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Why are her antis so pathetic? Hasn't it gone a little too far?

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Maybe if she weren't seuch a menhera disaster she wouldn't attract that sort of crowd.

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Apex autism is too strong

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All she does is just play Apex all day every day, how the fuck can you get antis doing that?

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The apex fans are turbo cancer that's how

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>he doesnt know

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is she actually just a retarded autistic anime girl I understand Japanese, I've watched her for countless hours play apex, and I still can't figure out

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Fuck Junfags

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Oh I wasn't paying attention, is the drama from Jun? Fuck him. I wish him and his fans death. They're all fucking retarded faggots. Fucking harassed my oshi because she had an onomonopetia in the thumbnail that retard also uses. Jun should kill himself and his fans should follow suit. Solidarity for Chi-chan in the brave fight.

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All she did is responding to antis in twitter. I don't think she is a menhera. More like someone who just like us, just shitposting along.

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Junkiddie dislike bomb all vtubers who killed Jun during last Apex tourney.

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Why so many dislikes? Just seems mean

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Who the fuck invited Jun to a tournament that frequently has vtubers in it?

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They made a list about who to dislike and who don’t

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apex fans are retarded faggots regardless of language, platform or if they're 3dpd https://clips.twitch.tv/MiniatureBlitheOstrichYouWHY-CCrTZ9Mv0Oxc33Dx

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Lmao obsessed.

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The fuck is wrong with these people? I already had a fucking terrible opinion of them after they harassed Rushia purely for having Hin in her thumbnail, now they harass Chi-chan, if they fucking harass my space seaweed Astel I'm going to lose it and start figuring out the best method to DDOS Jun.
Fucking retards the lot of them.

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JP schizos are almost always worse

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You mean YOU made a list, right anon?

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Did you look at his twitter? That faggot sucks Jun's dick 24/7. No way it's the anon in this thread.

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I saw that in the retweets of an account who spammed Matsuri about Jun
I found his comments after looking for a tweet where Matsuri talked about the CR cup
The tweet I searched
Tweet from him that showed up in the search results for @natsuiromatsuri CR
And one of his newest Tweets was about this list

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what did her antis do?

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Impersonate her gachis and attacked other people in their streams.


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she isnt much better either

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That's the problem.

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>starts playing apex
>she's bad
>collabs with chronoir for an apex tournament
>autists tells her she's dragging them down
>starts crying in frustration
>she gets cheered up by chronoir and their fanbase
>autists still don't give up afterwards, she stops being a passive bitch about it and instead pick fights with them (also because she's not shit at the game anymore)
>fast forward 6 months and she gets a tied first place in the second shibuya hal apex tournament, which causes the schizos to have a meltdown
Basically now they are too far committed to the crusade that they won't stop because the alternative would be that they self-admit they spent 6 months of their life looking the biggest buffoons in town

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Apexfags are literally the worst fucking people

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What does this represent?

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Circle = even if they kill the shithead jun, they're good buddies so no troll
X = killed Jun, get trolled

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Here's the updated version these bastards made after today's scrims btw

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shes too strong

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Who the fuck is Jun?

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Some Jap faggot who gets a fuck ton of views for some reason. He’s the center of a good ol’ rrat about fucking Pekora too.

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that's because for some retarded reason Pekora likes him

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Kek if they start attacking Yamaryo his fan girls will castrate them all.

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Pekora is a Jap autist on the internet, Jap autists on the internet are fans of him for whatever reason. It’s not surprising she is a fan.

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Have you seen his numbers? She's wet for those alone.

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I saw him on the front page of Twitch with over 2/3rds the total viewers of the Apex directory and that even made me a little most, I can only imagine what that would do to a numberfag.

>> No.10852742

pekora doesn't care about numbers that much, stop exaggerating

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she never mentioned him anon

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She's the hardest numberfag of all Hololive, even with people like Kiara alive. She just loves those numbers she can't stop.

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she literally wants to be top streamer of the world

>> No.10852991

that doesnt mean she is a numberfag. she is a king of the world fag

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every vtuber likes or liked him at some point.

she streamed sniped him in PubG or ARMA years ago before she became a vtuber. Look up "Jun Pekora" in the archives and I'm sure you'll find it.

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why can't she beat valkyrae

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Even Kuzuha likes him despite Junfags shitting up the chats of his two teammates.

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i wonder whats the appeal. is he like a japanese pewdiepie or xqc or something. i dont know japanese but he seems like nothing special. he just sits there and talks to the camera and has 70k viewers wtf

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>he just sits there and talks to the camera and has 70k viewers wtf
ironic to say that here

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>he just sits there and talks to the camera and has 70k viewers wtf
This describes 99.9% of vtubers.

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but vtubers are cute he isnt im sorry

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My oshi is cute and yours isn't

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>doesnt explain why people watch him
>compares to vtubers kek

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A lot of ppl copy his ideas. For example Pekora came under fire by his fans because she ate a scorpion on stream just like him

>> No.10855634

I don't know why people watch him I don't touch Twitch, but to say "I don't get it he just talks to the camera" is hilarious considering the board we're on.

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i get what u mean but i still think its different. vtubers are cute and he is ugly. most people watch vtubers because they are attracted to them. most people watch jun because... they are attracted to them?? highly doubt it lmao

>> No.10855848

I'm not attracted to any vtuber I watch, what is this projection

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Why do you think the top of Twitch is a bunch of ugly men. Men are entertaining and don't need to fall on a crutch of anime boobs to get people to watch.

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Internet drama never ceases to amaze me. That was an interesting story, thanks.

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They also
>hate on her when she responds to antis
>hate on her when she doesn't respond to antis
>hate on her friends when she isn't responding to antis causing her to collab with them less due to fear of her friends getting hate
>impersonating her gachis/long time fans and going into everyone else's chats and acting like cunts
>spamming her name and crying marks like waaa;; in Hikakin's chat when he became a vtuber, making fun of her being a crybaby
>reporting on the amount of times they make her cry on Twitter

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im not talking about men. im talking about jun

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Is Jun not male? Congrats on his transition

>> No.10856441

why is humanity like this?

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i think he is a male. im just saying i wasnt talking about men. learn english

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