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>literal whos
Off-topic threads are not allowed.

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beat FUCKING mario
NijiEN is too strong

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kys holobrony

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>Not knowing who BeatMARIO is
confirmed zoomer

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Guess I'm a Niji missile now.

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Literally who?

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why are holobronies like this?

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This is incredible.

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newfag neck yourself

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Beat Mario. He's done music for Touhou.

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kys cumbud

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Giga nigger

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When will NijiEN give us a good cunny chuuba?

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That's cool and all, but did you really need to go and make yet another goddamn thread about this shit?
You have your splits, this just seems unneeded.

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in like a week

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They're going to announce her tonight, just wait until the end of the stream

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>It's okay when Holos spam

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kek, have a (you)

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>Beat Mario
I fucking kneel

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How come Holos get to have dozens of schizo and rrat threads just shitposting but you get upset over someone making threads for an actual hype event?

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He only does derivative works like everyone else that's not ZUN.

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he's zun's friend he has random videos just chilling with zun on the couch

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You ever heart Night of Nights? That guy.

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Who's your oshi? This is important info.

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Yeah and ZUN is still the only person responsible for everything in the main games where the music comes from.

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Gura, why?

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That's not true, he had Randou House help him for UFO

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I hate that shit when it happens as well man, but I do understand throwing up a thread or two when something unique like this happens. Probs just a kneejerk reaction to seeing three fucking threads going up at once.

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why are holobronies such newfags?

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>they're all taking this lazy bait
Jesus nijiniggers are so fragile.

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Sorry, lets leave the catalog to be 15 iterations of
>Why is she like this?

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That's true but doesn't matter, as his renown is well-established, even despite your opinion.
Try convincing me that this doesn't look fun as fuck:

And yes, I am imagining the smell.

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newfag-kun, the fighting games are OFFICIAL tohou games develoed by twilight frontier, (tasofro) Zun designs the new characters (like ibuki and tenko) and their themes too, he is also involved on the story.

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>despite your opinion
Saying that he has not composed for the games is not an opinion, faggot.

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Ah fuck that noise as well, half the time it's one or two schizos spamming on mobile as well. Like, keep one or two rrat or shitposts on the same topic up, that sounds like fun, but when 5-6 of the same goddamn thread comes up in an hour you know its some fucker abusing mobile IP resets.
But yea, its pretty cool that they got BeatMARIO on.

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>Saying that he has not composed for the games is not an opinion, faggot.
I never said that, shitcock.

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Sorry. I'll go make another dozen threads crying about Ina making fun of you a week agom

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Then what's my opinion of him, mindreader?

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doesn't count.

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Your opinion is _____wrong_____.

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Good job retard, everyone took the bait
(You) don't tagging the OP should've made it clear

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He's in 12.3, and is in the official databook CD

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why would you ever want a collab with someone as horrible as marine?

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ZUN is way more important than beetoff, keep coping

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for some OL touhou kino

>> No.10869074

Pomu WILL collab with everyone. Pomu WILL become Japanese.

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there's nothing kino about the whore of hololive

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maybe not for you, you faggot.

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thats corporate shit holofag

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you literally compare guest from Cho-kaigi to actually come to your stream and play the prank.
Holobronies really?
And even more than that. It's EN girls.

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>Whore of Hololive
Wait... What does Matsuri have to do with this conversation?

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