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>EN Vtuber tourney. Super Autist Gosling Edition
>Losers Round 2. Winners Ro8 will be tomorrow.
>Day 7 will close at about 4am - 5am UTC.

>Day 6 results


>5: double elimination tournament
day 7: Round 2 Losers (16: 8 from Ro16, 8 from R1L -> 8 to R3L)

Day 6's thread was archived, so I couldn't link to today from there. Luckily, the last post in the thread was only about an hour away from the deadline, so hopefully everyone was able to vote.
There was a comment claiming that this was a datamining thread. That's ridiculous because the form doesn't collect email addresses. It only requires you to login to a gmail account to limit the voting to 1 per person. I assume that person reported the thread just to troll the people interested in this tournament. When you vote, at the top it says your email (not shared). If you hover over the eye, Google will tell you that your email is not sent in your answers. Here's an image that doesn't prove anything, but it shows the settings I chose for the poll. Believe it or not, I don't care. https://files.catbox.moe/nf55ph.png
If this thread is reported and deleted, I will remake it until today's poll closes, so everyone who wants to vote can vote for their oshis and against their antis.

>Past threads and rules
Day 1 >>10569021
Day 2 >>10630437
Day 3 >>10681248
Day 4 >>10731693
Day 5 >>10773085
Day 6 >>10823232

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I barely know enough about all of the EN speaking Holos how am I supposed to know these indies/nijis on top

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Americans almost fucked it up again.

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/vt/ has good taste surprisingly

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Damnit, I should've voted

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>Pippa vs Ina
Pippa's going to lose...

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For the record someone linked the poll in /hlgg/ in the last hours,I was keeping up with the votes on and off all day and there was a sudden rush of votes around the time they linked the thread. Not quite foul play but amusingly very reminiscent of Saimoe where there's a last minute rally of votes that flip the matches at the very end

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>/hlgg/ couldnt save kiara
Kinda suprising considering the reputation dadfags have

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they almost flipped the scales which pisses me off

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Oh sweet I catch one of these ear--

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I'll never forget the salt of Saimoe 2006. Fate Testarossa was leading all day but then the last minute international votes poured in and swung the entire match in Suiseiseki's favor. The nips were so mad, lol.

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Tell me /vt/ how good is your taste? The answer here is quite obvious

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Kiara gained almost 50 votes in those last hours. Beatani went from winning handily to barely scraping by with three votes.

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6 votes

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Ame without question will make top 3
If she doesnt face gura in the semi finals then it will be a gurame final in which la creatividad will probably win
Irys' ride ends here, sorry

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>/here/ chuubas are strong
>treerat got beaten out by coomer bait

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LET'S GO IRyS!!!!!

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Baelz is streaming over Friend's 3D birthday. Shameful display.

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Newfags dont know anything about risu, ID1 is hardcore old news and doesnt have anything going for them vs council
Anyone in ID1 lives or dies off of getting a big early lead since the poll opens during SEAhours

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Risu was leading for most of the poll until american hours came around and Kronii got a surge of votes.

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Pippa did crush pomu though

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That's pretty much what I said
ID relies on the early hours, if they cant get a substantial lead then it's over. Being /here/ isnt a buff for Risu because newfags barely even know who she is

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Pomu took the lead for hours until tribalfags from /hlgg/ came in near the end

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During sea hours you mean, pippa was leading for most of the poll right up till jp prime time hit and she shot up by twenty

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Do holo onlys really vote against Niji even if it means voting for a literal who indie theyve never heard of or seen before?

>> No.10881006

Yeah I mentioned it in the last series of polls before this one started but this is a case of people not voting for someone, but against someone. In this case the votes not only rallied behind all the holos but very specifically against Niji EN in the case of Pippa clutching out a last minute win against Pomu. Who is absolutely going to get destroyed by Ina when Winners bracket starts

>> No.10881016

Not always, but pomu is a special case because her fans keep spamming her in the holothreads

>> No.10881212

>her fans
using a vtuber for bait doesn't make you a fan

>> No.10881224

She still has a chance at revenge in the Losers bracket, she and Pomu are still very strong contenders and there really isn't much competition there for those 2 in particular.

>> No.10881319

>Selen vs Rosemi
why you do this to me poll I want to vote both! they're both entertaining in their own way!

>> No.10881359

Just vote for selen it's not like rosemi is going to pulling any upsets

>> No.10881400

Until Ina or Gura drops down at which point you might as well throw in the towel

>> No.10881499

I agree for the most part, but while I don't think they're organized enough to do so, there's a very real chance that they can push votes for Rosemi in order to eliminate Selen for good. Very miniscule chance though, Selen not only has the sheer voting bloc but people would have to organize on a big scale to do so and you know how hard it is to get anons to be on the same page.

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If that really happens just drop the link in the selen general, it'll fix it right up, especially since rosemi doesn't actually have a general.

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I've been posting the poll on /pcg/, retard. Pippa was always leading albeit nearly losing to Pomu a couple of times before taking the lead again. Interestingly, Pippa always loses her ample amount of advantage during SEAnigger hours which is telling

>> No.10881683

Aye, but again the chances of that are extremely slim.

>> No.10881793

if you define afternoon EST as SEA hours, I guess
most of you Pippafags are crypto-holofags anyway

>> No.10881870

Most everyone on this board are crypto holofags. The ones who actually enjoy vtubers anyway and don't just see this place as a place to stir up drama

>> No.10882010

A holofag by my definition is someone who engages in tribalfaggotry in defense of Hololive, not whoever likes any Hololive vtuber. My favorite ENVtuber is in HoloEN, I just don't like a lot of their fans.

>> No.10882102

That's holoniggers, like nijiniggers. If you use fag that way no one will understand what you mean

>> No.10882188

I can excuse Mumei beating Mori I don’t know what makes mori interesting anymore but Fauna? Really? REALLY?

>> No.10882265

Fallenshadow, please

>> No.10882303

You underestimate the hateboner Mori has on /vt/

>> No.10882308

It's mostly a storm shelter during Schizo hours, not a major player.
>A holofag by my definition is someone who engages in tribalfaggotry in defense of Hololive, not whoever likes any Hololive vtuber. My favorite ENVtuber is in HoloEN, I just don't like a lot of their fans.
That's not how -fag has been used ever.
It's a value-neutral particle word that is used to make proper compund nouns.
Drawfag, holofag, writefag, etc.
I really like Bae actually. But ya gotta sacrifice for your kamioshi. ;_;7

>> No.10882310

No surprise Pomu & Selen wins over Feesh & Rosemi. They're ones to shill their oshi the most compared to the rest.

>> No.10882361

Fuck, meant hateboner /vt/ has for Mori it's too late for this shit

>> No.10882466

Really big mass appeal.
If you're not filtered by the laugh you probably like her. She's like a plate of pasta from your favourite corner place. Not incomparably fantastic but always comforting and spirit-lifting.
Small fanbase, some really dedicated antis.
*Incredibly* niche appeal. If you're not someone who reads Romcom, Harem & Isekai manga en masse or plays RPG maker games you'll probably not enjoy her because she both is and plays a person that only appeals to one specific kind of person.
Conversely that's probably why Rosebuds are by far the most deranged NijiEN fanbase.
Selen and Elira and Pomu get their share of goslings but Roseschizos are a wholly different category.

>> No.10882584

>Selen and Elira and Pomu get their share of goslings but Roseschizos are a wholly different category.
while i agree about the deranged part, dragoons still have the majority of goslings on the niji thread. the ASRM stream the other day confirmed this

>> No.10882646

>I don’t know what makes mori interesting anymore
fun game and karaoke streams
lots of cute/funny collabs
released probably her best song to date
schlocky horror watchalongs (currently going through the entire Evil Dead series after loving the first one)
improved ASMR
return of drawing streams

anyone can find something, really

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>> No.10882702

I missed that but I'm entirely willing to believe it.
However, Selen doesn't get unironic "I'm stalking her to keep her from dangerous people" levels of schizo so in that regard Rosebuds are in need of pills far more.
>fun game and karaoke streams
I really loved how in Doom the horror wasn't the monster designs but the sheer speed of tasks required.
Maybe I'm a sadist.

>> No.10882754

>Pippa got about 50 votes out of nowhere to win over Pomu
really makes me think

>> No.10882767

>out of nowhere

>> No.10882771

As a holofag I will always vote against Niji no matter who they are up against. Unless they are up against another Niji and then I will just abstain from voting.

>> No.10882772

honestly, every DOOM stream goes through the cycle of:
>Mori forgot how to play
>hypes herself up somewhat unenthusiastically
>starts to get swarmed, panic sets in
>she rips through the encounter in a mix of fear and confusion

it's somehow funny every time
also she's even cuter than normal recently: https://streamable.com/q4n78n

>> No.10882783

Pomu was up 12 points with 5 hours to go

>> No.10882792

>5 hours to go

>> No.10882819

totally natural Pippa got all the votes and Pomu got none

>> No.10882861

And pippa was up 10 points 12 hours before the vote closed, what's your point?

>> No.10882885

I just vote against the boring HoloEN’s which is like 90% of them.

>> No.10882905

do you have proof of that?
is there a registry of votes in time? op?
I was looking casually through the day and I saw pippa wining more than pomu wining

>> No.10882910

She's cute

>> No.10882912

So nothing.

>> No.10882929

yeah good luck buddy nobody cares

>> No.10882931

uh, you sure shown me...

>> No.10882959

You're thinking of holobronies.

>> No.10882962

You seemed to

>> No.10882968

You've to try harder though cause the result shows what you've been doing ain't working at all.

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>Vote 100% down ballot for Hololive
>Ignore any match without Holos
Simple as

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>> No.10883017

Obviously dumbass I vote once what do you think a vote is? Do you even know what you just said?

>> No.10883018

Fauna's opponent is a zombie who overstayed her welcome.

Fish is Vshojo tier and Rosemi has the backstabber baggage, they're losing on anti votes.

>> No.10883071

maybe people would treat it more seriously if he had an actual argument, but he seems to just throw a tantrum and tag stuff as 'boring' (but then doesn't specify anything in regards of variety or novelty of the content, since he knows that argument would fail under scrutiny)
one of the worst types to hang around the board

>> No.10883079

Why is treerat beating beatani? She doesn't even come here anymore

>> No.10883112

She's a holo

>> No.10883144

I've lost a lot of respect for Pomu. Everyone knows that being a vtuber or life in general takes a lot of grind and reps in order to succeed but she took the easy way out and had a boob job just to satisfy her vanity. I'll never look at her the same way ever again. Fuck Pomu, man.

>> No.10883162

Hard evidence? no, but at 8:40 EST Pomu was winning and she had about 240 votes

>> No.10883174

Beatani knocked out a holo yesterday.

>> No.10883186

That is an interesting reason to hate her. I hate her because she is just indie 2view #5674 and doesn't bring anything to the table and has no outstanding talents. Literally just a generic 2view that is being carried by the brand.

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He's making a joke about the mass appeal you dumbass

>> No.10883221

It was posted in the thread and a bit ago Pippa vague-tweeted about it. It's not a big mystery.
I'll have to catch up on those.
Calli's such a D O R K.

>> No.10883227

Well I wasn't making a joke. I was commenting on why she is actually a bad vtuber. I don't joke around when it comes to stuff like this.

>> No.10883313

she won fair. deal with it
>It was posted in the thread and a bit ago Pippa vague-tweeted about it
it was posted earlier in the day and talked about in the thread, a thread with 50-60 recurring ips anyways. the vaguetweet was after she won

>> No.10883343

>when your argument so dumb it sounds like a joke

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Go IRyS go!!!

>> No.10883417

IRyS may not win this match, but she will always win in my heart.

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IRyS IRyS IRyS!!!!!!

>> No.10883440


>> No.10883468

Then they did it again in 2007 pushing Rika over Nagi.

I'm still mad.

>> No.10883889

Damn, that's actually pretty interesting. It may be a bit fucked, but that's how a tournament works, so I guess it's fair enough.

>> No.10884700

Kiara being beaten by a non Holo also isn’t a surprise in any way.

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>> No.10884955

holos and nijis are friends
they would hate you being a tribalfag

>> No.10885265
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Top 24 is not too bad after all... at least she had the honour of knocking Kiara out.

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What the fuck? The last time I checked Risu had the lead over Kronii

>> No.10885358

Reminder that Risu simped for anitubers. Choose Beatani

>> No.10885671
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I don't watch either one of them but jesas

>> No.10885678

The Western Hemisphere happened.

>> No.10885700

Were you trying to avoid /hlgg/ getting involved? Did you fear the Holocaust?

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The absolute state of newfags

>> No.10886484

pumo is less gross than finana not by much but it's enough.

>> No.10887259

that's ollie you retard

>> No.10889373

how the FUCK did pomu lose to someone 20x smaller than her?

>> No.10889425
File: 2.92 MB, 2720x1800, 1620941322636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

#ProjectCope #CopeHasArrived

>> No.10889552

Nah, I just thought it was interesting how it impacted things. That single action, despite getting heckled when it was posted in the thread, was enough to flip the scales on a bunch of very close matches. One other observation I'm not sure many people caught is that treerrat was very very close to beating out Kronii until that happened. Her getting stamped out was very much a last minute thing. Just shows how much of a bias towards EN the thread population has I guess

>> No.10889986

The same way Kiara lost to someone 100x smaller than her: /here/ buff. And apparently Pippa is the /here/chuuba chosen one.
We were too autistic to make CloverCorp a reality on our own, so /vt/ just parasitically bonded onto Phase Connect and did it that way

>> No.10890337


>> No.10891103

Why is council still in this shit? Shiny new things shouldn't get upper hand against stronger opponents.

Are you retarded voting for Mumei? CALLIOPE M-WORDING MORI!!!!!! is losing against dome retarded owl. The fuck!!!!

>> No.10891263


>> No.10891500

Anyone with gram of cute can beat Mori.

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File: 1.78 MB, 540x307, 1632317248861.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've voted against mori every round
i vote for mumei and fauna at every opportunity
and ive voted against sana and baelz every round so far
cry more, faggots

>> No.10891699

Today is the losers bracket so neither Mori or Mumei is doing that well. Only Kronii remains in the big boy league.

>> No.10891759

/hlgg/ was a mistake. The overwhelming majority of people in that thread don't watch non-Holo vtubers.
I'd like to see a tournament in the future that excludes Hololive vtubers so that /hlgg/fags won't even be interested in touching it.
>b-b-but that just means niji/vshojo will win!
Not necessarily. Nijifags and vshojofags actually watch vtubers outside of their main groups, and actually give the time of day to indies and small company vtubers.

>> No.10891829

I like how this obvious falseflag has people voting for Mumei even more because some kids are thinking they're epically dunking on someone

>> No.10891840

Sorry to the melody and ironmouse fans but vshojo must be taken down for the greater good. If there's anyone to blame, is the other 3 dramawhores dragging them down

>> No.10892037

I like how deadbeats keep finding new ways to cope in each and every poll.

>> No.10892199

sure bro, you owned me hard, just make sure not to let your age slip up more or jannies may have to do their job

>> No.10892619

Imagine the butthurt when Amelia wins the whole thing AGAIN specifically after some autist remade the poll

>> No.10893247

>The answer here is quite obvious
Yeah you're right. The detective wins quite comfortably.

>> No.10894938

>this much coping and seething over a poll to the point where you blame a completely different fanbase

>> No.10895039


>> No.10895162

Ollie, Moona and Iofi simped. Risu acknowledged him which is also bad.

>> No.10895192

We'll have another cumbud making a new tournament so his oshi can win

>> No.10895245

Not sure about the second half of this post regarding the the other fanbases watch tendencies but a vote tourney featuring smaller name companies, indies only might certainly level the playing field by a ton (and no I'm not saying this out of cope, it's genuine logic and statistics) No one wants to admit it but we all know unless some tribalistic shit happens, a Holo or /here/ chuuba will end up taking the win

>> No.10896094
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>> No.10898163

So, seething 2view or nijifag?

>> No.10899232

I'm going to laugh when this ends and another dipshit finds it to be rigged so they start another fucking tournament and the cycle goes on forever.

>> No.10903409

At this point losers bracket looks more interesting than the upcoming finals. I can't see too many surprises happening there even though watching Pippa and Pikamee climb to far has been fun.

>> No.10903509

Pippa winning doesn't surprise me at all. She has a strong fanbase not only here but also in kf where she becomes prime focus whenever she streams. Pomu didn't have a single chance against

>> No.10904088
File: 158 KB, 1280x758, 20210930_174539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>already proving lasy tournament wasn't a fluke
Stay winning dayo

>> No.10905716

It's not about who wins, it's about the DATA and NOOMBERS, and also how far my 2view oshi can go before losing.

>> No.10907457

Pomu isn't much popular than Pippa though. Just because this board is getting spammed by Niji shills with her forced memes doesn't make for a stronger fanbase.

>> No.10907735

The NijiEN spam baffles me to this day. Like, those bitches sometimes fail to get 1k viewership and are barely above the small EN startup tier. Yet the board is constantly drowning in their bullshit. Nijisanji paid some good shills to shit up this board.

>> No.10907892

>the board being filled with HoloEN threads at any time of the day isn't spam
>more than one NijiEN thread at a time is spam

>> No.10908263

The massive chasm of subs and views between niji and holo is the reason why its considered spam

>> No.10911334

idk pippa bros, innafricks might be too autistic for us.

>> No.10913722

Is beatani's thread also considered spam? Pippa?

>> No.10913993

Nobody complains about them though since they mostly stick to their generals which makes sense considering their size. Fans of NijiEN on the other hand have serious small dog syndrome. They have to be as loud and annoying as possible to make themselves seem bigger than they really are. If NijiEN fans mostly stuck to their generals, which would make sense given their size, nobody would have an issue with them.

>> No.10914147

Both pippa and beatani have fans that doesnt want to attract unwanted attention on their generals

>> No.10914161

the "massive chasm" is a combination of a shit ton of dead subs and people who don't engage in discussion here

>> No.10914369

Only 1 Bea thread and only 1 Phase Connect thread.
Beatmario shows up in Lazu Karaoke for 20 minutes tops and suddenly there are 5 threads about NijiEN.
That's why Niji threads are considered spam

>> No.10914485

Pomu fans aren't taking that well their loss against Pipa holy shit.

>> No.10914616

Some Niji threads being spam doesn't mean multiple NijiEN threads = spamming paid shills.

>> No.10914636

are you referring to her anti thread or just salty pomutards in general

>> No.10914719

I hate that Selen spammer the most
his threads are just shitposts without any merit

>> No.10914916
File: 80 KB, 1143x1308, 1633404230183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>haha im pomu

>> No.10919041

users on this board account for no more than 10% of the HoloEN fanbase at the most, and the NijiEN thread is the second fastest thread on the board. there really isn't that much disparity when it comes to /vt/.

>> No.10925414


Well Rosebuds, it's been fun. Glad we could make it this far.

>> No.10934188


>> No.10938361

>anti thread

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