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How do you go about finding new vtubers, /vt/? My oshi stabbed me in the back and I need someone to make me feel better

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lmao this is about lumi isn't it

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what happened bro?

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What's about lumi? I just woke up.

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His oshi made lewd sounds and collabed with a male. Also she has a really good Veibae impersonation.

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How the FUCK did you know? God damn it all I thought she was different but in the end she was no better than vwhorejo FZCK what a fucking retard I am for trusting

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anonchama i-

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she started flirting with the /vt/ cup commentator live on stream. no i'm not joking

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Pray to Susan to show the way.
That's how I met my oshi.

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I was just thinking that there should be a chuuba randomizer. I'd use it to pick a 2view every week to follow.

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That's hot, I wished he flirted with me instead though.

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Congrats schizo.

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Please stop. It's funny but please stop.

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that isnt what happened retard. this bored is trying to start rrats over nothing once again. go take your meds she just did a veibae impression which everyone seemed to enjoy

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may the algorithm be with you

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bro like did you think she was going to be your girlfriend or something

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Oh no. And the ads were funded by an anonymous oil baron. How will he recover from this?

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She pretended to be Veibae during the divegrass cup

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maybe you aren't joking, but you still are a spineless retard trying to stir up some cheap drama based entirely on lies.

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browse reddit they post announcements there

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She's about to moon. I can feel it.

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>virgin doesn't know flirting even if it hits him right if the face
kek every time

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Here, anon, Hope has descended:

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chill you'll get your chance at beebs eventually

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i am a femanon kek it was clearly veibae impression

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Whatever it doesn't matter anymore just tell me how to find someone to fill the hole in my heart
I only get clips of vtubers I already watch

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oh no no no no faggot

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I can fill the hole in your ass

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I posted these

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>Whatever it doesn't matter anymore just tell me how to find someone to fill the hole in my heart
There's someone out there who loved you before you were even born, who gave His life to redeem you from sin anon, that person who watches over you even if you reject His word.
Do you understand who I'm talking about?

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Stop posting her and let me move on

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Terry Davis.

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NijiCHADS open its doors for you.

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sorry, anon, but your seething or most likely falseflagging is giving me way too much fun to even consider stopping.
I'll tell Lumi to do more coomcontent.

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Please take him I want to see him seethe when he listens to the fish

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>making an anon suffer for your amusement
why are women like this?

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Shut up falseflagger I don't want more unicorns, the resident tourists that think nijisanji should follow idol culture are more than enough.

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IRyS is too good at singing and it makes her karaokes predictable and uninteresting, ironically enough. When Ame's voice breaks and she keeps going and even starts pushing even harder you can really feel the SOVL. The imperfections become cherished memories.

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He is mine now.

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you fags need to take your meds. nobody gives enough of a shit to falsefalg about this inane bs. between this and they THEY'RE ALL HERE shit i'm starting to think this board collectively suffers from npd

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where is the vod?

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Bait thread

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>imperfections become cherished memories
holy cope

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You're not alone at least. My oshi stabbed me in the back as well. I've already cancelled my membership and unsubscribed to her. I'm sure we will be able to move on eventually. In the mean time, it's fine to feel depressed or sad. We lost someone dear to us, after all.

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The fuck is a unicorn?

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OP you're late to the dramafagging, a thread has already got more traction
anyone who's not in the loop read >>10814791

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Fair enough, but it's not even about the singing. Her talking voice, her slightly retarded personality, the sweet way she talks about anything, it just sends me into Gosling overdrive. I think the timestamp didn't work, go to 19:14. She's so fucking cute.

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Name one memorable moment from an IRyS karaoke then. I bet you can't. IRyS' singing is basically flawless. She never even hesitates or makes any noticeable errors. Perfection = predictability. You know what you're gonna get. You're gonna get another flawless rendition, what the fuck else? It's not a cope. Obviously her skill set is way better for producing actual music, but in a karaoke setting it's way worse than someone like Gura or Ame.

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what no pussy does to a mfer

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I've got a 12" Porcelain cock with your name on it honey

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Blade Runner reference.

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Ahem, then let me introduce my oshi. Aozora Kurumi. She's a cutie and is very nice. She won't be streaming a lot this month because last month was a busy month for her. If you watch her, please don't be a creep in chat.

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No, thanks.

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Her company is an airline?

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I hope your SC swoon over your oshi

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Schizos that believe women should never speak to men, make even the slightest sex joke or be interested in romance. They believe in fantastical creatures, basically.

>> No.10815577

They should try Uruka then

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I just want my oshi to be happy.

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To me her singing Yuki no Hana like she did this morning is memorable since I've been looping it all day.

>> No.10815606

She's not. That's fanart. Sorry for the false hope.

Yes. The biggest budget airline in southeast asia.

Here's how her streams are usually like. Singing. Playing with chat. And lots of being old joke.

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Thank you Anon I'll check her out.

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The unicorn represents purity, which is not necessarily the same as what you listed there. Don't explain things you don't even understand yourself. That's cringe, Anon-chama.

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lumi gets repeatedly approached by men to the point where she has to buy a fake ring and you expect her to be shy around beebs kek

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dude what

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My "oshi" not only stabbed me in the back, but helped to fabricate screenshots, ruined me in my previous community, and then fucked off forever. Consider yourself lucky.

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GOD I wish my oshi would ruin my life like that

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I need to know more, please elaborate

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Just stick to Hololive, idolfag.

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this sounds like an amazing greentext waiting to be written, please anon

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she seems extremely sheltered and innocent. Last stream she even said she doesn't know what cum looks like

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This is where it starts
As a Vei fan this shit was fucking hilarious, and the salt has been even more hilarious

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op why waste your time sorting through the trash when you could just watch the greatest vtuber in the world Gawr Gura of hololive English.

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I don't follow lumi or veibae but that's a really good impression anon.

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kek is that mandaloregaming commentating

>> No.10815963

This is what you get for trusting a woman, anon.

>> No.10815982

I'm surprised you've maintained your innocence this entire time, that's really the only reason I lean towards believing you. Personally, I'd have just given up and started over with a new handle.

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nah it's beebs

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how can anyone be mad at this?

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Get dunked on.

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Did Lumi actually lose Lumicorns? Kinda hard to believe for someone who knows what she's doing.

>> No.10816108

sorry to break it to you anon, but you have REALLY bad imagination.

>> No.10816158

lol, who knows, could just be a bunch of RP for (You)s, guess we'll see how her numbers are next stream, although I suspect she might draw in a bunch of people because of her Vei impression to offset some people who left

>> No.10816174

holy fuck thats fucking hilarious i dont watch any of these no names but thats an impeccable impression

>> No.10816210

if she lost people it will be offset by the people who found her. this drama is a nothing burger over a veibae impression kek. seems like a few falsefaggers to me

>> No.10816265

I've never watched veibae before does she really do a mini moan at the end of every sentence or is Lumi exaggerating?

>> No.10816287

I think one guy is an actual schizo

>> No.10816292

imagine wanting to replace good viewers with 4chan coomers. what a great deal.

>> No.10816315

She's exaggerating but she does it sometimes when she's excited or bummed out or something

>> No.10816347

she didn't lose good viewers considering this all took place on 4chan and not on her streams kek

>> No.10816376

>good viewers

>> No.10816432

It's absolutely false flaggers, it's schizos who hate this board and dedicate themselves to shitting up /here/ chuuba threads.

>> No.10816438

fair enough. but coomers is literally the last thing you want in your community. unless you're lumi apparently.

>> No.10816478

why does lumi hate us so much...

>> No.10816614

her fault for trust /vt/ to not be filled with autists who cant see the "joke" i guess

>> No.10816723

and here we go again with the same old "it's just a joke bro" argument. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT'S A JOKE WHEN THE END RESULT IS THAT SHE PRODUCED COOMER CONTENT ANYWAY. "haha, i let you fuck me in the ass but i was just imitating a gay porn actor so i'm not gay, see?"

>> No.10816752

I wish Lumi did feet JOI next

>> No.10816790

this is a terrible argument. sure clearly some anons wanted a unicorn, but she was doing an impression of someone who only produces coomer content so it couldn't be helped. if an impression makes you that butthurt then find another chuuba.

>> No.10816898

what the fuck do you mean it couldn't be helped? how about doing an impression of someone else then? haha what the fuck kind of argument is this.

>> No.10816902

Whoa that's a really good impression, damn. She needs to use that in her streams.

>> No.10816998

It was literally done for the vshojo+ divegrass matches. If the only impression she can do of vshojo are pink cat and vei then what do you expect. Go take your meds

>> No.10817029

holy fuck this is hilarious

>> No.10817090

The fuck, this shit is so cringe.
But I am not surprised her Veibae impression is on point. As soon as I listened to her voice it sounded too similar.

>> No.10817138

She has a really sexual voice where every other sentence sounds like she is getting dicked down.

>> No.10817150

>i don't want to do coombait but i'm literally FORCED to do impression of a coombaiter, oh nyoooo

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goddam she wants it and she wants it bad
no wonder the goshcel is so riled up lol

>> No.10817236

Sorry about the state of the thread back then. That's all I'll say.

>> No.10817311

she's amazing

>> No.10817344

>a vtuber acting like my oshi for about an hour is enough to drive dozens of anons to the brink of suicide

>> No.10817409

there's nothing you can do, there's only one solution to your problem. Jump off the 10th floor of a building.

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Don't forget they had sex off stream too.

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I don't have an oshii, but checkout Manten Hanamaru. I can't understand anything she says, but I wish her a good morning every day and she always says good morning back to me which is all that is keeping me from fucking killing myself.

>> No.10818854

I prefer my chuubas to be smart, entertaining, sing well and play interesting games and your shark doesn't fill any of these niches.

>> No.10818945

Actually I always thought Lumi sounded earily similar to Vei, to the point that I feel second hand disgust listening to her voice by association to that whore.

>> No.10818953

she was giving him head and constantly drinking his cum when he was with vei

>> No.10819014

just be a schizo, that's all it takes

>> No.10819471

seek help

>> No.10820420

Not everyone likes consuming trash, chumpedo

>> No.10820710

/vt/ really love NTR tag huh

>> No.10821739

Thats what you get for letting /pol/ brainwash you with their faux rightism.

>> No.10821749

What ads?

>> No.10823991

You will never find what you're looking for. Even though it seems like there might be one, a combination of skilled, funny, gamer, and female /here/chuuba who won't eventually cuck you doesn't exist.
Stop watching Vtubers if you can.

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I can but it's very long, so I don't expect anyone to bother, I'd probably not myself.
Some friends of the giu that girl worked with are active here and if they get wind of it will flock to push their narrative to protect him, so I waited for thread to be less active.

>get familiar with small-ish indie
>get DM'd about technical stuff since I'm in audio works
>branch in casual talk surprisingly well, hit off naturally, lot of common interests
>however she's completely mental and twisted but I'm not that much better so can't complain and actually like that, it feels liberating
>her vtuber character is a teen but she confirms multiple times she's herself adult and has the cultural references and vocab of one. She is however into ageplay (past abuse? didn't ask) and would ero roleplay as her character in later weeks.
>but before, she starts becoming too schizo, I wake up to a giant walls of text, she get crazy if there is no reply under 10min. Later she says it's messing up her sleep and can't control herself and decide to cut off everything at once and block
>unblock one week later, back to normal more or less. Then same block/unblock later.
>14 february she sends me a big fanfiction of me kidnapping, rapping and killing her
>I don't know how to react and a bit pissed by her completely chaotic attitude and random blocks, a final block, then silence for a month
>2 of the vtubers I recommend her as good/stable role models (better than my schizo mind) accepts to look out for her, which is good news (I thought)
>Slowly I start being told not to come to their chat, so she can comes and not be triggered. Then I get banned, then told to not be around in general "for her mental health", those places were key centers of the community and I got projects with the guy which got cancelled.
>He stays vague when I express my worry about being slowly pushed away, says she needs a safe space and it's under control. But as time goes more vtubers I was working with (as musician) start cancelling projectsn I never get any answer as to why, and just feel everything is closing around me with no explanation.
>One day I just & bring it up in the thread. At this time I still believe her "protector" was honest. I just wanted explications. But as a result, the guy drops with no warning on twitter a documents with a tons of screenshots, calling me a danger and a pedophile, it get instantly rewteeted trough the whole indie community around and further. Quickly people are searching my IRL name, family pics, they contact IRL friends to tell them, it's hell.
Most screenshots were either out of context or edited. The doc claims she was the age of her character or even lower and that I was aware of it. That schizo girl wanted me out of her mind and universe at all cost and made a plan for it.
Between online harassment, my own IRL issues and losing everything I invested in, IRL assoc asking for explanations I shut down completely mentally. Later I slowly start doing a response document, but 40000 private messages (2/3 from her) to go trough, some deleted, so many things to reply to. I hate even touching the doc
it disgust me. Combined with grandparents becoming senile and insane at the same time and taking my time and head. Slowly I manage to advance and collects evidences and pictures, rewrite it multiple times, worried about it going to court since we did share some loli doujins, and I was also supposed to report all the death threats I got even if I thought those weren't real. About a month after doc release (too late, I know), I read my response on stream and show my discord live, scrolling trough it and all to show the real messages.
Few people cared to follow all of it, but the few who do start raising concerns that someone innocent was just harassed and cancelled. Whether the guy vtuber was fooled by fake screenshots or helped her for other reasons, he was already too deep in it and a few days later showed his own video of going trough logs altough not showing the login part, saying I edited everything. At this point everyone instantly sided with him, he had some influences and many friends to support him. I show another video of me logging in in the application, verifying the account and scrolling trough log loading up live to disprove his video, but no one care anymore.
The key element, the girl's age, was never proven ever, as the girl just stopped vtubing after my response and completely disappeared forever and no proof was ever shown just when it was the most important.
Ever since I'm blacklisted almost everywhere by indies
Vtubing community was really everything I had a the time and my nickname was the one I had for 15 years than, IRL friends even called me that, same for IRL gigs. Changing it would aknowledge the slander and I would have to constantly fear slipping up and someone linking it back to me.
Here's the response doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CNb3YE905AhATGQPYPHNORUBuW4kM7Hq/edit#

>> No.10824172

Residents without recompense

>> No.10824494

Damn. If you're telling the truth, you've now learned the hard way what trusting others gets you. Never put yourself in that position again.

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File: 652 KB, 967x674, 5f581ad788cc9c72c93d35056d1f0c7265419bdd9d4dbaad277fd2828db6b403.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, what a fucking mess. The fact that shit was faked, and that they doubled down on that, implies malice.

>> No.10824816

I understand this sounds crazy. I do think someone actually guilty would have no reason to still insist on this 6 months later, when it cannot be undone, and would rename and disappear instead of wasting his time.
At this point I only want people to hear about it, and the shit that can happen when people rewrite reality and become a disgusting monster in the mind of people you previously could call friends.
Of course, I won't ever trust anyone with anything ever, no matter what. I ignored many red flags since I was too happy to find someone fucked up like I was, who also was into me. It was the biggest mistake.

>> No.10824854

reality and you become*

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Good. Welcome to the based department.
Last I saw you were in /yah/. Still there?

>> No.10824948

That's why you follow corporate VTubers, OP. At least they are extremely unlikely to backstab you. If you don't want to go with Holo, there are always other options (i.e: Niji) to pick

>> No.10825028

Yeah, the bear discussed that stuff with me actually, and she honestly believes me. Having a small place where you're not seen as human garbage offers some rest.

>> No.10825034

AirAsia of all things having it's own vtuber will never not be funny to me

>> No.10825088

look into Prism Project or Tsunderia

>> No.10825127

in other words, Kongou Kokuretsu needs to be shove up against a wall and shot?
well, I didn't expect to learn THAT today.

>> No.10825163

His oshi was albeit barely corporate, though you are still right.

>> No.10825224
File: 473 KB, 673x910, 1613528422457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take the cunny sharkpill

>> No.10825232

Yaaaa that's it I'm dropping her. I was getting worried when she started talking about being more "herself" and how that's pretty much just been her being hypersexual and vulgar, but this seals it.
I feel bad for Wenham and others getting invested in what they thought was a cute nerdy girl, but was in reality some slut who just wanted to be famous real hard.

>> No.10825309
File: 489 KB, 3200x1800, Wave 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My oshi stabbed me in the back and I need someone to make me feel better
Your new wife wife will be here soon

>> No.10825343

I saw this from afar. The fact the focal point of the girl's age never had a single proof behind it, and she vanished forever when it was needed the most, it's just stupid.
People with no identities erping with no pictures exchanged, the girl just disappearing, that's what is worth calling someone a predator pedophile and throw him to feed the twitter wolves? The hell. I hate that this stuff is just seen as normal nowadays.

>> No.10825371

watch suisei

>> No.10825406

Disregard this faggot you're not welcome.

>> No.10825894

This is a huge let down, but let's be real there was never a world where Lumi wasn't going to turn out to be a huge whore.
If your Oshi doesn't make it known that she basically never leaves the house then you're liable to get cucked, and Lumi is extremely outgoing.

>> No.10825909

Fuck man, sorry what happened to you. I can relate, had a super anxious gf for two years, moved in together after one year and then she became alcoholic and started hearing shit, she no call no showed her job and I had to dip into savings to pay bills for like 8 months until I finally decided to end things and kicked her out. Months later I find out she's now getting dicked by a dude twice her age and addicted to meth, still no job, she tries to get me to rescue her cuz apparently the dude's abusing her, I put her up for a few days till the meth's out of her system and the whole time she's having schizoid delusions that he's sending his buddies to monitor her and she can't be alone or hear any noises outside, gets scared if a car drives by. I don't know how much of this she's making up so I kinda take her word for it that the dude is bad news (probably a safe bet anyway), so I help her get her stuff from the dude's place and take her back home to her mom's, then the next week she's already back living with the guy. Decided to cut her off completely after that. Probably sunk like $20k into her. Fuck me why'd I even let it go that far, pussy's not even that good, I'm gonna marry my hand and get GFE from chuubas till I die.

>> No.10825986

Isnt this just Carol?
You know the literal pedophile who lives in Romania who got groomed by her boyfriend in some sort of fetish? She disappeared after people found out what a pedo she was.

>> No.10825994

She was like that before.

>> No.10826017

Miko is literally the only pure and honest girl in all of vtubing. Everyone else is a whore. Join the 35P brother.

>> No.10826034

Just switch to hololive. They have contracts that prevent them from talking about all the dick they take and you can be go on being an oblivious idolfag unitard.

>> No.10826051
File: 25 KB, 1022x1000, 1606293667580.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dming sadomasochistic pedophilic ROMANIAN jailbait
>expecting a different outcome
Cant say I feel sorry for you man. I see now I left the indie scene at the perfect time.

>> No.10826081

I recognize I wasn't the brightest, and not in the best place at that time. Just unsure it warranted that much consequences.

>> No.10826086

Don't listen to >>10825406
Wave 3 will heal your soul and reelevate your spirit

>> No.10826088

free my nigga zaissan

>> No.10826347

You needed an editor for that, holy shit. Also, condense your story to 1 minute bites and post it on tic-tok. They LOVE dram. Have them destroy your enemies for you. They also love tragic heroes, you'll fit in perfectly.

>> No.10826442

Yeah, when you add drugs on top of mental illness, it's already a tough work for professionals, so for a regular dude, no one is supposed to deal with that.

>> No.10826742

the lesson here is to avoid even talking to insane women, their accusations have too much power

>> No.10826816

Why are schizo menhera always so attractive, it really is a forbidden fruit.

>> No.10826959
File: 1.55 MB, 3840x2160, inori hazuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have to let her go anon. Come watch my oshi instead, the superior /vst/ chuuba

>> No.10826977

>schizo menhera
you'll be more careful around beatani, right anon?

>> No.10827012

Cool, now get a psychiatrist and start taking meds.

>> No.10827018

No, the romantic relationship between me and Beatani is a healthy and consensual one.

>> No.10827042

that's what she wants you to think

>> No.10827068

Please... I need no falseflags people to look retarded, can do that myself.

>> No.10827197


>> No.10827330

I'm sorry Hazuki
I never should've given up on my reps

>> No.10828154

Any /here/chubbas that aren't whores

>> No.10828167

So none of them?

>> No.10828193

I mean there's always the males... You just need to open your mind.

>> No.10828206

my oshi beebs was slutting it up today, i don't think i can cope

>> No.10828247

kiki or nadechama, take your pick between autistic bunny girl or imouto lolicon

>> No.10828275

Males are the biggest sluts, they always think with their cock

>> No.10828336

Bro her villain cover is wicked good

>> No.10828377


...why are people so angry that she can do a good Veibae impression? I don't get it.

>> No.10828394
File: 1.34 MB, 1125x1500, mocci.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just take the most crippled ones like Mocca
Sure, he may be menhera, randomly rant about the scene on twitter, constantly self-sabotage, insult your for a nice comment, randomly stop streaming for a while, refuse to believe anyone actually like him, but at least he won't step a foot outside and even get groceries delivered with no human contact. No one is gonna touch him.

>> No.10828428

You must be from the VShojo thread. See, the problem is that acting like Veibae for any extended period of time, especially around men, makes so called "goslings" go on shitposting rampages because their parasocial girlfriend "NTRed" them.

>> No.10828506

Not exactly, but she does the poor phone sex operator voice.

>> No.10828671


I'm not, I haven't watched more than 5 minutes of any VShoujo member.

>> No.10828717



>> No.10828800

nade: https://twitter.com/BasedBug/status/1434622692280487940


>> No.10828831

Might I recommend Rita Kamishiro from Prism? It’s her birthday tomorrow, feel free to drop in and check her out.

>> No.10828968

Imagine having oshi who talks to men and fingers dive grass streamers live lmaoo.

>> No.10829086

not me, no sir
embarrassing shit how they're tryn this hard to defend

>> No.10829235
File: 753 KB, 1278x590, TwitterWarnsUnidollikeConduct.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly, eira (the welsh sheep) does fit that description.
She's really into hololive and like idols, want to become one in the general sense, and is pretty afraid of men. She hates things like NTR enough to explains how it harms your brain https://youtu.be/yF-g5JKafaE?t=244

>> No.10829286

>and fingers dive grass streamers live
Yeah I'm thinking based.
t. /4ccg/

>> No.10829304

god it will be so hot when her corruption arc begins

t. ntrCHAD

>> No.10830265

I don't, it just happens naturally.

>> No.10832837


>> No.10832913
File: 499 KB, 1050x1075, 1628366223199.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10833018

Nadeshiko is pure and stated multiple times she will never have a boyfriend or interact with m*les as long as she streams

>> No.10833092

Time to take a look at /nina/

>> No.10835067
File: 63 KB, 275x205, 1631801437759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me the piano version of Bloody Mary.

>> No.10835285

Didn't you want Alkatraz last time? Which one is it?

>> No.10835320

Wait, I didn't save the Alkatraz one. Gimme that instead.

>> No.10835908

I hate women with strong opinions, it means they have boyfriends.
Also every woman who acts all high and mighty for doing basic shit like not cheating are always the biggest slags.

>> No.10836566


>> No.10836587

Holy shit you need to kill yourself asap

>> No.10836626

might be a femcel

>> No.10836749


And that's why the winner is Kronii. God tier singing voice (and voice in general desu) but still with some minor scuff here and there that makes it entertaining to listen to

>> No.10837186

Twitter, small vtubers retweet other small vtubers for circlejerking.
Or just let your dick guide you.

>> No.10837414

Has Pippa also confirmed to be a whore like Lumi? I thought she was a sweet poor shuttin country girl.

>> No.10837469

no one on kiwifarms is anywhere near sweet

>> No.10837543

I thought kiwifarms was just non-anon /pol/ but focused on doxxing

>> No.10837594

>he considers /pol/posters sweet
uhhh anon?

>> No.10837642

Just don't watch women if you are gonna be this paranoid.

>> No.10837766

/pol/ posters care about their race so they are inherently sweet, although there's a lot of schizo shit there these days

>> No.10837841

i'm afraid i can't help you then since your definition of sweet is way different than mine. just look at her vids and see for yourself. if you want some spicier stuff look for the chrischan, audition review or sovereign citizen streams

>> No.10838697

It's a board of mentally ill people that dox, harass, and catalogue the lives of other mentally ill people for fun, sometimes until they destroy their life.

>> No.10838812
File: 1.29 MB, 1200x630, alcDraft1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You didn't save it cause none of those existed in the first place.
Here, tried doing the start of Alkatraz on piano just now, if that sounds good I'll finish it, and never have anywhere to send it to you. https://files.catbox.moe/1inauc.mp3

>> No.10838955



>> No.10839011

Nigga this is pretty great. Nah, you don't have to. I was just half-shit-posting and wasted your time already. Damn man, this is good. Thanks mistah Z.

>> No.10839102

It's a nice song to do variations on so I'll probably finish it for fun. I guess posting the mp3 or something over to your thread in case you catch it.

>> No.10839130

Women love abusive scumbags, you trying to save her from him was always futile.

>> No.10839132

>country girl
Not anymore, unless you mean country girl in terms of roots.
In fact her no longer being in the country is 99% responsible for every way she wants to kill herself and take as many people as she can with her.
That's not a rrat, she said that in pre-chat before.
For some unholy reason her neighours are massive degenerates who hate country people on general principle and make her days a waking nightmare and her nights... well, a regular nightmare.
>How the FUCK did you know? God damn it all I thought she was different but in the end she was no better than vwhorejo FZCK what a fucking retard I am for trusting
Maybe it's because I didn't start out with Hololive but have a past in AKB culture I deeply regret, but I don't understand what the big deal with some lighthearted performative flirting is.
>how did you know
Everyone saw it coming from a mile away just looking at the catalogue. Come on now.

>> No.10839227

That'll be swell, mr. anonymous poster. Yeah, it's a fun song.
See ya on the flip side.

>> No.10839247

no idea what is this thread at this point but that's actually very good wtf, I don't even think there is such version yet, where do you post that?

>> No.10839279 [DELETED] 

>In fact her no longer being in the country is 99% responsible for every way she wants to kill herself and take as many people as she can with her.
Based, this society is trash and if you're content with it by default then you're trash. She just needs some guidance and convincing that it's the jews who ruined our society, instead of blaming herself/the proles around her.

>> No.10839285

Nowhere, I'm cancelled, sorry.

>> No.10839331

Watch Milkyqueen, she's my oshi and she's based.

>> No.10839367

Yes, and she's still connected to her emotions. They're clearly coming through in her renditions of Young and Beautiful for example, which in my opinion elevates the performances a lot. All about the SOVL. IRyS on the other hand is so professional that she just disconnects her emotions and sing more clinically and matter of factly.

>> No.10839437

In general yeah, but their vtuber thread is fucking cucked and is more of a hugbox than the most hugboxy /vt/ threads.

>> No.10839652 [DELETED] 

>She just needs some guidance and convincing that it's the jews who ruined our society, instead of blaming herself/the proles around her.
I don't think she considers the idea of cities not being terrible by default and definition all that credible. Can't ruin something that's bad just by existing.

Also. Man. This is an annoying-ass way to express yourself. I don't even necessarily disagree but sweet /lord/ do you need to work on your messaging.
>wah wah wah
No, please. Spare me.

>> No.10839844 [DELETED] 

I mean, Hitler talked about the nobility of the ruralite and the degeneracy of cities:

However cities being degenerate is just like humans being degenerate, it's inescapable since cities are always going to be the centers of political power and if you ignore them you'll just get rolled.
Without jews urban degeneracy can be managed, where as they encourage and exacerbate it.

>> No.10839944 [DELETED] 

>However cities being degenerate is just like humans being degenerate,
That is literally my point, and presumably hers.

>> No.10839996

I had to move on from beatani, but I'll always think she's cool for that. It's nice to see you in kiki's chat

>> No.10840042

Idolfags and unironic goslings get the rope

>> No.10840075 [DELETED] 

There's a difference between a level of natural degeneracy vs jews weaponizing degeneracy in order to genocide you.
For example there are homos in Israel, but Israel still has an above replacement fertility rate, even among secular jews.

>> No.10840090

sorry this is idolchad board
r*ddit is other way

>> No.10840199 [DELETED] 

Another example is blacks. Blacks have always genetically been prone to violence and savagery, but before jews completely took over politics in America blacks were segregated from Whites, and encouraged to better themselves and evolve towards Whites. Now the opposite is done, and it's actually Whites who are being devolved into being like blacks.

>> No.10840402

>mixing personal and professional stuff
>sharing loli shit along with your identity
>failing to 100% drop someone after they do schizo shit to you
let this be a warning to everyone else to not make these mistakes

>> No.10840455 [DELETED] 

go back polacks
your schizo ramblings have nothing do to with vtubing

>> No.10840777 [DELETED] 

stop bringing up niggers in my chuuba thread you fucking mutts

>> No.10840848 [DELETED] 

This is what I meant with you being annoying. You're just kind of rambling in an in-your-face arrogant yet incredibly uneducated manner.
Not unlike Late Show hosts, really.
TBF Gosling shit doesn't either and people segued onto talking about music covers.
Basically this thread's a toilet and shit is bound to build up.
Meanwhile there is clear evidence of maido activity stretching in an unbroken thread all the way back to the creation of this topic.
Clearly moderation approves of this thread and the posts in it, making it evident that this behaviour is tacitly encouraged.
You can't complain about people treating it >>10840777 as a free for all when it's clearly janitorial intent for it to be this way.

>> No.10842290


>> No.10843633
File: 90 KB, 208x192, lumi wink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can i recommend you Kaneko Lumi?

>> No.10843713

It sure is. Here, let me shill it a bit more.

>> No.10844534

I don't want Beebs' sloppy seconds

>> No.10845335

kiki... a different whore, but still a whore

>> No.10845403

i trust what appears in the recomendations my doxxtube present to me.

>> No.10846881


>> No.10847384

Stop sharing illegal porns and nude selfies!

>> No.10848370


>> No.10851456


>> No.10854210

Is anyone from PRISM a good substitute?

>> No.10854703

All women are whores. Vshitjo are just honest and have no restrictions.
Wake up.

>> No.10856672

that's a little rude

>> No.10856782

Maybe, but its accurate. Just like saying "all guys can think about is sex" its not "true" but applies to 99%+ of males.

>> No.10859054

yura rikudou is cute and wholesome

>> No.10859436

no prism is almost all bottom tier kek but i know you are just prism staff trying to shill

>> No.10859667

Let this be a lesson, dont get close to chuubas. Stream chat is fine but you closer than that and you are risking yourself. The type of women who wants to become a vtuber isnt the most mentally stable person.

>> No.10861735

Conveniently, I've always felt Kongou is cringey as fuck and annoying. Glad to see he's also a shithead. Sorry you went through this.

>> No.10861914

Eira is a real one if you want a vtuber that will never threaten the idol experience. Literally just tweeted earlier today that she'll never collab with a guy because men make her anxious.

>> No.10862486

Jesus fucking christ. I guess my instinct of creating a separate persona myself for watching vtubers and engaging in their communities was the correct call. It's so fucking scary how even though you had the logs proving your innocence, nobody fucking cares. What can you even do other than not interact with people at all? Fuck social media and fuck cancel culture and anyone who thinks mob justice in the name of social causes is a good thing.

>> No.10863993

t. holobrony

>> No.10866318

Yeah her Yuki no Hana is the best rendition I've heard so far.

>> No.10866498
File: 41 KB, 479x652, 1627542858537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10866749

thank you Lumi very cool

>> No.10866975

How about trying western vtubers?

>> No.10866996

Thigh tomo’s keep on winning.

>> No.10869809

>I've been stabbed in the back, I need a new vtuber
>recommend thread full of backstabbers, schizos to the brim and even some sjw twittoids
are you trying to kill OP?

>> No.10870509


Youtube recommends me indies all the time.
You can also follow indies on twitter and they'll promote their friends/similar tubers. And when you follow those tubers you find more tubers

>> No.10874773

Take your meds.

>> No.10879813

>western vtubers

>> No.10883804


>> No.10884052

You forgot how she's constantly talking about desserts and stuff.

>> No.10884088


>> No.10884705
File: 16 KB, 300x300, Guess who.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You must consult the wisdom of the vtuber guru.

>> No.10885156
File: 300 KB, 673x680, 1625819260749.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You posted wrong image

>> No.10885248

Go back to ame you schizo.

>> No.10885350
File: 66 KB, 256x256, 1628800357481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feesh is anti coomer gosling.
>You are so much of a coomer you repel them
Fish is legit degenerate, vshoujo are whores that stop at sex jokes, this fucking retard however one day will take a dog knot "just to try it" assuming she didn't already

>> No.10885414

her singing is terrible, but she does put herself into it
look at mumei's karaokes though, her timing is pretty good AND she has stage presence. she's like a classical disney singer

>> No.10885455


>> No.10886634

is /wvt/ really that bad?

>> No.10886696

why you think 99% of the vtubers down there are absolute ngmi tier? The few with hopes tend to leave on their own

>> No.10886744
File: 85 KB, 311x467, 505850588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't deserve ascending

>> No.10886781

get out of here OP, leave the vtuber scene while you can

>> No.10887038

Agreed, this is your chance >>10814419, your chance to become something greater

>> No.10887150

As streamers, not all bad of course.
But given OP complaint and wish, it's the opposite of what he would want, the thread is like 80% vtubers nowadays and of course pretty set on their own interest before the viewer's one. And typically fine with using vtuber persona as part of "social justice". I think OP would do an hero.

>> No.10887328

Lumi's a br*t, of course she's a slag. Nothing of value comes from the UK and vtubers are no exception

>> No.10888983

frogchama I know you are innocent

>> No.10889768


>> No.10890013

You sound like a total faggot, Zia.
I can understand why she blocked you 3 times.

It's impressive how you autists can create such a shitshow out of literally nothing.
Pointless drama aside, I just wish she would come back and start streaming again.

>> No.10890328

I wouldn't want a faggot like you anywhere near my fav 2views

>> No.10890420
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1621944615815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello anonymous celestial body and anonymous rabbit. Do you have any plans interacting with the other smaller corpos?

>> No.10890573

Mocca was literally about to move to another country for cock before the pandemic.

>> No.10891948

you tell me

>> No.10893784

Ask in them in their threads

>> No.10893822

its the other way around
prism and tsun blacklisted the star
just wait for her to keep inclining and they all will come crawling back

>> No.10893849

>prism and tsun blacklisted the star
? Why?

>> No.10893936

Give me the rrat

>> No.10893959

>prism and tsun blacklisted the star
please tell me more or show me some archives

>> No.10893981
File: 229 KB, 331x331, 1630780537934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literal rrats were involved

>> No.10894087


>> No.10894271

>debut yabs
>hylo yabs
>trailer shit
please just do your archive reps. tsunderia blacklisted them so hard orla blocked hylo, all other agency corpos slowly unfollowed them and stopped interacting

only the power of pippa and lumis love will save UNITY

>> No.10894326

ah, I thought it was because of something more recent. Didn't know those talents went as far as blocking them

>> No.10894355

So the rrat is lumi is in a black company?

>> No.10894468

>please just do your archive reps
hard to find specific rats in an rchive without any direction

>> No.10894501

just look up hylo

>> No.10894851

Only found out stuff unrelated to tsunderia though and from the look of it hylo did nothing wrong and the other girl took shitpost bait too seriously

>> No.10894931
File: 660 KB, 1512x2018, 1623570551888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just branch out I guess. I didn't get into vtubers heavily until council made their debut.
Found my oshi from there, and then started branching out to find girls that might have similarities to her personality, and I finally found my JP oshi.

It takes time, but you can do it ,anon.

>> No.10895006

they are newbies and naive, not malicious.
They did howerver had literal discord sex benefits for oil barons

>> No.10895086

>rrats continue
CL inclining

>> No.10895137

This is fun

>> No.10895225

they had "dates with the girls" benefit, they changed mind when the idea showed to raise a stink

>> No.10895256

Tsun shooting themselves in the foot again, colour me surprised.

>> No.10895405

It's actually the other way around funny enough. Most other corpos can't stand the way CL gives their talents a lot of freedom and how they act as a result. Most other corpos don't give as generous a cut as CL. Most other corpos are black companies.

>> No.10896693

Oh dear. Because of this? This whole thread? It's hilarious because uhh.. ever heard of making impressions?

>> No.10896774

Eventually this will be a real acceptable thing. And I'll probably buy one

>> No.10896823

>is a top tier VA
>gets paid to act as a character on stream
imagine being upset that a girl knows how to do her job kek

>> No.10896862

You have GFE style stream for this shit, no idea of riskin to get on yourself some schizo because one day they paid for the discord date and the next one they are with another guy, they realized it was potetially dangerous rather than something cute for top whales

>> No.10897219

You don't UNDERSTAND the very act has made her IMPURE.

>> No.10898140

The funny thing is how the previous stuff didn't rub anyone the wrong way.

>> No.10898226


Was it Zombie-level lewd sounds?

>> No.10898661

>gimme recs
Fuck you, my Oshi has 300 viewers tops and I wouldn't want a fucker like you anywhere near her presence.

>> No.10898769

I'm goslinging to your oshi right now and you can't stop me

>> No.10898791

Doubt you know who she is, but a'ight, try your luck, faggot. I saw her posted in her exactly once.

>> No.10898881


>> No.10905092

how much do you think it is to pay a mafia or small gang to dispose of someone?

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