone! You smile as you die, finally peaceful for the first time in years.

>> No.1183707

Where's the "Aqua being dependent of (You)" stuff?

>> No.1183749

I don't think Noel would be gentle in her femdom.

>> No.1184570

Who are your fav tubers? Oshi?

>> No.1184859

Polka, Ame, Aqua, Haato. Polka's looking to be my oshi.

>> No.1186346

I didnt like this, the others at least the girls love You while abusing You, this one just hate You, makes me to not want to Gosling posting

>> No.1186434

>this one just hate You
It's not hate, it's intentional emotional neglect.

>> No.1186586

Brutal. I like it.

>> No.1186912

I am diamonds right now

>> No.1186985

Thoughts on this?

>> No.1187378

Being trapped between two people sort of flirting while listening to their heartbeats? Pretty neat.

>> No.1187476

Damn, this is fucking hot

>> No.1188052
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>> No.1188394

I would love one with Polka, please anon I beg you make one.

>> No.1188521
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I second this, one where Polka is so insecure that hurt hertself and You without wanting to, and You want to make her feel good about herself
Fuck i love Polka

>> No.1188548

Maybe in the future. I already wrote the other few Polka fics so I want to let it rest for the time being.

>> No.1188708

>the other few Polka fics

>> No.1188764

Wouldn't it be funny if Kiara was forced to give up on Mori and you ended up being her bronze medal, and she resents every breath you take because you're not Mori? lmao

>> No.1188769

And a few others in this thread. I think I've dumped six or so stories here at this point.

>> No.1189013

Hard working anon

>> No.1189059
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Oh, so you wrote those, thanks for your hard work anon I hope I get to see more of your writing in the future.

>> No.1189158

I just like chuubas and making content. Yesterday was Amelia memory fuckery and then today was Ina tentacles and Coco dick riding. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? If the thread is still alive haha

>> No.1189175

Hard working AND cute anon

>> No.1189198

Noel, she is lacking some stories which is a shame, since she’s the most likely to be an abuser in a relationship. Through more in-line what this anon said >>1150846

>> No.1189403

I think it'd be a mix if going by her keyboard slamming on her roommates account, though I'll give it a shot

>> No.1189446


>> No.1189464

Oh shit. I was actually ruminating on this one last night and forgot all about it. I don't know much about Noel, though. I'll give it a try later.

>> No.1189813
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i'd request an Okayu one, but the resident okayuschizo already posts a lot of great stuff and it looks like you've got a lot of good ideas here already

>> No.1189829


>> No.1189919

See >>1172883

>> No.1190447
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You're standing alone at the kitchen counter, preparing a dish for your hardworking Noel after she had a long day at the hololive studio filming a new episode of the anime. A bowl of steamed rice rice with layers of meat and vegetables you picked out from the market earlier that day was laid out on the table, one for her and another for you to enjoy when she got home. It was looking to be the perfect night!

You hear the door lock unlock and a smile come across your face. You go to meet her at the entryway, but as she steps inside a chill crawls up your spine and you freeze in place.

She had that look of rage in her eyes again.

“W-Welcome home, dear...” you weakly said as took off her boots and placed them away. She barely even acknowledges you as she walked by, only giving you a side glance as she stopped and gave you an icy gaze.

“Did I say you can talk to me without being spoken to? Haven’t we gotten over this before?” she says in a low voice while she continues to the kitchen.

“Yes… danchou…!”

You try to stop your words but they are let out before you can silence it. Noel stopped just as she was about to reach the counter, taking a second to comprehend your words as she quickly turned around with a look of unbridled rage. Before you can do anything she is already in front of you and grabs you by your neck.

“Did… you… just… say… that.... word..?” she said in that sweet song voice that once filled you with happiness. But now it only filled you with endless dread, as you knew what was about to happen next.

“No… I swear dear, I didn-”

Noel didn’t let you finish as she slammed you the ground and placed her foot on your chest to hold you in place. A devious grin took her lips as she lowered herself down, her large breasts pressing against your chest as she whispered in your ear.

“You pissed me off, you worthless asshole… I spend all day working at that hellhole company and I come back home to this… I'm gonna use up my pent up stress on you,”

>> No.1190466
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She slowly strips herself down, piece by piece, knowing how every second tortures your very soul. Soon her large chest and pussy on full display as you feel an erection coming on.

Without warning she reaches into your pants and begins to roughly stroke your cock, her nails scratching but the pleasure is almost overwhelming. You already want to cum, but you know the second you do, she’ll only get even more mad. You’ll just have to endure.

“You already want to cum? I can tell by that cute face your making. You're so goddamn pathetic, you know that? You're nothing without me. I make the money, I own this house, everything revolves around me here,”

She quickly stops her hands then rips off your own clothes and tosses them away. Before you can get up Noel is already standing above you with her wet pussy dripping all over you.

“...In this house, your MY toy to play with.”

>> No.1190483
File: 1.44 MB, 3842x2882, RiceBowl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She lowers herself onto your cock and a wave of pleasure and pain fills you. Noel rides you roughly, up and down she bounces on your dick as her massive tits fly around in the air. Her hands are pushing you to the ground, keeping you in place as she has her fun. You look at her face and see complete ecstasy as her green eyes look down on you.

“I bet you're... enjoying this, being pushed down by a girl and fucked like this,” she said between gasps and moans. Through all this you hold on, forcing yourself not to cum, because then she wouldn't be able to finish.

She was right. This was your fault. You had one job, to keep her happy, but you messed up. And now you had to make up for it.

Soon Noel was at her limit, her body convulsing wildly as she let out a high pitched moan and tears of joy filled her eyes. Now that you know she’s satisfied you let out your seed, the pleasure almost causes you to black out as you lay your head back and the sounds of panting filled the room.

A slap on the face draws you back into reality, however.

“Did I say you could cum? Whatever… I’ve had my fun,” Noel said as she wobbly stood up and stumbled her way to the kitchen. Without any energy you can only tilt your head in her direction. She was at the counter, still naked, and had one of the rice bowls in hand and wolfing down its contents to her heart's desire.

You can only hope that would calm her down. Despite what happened, you smiled. You know the real Noel. She was only stressed out… she would soon return to the loving danchou you fell in love with. Even if this keeps happening to you every day, you still love her.

You always will.

>> No.1190532
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Nice shit dude. Always love to see the internalization that whatever is going on, (You) deserve. Thanks for the story.

>> No.1190619
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I unironically wish nothing but good things in your life, you're a really special anon

>> No.1190648
File: 639 KB, 1736x1441, __ookami_mio_and_taiga_hololive_drawn_by_moroyan__c3a2f710e82d2873cccc84694ff50144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Prob should've mentioned in the post but I am not the same anon who wrote >>1181356
but thanks for the words!

>> No.1191410

Way too abusive.

>> No.1191481

From what I've seen from her menhera moments, those seem pretty reasonable to me

>> No.1191556

Still thinking she's an emotional abuser rather than a physical one. Don't get me wrong, I just think violence would be her last resort.

>> No.1191605

what makes you say that? Whenever she got pissed one of the first things she'd do would be to slam her desk or keyboard. Even the moment when (you) said danchou was from one of the incidents where she smashed her keyboard.

>> No.1191866

I'm not that familiar with Polka, but I did one with Matsuri cause now I'm in a creative mood

>> No.1191932
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You pace back and forth in front of her room, worry filling your gut with each second that she doesn’t respond. You loved Matsuri with every fiber of your being, but that wasn’t enough for her. She was a wave of uncontrollable emotions ranging from an immensely loving person who cried tears of happiness for her loved ones to a self-hating form of rage.

You had forgotten to respond to one of her texts on your way home because you were too busy trying to catch the rush of train rides home from a long day at work. But as soon as you saw it as you stepped off the station platform you knew something bad was going to happen. You rushed home to make sure she was okay, not even taking the time to take off your shoes or work clothes.

You knocked on her door and gently spoke.

“Matsuri... I’ll say it again, I’m so sorry I missed your text. I was busy trying to get home so I could see you again. So please, I’m begging you, let me in or I’ll open the door myself. I don't care if you're mad at me, I just want to make sure you're okay.”

Again you are met with silence.

You sighed. As much you wanted to respect her privacy, you know from previous incidents that she was a ticking time bomb that led to her either hurting herself or you.

Unsurprisingly the door was unlocked as you turned the knob and pressed open the door. A horrible smell of iron filled your nostrils as you stepped into the room and a look of horror filled your face.

>> No.1191953
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You looked down at Matusri, who was kneeling down on the floor with a knife held in her shaky hand as she stared at the ground with empty eyes. There were cuts and stab wounds up and down her arms, legs and even her face and blood slowly dripped from them.

You quickly rush to her but quickly stop as she rushes you with the knife.

“You hate me, DON’T YOU?!” she screamed as she tried to slash you with the bloody knife. You're able to quickly dodge her erratic attacks, and as Matsuri goes for another lunge, you grab her by the wrist and hold her in place.

“Please stop! Matsuri, I love you, but please stop. I don’t want to hurt you,” you said with a shaky voice. Matsuri stopped struggling for a moment and only stood there, not saying anything as she tilted her head down again. You loosened the grip on her wrist, but as soon as you do she goes on the attack again.
She slashes and stabs at your body, tearing up your work clothes as she wildly swings the knife. As she goes for one last attack, you manage to grab the blade and pull it from her grasp, fighting through the pain as you tossed the knife far away for her.

This seemed to wake her up from her hate-filled frenzy as tears began to flow from her eyes and her lips quivered. You walk up to her and wrap your arms around her waist, holding her close as she sobs into your chest, not minding the pain as you press your head into her hair and exhale deeply.

“I love you Matsuri, even if you hate me, yourself or anyone else, I’ll still love you.”

As you whispered those words she cried even more, apologizing between sobs and saying that she would never do this again.

It was a lie. You know it will happen again. You’ll do something small, she’ll freak out and violently lash out at you or herself. But despite that, even through the pain she caused you, all the beautiful moments you’ve had with her outweigh the pain. The festivals you’ve gone to, the games you played, all those memories will always keep you with her.


>> No.1193315

>you'll do something small and she'll violently lash out
Unfuckingcomfortably familiar. This was a nice story, Anon. It's bitter yet hopeful to a degree. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.1193960
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>> No.1195089

Requesting something with Hoshikawa.

>> No.1195096
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Yeah I was going for something a bit more bittersweet for that one, gas you liked it

>> No.1195111

Glad*, fuck mobile

>> No.1195183

She was forcing herself to be traditionally cute, yet as soon as she dropped the act she became cuter. Even when she's horny as all hell and saying dommy shit, the fact that it's coming out of her goofy ass makes me unable to take it seriously. And then cuddling and asking to be herself next time just does it for me. 10/10 Anon, I was jackin' off.
You could use google docs if you're worried about pastebin deleting your stuff.

>> No.1197318

got one cooking up if the thread keeps going

>> No.1197507

onegai pls genuinely enjoying these

>> No.1197615
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>> No.1198038

Was the Mori choking Kiara one posted yet?

>> No.1198169

>Kiara simulator

>> No.1198672
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Laying across her bed, Hoshikawa rolled around in boredom as she typed away on her phone. She was done streaming for the day and had nothing else planned, so she invited over Gundou Mirei to enjoy a fun girls night out. As much as she enjoyed her time with Matsuri, she could be a bit clingy at times, much to her annoyance.

She heard a knock on her front door and her heart jumped. Hoshikawa got out of bed and rushed to her door, still dressed in her stream clothes as she turned the door knob with a smile on her face.

“Hey Gundou-sense-!” she was stopped as the purple haired teacher instantly pushed her back into the apartment and she followed, quickly closing the door behind her.

“Gundou-sensei?!” she exclaimed as part of her was confused, another part worried, and another part…


She looked up at Mirei and saw that familiar drunk look across her face. Hoshikawa had seen it many times before during their offline collabs. Her amethyst eyes were like that of a predator looking for its prey and not that of the usually easygoing sensei.

Gundou-sensei reached down and grabbed Hoshikawa by the hair and forcefully pressed her up against a nearby wall. Gundou instantly went after Hoshikawa and forced her tongue into her mouth and her hands began exploring her body. Hoshikawa could taste the alcohol in her mouth as she tried to push away the aggressive sensei.

“Gu-!” Hoshikawa tried to speak but was quickly slapped across the face and silenced.

“I’m not in the mood now, I’m gonna have some fun right now, and you're not gonna stop me,” she said with a wild grin while licking her lips.

>> No.1198700
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With one hand Gundou reached down and fondled Hoshikawas breasts while the other reached down into her panties and began rubbing her pussy. Hoshikawa moaned as Gundou again forced a kiss and her mind was filled with pleasure.

After a few minutes of this Gundou-sensei grabbed her and roughly pulled Hoshikawa across the room and threw her against the couch in the living room. Without any energy left, she just let Gundou do whatever she pleased. Hoshikawa didn’t know why Gundou-sensei was being this forceful and aggressive today.

But she certainly didn’t mind.

Gundou quickly stripped herself and Hoshikawa while she positioned her with her head against the cushion of the couch and her ass in the air. From a side glance Hoshikawa saw the drunk sensei smirk.

Without warning Gundou forced her fingers deeply into Hoshikawas pussy and her free hand reached around and began pinching the girl's nipples. She quivered as she felt Gundou-senseis smaller breasts press against her back and her teeth biting deep into the side of her neck. The purple haired sensei then pulled back, keeping her hands deep into Hoshikawa while she kept moaning in complete esctasy.

With a heavy force Gundou slapped Hoshikawas ass and the girl nearly shrieked. A red handprint quickly formed around the spot as Gundou did it again. And Again. And Again.

Quickly Hoshikawas entire ass was fully red and her eyes fully wide. The combination of pain and pleasure was too much and she climaxed hard all over the couch. At that moment Gundou released her grip on Hoshikawa and she fell onto the couch. She heard Gundou-sensei lick her own pussy juices off her hand.

“Nice job, Hoshikawa. But I haven’t had my fun yet…” Gundou said ominously as she suddenly pulled Hoshikawas head over her own pussy. In her dazed state she instinctively moved forward and began licking Gundous glistening pussy.

“Quick learning bitch, this is gonna be a fun night after all…”
She couldn’t stop.

Hoshikawa could only obey.

>> No.1198912

Now that Mio revealed in the SMOK collab she sometimes wants to tease people, that she can be both S or M, we must wait for a proper teasing stream to get the creativity going.

>> No.1198959

check >>1180716

>> No.1198987

You can blame Gura for that, she does absolutely nothing with her character.

>> No.1199052
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Wew, should've scrolled before posting, quite nice, like a suffocating love, I can picture everything easily but the punching.

>> No.1199127

Maybe a Kiara one?

>> No.1199161

hot...even hotter is that knowing gundou this has probably happened

>> No.1199330
File: 994 KB, 1075x1518, __ookami_mio_hololive_drawn_by_ashiga_oreta__a4751f4c9ce8ae32d54ee72ed462059d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah looking back I prob would remove those parts, the kneeing and the kicking, for something more emotionally painful

>> No.1199607

do include some smothering with her breasts

>> No.1199623

>pov you lost amelia bowson

>> No.1199652

I was going to go a lot more sexual but that was the first time writing one of these, so I didn't know how far I wanted to take it

>> No.1199702

Justified then.

>> No.1199817

Is there a place for fan fiction that explores interactions, or exaggerates characteristics for fun, but in a non-sexual context?

>> No.1199869

you dont have to make it sexual like this one


that or you can make a vtuber fanfiction thread

>> No.1199923

Any fanfiction site, just turn off the adult option.

>> No.1199964

It's not suffocating love unless you're being asphyxiated by her enormous breasts.

>> No.1200132

You actually stepped up to the challenge of writing Mio like that, but can you do Watame?

>> No.1200196
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Challenge accepted

>> No.1200501

Nice thread.

Thanks to all the writers for using their time to fuel our degenerate minds

>> No.1200583

I can write a Kiara one, but I don't know where to take it. I don't want to turn it into a shallow "hurr she is obsessed with numbers" thing.

>> No.1200649

>that or you can make a vtuber fanfiction thread
Actually, this sounds like a good idea, but I don't know how the locals won't just throw a shitfit about SJWs and report it into oblivion.

>> No.1200735

What? It's just a text version of the drawthread.

>> No.1200745
File: 370 KB, 615x900, __pavolia_reine_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_pochi_pochi_goya__061338ec372de8388b7e1308fc327233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont see how it would be a problem, hell even Reine has read and encourages fanfiction about herself. Also this itself exists to show an interest in the topic.

>> No.1200793

According to her lore, she has infinite respawns but doesn't always remember her past life after reviving, sometimes she regains her memories, sometimes she doesn't. Some unintentional abuse could be made out of that, like you were happy with her, then she dies and revives, and she wants nothing to do with you due to not remembering you. Could turn out tragic if she never remembers and distances herself permanently or heartwarming if she does remember in the end.
Alternatively, if the lore doesn't interest you, she has described herself IRL as a "worthless girl" and has had her dreams crushed multiple times before joining Hololive. Though I feel that what you could do with those concepts has already been done in the 3-post Polka story above.

>> No.1200820

4chan is not one person. Some people perv over chuubas others don't.

>> No.1200940

obvious association between fanfiction and tumblr/livejournal

>> No.1201051

fanfiction existed way before the internet and was a big thing for nerd culture.

>> No.1201087

and you could find gender neutral writing in the 1980s but people throw a shitfit about it on /tg/ today

>> No.1201121
File: 2.19 MB, 3376x2460, 1613345258737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who cares what some retard thinks? Judging by the popularity of this thread there would be plenty of people interested in it

>> No.1201138


Here we go.

>> No.1201385
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You gasped awake, nausea and pain assaulting you as it felt like your skin was on fire and your mind was racing. Your eyes could see nothing but darkness around, the room barren of any light whatsoever. Every time you breathed it felt like a raging fire was burning in your lungs. You tried to scream out, to anyone, but could produce no more than a few coughs and hacks.

At that moment, the lights somehow turned on, at first burning your eyeballs until they were able to adjust to the light. But your newfound vision quickly revealed a grisly scene of blood splattered around what seems to be a field.

Looking around, you saw that you were tied by the wrists to a wall in the back of the room and at the opposite far end there was a sole staircase leading to somewhere above. All along the floor was green grass and flowers sullied by crimson stains. Fighting through the pain you look above to see a crudely drawn rainbow surrounding yourself along the wall.

At that moment, a lone sound reverberated throughout the room. The creaking of a door perhaps. You tried again to call out for help, but no voice came from your mouth. Footstep after footstep was heard going down the steps, seemingly done in a menacingly steady pace as it got louder and louder.

First you saw those black boots come into view, followed by her pink and white coat which was followed by a bloodied harp and, at last, those two horns that you instantly recognized.

It was Watame.

She got off the steps and stood in place, observing you from a distance with a sickly sweet smile across her lips and what seemed like an empty pair of purple eyes that gazed into your very being. Now content, she nodded and slowly strolled through the bloodied field in a nonchalant manner.

>> No.1201395

Another thread, another no aqua co-dependency pasta starring (You)

>> No.1201405
File: 1.18 MB, 2500x4316, WatameEnd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


“This sheep is fluffy, fluffy…” you began to hear her mutter. Your heart sunk.

“Her fur is lumpy, lumpy…” she continues to walk towards you and whisper her lullaby. You feel your dread pool as she continues her song as you continuously fight your brain to try and not relax. You had to prepare-

“...it's time to say goodnight…” you can feel the power in Watame’s voice grow in every word she spoke. You begin to hyperventilate as a terrible feeling begins to overwhelm your senses.

“...tomorrow will be exciting…” you look again at her face, seeing Watames eyes were as wide as saucers. But that empty look still remained.

“...don't fidget or be nervous…” she was almost directly in front of you. You felt tears begin to fall freely from your eyes as she stopped just a few centimeters from your body.

“... clear your thoughts and slowly fall asleep…” she spoke as her face came dangerously close to yours. With her free hand she slowly reached up and cupped your cheek in her soft hand. For a moment you could’ve been fooled. That this sheep girl standing in front of you was going to make it all better.

But your mind knew better.

“...it's time to say goodnight.”

>> No.1201429
File: 222 KB, 1032x1457, WatameDidNothinWrong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At this point you knew what was coming. You braced yourself as she removed her hand from your cheek and gripped the harp with both hands. That empty look in her eyes remained as that sickly-sweet smile into a full on demonic grin.

She slammed the tip of the harp directly into your abdomen, the point driving itself deep into your flesh as you nearly threw up from the first strike.

Then the second strike happened.

Then the third.

Then again.

And Again.

And Again.And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again. And Again-

After a countless number of hits Watame then took a slight pause, blood dripping down the harp as she gazed on her handiwork. Cuts and bruises, bloody wounds up and down your torso and other parts of your body on full display.

To finish it off, she drives her horns directly in your chest. You try and scream but your voice is shot and you only make the pain worse. As you writhe in pain, she walks directly up to you and whispers directly into your ear.

“Watame did nothing wrong…. right?”

>> No.1201502

Just so everyone knows, parody doujinshi are fanfiction. If you fap to R-18 parody doujinshi you're just fapping to fanfics.
Great stuff Anon.

>> No.1201964

>that ending

>> No.1202044

I hope the new thread works out less lewdly, thank you.

>> No.1202233

We have a general fanfiction thread now that's less lewd. >>1201128

>> No.1202428

To be fair, this was the first one that was straight up explicitly sexual. Sorry.

>> No.1204400

Kiara posits herself as something between a doting mother and a ruthless boss
A classic tale of employer abuse
When she says she really needs you work extra hours without pay, she's your "friend"
But when she's threatening to fire you over a minor infraction, unless you do some "favors", she's your "boss"

>> No.1206306

>No ninpho Sora gf to abuse You and threaten to fire You if You don't obay her and give her sex on weird public places

>> No.1206370

Daisenpai abuse is a great fetish desu