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>Panchita OP

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Rose? C'mon anon, Akuma, a-kuma? Is not that hard

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Kek, I love Miu translator

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When is a wactor singing this?

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Se nota el bajo IQ en sus caras

>> No.10982112

There's a big difference between akuma and kuma

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Suzu next year when she turns 17 years old, FBI POR FAVOR!

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meant for >>10981913

>> No.10982256

Better this one for the peruAnons

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you can't be this dumb

>> No.10982284

Luna NEEDS to sing this

>> No.10982489

Learn japanese

>> No.10982555

For some stupid reason I imagine Hana-pyon singing or dancing this one

>> No.10982860

conehana is close, you just need to lead her to 90/2000s cumbia songs

>> No.10983063

based and rafaga pilled

>> No.10983068

>Hana dancing Daddy Yankee
Que bizarro, pero se ve cute

>> No.10983193

her avatar has really nice legs

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I'm gonna be hated for this, but is the perfect place to write r/woooosh

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puni wink

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pls be bait

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Sex with Lia

>> No.10984364

Looking at the report channel in Discord is a bliss.
Keep making mods seethe, coomerchads.

>> No.10984489

did they report nico?

>> No.10985363

No. What makes you think they would?

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>> No.10986093

knowing them, whoever reports nico will be banned

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How many girls have already got caught with the chacarron?
Misora, Miu, Rose...

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Care to share?

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Friendly reminder.

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Bros, I think I'm starting to like Kyria.

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if anyone is awake... Etona will be playing RE5


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Fine specimen, and a masterful work of art.

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Glad Etona retains her audience, and its quite impressive there are some spanish speaking fans following her still. Did she went into hiatus? For some reason I didn't got any news about her last month

>> No.10993809

I love Luna's cunny voice

>> No.10994813

Love Pal

>> No.10994901

Hina cachetona hermosa adorable puni puni

>> No.10996967

Miu love

>> No.10997575

Hina dominating the cunny and making her mumble and stutter uoooooohhhh ToT

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>> No.10998911

Adentro y hondo.
What did Miu mean by this?


>> No.10999442

Love to Pal

>> No.11001813

>susan recommends me her san andreas stream
>watch it because why not
>those constant autistic screams
she has something

>> No.11002948

She seems cute and i loved her scream but there is a lot of dead air in her stream (or maybe i'm just watching the wrong VODs.)

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I know her since she had only a few subs but her mannerisms with the voice filters me

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Pal is alive!!

>> No.11004702

Let's gooooo

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>Why do you like to doxx yourself?

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I will always be part of the student council :(

>> No.11005051

Hubo un sismo en japon?

>> No.11005182

6.1 In Kanto area

>> No.11005395

Transl: Wow, are you guys okay with the earthquake?


>> No.11005496

Following the rrat that sopa is in Chile, that narrows it down to 2/3 of the country, the north part has had a cluster of earthquakes recently and foreigners freak out with these things.

>> No.11005777

Musita esta es tu oportunidad para despistar, si hablas sobre el terremoto todos creerán que estás en Japón

>> No.11005817


>> No.11006006

Only if she lives around Tokyo.
Suzu is in Kansai and didn't reach her.

>> No.11006096

she is not in chile, her grandma knew guarani, she knows some guarani. She is either in argentina or paraguay (likely the later) if its true she is not in japan

>> No.11006287

Sopita tomará mate regularmente?

>> No.11006350

dijo que conocia el mate, pero probablemente tome terere

>> No.11006410

That's my kaichou, she doesn't react to the earthquake and also doesn't reveal the name of her favorite jleague team, she definitely doesn't want to dox herself.

>> No.11006712

i wonder if kaichou knows that japanese football fans imported songs from argentina

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Luna yo te amo

>> No.11006815

I love Luna more than you do 。

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>> No.11007718

don't chill yourself here

>> No.11007887

im not her retard

>> No.11007948

reported for violating ToS

>> No.11008252

She send a video of the sky in her neighborhood . Can some weird otaku locate her? Knowing that she is in Kanto

>> No.11008434

Conehana and her bad health


>> No.11008577

japanese women are so fragile, at least the ones that stream have a really shitty diet if they keep getting sick this often

>> No.11009593

>believing hana is sick every single day of her life.
she is with her boyfriend and doesn't want to stream, anon.

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>> No.11010447


Anon, All the other girl have boyfriends too. And they still Stream regulary

She is probably pretty occupied with work stuff

>> No.11010806


>> No.11010875


I not good with this telemetry

I am pretty sure she is located on Japon. I hope it helps

>> No.11011143

Miu doesn't have a boyfriend, she has a husband (me)

>> No.11011528

How did she go from this


to this.



>> No.11011746

I don't see the problem anon.
Are you a seisofag?

>> No.11011774

Just asking

>> No.11012279

Why not liking a literal menhera, self-hating whore equals being a seisofag, anon?

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I hope I get to see Luna's ass as well

>> No.11014139

I pray for Luna mental health


>> No.11014418

Sexo con Luna

>> No.11014588

La traicionó su subconsciente KEK

>> No.11014717

>Doesn't want menhera GFE
Are you sure you aren't a faggot anon?

>> No.11014758

Sex with Hina but no nakadashi

>> No.11014766

Como las chicas que no están en Japón van a hacer los streams 3D (misopa, luña y laila)

>> No.11014891

they can still use the 3D model

>> No.11015182

I thought it was necessary to use special cameras

>> No.11015495

Tech and software has gotten better, anon

>> No.11015939

Reminder that a Sopita le pegaban de chiquita u.u

>> No.11016364

i will save sopita from her alcoholic mother.

>> No.11016646

She lives is LatAm what did you expect?

>> No.11016895

En que parte de memexico vas llevar a vivir Miu Anon?

>> No.11017162


Sopa de vuelta a doki doki

>> No.11017301


>> No.11017469

Wasn't Sopa horny for Yuri?

>> No.11017746

I want miu chara

>> No.11019290

Sex with Miu

>> No.11019564

I can’t wait for doki doki doxxing the crazy sopa

>> No.11019867

At this point it doesn't even matter

>> No.11020494

Why Natsuki? She left the game after sayori became an hero. Did she finally succumb to the power of cuññy? Is this what a collab with luna does?

>> No.11020577

hina was always a cunny connoisseur, actually. since the times when she reviewed memes and art in twitter. pretty based.

>> No.11020678

Good point
Tho I wonder why she's going for natsuki's route deliberatly. I'll kek if she ends up with yuri

>> No.11021221

is she really playing the game all over or is it after her death? i played it years ago

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Today's streams:

Luna's celebration for her 20k subs

Rose will continue with Cuphead

Miu will move to mexico with you (you wish)

Upcoming streams:

Rose Karaoke
Laila karaoke

>> No.11021575

Old data left in old potato

>> No.11021805

Luna starting now (with new opening)


>> No.11021897

Misopa based kek

>> No.11022340

Is sopa's today stream good? I don't know if i want to see her playing the boring part of the game again...

>> No.11022482

she says funny stuff from time to time but the game is really boring

>> No.11022508

Discord wins again

>> No.11022990

>Misopa is always hungry
Architects can't stop winning

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No onions mexicano pero conozco el lugar perfecto para llevar a Miu, Zihuatanejo hermosa playa y viene de una de las películas que le gusto a Miu

>> No.11023086

Is tio Makoto okay? Haven't heard of him in a while. I actually like him more than i like Hina, he is a chad.

>> No.11023283

She learned how to mute on time, probably never gonna hear him again

>> No.11023402

Holy based Misopa

>> No.11023479

Misopa is a fucking larper

>> No.11023616

The duality of /WACTOR/.
What did Misopa did this time.

>> No.11023622

>espero que no se haya roto su cuello

>> No.11023762

>SC: ese fue mi primer anime
>hina: ah ok

>> No.11023780

doki doki menhera club
perfect for a wactor mod

>> No.11023851

Pero ella no había dicho que no había visto anime, es una maldita mentirosa no le creo nada :c

>> No.11023897


Pal streaming in 2 minutes

>> No.11023914

Do you also believe Holos tell the truth?

>> No.11024062

Pal has some big fucking balls for streaming at the same time as Luna and Sopa. Love her.

>> No.11024115

I don’t care about holo, misopa told us that she suffer as a hafu in Japan but it was a lie :c

>> No.11024140


>> No.11024194

That stream should have been yesterday but she didn't have time.


>> No.11024197

She probably does it on purpose to filter the niggers
I love Hina but I swear her chat sucks the most balls out of them all so I wouldn't blame her

>> No.11024313

She could have also been bullied in Latam as a hafu. La china del salón

>> No.11024348

Esto. Aprendí a ignorar por completo el chat y su participación a menos que haya algo que no quiere decir, y sea lo suficientemente curioso

>> No.11024513

I don’t want to support a fucking paraguayan larper, i want to support a hafu bullied in japan. For me that’s the charm of misopa :c

>> No.11024606

You can't larp a spanish that bad

>> No.11024677

I mean I guess she larps good enough
How common is it for a paraguayan to use pixiv and booth?

>> No.11024731

Don't worry anon, i'll bully sopita's paraguayan womb with my cock.

>> No.11024750

And how do you know she wasnt a hafu bullied in japan AND THEN she endend up in Paraguay?

>> No.11024815

madre mia lunita qur haces tia

>> No.11024845

We'll never know because she keeps piling up lie after lie, funny thing that she hasn't mentioned La Amiga for a while, I guess that was another one of her lies.

>> No.11024862

I think she recently moved to Latam

>> No.11024899

First it was la amiga, then it was la prima...

>> No.11025003
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Some anon suggested Kyria yesterday. Turns out, she is actually pretty cool. Her sweet voice is pretty nice

She is doing a Bomberman Stream nod


>> No.11025006
File: 156 KB, 1080x1920, E_ZAxU-XMAAvi0h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lunita ratita bonita

>> No.11025018

I think i remember her saying she doesn't talk to La Amiga anymore because she is busy with her boyfriend. Sopita...

>> No.11025045

Pal suddenly start singing

>> No.11025145

then La vecina...

>> No.11025155

A misopa le funcionó el plan, entre más la analizas es más confuso saber su ubicación.

>> No.11025247

Pera pera, en realidad no se estaba doxeando sino que daba datos aleatorios para confundir? Lo tenia todo pensado desde el principio

>> No.11025264
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>> No.11025291

>when your IQ is so low you end up being unpredictable

She just showed her bilibili debut thumbnail instead of this stream's.

>> No.11025352

I want to belive the lies, but now my experience is ruined:c

>> No.11025364

Short stream from pal, I hope she's not like Suzu

>> No.11025409

She will
Let's be real, it would be better if she avoid getting her burned out with spanish reps

>> No.11025438

Hurry up Hina your parents bought pizza to watch Chile's game

>> No.11025461

>wants to talk
>has nothing to talk
>sings a little
>okay bye

>> No.11025475

>it would be better if she avoid getting her burned out with spanish reps
That's what Rose did, and she's comfortable with her Latino audience.

>> No.11025546

Why not use chrome translate chat?

>> No.11025672

Did the chat retards never explain to her how the poem thing works? Pretty sure she'll end up getting Yuri's CG from the words she picked

>> No.11025753

Fucking misopitas they are retarded also tris is a boring stream because of them

>> No.11025859 [DELETED] 

The WACTOR mod circlejerk won, the bad guys won, nothing but a complete purge will rid it of the cancer

>> No.11025886

I checked her stream, i don't know why but i liked her voice and screams. It feel strange watching her without a BGM tho.

>> No.11025889

what happened?

>> No.11025975

She's currently taking Spanish classes off-stream and it's been killing her though.

>> No.11026227


Hyogayome posted a song, the Chobits intro

>> No.11026262
File: 34 KB, 357x320, 1611689143368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really, really love Miu, but this stream is going to be painful to watch.

>> No.11026362
File: 35 KB, 430x512, 879D1041-9B43-435D-82D0-E7CF50977792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing has changed, and nothing will change now that the circlejerk is firmly entrenched. What other company or community treats its mods as pseudo celebrities? None because it’s a toxic mindset. It encourages corruption and abuse. In the long run it also limits the potential of WACTOR.

This is a situation where you don’t want to end up like LatAm. I don’t see a way out, and it’s depressing. You either support the cancer and put up with it, or you leave and watch the thing you love slowly rot and die.

>> No.11026400

Why the fucking misopa told her secrets to the discordfags and the rest of us misopitas don't know anything.

>> No.11026434
File: 179 KB, 1316x2048, FBGz7fUUUAgsvdr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11026494

wtf she went to VC outside stream again?

>> No.11026588

Because when she intended to show something only to misopitaSP some retard posted it here. Now she trust discordfags more.

>> No.11026620

Sex with Lia

>> No.11026695

No, but she clearly told her stuff to discordfags

>> No.11026989


>> No.11027107

source : my ass.

>> No.11027329

They are screenshot, what are you talking about dude?

>> No.11027344

Why always Misora has those dramas?

>> No.11027694

what screenshot?

>> No.11027752

Can't find the video. did she deleted it?
is she /here/?

>> No.11027777

He is parroting drama that has been deal with weeks ago.

>> No.11027840
File: 30 KB, 400x400, ino_FzYG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ahem umm**

BUENO BUENO SE CALLAN, en cambio miren a este gatito, no es adorable? En 15 min empieza stream

>> No.11027877

Misora's dead to me. Give me more cat.

>> No.11027898

Nice try sopita

>> No.11027909

She is live:

>> No.11027929
File: 213 KB, 1920x1500, 1633129826159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder Miu isn't going to live in LatAm she is doing her hobby of looking for houses in other countries, lots of people do the same

>> No.11028054

quads of truth, that drama is dead

>> No.11028059
File: 723 KB, 835x889, 1612674162963.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love my gatita albina come isopodos

>> No.11028132

oye!!! por que por que , osea tu realmente crees esas cosas? no es así, tu estás mal, por favor no le creas a los que dicen esas mentiras.

>> No.11028168

read it in her voice kek

>> No.11028263

Next week she's gonna do another country

>> No.11028554
File: 17 KB, 359x168, 1632870681804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rose cancels today's stream

>> No.11028614

Miu chan is looking for a home in Latam (Mexican Edition) now!


>> No.11028806

My queen QQ

>> No.11028814
File: 74 KB, 849x468, 1613077719489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well shit, technical issues.

>> No.11028833

Con que sea en el norte, en el sur del país tiembla a lo pendejo y además son comunistas

>> No.11028903

>Miu says she wants to live in Latam
>Stream died

Like poetry

>> No.11029000
File: 511 KB, 428x427, norteño.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11029024

In discord

>> No.11029043
File: 14 KB, 392x110, 1608982215229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've expected this kind of comments.

>> No.11029230

>that distinct pitch, that joyful energy, that healing smile
she is here hermanos, miu is streaming

>> No.11029231

Yeah, that's exactly how the southern commies look

>> No.11029311

Reminder that morena won by a landslide in the north

>> No.11029386
File: 115 KB, 1334x750, E9wz4dMVIAUL40E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11029448

Este wey literalmente se la quiere llevar a vivir a Ciudad Satélite lmao

>> No.11029476

Do norteñokeks really?

>> No.11029516

El chat se la pasa hablando de narcos de Mexico, buen trabajo tratando de convencer a Miu muchachos.

>> No.11029583

Well, they are not wrong kek

>> No.11029652
File: 71 KB, 841x468, 1628333331107.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's really looking for prices. omaiga

>> No.11029655

Only by being a narco I would be able pay for the lifestyle I want to give her and save WACTOR

>> No.11029691

>That one retard who wants her to go to Tamaulipas
Does he want her dead or something

>> No.11029716

He wants to breed and abandon her

>> No.11029718

>Miu uses Bing
Absolutely fucking based, liked and subscribed

>> No.11029745

I want to live with Miu en el cerro...

>> No.11029757

I can't believe I'll get doxxed like this

>> No.11029766

I thought Japanese uses Yahoo

>> No.11029800

what if wactor is planning to move their headquarters to latam because of less streaming and copyright restrictions, imagine

>> No.11029837

I don't want the to pay piso so no thanks.

>> No.11029877

imagine being the retard that thought that a picture with like 3 skycrappers at night would impres a Japanese girl. Regios really are something else.

>> No.11029932
File: 67 KB, 830x467, 1610616176013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miu seems to be the only one who is genuinely interested in getting to know other countries.
Maybe Laila too.

>> No.11029969

Kek, a picture with some whitexicans would unironically be more impressive

>> No.11029990

Show her beaches and tourist areas, cities cannot compete with Japan

>> No.11030024

Tell that to the niggas who showed her Santa Fe

>> No.11030124

She really gets excited and amazed by seeing houses, kek she's so endearing.

>> No.11030164

Well, you rarely get to buy a HOUSE in Japan

>> No.11030165

Did the translation thing freeze or did she turn it off

>> No.11030174
File: 7 KB, 332x80, 1632512002614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Carete again.

>> No.11030214

Houses in japan are small and sad

>> No.11030244

No pasa nada, yo le meto el dedo

>> No.11030256

Not to mention she lives in a dpto with a roommate.

>> No.11030343

>She really likes kitchens.
Perfect wife material.

>> No.11030441

Les falta Mundo jajaja

>> No.11030448

Do people who use bidets only use the bidet to clean themselves up? That sounds like it would only end up making puddles of dookie mud

>> No.11030452

miu is being cute again

>> No.11030458

She got excited that houses have more than one bathroom

>> No.11030506
File: 22 KB, 479x270, chapos01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Onions Felix García. Me dedicaba al narcotrafico. Yo llegué al negocio por amor a MiuGod, por querer salvarlas a todas del abandono y del alto costo de vida nipon y a la vez larpear como narco. Yo trabajaba con los mods de discord vigilando 4chan para banear a los infiltrados. Me pagaban poco, no ganaba mucho. Luego Maid-fan me baneó del server por criticar a la Sopita y para el colmo pocos días después caí preso. No es facil ser DD, pero una vez en el negocio no puedes volver atrás. Pero yo les quiero decir, ¿qué más les puedo decir? Portense bien, no entren al discord, si entran y ven algo no metan dedo, no digan nada. Es todo lo que les puedo decir. *suena motosierra* Cuando guste

>> No.11030523

miu creatividad no ironica

>> No.11030591

Esta comparando lo pequeña que son las cocinas japonesas con las que vio recien.
Pobre Miu debe ser un lujo para ella.

>> No.11030624
File: 160 KB, 1500x1000, 1633131193951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Miu's voice sounds different but it's really cute anyway

>> No.11030641

In japan the kitchen is also the living room and your room

>> No.11030655

Those nip departments look like hotel rooms

>> No.11030682

is she looking at upper class residences? or is that middle class in mexico

>> No.11030700

Now I understand why she likes to see foreign homes.

>> No.11030737

Pachuca is kinda inexpensive so they have bigger houses overall

>> No.11030746

They look like upper mid

>> No.11030807

I'm not rich and my house has 2 rooms a decent size kitchen and living room, 3 bathrooms and a front and back yard

>> No.11030812

Miu you adorable dork

>> No.11030816

>two baños?
her japanese mind is exploding

>> No.11030850

That's barely above low class, I pay the double for about a house about the same so my guess is that pachuca is an inexpensive city.

>> No.11030907

>Necesito un tren

>> No.11030946

No Miu, not Guadalajara

>> No.11030948

Some people in japan only have a toilet in their houses and they go to the community bathroom to take a bath.

>> No.11030992

¿Por qué solo está viendo de ese pueblo miado de Pachuca?

>> No.11031037

Esta enamorada de las cocinas de latinoamerica kek

>> No.11031051

Pachuca > Santa Fe > San pedro garza
According to Miu

>> No.11031061

miutomo kitchen review when?

>> No.11031077

Can't wait for the Argentina version with mansions being like 10 dollars

>> No.11031118

Can I make Miu fall in love with me by showing her my kitchen?

>> No.11031147

Well obviously you can live on a fucking mansion in some backwater third-world shithole like Pachuca for the price of a Japanese apartment in Tokyo but the trade-off in quality of life is fucking huge

>> No.11031157


>> No.11031196

only if it's big and fully equipped

>> No.11031220

No. at best you'll have her attention, if you really want to impress her you must have more than 3 bathrooms.

>> No.11031249

Not really, puerto madero is the most expensive place in latinamerica. You have both extremes here i guess

>> No.11031250

Next time someone send office spaces for rent for Meido to see lol

>> No.11031306

A feminist would be offended if you show her the kitchen. Miu is delighted.

>> No.11031364

Carajo el español de Miu mejoro un monton, al menos al leerlo.

>> No.11031365

Now you know why yellow fever is so common in latam

>> No.11031366

We need work for Miu kitchen

>> No.11031367

She's based trad wife material

>> No.11031401

Venezuelan edition. Manors and villas will be priced in WoW or Runescape gold.

>> No.11031486

She could probably waltz into the country with a week's worth or supas and buy the presidency

>> No.11031501

Argentinians on the stream are gonna be like this

>> No.11031525

>3 pisos, uno sin usar
>3 baños
>4 dormitorios
>cocina equipada
anons, puedo alojar a miu sin inconvenientes. yo salvaré a miu y la traeré a latam

>> No.11031570
File: 68 KB, 843x470, 1630683928246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11031643

I fucking love seing burger kings and other american shit on colonial looking parts of the city.

>> No.11031700


>> No.11031775

Miu doxxing miutomos

>> No.11031782

Malditos tuzos se van a quedar con Miu

>> No.11031870
File: 67 KB, 832x480, 1628311984741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dime tu direccion
Is she trying to doxx her audience?
Holy based

>> No.11031907

Other vtubers chat doxx her

Miu doxx the chat

>> No.11031929

would you do it anon?

>> No.11031962

>perros thinking they can breed Miu
>it's gonna be Miu breeding them

>> No.11032034
File: 445 KB, 220x203, 1605416457350.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11032038
File: 254 KB, 689x689, 20210607_105515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She read Spanish super fast now!

He notado que Miu ya no utiliza la función de voz del Traductor

Ahora escribe el mensaje en Japonés , Google lo traduce, y ella lo lee por si misma

>> No.11032130

>Telling her to live in cdmx
Wtf bros I wasn't aware chat hated her

>> No.11032186
File: 3.00 MB, 1600x2400, 1617784218099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a Stacy

>> No.11032191


>> No.11032295

>chat telling her where to look
>she is listening to discord
sigh its over

>> No.11032533

Those prices are for rent right? no way they are that cheap to buy.

>> No.11032749

La mejor forma de aprender el idioma es hablando con el chat, mejor que quemarse el cerebro con Duolingo, creo que la presidenta tambien esta avanzada verdad?

>> No.11032907

I think most chuubas that actually want to seriously learn the language drop Duolingo.

>> No.11032977
File: 4 KB, 337x59, 1613389992898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11033032


Etona playing RE5

>> No.11033048

Y..... se cayo el stream, like fucking pottery

>> No.11033133

>Holaaaaaaaaaa por queeeeeeee

>> No.11033150 [SPOILER] 
File: 334 KB, 502x600, miu_pachuca.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11033161
File: 71 KB, 843x472, 1617804521701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11033174
File: 190 KB, 1080x1080, 1625101495451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

miu is so cute

>> No.11033246


>> No.11033263
File: 42 KB, 392x495, 1541975771803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does her PC keep shitting the bed, is hers even more potato than Hina's was?

>> No.11033297

It's probably old already.

>> No.11033349

her pc must be old, it struggles a lot with apex and the live2d to the point she doesnt use it anymore when playing that game

>> No.11033807

What's a service room?

>> No.11033943

Miu sounds like she is really planning to take a vacation.

>> No.11034050

Usually a place for laundry, ironing and hanging out clothes

>> No.11034082

Laundry room

>> No.11034090
File: 5 KB, 344x53, 1607619601520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11034389

I wanna have a numerous family with Miu bros

>> No.11034534

what's Miu doing and why is she jpg

>> No.11034617

Her dissapointment in not finding pics of the showers and bathrooms is cute.

>> No.11034814

She's looking for houses in Mexico, and her PC is slow and crashes, that's why she uses the jpg.

>> No.11034944

ecchi shower

>> No.11034973

Miu...there are only faggots there....

>> No.11035019

I never cared for Miu before but after watching her stream for a while i can say that you guys were right, she's so cute.

>> No.11035110
File: 17 KB, 313x324, 1606801911219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No miutomos allowed

>> No.11035177

>No pets allowed
Miutomos, we lost

>> No.11035468

They don't call her Miu god for nothing.

>> No.11036319

>Loyal Miutomo es DD
kinda contradictory

>> No.11036808


Momozora from Cyberlive playing Outlast

>> No.11036861

Fuck bros now she's running into the shit holes

>> No.11036892

la dueña de los puercos, por favor pisame

>> No.11036954
File: 92 KB, 845x470, 1622790295621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Donde la enviaron?

>> No.11037410

How did a city with a church per block end up becoming a faggot hotspot

>> No.11037815

Solían ser monaguillos

>> No.11038068

I miss her already.

>> No.11038246

>the end screen is her schedule
that's so clever, why don't more girls do this

>> No.11038258

Lia will have a collab in the morning


>> No.11038379

New ES pandering chuba in a few hours:

>> No.11038407

That png could be a graffiti there

>> No.11038592

...That's actually a good idea for a fan art

>> No.11038758


>> No.11038872

did she invite a girl for a threesome?

>> No.11039489

healthy and mel mama

>> No.11039739

wtf based

>> No.11039898

i cant believe she set up a stream with anticipation

>> No.11039921


>> No.11040188

You learn a language by bruteforcing it into your brain, duolingo and courses are a joke, set all your devices into the language you want to learn, then watch media with subs in that language and that's literally it.

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