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Beat MARIO just crashed a NijiEN stream and sang Help Me, Erin!!! with them complete with modified lyrics shouting out Lazulight
Hololive absolutely mogged into oblivion

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legendary moment

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niji truly has /jp/'s soul

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most kino stream of all time

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>Help Me, Erin!!!
Is that a city pop song? Gura can sing it better so who cares.

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I'll kneel just this once nijifags

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Come on anon, Marine made a fucking album and played touhou with him too and also interviewed Zun

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Nijifags, you win.

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>Get beat barely by Lamy Just playing Diablo II: Resurrected.
Do nijibro's really?

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oh look, a jealous holofag

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It's not the numbers...

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They've set up an absolutely soulful moment and all you can think about is your shitty console war bickering. Shame on you.

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because she's a famous streamer meanwhile nijiEN can barely break 2k view so this has way more SOVL

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Expecting NijiEN fans to actually care about HoloJP is an even bigger joke than expecting people to watch streams. C'mon now anon.

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WHATAFUCK MAN xD i just fall of my chair coz i couldnt and i CANT stop laughing xDXDXDXDXD CONGRATS MAN XD

Same as >>10867274 I will respect this.

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Anon,this bait thread is too far gone for someone being reasonable to be effective

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>Nijicucks celebrate their girl getting mindbroken by a fucking m*le live on stream

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>gets less viewers than Suisei playing Tales at 5am

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>The best kind of male
I kneel

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Talk about rent free, lol

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god you holobronies are fucking embarrassing

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But the guy named Gura?

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>Hololive absolutely mogged into oblivion
uh, you might wanna check who helped Mori mix her debut EP

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Can you stop fucking posting this picture when you fight against holofags it makes me horny

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For me it's when he appeared on Aruran as a guest. Also Holos had done full covers of his songs already.

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You gotta admit that the holo collabs had zero soul

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>Hololive absolutely mogged into oblivion
You were doing so well but you had to shit the bed at the end of your post. Fuck off.

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I don't watch these three but I'm happy for them

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>NijiEN and Pomu get a very nice, interesting moment with a legend
What's your damage? Just enjoy. No reason to pick fights unless you aren't actually a NijiEN fan.

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suddenly I dont wanna watch these girls anymore

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like clockwork

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OP has a crush on /vt/, please understand, he's a faggot
Now seriously, as a Holofag I'm happy that Lazulight got this chance. Might actually check the stream once it ends

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you done spamming?

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I prefer Beat Luigi

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Uhhh Fubuki and Marine literally talked to ZUN?

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This is gonna go down in history, OP's bait won't.

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corporate collab nothing special about that
they didn't even get a special song or anything

>> No.10870467

Yeah, it totally wasn't pre planned..

Are nijitards this delusional?

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>as a Holofag I'm happy that Lazulight got this chance
Same. Beat Mario is a great dude, feels like he's happy to respond to collab invitations no matter the company. I'm happy this happened.

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This "legendary moment" gets less attention than a rebroadcasted rap karaoke.

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as if your Redditor SEA monkey normie fag attention worth a penny?

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Eigo jouzu!

>> No.10870793

I kneel...

>> No.10870856

This is the most SOULFUL shit I've ever seen

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> Beat Mario
Why do you fucks pretend like you care about this faggot? Nobody outside of Japan has head of him.

>> No.10871016

>muh corporate
Imagine being this delusional pretending nijisanji are indies

>> No.10871098

beat mario has collabed with hololive members before. He is a cool dude and is involved with the community. HoloEN are all zoomers who don't know who he is, why would they interact with him? You're making a conflict where there isn't one.

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nijisanji members organize collabs on their own and don't pay a bunch of dirty money to get big name guests
hololive would never get collabs like this without paying a lot

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>You're making a conflict where there isn't one.
This should be this board's tagline at this point.

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4chan in a nutshell

>> No.10871255

>5000 live viewers

Lazulight is inclining.

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Did NijiEN tards forget they're corpo too? They always act like they're supporting some fledgling indie group.

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Incidentally, do you think Reiwa kids in Japan are as dump as teenage Zoomers in Burgerland?

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I remember Touhou was liked alot by literal Japanese children because they grew up by their Touhoufag parents. Touhou is pretty much like Hello Kitty and Pokemon at this point.

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nijisanji doesnt pay to get guests tho because the guests come to them out of pure interest in their content
you cant say the same has happened to hololive

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How do newfag EOPs supposed to know that Nijisanji is the mainstream corporate agency and Hololive is a side project of a small tech startup? Seriously. I don't even blame those kids, they're just ignorant.

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See, this is what I mean. They both pay for shit. I've seen ads for nijiEN on holo streams for fuck sake.

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>Hololive absolutely mogged into oblivion

god you faggots are insufferable. the beatmario takeover was pure, undiluted kino and you still find time to tribalfag like a moron when making the thread

>> No.10871768

So it'll never die? Tell me it's true, anon

>> No.10871823

To be specific those are for their debuts.
They did it for Waves 1 and 2, not sure if they're doing it for wave 3 since ublock lol
Expect ads for the original song that gets put out with this wave though, same thing they did for the original songs for Lazu and Obs.

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>one guy who drinks beer and has a funny hat and wanted to draw little girls with funny hats is as ubiquitous as pokeman

>> No.10871850

doesn't count.

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There's thoses guys having a "legendary moment"
And there's Hololive making 20x the money and is way more popular.
Nijikeks are seriously the most pathetic faggots in existence.

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>Yeah you might have fun streams but we have NUMBERS
kek every time

>> No.10872300

that doesnt prove me wrong in any way

>> No.10872522

I'm just sick of this "lol NijiEN is so heckin wholesome and organic bros!!" As if they aren't backed by a massive corpo who is doing whatever they can to attract the EN audience.

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I'm sure you, as a watcher and fan, are enjoying the money Hololive is earning by seeing Hololive content improve and having tons of concerts to watch right? All that funding and sponsorships the most popular vtuber company in the world should lead to more fun streams and events, right?

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I bet they didn't even watch Sora's live 3D concert.

>> No.10872755

who the fuck is beat mario?

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>And there's Hololive making 20x the money and is way more popular.
And their entire 1st gen is jaded and depressed from all the restrictions on their creative freedom. Bet Mori would join Nijisanji in a heartbeat if she could; they'd let her collab with Trash Taste every single week. Mo' money, mo' problems, amirite?

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>"lol NijiEN is so heckin wholesome and organic bros!!"
I mean, it's true. Not necessarily because of Nijisanji itself, but the fact that they casted people with actual social skills helps a lot during collabs.

>> No.10873058

Tribalfags are mentally ill

>> No.10873115

She is a wigger, nothing will make her happy until they find her dead in her room OD'ed.

>> No.10873189

>All this while posting mito, the face of everything corporate about nijisanji

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>> No.10873261

They grabbed up a bunch of indies who were friends before niji. Don't confuse it for "social skills".

>> No.10873356


>Im on the winning side guys! I have numbers!

anon kun you are supposed to defend hololive fans not make them look more shameful and pathetic

>> No.10873362

This is normal. People shouting NEPOTISM! are just shitters who don't know how to network.

>> No.10873624

No, no by a longshot
Kids will be kids no matter what, but this generation of american kids are the dullest sacks of shit I ever had to teach

>> No.10873738

Beat Mario and Arusan have great chemistry though?

>> No.10873746

A literal tranny showed up on NijiEN shows how much the west has corrupted them with SJW ideals compared to Hololive.

>> No.10873809

Who said I was complaining about corporate? Holofags are bragging about how much money they make, where is that money going exactly? Towards merging EN and JP Minecraft servers?

>> No.10873851

>he never watched Senchou
Look at this fucking pleb.

>> No.10873926

where's the clip though

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love this dude

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>entire thread is just all tribalism

>> No.10874057

I don't care that they did it, but it has nothing to do with "social skills". They were just friends already so it felt more natural from the start.

>> No.10874286

>nijisanji gets /jp/ indie collabs
>hololive gets taco bell collabs

>> No.10874521

Half of them weren't friends beforehand. Elira and Pomu were already close, sure, and both were at least kind of friends with Rosemi, but everything else is after joining Niji.

>> No.10874562

>What's your damage?
it's called being a nijinigger

>> No.10874624

are you calling those nijis indies?

>> No.10874630

Beatmario's live2D is based on his wife because he loves her very much. Babiniku are always based, but that's possibly the most based concept for one.

>> No.10874673

just saying these nijis got the collab themselves and not through corporate dealings

>> No.10874682

HoloEN had over a year to become accustomed to each other. There's no excuse

>> No.10874698

being terminally obsessed with men playing women is western influence rotting your brain, the japanese don't mind

>> No.10875562

8/10 you got a few good replies.

>> No.10876250

Sad part is Elira's chat spamming Whoooo? the entire time when beatmario showed up. Pomu is the only cultured Lazulight and the others are reddit tier weebs.

>> No.10876304

So they had a male on stream? Thank god I don't watch NijiEN. All you fags just got cucked.

>> No.10876352

To be fair 2hu hasn't been relevant in half a decade. Its influence in Otaku circles has dropped dramatically.

>> No.10876534

>otaku circles
more like ironic weeb redditor circles where the "otaku culture" they consume is a mix between doki doki literature club and gacha

>> No.10876539

People still pay COOL&CREATE enough to stay relevant. But then again the music of 2hu has a life of its own in the clubs of akihabara.

>> No.10876693

beatmario at mogra when tho

>> No.10876915

>Beatmario collab
Hey that's pretty cool
>Eat shit Holos
Why does everything always resort to unga bunga tribalism

>> No.10876964

is still kinda live in japan
but yeah for EN shit is even more niche than vtubers nowdays.

>> No.10877594

Lazulightards have an inferiority complex, with Holo on the mind every waking minute. You never see this with Obsydia fans, except maybe the rare Dragoon.

>> No.10877734

I mean as much I hate it that is what's left of "otaku" culture in the west. The only actual otaku circles left in the west are on imageboards with <10 regular posters.

>> No.10878789

Because baiter, they use anything good from both side and call out both side, and always success baiting people

>> No.10878832

Unfortunately thats what otaku culture is now, just gacha games and arguments about whether liking loli should get you a death sentence.

>> No.10879007

Literally who?

>> No.10879066

My cute wife Pomu cracking under pressure a cute. A CUTE!

>> No.10879096

Is this the "non-binary pal" Elira talked about?

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Holojabronies in absolute disarray right now. Deflecting and projecting.

>> No.10879387

well it's something holos are losing out on because of their shit management so it's worth pointing out

>> No.10879570

People like OP spend their whole day lurking multiple generals to find "news" to shitpost about. Any big event or happening they will find an excuse to twist into a way to pit fanbases against each other. They don't have actual oshis that they watch for entertainment, their entire existence just revolves around /vt/.

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>> No.10879929

You have Ina and Kiara who are very close to Pomu's power level, and yet they hardly get to show it because they have to dumb down their content for their normalfag audience. If they were in Nijisanji things would be so different

>> No.10880010

I'm happy for them, but what about HoloEN?

>> No.10880148

What about them, they don't give a shit about Touhou.

>> No.10880169

>because they have to dumb down their content for their normalfag audience
They don't. Nobody's forcing them to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Ina especially has done a good job grooming an audience that'll watch her do anything by filtering out the worst of her audience. And she makes huge Azur Lane bux, she doesn't suffer if she streams unpopular content which she does now and then.

>> No.10880242

What DO they give a shit about? Do they care about anything?

>> No.10882797


>> No.10883724

Don't worru, I'm sure the first birthday/milestone/whatever other bullshit they can cook up will inexplicably have a big surprise for someone that totally nobldy saw it coming, the same way suddenly impromptu collabs started happening

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