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A thread dedicated to Nijisanji EN’s pure gamer mermaid Finana Ryugu! Fish love!!!!


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Excited for more Outlast with Pomu
love their horror collabs

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Does anyone have the clips of when Finana did the "pathetic" line in both her Finana and Finance voices?

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Yesterday’s Honkai stream was fun.

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Starting soon

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Finana screams heal my weary soul

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Dumb feesh.

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Fish is cute

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seems like Finana might do GTAV streams again soon, I hope she'll do so next week, her GTA streams have always been great

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Pomu's eyes genuinely have a creepy quality to them. Like looking into a bottomless pit of despair. Rosemi is terrifying too.

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Definitely my favorite series of her other than Minecraft because I just love Minecraft streams

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What would a week getting "fixed" by Finana be like? I feel like that's a massive flag to run the fuck away from her but the experience would probably be life-changing.

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Her not cooking, eat spicy noodles, eat McDonald's, charging her phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot Dorito, and lie about her promiscuity.

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GTA is great, gives her a chance to do some action gaming with a lot of open possibilities which is always fun.
Plus it has a great story she can follow along and get emotionally invested and react to.
She should seriously consider playing older GTA games after she's done with all V has to offer.

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She has said herself that she likes pleasing others and making them happy even if it can get in her way and she also has a tendency to open up easily and has no natural filter. She's also very horny.
Lastly we knows she likes yanderes and her strategy to make a guy fall with her is to be nice and then play hard to edge them.
Mix all that together and we could expect girlfriend Finana to be very submissive yet possessive, constantly horny and eager to please but also emotionally manipulative.
Her "fixing you" would mean pleasing you so hard you become addicted to her and defendant on her. That way you will be happy with her and only her.

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I know it's a trap but why do I fucking want this so badly anyways.

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Because you already fell for it while you were watching her stream

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Constant sex till you forget everything else

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I want to he mindbroken by Finana

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I hope she plays Astral Chain soon. It's a really cool game but too bad it's not great for views

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I'm glad this general is back, I do love this cute feesh.

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It should always be around just as a chill place to hang out in and post stuff where anons can catch up about what's up with Finana without having to scroll through all the shitposting in the general thread
I made this thread but I won't be able to again for a while so I hope others would do it whenever they notice it died. Even if it doesn't hit bump limit and is short lived, there's no reason why we shouldn't keep making it. There's no obligation that it needs to be active to exist

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I like Finana so it pleases me she's giving honkai a try, can't wait for her to reach chapter 7

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So she is essentially a siren that baits you with her song and then makes you want her and only her

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Finana's so cute when she's scared, I hope she does more horror in the run-up to Halloween.

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Sounds about right, and fits with her theming, too. This... might be concerning.

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I'm happy that Finana will have more degenerat friends in wave 3. Pomu is up there too but isn't as open about it
I was surprised to hear that even she thinks the new girls are more unhinged than her

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Yeah I also want her to lean more on horror games. They're always great but I guess it's to do with how Finana tends to get immersed in games so seeing her reactions is always great fun

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People like to think that finana is horny 100% of the time. In degeneracy levels she is a little below Pomu but it’s just that she is open about it

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I agree. The shantae stream definitely showed that Pomu is very much a horny degenerat as well but tends to be shy about it most times unlike Finana. Definitely part of the reason they get along so well

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This makes too much sense... no wonder she's the Mermaid/Siren Princess, she's training to become the queen, and we are merely Knights to be chosen and toyed by her for her coming-of-age ceremony! Surely... none of you fellow Ryuguards will fall for the trap now that you know... r-right?

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I've kinda been on and off 4chan lately so I haven't been able to make the Finana generals much. I'll try to keep it alive more when I see it dead, Finana deserves the love! And yeah, NijiEN General is going to be a bit flooded for a while so this will be a good place to chill for us.

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"Voyeurism box" intensifies.
Really, though, I think I'll have to reconsider my opinions on some other VTubers after discovering that... I don't really mind Finana's TMI too much. Maybe I've been prejudiced without reason all along. Time to change.
Respect. I'll try to fill in as well, for the same reasons even if you'll likely see me
going wild for at least one of Ethyria

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you ain't the only one. They all seem like fun girls, pretty hyped in general yeah, but Finana will probably still be my main go-to in general.

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I want to stick my dick in a feesh! <3

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Here's what I think a week with Finana would be like:

>Day 0
Finana would only target you after you've been through something that has you down; losing a loved one, breaking up with your SO, maybe even just getting rejected or having a bad day. If she was being especially pushy I could see her going for guys that aren't even single, as long as she believed she was truly a better fit for them or they were in a bad relationship. As long as it's something she views as a challenge, she'd be into going after you.

>Day 1
This would arguably be the only day that could be considered good for your mental health. She would simply be trying to get to know you and your troubles. She'd let you vent to her as much as you wish and would relate to you however she could. This whole day would be spent just making you comfortable around her and trusting of her. If at the end of the day you're thinking of Finana, then she's done her job well.

>Day 2
This would be a continuation of the previous day at first, but she would turn up the teasing/flirting. She'd dress a bit slutty even though she acts as if you're just a friend. At the same time, she'd still question you about your troubles, even if you might not be wanting to discuss them anymore. Her end goal is to get you riled up and unable to think straight. She'll try to spend the night at your place; if you accept, then she'll find a way to push you over the edge, and you'll end up spending that whole night using her as a sexual outlet for your frustrations.

>Day 3
Having successfully slept with you the previous night, and knowing you'll be tired from staying up later than you might be used to, she'll spend this day just hanging out with you as your live-in fucktoy. She'll still act like you're just a friend; she'll want to play games, talk about anime, etc. But she'll also act super casual when it's clear you're thinking of fucking her and she'll let you do so without a second of hesitation on her part. She's letting you continue to use her as an outlet however you want, but at no point will she hint at any romantic feelings. No "I love you"s, just sex.

>Day 4
At this point it's going to be incredibly hard to not catch feelings of some sort; you're getting along, she's incredibly cute, she seemingly shares all your kinks, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy. You think you're falling in love with her, but really you're just becoming addicted to having an unrealistic relationship where a girl is willing to provide you with extremely high amounts of sex & companionship. In the heat of the moment, during more passionate sex, you'll finally tell her that you love her and she'll reciprocate without thinking much of how heavy those words really are.

>Day 5
This is about the time when things start going downhill, but because of her methods, neither of you will ever really realize how unhealthy the relationship is. You'll become more and more obsessed with her, while Finana will, at least subconsciously, already be thinking of her next challenge to conquer. She may have said she loved you the day before, but she won't act much differently towards you. You can still use her however you want though, so you won't notice that she may head home an hour early or that she didn't talk to you as much throughout the day.

>Day 6
She's already pulling away from you, but you're too blinded by your lustful obsession to notice. You spend the whole day thinking about her. All you want is to hear her say "I love you" again. In a reversal of Day 3, you will be the one spending your whole day trying to please her. You'll try to impress her by dressing up as nicely as possible, you'll pay for an expensive meal, you'll ask her about herself the whole day without even mentioning your own thoughts on things, and when you both fuck you'll be entirely focused on pleasing her as best you can.

>Day 7
At this point, you've been successfully converted into a fully dedicated Ryuguard that Finana can call upon whenever she wants. You can't see anything that she does as doing anything wrong. You think you're in love and that you have a chance with her, but the reality is that you just want this one week to last forever, no matter how unsustainable it is. If you're lucky, you'll be a favorite servant of hers that she calls upon for kinky sex on the regular, if you're unlucky then you'll just be a distant orbiter who defends her blindly from others.

Finana's version of fixing others isn't to make you a better person for yourself; it's to make you a better person for HERself. She likes tackling challenges, she has too high standards for a realistic romantic partner, and she's too warped by media to realize when she's being manipulative. She can't help being a siren; it's all she knows how to be and it's too much fun for her to give up. Be wary of her, and try not to fall for her siren song, no matter how tempting it is.

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Probably my favorite fan art

>> No.11004422

Holy shit so she's basically Arcadum at this point

>> No.11004428

I want to watch Finana but I worry I'll get emotionally attached and then hurt if it's uncovered that she has a bf. I can't do that to myself, I'm already damaged enough, but she seems really cute in the few clips I've seen...

>> No.11004585

Just know that if she does have a boyfriend, she's probably manipulated that guy into being just as desperate as you and she doesn't really love that guy that much either.

>> No.11004683

How do we save her from herself

>> No.11004877

Open her eyes to just how fucked up she's becoming with her expectations...

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Why do I get the feeling this wall of text isn't entirely fiction?

>> No.11005020

That doesn't really help if I'm being honest but I appreciate you trying. I mostly just wanted to call your oshi really cute somewhere...cute enough to break my heart...

>> No.11005134

It's okay anon. We've all been there. Trust me.

Though I never really had delusions on chuubas, I more or less just found Finana cute in a weird way and ended up becoming a Ryuguard somehow

>> No.11005267

I'll admit I listen to virtual strike all the time.

>> No.11005308

sussed this out from the very beginning. thats why ive always been on the fence about her being s or m despite every single person, including herself, saying shes m. everyone who fell for her being m was already in the palm of her hand. someone just needs to beat her at her own game and knock her down a peg.

>> No.11005319

Now that you say that... fuck, I've actually been doing the same... are we too far gone?

>> No.11005328

I really like it when she plays horror games with somebody else like Pomu because it lets her take the role of the coward of the duo and she is really cute when she makes scared noises.

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Check her member post, she's planning to do a horror movie watchalong apparently. She might even do it with Pomu but who knows.

>> No.11005917

As someone on twitter pointed, Pomu's eyes have a demon face in them lol.
And given how roommate has the perfect look for this, it's her to a T.

>> No.11006067

>And given how roommate has the perfect look for this, it's her to a T.
I guess the question at this point is whether or not >we care enough to do anything about this. I don't mean to imply there's anything that CAN be done, but it does seem weird to look danger straight on and just accept it anyways. Do we just accept her as she is and forget about all this? Do we just willingly submit and let ourselves be orbiters who protect her no matter what? I can't imagine the answer is yes.

>> No.11006404

yeah honestly I do kinda want to protect her just as usual, but at the same time, it doesn't feel great to watch her just continue down this trainwreck of a relationship she's looking for. Maybe we're looking too far into this though and she's actually fine? Like, maybe she's just joking? But even I admit that just sounds like copium now. Who knows what we can do anyways when as of right now, her being a vtuber that's quite popular with a dedicated fanbase kinda just feels like it's going to be an endless cycle we can't stop. But, if anything, I trust Pomu and her actual parents enough to actually hold her back or educate her properly on that front before it's too late.

>> No.11006607

That's true; I'm almost certain I'm overthinking the whole thing(I'm the one who wrote that massive wall and honestly it's basically just fanfic). But I feel like it is something she can be trapped in if she's not careful or around the wrong people. As such, I think the only real thing any ryuguard can do, is to just try and hold back & think for a bit whether something they say or do might encourage her to chase unhealthy expectations. The rest is just up to Finana herself and those close to her, who I trust to actually make a positive difference.

>> No.11006918

I would love something like this. Horror movies are my favorite for watchalongs

>> No.11007337

If you're that kind of person that gets attached to vtubers that way, you should quit vtubers as a whole because that isn't healthy

>> No.11007528

Yeah this one is just too good.
I'm very glad so many artists like her because we have been graced so much

>> No.11007683

You just know that deep down she's turned on like crazy; fucking siren...

>> No.11008310

This thread was definitely needed, shitposting and Finana antis have ramped up ever since wave 3 since they all claim for them to be acting like her on Twitter.

>> No.11008682

Admittedly, much of that is due to the skewed reputation Finana has for being lewd. I am part of the problem here; she RT'd a quick compilation of those I made. Really though, it's more that she just throws these things out of nowhere, not that she does them often - most of the time she's more of a chillstreamer.
Shit, I have the power to make a difference, don't I? Gotta up my support reps.

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Yea good luck with that. I'm just going to hide in these threads for a while until debut is over.

>> No.11009284

Not necessarily /here/, no, but if I can clip more of Finana's thoughtful moments I could try to turn the tide in my little way. This place has always been a lost cause though; I'm only here for the little corners that aren't tainted.
That being said, more Genshin in about 6 hours. What's the most likely plan of action this time around?

>> No.11009579

For Genshin? Probably more story shit, she still has to finish Albedo's quest and then start some others like Xiao. I'm pretty sure she is going to run out of stream content in Genshin soon, unless she starts doing coop farming with viewers (which she seems to not want to do)

>> No.11009715

co-op farming with viewers... how good of an idea would that even be? I doubt management would even let it slide...

>> No.11009739

Yeah, the running-outta-content part is real. Next major content patch won't be for a while yet, and while whaling sessions rake in big SCs, she can't conceivably sustain that sort of content for long before the entertainment factor drops off a cliff.
My Genshin reps... I'm going to miss like half the jokes and references coming up...

>> No.11009997

I don't see the problem, other chuubas have done it before, if she makes it members only the pool of people wanting to join won't be massive and it most likely will be people who want to play with her, not troll. Of course, that would require her to add her viewers or give out her UID...

>> No.11010066

I do wonder if she'll ever go back to other games she's tried out before like Euro Truck Simulator. That would be neat, though she did talk about wanting to do Undertale again, maybe she'll work on that next and go onto Deltarune afterwards?

>> No.11010095

She whales at the start of the stream so fast, I don't think she draws it out enough.

>> No.11010180

I want to see Finana play DMC or some action game. I know astral chain is one but that game is boring to watch.

>> No.11010240

honestly true, Astral Chain is definitely fun to play but man, watching it is definitely lackluster.

>> No.11010773

Anon I get attached to anything and everything I take an interest. I'm inherently a dependent person, it's an intrinsic part of my personality to hinge my sense of emotional stability to others approval. At least vtubers are people I can interact with, I would be much worse with most other things.

>> No.11011873

She hasn't done domains or abyss but I believe she farmed them off stream, so she'd probably visibly be bored with it.

>> No.11011966

She does farm domains off stream, not sure about abyss.

>> No.11012080

I like the Astral Chain streams but I've never seen this game before so it looks really cool to me since it's my first experience. Same case with Genshin
She did talk about playing DMC. Probably after she finishes AC

>> No.11012614

I think Finana picks up way too many long games at once and has to drag on with them for so long which really hurts her viewership and stamina with them. Like playing two VN games at once tired her out and had her drop Nekopara since she isn't accustomed to text heavy games.
She should've also dedicated more steaming hours to Astral Chain and VA-11 early on so she finished them quicker and reduced the big dip in views that comes with games like these. Plus, picking up Honkai is just making it worse. Should've at least waited to run out of Genshin content and replaced it with that one.

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File: 127 KB, 1080x810, 1606785804639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11012769

So basically she needs to be dicked-down by someone who's actually well-adjusted and can break her with endless rough sex.

>> No.11012785

Yeah. she should drop the mineshit and gachashits, that would give her more time for other stuff.

>> No.11013030

All vtubers should drop mineshit.

>> No.11013118

honestly, true, as much as I love them. I'd rather see modded minecraft if someone were to actually stream minecraft.

>> No.11013227

>modded minecraft
Fuck I miss those early ones she did. Personally I like Minecraft streams but modded is just more interesting

>> No.11013327

Yeah, especially the modpack she was playing, lol. I hope she does modded minecraft again like I'd been asking her to in maros and superchats... but who knows since she's so addicted to gacha

>> No.11013445

She enjoys the gachashit so those won't be gone anytime soon and she hardly plays Minecraft that much nowadays
She should tackle the long story games one at a time. Finish Nekopara then move on to VA-11 then move on to Astral Chain. Instead of just going at interchangeably which is just a mess since the longer they go on for the worst it is as she ends up with several debuff games at a time

>> No.11013515

She should know what she's getting into with those games when it comes to numbers. Thankfully she doesn't numberfag very much.

>> No.11013822

That's true. Her main focus seems to be just having fun and playing games. She doesn't seem to put a lot of importance on what would get her views and SCs.
I guess I would be the same if I was in her shoes. Like I love when she does SC readings but if I was her, constantly having to be concerned with catching up with them and making sure to thank everyone and giving them to dopamine rush they crave would just be mind numbing and exhausting. I understand why she doesn't want to encourage more SCs and is just happy with the few dedicated ones she has.

>> No.11014991

Really looking forward to Genshin later since I just wanna relax with Finana today
I desperately need my fix of a comfy stream right now

>> No.11015264
File: 1.24 MB, 850x1202, 1633631247505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah things have been pretty hectic lately haven't they? It's why I love the fact that Finana just generally chills and does her own thing, makes for a comfy stream to watch, let's one just relax and take their mind off all the other stuff. That being said, I am pretty behind on Finana's genshin streams, so I'll be going in blind yet again I suppose lol

>> No.11015524

Really happy that she joined Nijisanji and I found her. She certainly helps me out to unwind a lot. Her streams are almost therapeutic

>> No.11015623

She's fixing you anon...you're falling for the siren song...

>> No.11016023

The other alternative is being a stressed out mess. She's the only thing keeping me from breaking under pressure of real life shit right now
I also have no delusions of dating her or anything like that. I just enjoy her streams because she's fun and relaxing to watch

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So we're gonna have to make this a permanent thread now too huh? I fear the day /nijien/ splits is coming sooner and sooner... Either that or somehow end up with a permanent Lazulight thread, that would probably be more sustainable in the long term what do you guys think?

>> No.11018137

Yeah she seems to be pretty happy with what she has now. She already knows her most dedicated followers, artist and donators. And while she doesn’t like every single reply to her twitter anymore and when she does it’s almost always limited to the people she recognizes, as long as she is happy her streams will continue to fill me with happiness as well

>> No.11018174

The general will become more and more crowded and in turn more shit as more people flood to it due to the things like new waves. Splits are inevitable and they could be better but they could also be just as shit. It's really hard to predict how anons will behave to be honest

>> No.11018726

I would be willing to give a thread like that a shot since it's really hard to try and get any genuine discussion about streams in the general.
It's very discouraging when we get such a legendary stream like the beatmario one and the overwhelming discussion about it for days is around a retarded complaint of being "tricked"

>> No.11018782

A lazulight thread will work, those 3 interact more with each other especially Pomu with Finana where it’s common to have one collab a week and even members stream

>> No.11018946

God damn it I really wish I could see her cosplays, it wouldn't change how much I enjoy watching her streams but I'm just curious.

I think it's her fucking life and she can do whatever she wants, so far she's doing fine and she might play dumb sometimes but she isn't actually stupid or naive I think she's self aware enough to not get trapped in some bullshit, either way I wish her the best. Hopefully she finds a guy who can love her the way she is and won't hurt her.

>> No.11018994

She still has all the hangout stories and those actually take a decent chunk of time, some of them are great like Noelle's.
Those could give her a few streams worth of content and she will enjoy doing Thoma's once he's out too.

>> No.11019018

Euro Truck stream was great, I hope so.

>> No.11019053

Unga bunga island was so fun. She knew how to spice up minecraft.

>> No.11020625
File: 921 KB, 992x1403, 1633125873804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope Finana's having a nice day.

>> No.11020663

It's making me feel really nostalgic thinking about those early streams of her. Unga Bunga, Village, Spooky Jumpscare Mansion, DBD...etc
I'm surprised she hasn't organized any DBD collabs. Hopefully she gets around to it with NijiEN growing

>> No.11020824

Oh god now I'm feeling nostalgic too. Those early streams were so fun, they made me fall for her.

>> No.11021147

Remembering how so obviously new and inexperienced she was to the whole thing trying to figure it all out, it's like reminiscing about your daughter or little sister as just young kid after she's grown up

>> No.11021188

god this is basically the Finana Ryugu experience right here for me. like that retarded little sister you just can't help but love and protect.

>> No.11021460

Fuck off Ria, just because it's her life doesn't mean we can worry about her, yes it's best for her to find a guy that will make her happy she is pretty naive in many aspects. I have no doubt she will grow and mature more heck she has already being improving on her sleep

>> No.11021563

Anonchama are you taking your meds? who the fuck is Ria?

>> No.11021614

I’m sorry I want to dick your sister.

>> No.11021667

Remember to treat her well!

>> No.11021724
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Genshin stream is starting!

>> No.11022440

What a coincidence I want to dick my sister too

>> No.11022519

You definitely gain a unique perspective on her when watching her since debut

>> No.11022610


>> No.11023623

Seems even Finana is getting tired from the Genshin grind

>> No.11023718

Dumb fish has been at it for weeks even in her free time, anyone will be tired

>> No.11024379

>I gave up all my other games just for this game.
She stopped XIV just for gacha? goddamn...

>> No.11024490

Must... save...

>> No.11024651

She's being more dedicated to her streaming and since she doesn't want to fteeam XIV, it gets less attention nowadays

>> No.11024851

She's cleared TEA and E12s, she LITERALLY has no reason to touch XIV atm rofl

>> No.11024987

oh yeah I forgot about that lol.

>> No.11025200

>Finana is going to do a 30m Zatsudan & Superchat thanking after this
Let's goooooo!!!!

>> No.11025308

I hope it's one of those where it ends up going on for hours because of tangents

>> No.11025351

I hope so too, maybe her mom can bring the food to her this time instead so we can have a long zatsudan...

>> No.11025877

I wonder if we'll ever get to hear a family member on stream.
To be honest any NijiEN girl doing that would be nice like Finana's sister, Pomu's grandma, Elira's brother or Selen's father

>> No.11027127

Probably, we hear other branches family members,maybe not all to the extent of Hana, but out of all nijien, Finana is the most likely next to Pomu's roomies.

>> No.11027601


>> No.11027699

Damn I want Finana to cheer me on like that as I get my ass beat in fights

>> No.11027828

I really wanna hear her sister's ridiculous zoomer speak
I meant actually be invited to talk on stream. Would be interesting to see how her dad would address us though I highly doubt it will happen

>> No.11028000

Sadly yeah will be very unlikely with her dad, since according to Finana her relationship with him is pretty distant

>> No.11030176

Finana's giggles heal my soul

>> No.11033972

I'm afraid this went on for too long so even if we get a zatsudan it won't be long

>> No.11034231

yeah... kinda unfortunate, hope she does a dedicated zatsudan stream soon.

>> No.11034556

nevermind, she's actually going to go grab her food to continue on with the zatsudan! wooo

>> No.11035642

she's eating pasta

>> No.11037086

I don't think I'll be ready for her ASMR streams

>> No.11037137
File: 143 KB, 265x305, 1633663618118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"It's okay, you don't have to donate to get noticed by me, I see you. I know all your names."
Uhh... Ryuguardbros...?

>> No.11037980

>Fishdad put up Finana's stream on his big TV screen to show off to the extended family line

>> No.11038810

This started out funny but then got super sad...

>> No.11038885

yeah... I hope they talk it out atone point. those kinds of family relationships are just ticking time bombs if not handled properly.

>> No.11039926

God damn lmao

>> No.11041641

I love Finana, bros. I just want her to be happy

>> No.11041654

>Six hour Finana stream
Today was good.

>> No.11042297

Today was a blessed Finana stream

>> No.11042349

Would you guys believe me if I told you that yesterday I sent her two marshmallows, one asking her for more zatsudans like the good old days and one asking if she'd ever consider doing ASMR.
And now we got a zatsudan and she mentioned she was looking into AMR mics.
Does she actually check her marshmallows? I wouldn't be surprised, the girl is stuck to twitter and checks everything there, she might also check other social media too.

>> No.11042435

I think the last time she had a Zatsudan, she said it was because she read a marshmallow. If she's not playing mmos, she practically lives on social media.

>> No.11042541

Next steam is Minecraft and that makes me happy because I love Minecraft. Also excited for the debut tomorrow
Now, I'll be going to bed with thought if Finana

>> No.11042568

She definitely checks other social media, she is fairly active on the Nijisanji Reddit as well.

>> No.11042622

She has mentioned a few times her marshmallows and that's what got her to do the zatsudan that was privated. But the zatsudans and ASMR mic has being things she has mentioned quite a few times in past streams.

>> No.11042686

She checks all her social media daily, I'm sure. I have to admit, I was planning on letting her membership expire this month and was looking forward to Wave 3 zatsudan since I thought they were a thing of the past for her.

Turns out she's been feeling really tired from trying to fix her sleeping schedule which is the main reason she wasn't doing post-stream zatsudan. I wish she was more forthcoming (like Pomu) with these things but the feesh is a bit hermetic at times.

TL;DR: I feel bad about being mad at her and will stay a member. It's hard not to gosling bros...

>> No.11042758

Speaking of that zatsudan... is there any chance of it being restored? There are some really good bits about K-Pop experiences from there (plus her between-Finana-and-Finance voice) that I want to share, but I'm holding off on doing so because it's sealed. The personal archive sits in a folder, unused...

>> No.11043286

There's a chance yeah, she's just been lazy at editing it, heck we only got the promare watchalong stream back up just a few days ago kek

>> No.11043307

Not likely, considering how much they talked about hentai every time the topic even became normal will be a mess to even edit out

>> No.11043665

What the fuck, I don't use reddit at all, didn't know she even posted there.

>> No.11043949

just upload it to a mega, anon. we're also missing her very first keyboard review stream. what if your home catches on fire or thunder takes out the power in your area? what if the hard drive is damaged and the archive is lost forever?

>> No.11045232

Finana could honestly take advantage while eating and just do zatsudan

>> No.11046058

Funny thing is most of us wouldn't even be mad but be extremely happy for it... what the fuck has she conditioned us into bros?

>> No.11047770
File: 1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 146144124612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Finana and just want her to be happy.

>> No.11049061

Skitzo here. Her MapleStory story was about how she met her first eboyfriend. That is all and I will never take my meds.

>> No.11049111

second shizo here. her gta5 bit in this stream was an experience she had in her personal life.

>> No.11050487

I'm very proud of her for committing to it. Also, it was very cute how a benefit she listed was that she gets to talk to Pomu more since they're awake together more

>> No.11050535

Well, since you have a point about losing that archive...
Things like this don't deserve to be lost forever.

>> No.11051056

I really like finana but all my vtuber friends make fun of me for it

>> No.11051986

Finana is the sister I wish to have but never will.

>> No.11052333

Sucks for them since they don't see what they're missing

>> No.11053745

I can't believe I missed the first keyboard review. It jus happened to be one of very few streams I wasn't able to catch live and I'll never get to see it. It hurts...

>> No.11055973

And yet she is much better, go get better friends

>> No.11059947

>knock knock
>you open the door
>trick or treat!
Wat do?

>> No.11060165

god she is so cute in that. I want to give her headpats... and cummies. the inside of that sheet also matches her.

>> No.11060577

Give out candy of course

>> No.11062341

This damn smile is too much for my heart. Must protect

>> No.11063575


>> No.11063916


>> No.11065545

Alright but will she ever burp on stream tho?

>> No.11066661

You need better chuuba friends.

>> No.11066868

She's burped twice before, back when she actually did zatsudans, she was like; "I wonder if I could force myself to burp" and she did it surprising even herself. People jokingly said Finana will end up with Burping/Farting compiliations to counter Elira's Blessed Sneezes.

>> No.11067012

Link or I don’t believe you

>> No.11068555

I wanna see Finana be molested by everyone in the new wave

>> No.11070405

Finana is a cute. That is all

>> No.11071409

Really interested to see the new dynamics, the new wave seems pretty crazy themeselves while Finana power move was making the room go “what?” When she opens her mouth

>> No.11072259

holy shit she's so fucking cute in this wtf

>> No.11073277

I'm both excited and scared to be honest. Who knows what cursed conversations await us. Remember that Finana said that she is still holding back
This one is my favorite so far from all the assets

>> No.11074153

Excuse me miss, this isn't McDonald's

>> No.11074329

wink at her and then slide her a packet of 2x spicy samyang ramen with artificial chicken flavoring.

>> No.11075987

Finana if you're here I know your whole "I'm really dark inside" bit is nothing but a bluff. You're "dark humor" comes from pure egoism and there isn't a dark fiber in your body you spoiled corrupted brainrot retarded bitch. The only dark thought you've ever had was when your parents didn't buy McDonald's on your way home and you thought of them as subject to your really "dark thoughts". Cringe. Your unrealistic standard of a man would see right through your lies and find you repulsive. That's why you escape to the world of the internet where you can seem like anything you want to. Oh wait you can't even pull that off cause you're insecurities just leak out like a runny faucet. Fuck you Finana and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You probably won't ever leave the bubble you created for yourself and that's fine cause literally everybody on earth is aware of it.

>> No.11076941

God I vaguely remember that but I'm not sure if it actually happened.
Please somebody come forth with a real clip of it.

>> No.11076978

Honestly I'm not looking forward to it. It was cute when Finana said something edgy out of a sudden and the room went quiet.
Now she'll have two options, either she doubles down and becomes too gross to keep up with the new members or she has to act shy and reserved around them.

>> No.11076982

I just recall it was around the Metal Slug X stream. Not many really clipped her zatsudans..or they took em down out of respect when she got rid of some of them.

>> No.11077047

she doesn't come here and she won't read your edgy tsundere poetry

>> No.11077106

Then pull her inside and rape her over the course of several days until the police raid my property and find her in the basement with her eggs nice and fertilised.

>> No.11077138

would be fun if they get along and discuss degenerate shit casually

>> No.11077479

At first, but seeing the try hardy nature on twitter already and knowing who some of the talent PL are, I know it'll outstay its welcome fast outside of the dedicated "uwooh vtuber/liver said a naughty, toss my wallet at them every stream."

>> No.11077711

Yeah that's true, it'd probably be better if they just like are able to casually bring up stuff like that while not being too overbearing, but that's probably not possible considering who Millie's PL was...

>> No.11077768

Anon I swear I’ll watch the entire vod just to find it if you’re certain that’s where it happened

>> No.11078240

I'm watching a few vods around then myself too, since it was in her usual spot she did the zatsus, which she hasn't in A LONG time, so it cuts down many to check back.

>> No.11084093

Restraint and self awareness would go a long way.
They can have their degenerate moments but know when it move on and when to give those a pause, know how to brush it off when the timing for it isn't right.
It gets pretty bad when there's a group and they are all tone deaf, they just go out of control.
I hope it doesn't happen.

>> No.11084119

>> No.11087622

They'll likely be mindful enough about it. But the words the other girls have said so far about them being 'crazy' in a way doesn't exactly fill me with much confidence. I'll certainly give them a chance though.

>> No.11088274

I hope they're just saying it to hype people up.

>> No.11095060

Finana be freaking it

>> No.11096830

well then, I understand her completely lol

>> No.11101614


>> No.11105085

Well, Finana is still my oshi, but how do we feel about the new wave fishbros? I like Witch and Bird.

>> No.11105481

I actually like Fox and Witch. I'd also probably watch bits of the other two as well, but other than that, yeah. I mean, I get why most people in general don't like Nina, but I think she's going to be an interesting streamer to watch at the very least and I feel like people are just annoyed by her ticks, while I don't really mind it much personally.

>> No.11105709

Discussion about any of them's chaotic, there's so much bait everywhere I can't even focus properly. Think I memory-holed most of it beyond Millie, to be honest, but I'll give my honest verdicts.
When the first idea that comes up is a literal "debut stream but it's all honey" you have an issue with overusing it. I believe the story where it's all synonyms in Russian and she just can't translate it well to EN, though. Interesting voice; overall kind of reminds me of Kronii that traded doomer vibes for wageslave vibes.
I'm obviously biased about this one let's face it, we all know who she is but her preparation and creativity game's top-notch. Really digging her game tastes too. I don't know what they're saying about Twitter drama, but if it's true then I sure damn hope she remembers she represents not only herself, but Anycolor as well.
Great singing voice, nasally speaking voice. Hardly the first I've encountered with that level of gap moe re: voice, but it still causes some whiplash. I'm afraid this one's the one I can say the least of, though.
Model's not nearly emotive enough to match her, dang. And I don't even think she'd fit as the cat witch, either, so that's kind of a problem. Interesting game choices, though; no Apex, Genshin, or FFXIV, but Age of Empires is in.
>In general
I'm seeing much hype surrounding this debut, and that's great. Not a tribal sorta person, but some serious competition is healthy for the market IMO.
Also, half the gen's down bad for Elira, and the other half's down bad for Petra. Former's not that much of the surprise, but the latter...

>> No.11106240

same anon, but I want to add a disclaimer: these are from the short-form debuts alone. It took like two months for holoMyth to become anywhere to what they are today, hell I think at least one (Calli) took way more than that to really bloom. Even Ina, the most consistent, has been gradually opening her thoughts up, at the risk of all the rrats over here lmao.
tl;dr we have no real idea about them yet, give them some time ffs. I'm paying the most attention to Millie, but in case I spot something really interesting from the rest I'll pivot easy.

>> No.11106398

I meant to say Reimu, not Enna. Fuck. Reimu playing RE:HD has me interested. Hopefully Nina can tone down saying honey.

>> No.11106460

New wave is great. Fox isn't really my taste. There are a lot of vTubers to watch now, but I will continue to watch Finana moving forward.

>> No.11106525


>I believe the story where it's all synonyms in Russian and she just can't translate it well to EN, though.
Huh, interesting, I never saw this take anywhere else, but this actually makes a lot of sense. She should probably get to using other synonyms normally though so that it doesn't sound so tiring to listen to for most people, like I said above your post, I don't really mind it personally, I think it's somewhat endearing, but I understand other people's gripes about it.

>I don't know what they're saying about Twitter drama
it's just /wvt/ being salty as usual, that place usually congregates of some shitty vtubers and not as much viewers as you would think. Millie might have been a little extra in her past life and in general, but she's not really to the point of being menhera, so it's just the usual falseflagger/shitposter.

>Hardly the first I've encountered with that level of gap moe re: voice, but it still causes some whiplash.
I like Enna, she's kinda like a reverse Levi Elipha for me, where instead of being a demon with a pure soul, you have an angel with a rather dark soul and all that. The best part too is the weird normal voice and the godly singing voice with her, I like that part best, she seems to be great at controlling her voice in general too like a voice actor.

>Not a tribal sorta person, but some serious competition is healthy for the market IMO.
Yeah definitely this, which is why it's nice to see that the two main big vtuber companies known to most people aren't just getting all the "godly talents" like most people here seem to want. It's better for everyone if there's competition so that the industry doesn't just stagnate in general.

>> No.11106867

>She should probably get to using other synonyms normally though so that it doesn't sound so tiring to listen to for most people
That's about it, really. If she really wants to play out the whole mommy thing, by all means; that's a legit way to play this game. I'm just a little afraid that she'd get pigeonholed by clippers because of that and I think like a clipper sometimes, so I had to actively restrain myself from making said "compilation".
>it's just /wvt/ being salty as usual
Why am I not surprised? Next they'll say she's a leech, when networking is exactly how you get kino collabs, help, and notability. Quite a few someones have been ignoring /asp/ as if that were a symbol of pride.
>The best part too is the weird normal voice and the godly singing voice with her, I like that part best, she seems to be great at controlling her voice in general too like a voice actor.
Makes sense. For the record, the one I compare to is Akuma Saki; small corpochuuba who happens to share an artist with my kamioshi (Watame).
>Yeah definitely this, which is why it's nice to see that the two main big vtuber companies known to most people aren't just getting all the "godly talents" like most people here seem to want.
Problem is, and I admit to be part of this, by the time people start exploring out of Holo/Niji, they're already swamped with oshis or found their kamioshi in there already. Really hard to grow in that case. Stupid algorithm being a self-fulfilling prophecy in code form doesn't help.

>> No.11107333

>Problem is, and I admit to be part of this, by the time people start exploring out of Holo/Niji, they're already swamped with oshis or found their kamioshi in there already.
oh yeah same here, I admit to just only really watching Nijisanji livers honestly, I don't mind all the other ones, I just don't watch them personally because I usually don't have time and yeah, like you say, I already have a lot of talents I already watch from said company of choice, which in my case is Nijisanji. Not like I can't have multiple, I do occasionally check out VShojo and Hololive from time to time (Tsunderia and Prism Project if I'm really bored) but definitely not my main choices lol.

>Stupid algorithm being a self-fulfilling prophecy in code form doesn't help.
Definitely the one thing I don't like about YouTube, it's just not a great streaming platform lol. I'd still prefer to watch streams on Twitch honestly so I'd be very happy even if they just restream their stuff there because the quality is just so much better there, otherwise, I have no choice really since the streamers I like watching are glued here to youtube for some reason even though in NijiEN's case they actually do have Twitch accounts lol.

I hope they use their Twitch more, especially Finana, honestly, I feel like she'd benefit a great deal there because, as much as I hate to say this, her audience is definitely better fit there. Also better discoverability (and I also want Finana's emotes in my Twitch sub emotes lol)

>> No.11107875

Honestly I got driven out of Twitch because of the streamer circles I experienced. Was just a bit too overwhelming with the in-jokes and emote spam for the younger me.
Think I'll give it another shot though; it's entirely possible that I'm just a hypocrite. What's the difference in chat culture when your live viewer count exceeds 1500 and a good chunk of that's active anyway?

>> No.11108048

I don't think they will be very open to Twitch after the leak

>> No.11108074

Oh, yeah, found the anon who explained Nina's "honey" tic; they explain it again in >>11107996. I really buy it, not gonna lie.

>> No.11108113

>What's the difference in chat culture when your live viewer count exceeds 1500 and a good chunk of that's active anyway
True, only horrible thing about twitch really is that emote spam is fucking insane, but even then, with enough moderation it's actually pretty decent. As far as I know it's not exactly easy or common for Nijisanji to have their viewers as moderators, but I hope they'll eventually learn to do that if they do get on twitch more. I trust that Millie will help with that at least because she's very experienced with that kind of thing and will probably be able to convince management towards it. Overall, it ain't too different from YouTube, but it would definitely be more prone to emote spam.

I guess, but most of KR and the few JP that do use Twitch seem fine to continue using it though so they probably dealt with that somehow already.

>> No.11108207

oh wow, yeah this really does explain it super well.

>> No.11108262

Finana and Enna collab WHEN

>> No.11108762

fish schedule doko?

>> No.11108870

The week isn't over yet, she has minecrap for Saturday.

>> No.11108943

oh fuck I forgot, I'm way too excited aaaaaaaaa
Finana please bring back modded minecraft I'm begging you here...

>> No.11108982

The new girls are cool for sure but my main focus is still Finana and now I'm excited for the new fish combinations and how those can play out.
Will Nina treat Finana like a little sister? Will Millie match Finana's degeneracy? And more, we'll have to find out.

>> No.11109493

People said Wave 3 was 4 Finanas but she's cuter than all of them.
Ok ghost is pretty cute but feesh still cuter

>> No.11110080

facts, also those posts were definitely just falseflaggers and shitposters so no need to give them any attention lol.

>> No.11113156

Wave 3 are cute but Finana is fucking adorable also her shitposting and hornyposting feel way more genuine and less forced.

>> No.11113859

Even lazulight said they were more unhinged than Finana, only time will tell how they compare.

>> No.11114802

The bird left the best impression on me and I'm looking forward to her the most

>> No.11116660

I love Finana. Hope she gets along with her new friends

>> No.11120162


>> No.11124309


Excuse me what

>> No.11129439

Don't ever change, Finana. Don't ever change.

>> No.11131459

How can I find a girl like Finana, anons?

>> No.11132174

Play XIV and get involved in the RP scene

>> No.11133346

Finals Stenosis love!

>> No.11134962

Literally just this lol. She may or may not be a vtuber but..no pun intended, plenty of fish in that sea.

>> No.11136205

>> No.11138870

>> No.11144237

Her minecraft stream is now a pomu collab, good news.
I still hope she does more modded minecraft stuff in the future but collabs with pomu are always fun.

>> No.11144254

Collab with Pomu tonight

>> No.11147587


>> No.11152426

>> No.11152438

Will Finana get along with Enna?

>> No.11152467

I think she can get along with almost anyone desu

>> No.11153115

>> No.11155036

Dolphina died... again

>> No.11155110

how many is it now.... last I remember was Doplhina the 6th or 7th

>> No.11156888

Do Pomu and Finana have the most 1 on 1 collabs out of all Niji EN?

>> No.11158679

Yep, they collab almost once a week

>> No.11158802


>> No.11160282

Finana prefers no foreskin, hope you fellow ryuguards are cut.

>> No.11160374

But in typical Finana fashion she let us all know that she doesn't judge and will accept all dicks equally.
What a good girl she is.

>> No.11162036

I'm in bros

>> No.11166550

This zatsudan is great, lots of interesting stuff about her, all of her family sounds quite wholesome.
Melee was the first game she got in kindergarten so she must have been about 5 in 2001 more or less.

>> No.11166760

So she is around 25 or older

>> No.11167047

That's probably when we can top out her max age but I remember Melee being on store shelves for quite a while, especially the Player's Choice edition. My copy was bought from a Walmart well into 2005-2006.

>> No.11167128

This is what Finana looks like off stream

>> No.11167519

Comfy stream today. I could her her talk for hours and hours.

I hope someone clips her wholesome Halloween story but watch the uterus controller clip be up early tomorrow >:(

>> No.11167568


pretty sure she's like 24 max, she's young but her normal voice has a cadence that suggests her being over 20

>> No.11167691

She said melee was the first game she asked to get but she played N64 games before at her cousin's and she couldn't remember it well.
Overall the timeline makes sense, she must have been around 5 to 6 years old by 2001's holyday season.

>> No.11167735

Both stories are great and I hope they both get clipped.

>> No.11168684

what the fuck no way

>> No.11168973

GOD why are asian women like this I've been through a similar process before

>> No.11169490

I got a boner reading this thanks

>> No.11170046

I love her so much I'm becoming a stalker. I'll follow all her posts on twitter and reddit and even on other girl's chats when she comments there.
I save every bit of fanart of her and I take notes of timestamps of her stories on zatsudans and listen to them on my own.
I'm even starting to have dreams with her in them.

>> No.11170296

Have sex

>> No.11172391

Is it me. Or did Finana and Pomu seem to get a little too sassy with each other during the tropical fish farming part of the stream?
I had to go afk later on, and it looked like Finana was pouting cuz she died trying to get into the water temple then gave up wanting to play anymore. But I had to go afk again.
What happened?

>> No.11175290

>> No.11177293

Does Finana read this thread? I hope she does. I love you Finana! Let me carry your eggs!

>> No.11179073

Very happy to see GTA on schedule

>> No.11179613

Finana crying and Pomu telling her to shut up shows how close they are to each other.

>> No.11182258

Get help anon, that's not healthy

>> No.11182884

That's called a parasocial relationship...it's time to step back my nigga. Just repeat these:
>You do not matter to her
>You are only views and supachats to her
>The best you'll ever be is she'll recognize your name if you do fanart/good memes
>Again, you are nothing to her.
>She is just a character being portrayed.
That's not talking shit about you, by the by, it's just something to keep in mind when enjoying vtubers.

>> No.11184174

I'm so fucking horny for Finana right now I'd put 3 kids inside her

>> No.11186666

Of course I don't matter to her and never will, we'll never have any real interaction I know that.
Still can't stop thinking about her tho.
I guess it's like being obsessed over an anime waifu and collecting all her fanart and merch except this one happens to be real.

>> No.11186726

I’m not horny rn but I’d still put 3 kids in her

>> No.11186823

It's similar, only difference is occasionally she talks back to you non-scripted, which can trigger things. Controlling yourself from being trigger is the key to staying sane.

>> No.11187411


>> No.11190056

I followed the timeline a bit, melee came out by the end of 2001 and she said she used the trophy mode to show her mom she wanted to cosplay Zelda for halloween so it must have been at least 2002 and she said she was in kindergarten at the time.
So she'd be 5-6 in 2002 placing her birthday in 1994 or 1995.
Also perhaps her mom's DIY helped her start into doing cosplay.

>> No.11194245

wrong, because finana is about 21 at the most.

>> No.11194684

I don't know how you know that, maybe it's some past life info you got or it's your guess, but I'm only basing this off what she herself just said last night.
She'd be about 25 now.

>> No.11195207

Correct, PL info would place her around 25.

>> No.11196050

>Drag inside

>> No.11196940

Anal with Finana. Fin-anal

>> No.11198319

That places her as a millennial than. How does she know all these zoomer references?

>> No.11198378

I'm even older than her and I know all of her zoomer humor.
Some people are just built like that.

>> No.11199803

It’s just her sense of humor

>> No.11201010

What the other posters said + she has a little sister to feed memes off.

>> No.11201329

And she has said her little sister is like a super zoomer so she probably feeds her pure raw undiluted zoomer memes all the time.

>> No.11203839

Gen Z is considered to begin in like mid-to-late 1990s and with generations you're bound to have crossover. Especially close to the borders with younger or older siblings also she's very online (zoomer territory).

>> No.11207646

no fish stream today right? did we get a schedule for this week yet?

>> No.11207818

Holy shit we got a fucking doujin



It's pretty good, gently dominating Finana semen demon

>> No.11207887


>> No.11208047

She's still doing both honkai and genshin which is kind of a stupid move but at least she herself admitted it might be a mistake so she's not clueless about it.
The genshin content is gonna dry up soon anyway.
She mentioned wanting to go back to Nekopara eventually but can't handle it for now because she gets tired of reading a lot and she still has to finish Vallhala first.

Glad GTAV is still on the menu, no clue how much content is left there after the main story.

>> No.11208090

I hope she does GTA Online and maybe drag the others into it, it can be really fun after all.

>> No.11208111

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, anon.

>> No.11208179

Thankfully she has her Genshin stream for one day after the 2.2 update, so at least she will have a character to roll on and new content to play. I wish she would play DMC already.

>> No.11208222

>Fishy tight cunny

>> No.11208433


>> No.11209523

Ahhhhhh finally
I hope this is the first of many more to come

>> No.11210513

I love Finana so much it's kinda insane. She's always so much fun and chill to watch I just always have a smile on my face whenever she's on...

>> No.11211778

Me too, anon. I hope she knows how much she's helping me deal with stress by watching her streams

>> No.11214278

>6 hour minecraft stream to catch up on
is there a point when it just turns into zatsudan i can skip to?

>> No.11214887

you can check the timestamps in the comments, they're pretty comprehensive

>> No.11215177

>wanting to miss the Finana twerks on a bird bit, the death of dolphina and chickens aren’t birds.

>> No.11215446

Love me Finana
Love me Kokomi
Simple as

>> No.11215931

Fish finished her picture of frog

>> No.11215994

what’s the chance of me showing up at finana’s door and her allowing me to plow her until she’s full of my baby milk and completely unconscious?

>> No.11216182

70% If you were ERPing with her in XIV before she became a vtuber.
10% now if you happen to be her friend irl and you don't know it,.

>> No.11216655

whats the other 20%?

>> No.11216694

Major props to whoever made this

>> No.11216868

Her coming onto you, as she made it clear she takes lead but also likes to play hard to get at the same time.

>> No.11217826

Why does it look like she used a base for this? The jagged inking around the hands and body, the perfect curves on the hair, and the artifacts on the tassels. Something is off here.

>> No.11218483

Very cute tho honestly she looks more like Finana cosplaying Saruei than Saruei herself.
She made her too cute in her style.

>> No.11218501

She said it herself, the coloring was last minute decision which is why it's rough. She's been working on the sketch/lineart for 2 months minimum now.

>> No.11218545

We're in such desperate need for more finana songs.
It's cute how insecure she is about her singing but I wish she could get over it already. At least a member only karaoke would work.

>> No.11218888


>> No.11219133

we really are. putting Virtual Strike on loop 200 times is reaching its limit for me...

>> No.11219307

Thread's about to die in a few minutes, this board's been really fast lately huh?

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