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An Hero edition

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don't hide the names

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this is masterful trolling lmao

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kek saw this earlier, these fucking lolicons I swear

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You can't send 6k US dollars over superchat,

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Based retard

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reading reps...

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That's $200 US.

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Where the fuck do these subhumans get the money to send 5-digit superchats?

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if the donation is real then the message is obviously a troll, why spend so much money to make her say retarded shit like that?

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Retardchama, your thread reading reps...

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>5 digits

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you now realize you watch the same streamers along these ESLs, EOPs, and illiterates.

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>EU hours
>retards arrive

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No. That's ony four digits, anon.

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Someone post the Mori Cum Hot Pocket one

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Damn I would be creep out if I was them.
This is why I never SC nor join membership

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Sure, neet.

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american education

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It's like 4am in america. They're seamonkeys.

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why are these niggers like this?

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Do Nijis have their own mentally ill schizos? Or is it just a holo problem?

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One of Reine's infamous schizos is now harassing Rosemi because Reine outright stopped reading his superchats.
I don't think Rosemi has realized yet that he's insane.

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One of Reine's infamous schizos is now harassing Rosemi because Reine outright stopped reading his superchats.
Rosemi hasn't realized yet that he's insane.

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Explain further please. I remember hearing about Reine changing her superchat rules

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she won’t have sex with you

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Take the 2views pill.

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Thats a bit much to ask for a digital muppet show

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I don't understand, what's wrong with this SC?
This one is more embarrassing
This is downright creepy

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Aren't their mods that look at superchats before they get sent out to prevent this kind of autism?

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they look at them before they read them, they cant stop specific superchats from being sent

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The worst falseflag I've seen

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>that name
I can't tell who's baiting who anymore

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Of course its KFPs

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>3 American dollars
>begging to not collab with anyone else
>KFP in name

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i can't explain why it's so funny to me that this guy is always in kuzuha's chat sending akasupas

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If they're trolling then they're assholes, Fauna is the kind of person to actually be concerned/upset that one of her fans might kill themselves.

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Shadow though

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she was savvy enough to ignore the message during the sc reading

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what do you think streamers are?

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you got any screenshot? this draw my attention

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You can hear the discomfort from Kronii when she saw this >>10995791 supa

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He's clearly a lolicon.

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I'm not going to pretend I watched Kronii after her debut, but didn't she basically pander to these fags during it? Wouldn't be surprised if she still does.

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Did she do it?

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All superchats are cringe. What are you getting out of it?

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Of course it's fucking KFP

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Can see the name on reddit r/okbuddyhololive

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It's validation. Except it's not fulfilling because it's purchased rather than earned which is why they keep doing it over and over.

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post the kiara one about smelling her cunt. I don't care if it's fake, it's funny.

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chumbuds are fucking disgusting holy shit

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This guy is creepy as fuck.

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How long until a vtuber murder by a stalker is on the news?

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Good thing those aren't USD...

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So gura has her own Joseph Randisi...

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Embarrassing as fuck but Kronii asked for this

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Do they really look like this?

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dont think so, but she read >>10997293

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If it happens itll definetly be a JP, my moneys on matsuri or kson

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>Do Nijis have their own mentally ill schizos? Or is it just a holo problem?
Holo panders to the AKB48 audience and those have to have massive slab of meat bouncers to wrangle otaku fatbodies on the daily.
This is why I actually like Twitch's monetization model. It lets you be anon and a shitload of people - at least in the chuuba sphere - only give money indicrectly by gifting subs rather than buying an SC that's gonne be there and gone in 30 seconds.
Gift subs on the other hand feel like you're doing something for your fellow viewers.

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I’m gonna need a name

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i think its just getting the vtuber to do something you want

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kson is 100% safe, she never was Japanese

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Based or cringe? Never see this one posted

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With no exceptions, Gura's fanbase consists of children whos autoplay algo turned to Gura from cocomelon and 40 year old pedos

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But she lives in japan, and is obviously very popular with the jp crowd? No reason unicorns wouldnt use something like that house dox some chubba had to go ballistic

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Heres one of ame's first fucking schizos

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You can write in blue SCs? Sounds false

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Just like the real Ame and Bubba.

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Thats pretty wholesome!

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You can write anything you want if you're an elite hacker.

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I knew en was good when they distanced themselves from e celebs

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Ojiisans not like this

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Based, slapping a mother fucker in the face with 500 dollars just to shut that nigga up is a power move.

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What the fuck this guy gets video views in the millions

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the superchat happened, but it wasn't blue afaik

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i feel sorry for that guy desu.
getting called a pedo for going out with a girl a few years younger than him

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i think it was 1 or 2 years younger too
twitter is full of tards
guy was 19 and he was going out with a 17 yr old

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Donating to gura and trying to slide into her dms isn't really helping his case though

>> No.11013476

Little did he know, that was the last we'd see of him.

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this guy is in the background kek

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>Be Carson
>Want to collab with cunny shark
>Donate pls.jpg
>She didn't notice
>cries in twitter
and that's how Eceleb Youtuber is the worst

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watching this stream live was an experience

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>giving money to people with more money than me

>> No.11018062

>night owl basement dweller doesn't exist

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Deserved. Guy's a creep, getting cucked only made him worse

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Everyone knows 'brother' watson blows Ame's back out each night.

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If you have ever paid for anything, you've done this.

>> No.11018309

It's less a hololive-specific thing and more of an "audience has grown so large and the amount of schizos have scaled alongside it" thing.

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What about when I paid a hobo for a blowie?

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How about based super chats?

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wasn't he a discord groomer or some shit? makes sense he went after

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Gigguk was right. My Little Pogchamp was the worst thing of 2020.

>> No.11018532

I wonder what he was thinking, like he was just kinda demanding her to DM him

>> No.11018575

Ame's completely flat reation to Cdawg SCing was pretty great

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this is and will remain the best post in the thread

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And for those who don't speak moon runes?

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imagine the smell

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Surprised no one's posted the pastebin schizo (1/4)

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Nah, it'll be a Nijisanji vtuber considering some of those people seem to enjoy doxxing their colleagues for fun.

>> No.11019086

You have to admit one nice thing about Council is that the Superchat threads finally have some new material

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For $180 he could probably go and get a blowjob from a hooker. Jesus Christ.

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>"oh this isn't that bad just a little embarrassing"

>> No.11019158

>guy was 19 and he was going out with a 17 yr old
Why are Americans like this?

>> No.11019201

a lot of it is people already not liking the guy and kinda latching onto reasons for it. not saying people should like them but at least be honest about why you hate somebody you know?

>> No.11019231

It's literally just butthurt women and the soibois who cuck for them. 90% of men find underageb& attractive whether they admit it or not. They proved it with phallometric testing.

>> No.11019248

Did he seriously think she was going to read his fucking autobiography?

>> No.11019256

What's the over/under on cringe SCs being trolls that do a credit card chargeback after?
I assume you can chargeback SCs, anyway.

>> No.11019283

This is why Ame is based, she shuts this shit down.

>> No.11019362

No. You can't. Superchats are like bits. You can't fuck with them, no refunds.

>> No.11019441

The vinesauce cancellation attempt was even more retarded. Fake email screenshots that made him look like an autist that speaks only in memes, and the real ones where he flirted with consenting women in their fucking 20s. Twitter has basically looped around and became anti-sex puritans.

>> No.11019459

The reason that was a big issue on Twitch was because of Paypal, not credit cards. Harder to do on YouTube. And there's no personal liability, unlike Paypal. If YouTube's paid you, they wont ask you to pay it back if there's a chargeback.

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I remember an old Gura SC asking her to recognize trans rights or something. I don't remember the details. She sidestepped by just congratulating the person for feeling better but didn't touch on the trans stuff.
sorry anon no picture, I don't archive everything I see.

>> No.11019565

Why are Chinese like this?

>> No.11019663

Does anyone have the Gura poem super chatter?

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This guy is an Elfriend and asked the same thing from Flare.

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She read it and they are to be wed 1 year from now. Cope.

>> No.11020498

i think he date a fan 4 years younger than him or something when he was 20

>> No.11020517

i remember a similar thing where ollie had to kick somebody with a name containing "lesbian" from an amogus lobby.

>> No.11020701

No cringe SC can ever top this guy.

>> No.11020763

holy mental illness, how long till he kills himself?

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