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A place to discuss kiki, /vt/s very own recently debuted Aussie bunny chuuba!

who is kiki?
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqF1M9cLvoB-zJsLQgIxx4Q


Previous thread:

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Dont forget to vote for the next stream

>> No.11036832

What should I vote?

>> No.11037402

Vote what stream you want from her. I won't try to influence you

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>> No.11041624

I voted for Deltarune, because she apparently liked the Genocide route and the snowgrave route is basically that but better.

>> No.11042382

I'm still undecided. Gartic phone is not a good choice, then? What are the votes looking like at the moment? I can't see them until I've voted.

>> No.11042675

Vote garlic phone so I can finally interact with her outside of stream chat

>> No.11042731

Garlic Phone and Zatsu are tied at 28.2% and Deltarune is winning at 43.6%. Only about 40 votes total, though, so either of the others could still make a comeback.

>> No.11043367

Kiki should do a run off vote with the two top winners going head to head. I have a feeling the garlic phone and the zatsu voters overlap quite a bit but were divided here.

>> No.11043743

I see one voting recommendation for each option in this thread, so making a decision is difficult. I could vote for Deltarune, as it seems most people want to see it, but it would also feel weird to vote for it just because it's winning.
This is a good suggestion, but some people might be put off by too many polls. I would like it personally because it would be easier to vote knowing I'd still have the option to change my mind later.

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File: 266 KB, 1097x1066, Kiki handling of Snake Backfired.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sup champyons, I just set up my MEGA. You can find my works there now. It's 99.9% empty, but it'll be filled with more cute and funny works later.

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Nah. One with most votes wins. No need to overcomplicate things when she'll do all of them eventually. Plus I think Gartic is a better weekend game when there's a higher chance more people will be on.

>> No.11046565

>Nade empty folder
Not here anon.

>> No.11046598

And after I sent this I loaded up twitter and she made a poll. Big Shot still winnin: https://twitter.com/bunnyonvt/status/1446344282969821190

>> No.11046630

I'm working on it...

>> No.11046680

Art bro I kneel... T o T

>> No.11046693

>99.9% empty
>1 picture
You are planning on drawing 1000 pictures? Nice.

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>> No.11047463

who the fuck is johnny and why are they so buddy buddy with each other and what is he doing living in new south wales

>> No.11047591

Artbro... make a seperate one for nade, let Kiki have her own, she doesn’t want to be associated with her anymore

>> No.11047619

I am Johnny, kikis autistic father

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>> No.11047927

Not art bro but I don't see the problem with having a general 4clover folder. Not like they hate each other, just not close any more.

>> No.11049648

do it yourself

>> No.11049927

Voted not-garlic since I wouldn't be able to participate today, so selfish choice it is

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— oi vei kiki
— get out of my chat
what did she mean by this

>> No.11052024

Holy shit, Mr. Fartface got absolutely obliterated.

>> No.11052104

i wish that were me

>> No.11052172

Bros I'm starting to think that Kiki is antisemitic...

>> No.11052190

it's only for le epic lulz i'm sure...

>> No.11052197

I can't believe kiki bullied her number one fan to suicide

>> No.11052277

based ngl

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Kiki, stay out of the road.

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I am edging closer to completing my grooming

>> No.11053530

>doesn't kill mosquitoes
all respect lost

>> No.11053557

How long until the groomers make the discord and she joins?

>> No.11053904

ankha video is boring, make it the konata one

>> No.11054050

hurts to watch kiki sometimes because im enjoying just listening to her and reading chat but then i spontaneously think about how i will never get to truly know them or be real friends

>> No.11054314

kiki surrounded by pps...

>> No.11055041

>finally get to watch kiki
>don't want to be spoiled when I eventually play deltarune
Why the hell did you all vote for this

>> No.11055090

Because I wanted to see her be a big shot.

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It's not transparent, though...

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oh boy

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Kiki Alter

>> No.11055255

fuck phoneposting

>> No.11055263

>> No.11055368


>> No.11055422

kiki i can do big shots if you know what i mean

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>> No.11056856


>> No.11056882

is her cute sniffle like a little autism quirk?

>> No.11056914

she's really bad

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>> No.11056975

based i am anti semite as well

>> No.11057118

Cat Sign "Vengeful Cat Spirit's Erratic Step"

>> No.11057388

she's just pretending for views... right?

>> No.11058351

bros i don't know if i'm gonna make it passed the nose check...

>> No.11058417

most of the time she's getting hit its because she moves in front of a projectile that would of otherwise missed her

>> No.11058877

considering the skill of her stalker stream, it was inevitable.

>> No.11059697

ok kiki i'll go watch someone else

>> No.11060449

kiki pls stop reading my rrats

>> No.11060679

the pipis have a cone attack, so if she stays at the right of the square it'll be easier to avoid the attack, but if she stays at the left she's almost guaranteed to be hit.
thats how it works, right?

>> No.11061824

Pretty much. She’s only moving in two directions when she needs to move in three.

>> No.11062044

Just draw a fucking circle, kiki.

>> No.11062312

Do we have enough in-jokes to make an iceberg chart?

>> No.11062500

kiki the only person who takes your rrats seriouslyis you

>> No.11062520

I realized there's no reason to believe any rrat posted here without proof. I implore you to do the same.

>> No.11062734

just live your lives and ignore the thread, her twitter and youtube are all you need

>> No.11062802

Its his gallery, not your personal fap folder

>> No.11062949

why not make a pixiv or something

>> No.11063014

confirmed hapa I guess.
Her dad has always sounded like one of those white awkward losers who have to settle for an asian woman

>> No.11063059

I bet my dad could beat your dad kiki

>> No.11063081

I wish I had a dad

>> No.11063167

just get a free one at the milk store anon

>> No.11063359

record your voices so i can dox you all

>> No.11063430


>> No.11063463

time for vocal chads to shine, assert dominance and win kiki's heart

>> No.11063545

think of all the mean nasty names kiki's sister is calling her right now

>> No.11063685

post up champyons

>> No.11063697


>> No.11063982

Kiki here.

Oddball AKlYAMA is my favorite champyon.

>> No.11064142

Gobbles here.

Oddball AKlYAMA is my favorite champyon.

>> No.11064198

>not favourite because shes an aussie

>> No.11064296

kiki's real favourite band

>> No.11064597

is it just me or is her voice really erotic when she's this tired

>> No.11064636

its just her

>> No.11064645

Not just you
I've said this before, but sleepy Kiki is best Kiki in every conceivable way

>> No.11064680

kiki its hard to be comfy when you're voice is giving me a raging boner
please be less sexy

>> No.11064731

whats the latest drama

>> No.11064788

The latest drama is that Oddball is supposed to be mine but he's getting stolen

>> No.11064803

Does Kiki plan on doing any sloppy noodle slurping asmr's?

>> No.11064904

Oddball is MY moral support

>> No.11064939

Oddball please follow me on twitter

>> No.11065014

Kiki Klan Klux
The Oddball Brigade

>> No.11065631

Imagine Kiki going to bed tired, but you jump out of the closet, push her over on to the ground ( its a soft rug so she doesnt get hurt). As she struggles to squeeze her legs closed, you grab her by the ankles and lift her up, her bare butt and more exposed to the incandescent light of the room and no amount of shirt pulling can cover everything up. haha And then you let her go cause it was just a joke and youre not some creepy rapist. lol. I just think it would be funny. haha

>> No.11065685

Haha Imagine Kiki slamming the door to your room open, marching over to you, lifting you up despite being half your size, slamming you on top of your bed, then alternating between beating you up while calling you names and kissing you while saying pleasant things. Wouldn't that just be horrible?

>> No.11065765

No you guys are crazy that wouldn't be funny/horrible at all it would just be highly arousing

>> No.11065782

imagine playing games with kiki late into the night until she's so tired from shouting nigger and kike that she passes out cold.
Leaving her body free for you to do what you want as her bunnies watch

>> No.11065802

Oddball Brigade is better, the Kool Koopa Klub already exists

>> No.11065816

>be aussie
>aoc is 16
>locate moe
>have sex
>uh oh she lied
>16 in one month
>but your honour she was 15yrs 364 days

>> No.11065828

I rarely post but I guess I should.

Oddball here, go to sleep you silly geese, specially you Kiki. See you lads tomorrow ;^)

>> No.11065847

love u babe...

>> No.11066211


>> No.11066287

Come here, Oddball-kun.

>> No.11066340

tfw oddball kuns profile picture isnt kiki... sad!

>> No.11066377


>> No.11066471

sweet dreams kiki

>> No.11066477

Today was fun, and looking forward to seeing you be a [BIG SHOT] tomorrow! Goodnight Kiki and sleep tight...

>> No.11066592

I think its confirmed shes atleast happa anons..

>drinks Chinese tea often
>doesn't want to disclose what other languages she speaks
>has been to asia multiple times
>was taught to make traditional Chinese cake from a young age

>> No.11066659

not to mention shes said shes thin and small, probably has the build of a little asian girl


>> No.11067419

what does this have to do with this thread?

>> No.11068183

>Using the ugly link in OP

>> No.11069514

I love the rabbit

>> No.11069710


>> No.11069823

I want this of kiki

>> No.11070026

something like this kek

>> No.11070101



>> No.11070347

never stops with champyons, we're bunnies afterall

>> No.11073012


>> No.11073739


>> No.11074006

speak up a tiny bit, bud, there's nothing to be afraid of. No one here is looking down on you.

>> No.11074198

>He doesn't know

>> No.11074439

I got family over I didn't want hearing me sing, and besides I'd only sound worse the louder I get.

>> No.11075027

Im off to bed, goodnight frens

>> No.11076824

Do you just go into every /here/tuber's thread and start shit or something?

>> No.11077098

No, just beas thread

>> No.11077653

I can't believe Kiki didn't tell us about the minecraft server bros

>> No.11078920

Why is every Australian vtuber not actually Australian?

>> No.11079064

She said that the model looks like her, apart from eye color...

>> No.11081428

Don't feel like making one at the moment. I'll let you know when I do though.

>> No.11082974

Kiki is a real Ellie Rodgers

>> No.11086444

are you disappointed anon? same with me with HoloID not actually being ID.

>> No.11088720

Kek, you have no idea who you worship anon. The cunny he is referring to is kiki/bunke/lolipilled, an r9k whore.

>> No.11088961

You board tribalist faggots are pretty boring anon. Time to move on.

>> No.11089107

post a mspaint infopic

>> No.11089289

>week three of the same gay rrat without evidence
you're boring

>> No.11089663

hey guys im a true champyon
>responds to baitas
true champ btw

>> No.11090428

i mean as outsider looking in the rrat is pretty confusing, it's require you to have prior knowledge of past 4chan events(?) and 4chan personalities(like who the fuck is gunjy?) that are not related to /vt/. if they want people to buy into it they should package it in a way that are easily understandable.
or maybe im just too retarded to understand the deep mechanism of this rrat.

>> No.11090892

No you're right on the money, whether the rrat is true or not doesn't matter because 90% of us dont know what the fuck goes on in /r9k/

>> No.11090950

Not to mention the name keeps changing

>> No.11091367

I miss her.

>> No.11092815

>search archive
>no result
calling bs

>> No.11094586

Yeah, I was disappointed when none of the holo en 2 we're actual Aussies too

>> No.11095034

I thought Bae was.

>> No.11095208

Hong kong, sorry

>> No.11097525

whens she streaming today?

>> No.11097947

wasn't she going to continue deltarune by now? did she forget about us...

>> No.11098575


>> No.11099734

should i stay up or try to nap for 3 hours...

>> No.11100030

take a nap. she might be a while

>> No.11101922

there's no reason a dude whispering in my ears should do it for me yet here we are

>> No.11102112

cute anon

>> No.11102791

Imagine this cutie anon and kiki on a huge lit up stage singing "you've gotta friend in me" the sexual tension between them riling up further and further until he's forced to pull his pants down and show his monster cock to all the champyons, helicoptering it to the beat of the song.

All champyons and kiki shocked at this point, they collectively line up ready to be assfucked by cutieanon. As he sings he thrusts

GOTTA mmmmm
yeah ugh FRIEEEEND
innnnnn meeeeeee"
And splurts cum onto the crowd.

Haha that would be dumb

>> No.11104266

>2 AM stream
Why does she hate Americans so much?

>> No.11104922

You peaked my schizo curiosity because that's the 2nd time I saw you posting that rrat. I spent my Friday evening doing a deep dive into that faggot board and I discovered absolutely fucking beyond what I already knew: /r9k/ is a cesspool of degenerate tranny pedos all trying to groom each-other. Hang yourself nigger. you wasted my time.

>> No.11105518

searched too, absolutely nothing.
It was convincing, but It's been debunked

Probably a good reason why she didn't respond to it

>> No.11105820

you seriously fall for that bait? lmao
Let me debunk it right now for you retards

>Probably was only mentioned because gunjy is Australian
>He was jailed for doing shit with a child, kiki can perform surgeries and goes to university, mentioned how she watched tv shows from the late 80s "as a kid" she certainly isn't that young.
>Kiki has a bad habit of addressing rrats that bother her or she finds concerning, this hasn't been mentioned. She clearly thinks they're just schizos

r9k is FILLED with retards and groomers. They're just going here for some reason

>> No.11106186

>for some reason
>board full of unicorns
Come on anon...

>> No.11106370

I may be a little retarded

>> No.11108885

The worst part is, I dug through about 10 pages of people praising that faggot like he was some sort of hero. I hope that volcano in Spain blows and wipes us all out, I'm sick of this gay planet and everybody in it.

>> No.11108993

KEK they wish that kiki could have been the one

>> No.11109036

enough of the r9k shit now, its retarded and been debunked

Whos excited for deltarune?

>> No.11109169

I'm excited for cool animal facts but you niggers won't post any

>> No.11109756

Is kiki really a hapa? That's disappointing

>> No.11110944

snakes that come from eggs are born with a tooth on the outside of their face that they use to cut open the egg membrane and escape the egg. this tooth falls off soon after hatching

>> No.11111096

>its real
kinda cool. The tooth is tiny as fuck tho, could barely tell it existed at first looking at images

>> No.11111481

Nah she’s not

>> No.11111547

No she’s white anon

>> No.11111841

She is too much of a Aussie nationalist to be anything else. The hapas always hedge their bets, never really taking any side since they don't belong there in the first place.

>> No.11111921

animal fact: rrats need to be put down

>> No.11112261

>drinks chinese tea frequently
>aspie dad
>speaks multiple languages but won't disclose
>non blue eyes
>lives in the people's republic of australia
I don't know anon, what do you think?

>> No.11112354

How is she calling out people who are subbing to her? Can chuubas actually see when someone subs to them as well as a list of people who are subbed to them?

>> No.11113731

Yeah it comes up on obs

>> No.11115085

I'm like 99% certain I know which champyon this is. Is this the power of 2view? Wish I could post my own version but I have a speech impedement.
Would it really matter? Wouldn't make her any less cute.

>> No.11115239

I'm not saying not cute it's just a bit disappointing

>> No.11115371


>> No.11115953

kiki for the love of god stop using fried pipis
you have 100 healing items, you'll never win if you waste all your TP on healing

>> No.11115978

>says 1488 for no reason

>> No.11116014

One big thing against that is that her mother is very social with lots of friends
A spergs asian wife always tends to be a poorly educated village girl who ends up being a lonely menhera who doesn't fit in to the new rich country she wanted to escape to
Then again her dad is /fit/ and probably kinda rich for them to be traveling so much, maybe he snagged a high tier middle/upper class girl

>> No.11116142


>> No.11116174

she's worse than she was last night

>> No.11116232

fart face

>> No.11116324

How can I behave when her thumbnails made me lose control of my hips and my uooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh T o T

>> No.11116770

>"guys how much further do I have to last to beat the fight"
>you have to lower his HP to 0 to win
>"no thats WRONG"
oh ok

>> No.11117089

i'm sure she knows more about the game than i do, so whatever. i was just repeating some shit i read in chat yesterday, i'm not even sure it was true.

>> No.11117365

I think we're reaching a million monkeys at a million typewriters territory

>> No.11117397

Watching someone else no hit this fight and they're never not shooting big shots for even a second, so I think Kiki is just making this fight harder for herself. She needs to be spamming those constantly.

>> No.11117502

I also often drink chinese tea, but I'm a guy in Siberia.

>> No.11117908

neglected low self esteem kiki

>> No.11119002

>reminded once again that ive been on imageboards for over 10 years now
>I can reminisce and share experiences about all the weird porn I've seen and strange people I've encountered with others who have done the same
>others will spend their lives here without any influence other than the random shitposts I've left in my wake

>> No.11119114

in a few years time i'll have officially been a regular on 4chan for 20 years.

>> No.11120113

>dying in a kid's game

>> No.11121319


>> No.11121335


>> No.11121485

I'd eat fruit loops out of kiki's ass/10

>> No.11121537

kiki have schedule?

>> No.11125863

Kiki doko....?

>> No.11126226

koko on this kock

>> No.11126761

what are the odds that stuff like this will hurt her monetization chances?

>> No.11127746

It shouldn't, assuming she even wants to get Susan's monetization

>> No.11128305

>kiki buys PC
>can play normal games now
>gets accustomed to fps games
>two years later playes stalker again
>reminisces about old times and laughs at how bad at it she was back then

>> No.11128431

Ah.. the kinoloni..

>> No.11129216

Kiki's munching is turning me on

>> No.11130505

RIP stream...

>> No.11130513

>stream died
I blame her sister

>> No.11130618


>> No.11130681

Refresh chat you doof

>> No.11130991

What did you mean by this?

>> No.11131492

this game is shit

>> No.11131553

I agree! This doesn't have [[BIG SHOT]] in it!

>> No.11131584


>> No.11131623

im going to fucking dislike the stream

>> No.11131753

Do it, cunt

>> No.11131873

How do I digitally impregnate a woman?

>> No.11131945

become a male vtuber

>> No.11132010

>captcha NNTTR
dm her with a
>*impregnates you*

>> No.11132090

I'd go down her rabbit hole if you know what I mean
I mean snuggling under the blanket and sex

>> No.11132330

you send a cum tribute

>> No.11132743

Why wouldn't a /here/tuber at least offer a milking service like AVtubers?

>> No.11132797

just send her a cum tribute, she'll love it

>> No.11132943

She needs to work for my cum

>> No.11132948

I'm lying in bed on the brink of passing out, wishing I was awake enough to watch the stream... Good luck becoming Big Shot Kiki

>> No.11132977

thats a good mentality
i can't imagine sending a tribute so someone who can't even beat spamton

>> No.11133210

i'll be waiting for the ring fit stream. i need to sound of her moaning and out of breath.

>> No.11134640

Pixel bunny for my favorite autistic bunny

>> No.11134778

>> No.11134845

we're going to be stuck on the spamton arc forever

>> No.11135005

For the mushroom stream
The album perfectly encapsulates the feeling of Psilocybe
And I don't think it's copyrighted. Or at least in youtube's database

>> No.11135077

too tryhard, go with a classic

>> No.11135081

did she say she's played any touhou before or not?
im a big 2hufag and would love to see that

>> No.11135686

2hu sucks

>> No.11136866

Take my energy kiki

>> No.11137779


>> No.11137812


>> No.11137895

I know you're still browsing you silly bunny, go to sleep :^)

>> No.11137932

First stream I’ve watched of hers/10

>> No.11138093

finally i thought she'd never stop

>> No.11138166

Hopefully she learns that rest is important. The rush of being new and discussed only lasts so long. But damn if it isnt cute as hell she was actually considering staying up.

>> No.11138184

Are you guys doing you draw training reps for the inevitable gartic phone stream when it eventually happens? You've memorized all of Kiki's contours and colour palette right? You can reproduce her in both full scale and chibi form with 90% accuracy right?

>> No.11138212 [SPOILER] 


>> No.11138249

I can't draw but I will do my best

>> No.11138317

Me and Oddball double teaming Kiki!

>> No.11138319

...fuck you man. I didnt want to fall asleep depressed.

>> No.11138399

Here's a little something you might enjoy /pyon/, with help from a drawdad who made Kiyong

>> No.11138537

Holy shit anon! Hahahahah

>> No.11138560


>> No.11138724

It's cute, what in the fuck is Kiyong though?

>> No.11139079

stream is shit she need to stop playing this game asap because i can't use it as background noise because spoiler.

>> No.11139260

very cute

>> No.11142333

caught our oshi oddball-chama uoh posting in the shion x gura collab kek

>> No.11143145

How could oddball watch another streamer and betray us like this? Oddball HATE.

>> No.11143568

Oddball my love how could yo do me like that

>> No.11143599

oddball... how could you?

>> No.11143744

all chad's have side bitches and you're the side bitches

>> No.11144336

Gonna come out and say it. Who the fuck is Oddball and why are all of you dick riding them?

>> No.11144426

Nice try Gobbles

>> No.11144919


>> No.11145070


>> No.11147653


>> No.11147813

MrGobbles is ruining our community.

>> No.11147847


>> No.11149033

Just use streamlabs for fuck's sake

>> No.11149513

Literally what's the deal with gobbles and oddball? Is this just two namefags selfposting here?

>> No.11152059

They both like gobbling people’s odd balls

>> No.11154560

I did mention before that I was a chumbaby. I still have perks until the 2nd of November. Just a little funposting while waiting for Kiki to set up for the training arc stream last night ;^)

>> No.11155255

what the fuck dropped

>> No.11155869

Hehe ogey

>> No.11156485

no...i cant drop you babe...i love you...

>> No.11161529

So how is everyone’s day been?

>> No.11161713

just wondering why kiki doesn't do schedule like normal vtuber.

>> No.11161736

just let the thread die if there's nothing to talk about

>> No.11161960

consistent schedules are for wagies without passion

>> No.11162488

The less holo threads in the catalog, the better

>> No.11163320

having these threads just be useless chit chat will harm the quality of future threads, as they'll be more regularly off topic and full of shit posting.

>> No.11164084


>> No.11167162


>> No.11167256

Your oshi needs promotion. Keeping the thread bumped isnt a terrible idea.

>> No.11167638

Agreed. First time I ever saw Kiki was an off-hours thread and I started watching from there.

>> No.11169569


>> No.11169596

sounds like a good idea considering shes against wanting advertisements on twitter, reddit, etc

>> No.11170414


>> No.11170560

Kiki isn’t even at college, it’s pretty obvious she’s underage anon. No one can stream this much while studying vet science. You also don’t do surgeries until much later. I believed Kiki up until she spoke about her future plans and seemed pretty clueless about how doctorates etc seem to work. I wasn’t sure if I believe the rrat at first, but a few anons claim to know her irl and the rrat seems too specific to be a standard rrat. I’m sure if someone wanted to make up damaging shit, they could do better. So I’m tempted to believe it.

>> No.11170748

watch sana play deltarune
watch kiki play undertale

>> No.11170938

Its october anon, students in australia are finishing uni. Trust me my uni finished up last week. Just let it go

She mentioned she only did very basic surgeries with the help of a main surgeon its not like shes performing heart surgery.

Lets just put this to bed, its so retarded

>> No.11171063

>No one can stream this much while studying vet science

Yes you can, with a lack of social life. She mentioned she studies every night

>a few anons claim to know her irl and the rrat seems too specific to be a standard rrat

1. Its been debunked
2. Theres been rrats made like this before
3. You seriously believe anons know her irl?

>> No.11171562

Not going to confirm any of this as I consider kiki a friend and it’s fucked that people are trying to doxx, but you’re wrong anon, people do know her irl.
We were friends and I was in her server before she was a chuuba.
I and some other discord friends still support her. I’m glad she’s doing well.

>> No.11171646

>Aussie bunny chuuba!
Aussie ibis chuuba when

>> No.11171685

>> No.11171725

quit shitting up the thread and watch the stream

>> No.11171762

>> No.11171803

>> No.11171818

Kiki just read my 4chan post (this one), we're basically married now, later nerds

>> No.11171835


>> No.11171852

>> No.11171881

>> No.11171903

nice cock bro

>> No.11171948


>> No.11171953

Her knowledge of animals seems very rudimentary, I suspect she is at community college and no further. You don’t do minor surgeries until masters, only cadavers in undergrad. I checked Australian curriculum because I thought of studying there.

t. bsc vet science / msc

>> No.11171996


>> No.11172033

drawfags (or shitposters) you heard her. Give us the GooseBunny

>> No.11172060


>> No.11172147

kiki CLAIMS to be a BUNNY despite also calling her self a GOOSE on many occasions. this is OBJECTIVE evidence that kiki is a hapa

>> No.11172928 [DELETED] 

Can confirm her discord name is bunke or lolipilled, the rest is murky

>> No.11173178

Leak more screenshots onegai

>> No.11173385

Is she still in /yah/cord chilling out with drawnigger?

>> No.11173415


>> No.11173448

give me the link

>> No.11173510

shes a mod of the server and knows who gives the invites

>> No.11173705

kek, she made one? Is it secret?
I thought she didn't want to make one because of discord groomers

>> No.11173734

Kiki said I was her friend. Why don't I have an invite?

>> No.11173778

oddball is already a mod in there what the fuck

send links

>> No.11174434


Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?
Say you'll never ever leave from beside me
'Cause I want ya, and I need ya
And I'm down for you always
KB, do you love me? Are you riding?
Say you'll never ever leave from beside me
'Cause I want ya, and I need ya
And I'm down for you always

Look, the new me is really still the real me
I swear you gotta feel me before they try and kill me
They gotta make some choices, they runnin' out of options
'Cause I've been goin' off and they don't know when it's stoppin'
And when you get to toppin', I see that you've been learnin'
And when you get to shoppin', you spend it like you earned it
And when you popped off on your ex he deserved it
I thought you were the one from the jump that confirmed it
I buy you Champagne but you love some Henny
From the block like you Jenny
I know you special, girl, 'cause I know too many

>> No.11174573

this is a lie >>11173415
this is the real one notice how the edges aren't shit

>> No.11175072

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