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>company and genmates set up Pomu to meet one of her biggest idols out of the blue
You fuckers told me Niji is a black company and they all bully and hate eachother why did you lie to me fucking EXPLAIN

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i'm this close to becoming a nijifag HELP

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If you actually watched them you would know how great and friendly NijiEN is to each other.

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Fartfish sitting there having no idea what they are saying.
Stupid EOP

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NijiEN has always been great you just took /vtard/ the blue pill

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Give up. There's no turning back. Welcome to Nijisanjification

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Nijisanji has plenty of stories of people showing up to each others houses when they're sick or sad or impromptu collabs or heartfelt presents and extravagant birthday parties, in every single branch. JP, ID, KR, and now EN have similar stories. But you'll refuse to understand because of a made up rule you're following due to newfaggots that you need to hate le other tribe. So you miss out on all these kino stories.

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shut up you guys started it back in /jp/

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NijiEN is wholesome as fuck and feels so real.

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You can watch any company anon, don't be a faggot

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Ahhhh, a black company yes, why not

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Woah, Deron is like 70% legs

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La chemistridad...

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you're right, the holonewfags flooding /jp/ could do nothing but shitpost and make up narratives due to the language filter

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Imagine being breastfed by both Deron and Mito

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You really think it's the same people, you retard? You think NijiEN fans are the same ones who were on /jp/? Most are EOPs and are former Holofags or even still Holofags as well. Your beef is with the tribalist fags who never left that board.

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she's just like me...

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EN gets special treatment.

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...does this art exist?

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Nijisanji is full of SOUL but nothing will convince /vt/ of that.

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Don't worry, watch this and you'll never click on a Niji stream ever again

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It tells a lot about Nijikeks when they consider a collab with a random japnigger a "legendary moment".

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I remember when you holofags were hyping Marine's collab with beatmario.

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>out of the blue
No one is this delusional right?

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>I'm a dumbfuck holobronie pissed off at how boring hololive has become
>Watching this stream will make you realize the legitimate fun and actual friendship the EN corporate branch can have when not being restricted.
Outside of that I don't know.
I'll take your retarded as bait, the "random JP" isn't someone random, lets see the holoen special guests? Surely you can produce better results, right anon?

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Pomu is the bully, she threatened to doxx them if they didn't arrange this for her.

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this shit then never happened again because holobrony unicorns got mad over a male collab

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So the same person.

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a random JP according to holobronies

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Not the same people. The Hololive fandom has become overrun with EN only faggots who know nothing about previous Hololive collabs and are fucking proud of it.

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This is /vt/ not /jp/ anon. Please respect their history and culture. Especially if you're a real Nijifag since Niji gets most of its activity here instead of /jp/.

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Don't worry reddit-kun, I guarantee once you stop tying your identity specifically to hololive or nijisanji and instead just enjoy things, you'll find you grow as a person into someone that doesn't literally define themselves by the media corporate conglomerates you prefer.

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>since Niji gets most of its activity here instead of /jp/.
It does? Not by much honestly, there really is no big english speaking Niji fanbase. Unless you're talking about EN, but most of those only watch EN chuubas and at the most 2 or 3 JP Holomems

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Nijisanji has a JP, ID, KR, EN, and male thread here and they're all faster than the /jp/ Niji thread.

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As I've said EN aren't really Nijifags, just mostly ENfags. And JP, ID and KR combined is like less than 80 anons. True maybe more than the /jp/ thread but at the end of the day the presence of western Nijisanji fans is so small it's not worth pointing out in my opinion

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It will always be inferior to Hololive, give it a rest already, shill.

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>one of her biggest idols
Its a fucking fat otaku behind that avatar.

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This doesn't change the fact that /vt/ niji threads minus EN newcomers are more in number than /jp/ in 2021 thanks to that thread's atmosphere being depressing

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Sure yeah agreed, in the first place I'm not that anon you were talking to in the beginninb. Just chimed in randomly kek

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Relatively, Hololive is the actual black company compared to Nijisanji.

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well yeah this kind of thing doesn't happen in hololive

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To the point that on Roberu's birthday, Nijisanji and Animare threw a party stream for him, not even his own coworkers.

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That kuzuha anon

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If he enjoyed it then it's fine

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don't insult deron like that

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Man i really like nijiEN collab, its always enjoyble, and now we have out of no where collab, gonna jump ship after my member Finished

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Holostars members helped Haneru organized the stream anon, She even complain that Shien angket are too fucking long at the end of the stream

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Yet he's achieved more in life than you ever will.

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JP is dead.
ID was never talked on /jp/, KR was just Bora and the girl that plays piano, EN is /hlg/ refugees. Never went to the male thread, but I assume it's just homoniggers refugees.

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I forgot Pomu is an actual idolfags. I find the whole idea of idols weird, but I guess that's just me

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He's not a real life "idol" he's someone she looks up to as a legendary Touhou music creator.

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/jp/ hate NijiEN and any branch that isn't purely Japanese. They even hated Lulu and Hoshikawa for attracting EOPs to Nijisanji.

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Niji are very nice if you're doing well.
There's also only 4 ENs, get back to us in a couple of months (at the rate they pump them out) once they swamp the market with D-listers and leave them to die.

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>Niji are very nice if you're doing well.
Hi holobroni tourist, how are you?

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haha it's Lulu

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>There's also only 4 ENs,

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To be fair Lulufag was a fucking cancer who forced everyone to use his Lulu OP's. And start shitting on non-lulu thread.

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