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If you could kill any chuuba without any repercussion, which chuuba would you kill?
>pic unrelated

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Your oshi

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You're chaos? BULLSHIT.


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thats a nice custom ogey let me steal it papu

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people who are already driven insane by scarcity of her streams would never shut up

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I’m honestly invested for Bae’s villain arc, she’s the Arthur Fletch to Mumei’s Lex Luthor

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What Bae villian arc? Do I also have to watch her now as well?

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>Using Twitter images on 4chan

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Her villain ark it's just being kind of annoying to everyone, its not intended.

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please never post that again.

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and mangastream

oh wait mangastream use facebook images

inb4 you download your mangas from torrent

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Your oshi

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I know, Arthur didn’t actually intend to be a cringelord when he started attempting comedy

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Petra I guess

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Kill yourself

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I don't dislike Sora, I just want to see what kind of fallout her sudden death would cause

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None, what the fuck is wrong with you?

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Depends, do you have any plans to debut soon OP?

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Nothing would happen, she is in her own world isolated from holomembers interactions, even being the '''''''beloved daisenpai'''''''

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This trash

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did Arthur became good at it at the end?

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>ITT: future psychopats

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I always found this pretty strange. People give some holomembers shit for not collabing enough, or not being sociable enough, but Sora just automatically gets a pass despite being in her own little bubble and barely interacting with other holomembers outside of AZKi. And all because she's the """beloved daisenpai""". People should be consistent or shut the fuck up.

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Her fans are nothing but a pile of shit and I want them to suffer.

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He developed a niche fanbase in Gotham City, to say the least

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Gura. easy. really stirs up shit.

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Everyone just assumes Sora is incredibly busy, and rightfully so. Still, Miko should play MC with her more often.

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>kill myself without upsetting my family and friends

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If you debut, I'll have an answer.

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All of them but only if I get to fuck their corpses afterward.

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Ollie because she's already dead.

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came here to say exactly this
there is something about killing a dying woman.

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miko. no contest.

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None of them because I'm not mentally ill

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all of them because I'm mentally ill

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some of them because I'm somewhat mentally ill

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baelz is worse, but shes way easier to ignore

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get the fuck out of here nigger

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i hate her and her fans so much it's unreal

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Depends. Does kson counts as a vtuber?

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Me and you both anon kun

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Do I get to personally kill them or do they just suddenly drop dead? Either way I choose Gura.

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Comet seems just as busy, yet still collabs and games often. Then again, I suppose not everyone can be as versatile as she is.

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Nah... I'd rather kill the entire population on this board, starting with you desu.

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i dont hate any chuuba but id be nice enough to take matuli out of her misery

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I guess the one who will not lose much lifetime from it, so Ironmouse

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Go back to redd*t with your off-topic.

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I'd kill Aloe, victimless crime.

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retarded fuck. kill yourself nigger

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>t. falseflagger

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The world would be a better place without Miko.

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I agree, I'm not sure why people forgive her for being a rapist just because she's a woman.

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Immensely based.

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t. teacuck

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I'm surprised people haven't said Kiara yet.

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You, for even asking this.

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Yo dazo

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Kiara is bad, but she's not so bad that anyone would want to kill her. I think she's gotten better. Her second outfit, the one with cat ears, is infinitely better than the orange mess that she uses as an original. And she's a spastic attention whore, but those are hardly flaws unique to her as a person.

She's just whatever.

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I haven't debuted yet, but ok.

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Cope and seethe soratomo

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This evil mastermind

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Forgot pic

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It seems every collab she gets left out and becomes a 3rd wheel. Don’t think she’ll become a villain though cause she found company with irys.

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Based triggerer of faggots

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The meltdown from Ame would be amazing

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Matsuri or Selen

I hate them so fucking much

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Pink cat

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>forgor the pic
Antis resemble the chuuba

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Mikan! ngl I did love wanko to kurasou

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Possibly Pomu. She's sweet but her sweetness is fake and if I had to choose one (gun to my head) I know her type of person. I like her, but she's so fake it hurts me sometimes.

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I'll wait untill you become a chuuba, psycho.

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Third post best post.

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And then they all died....the end. :3

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I don't want to harm one millimeter of any chuba. I just want everybody to get along and enjoy the fruits of civilization. Except maybe Lilyhops. That shit kinda creeps me out.

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Why should I kill then when I want to fuck them all senselessly?
That being said, If I fuck Mousey, she will die soon after so that's my answer.

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Why should I kill them*

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The duality of anon

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Not based

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So are you implying that you don't want to fuck her? Are you gay or something?

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death of annoying vtuber would cause containment breach of the fanbase, so not sure would it make things better or worse

>> No.10737636

>pic unrelated
More like pic related. Rats carry diseases.

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Miko or Pekora
I want to see if the other regrets their falling out afterwards and how they react

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Wouldn't want to kill her, but I'd put Kiara in a cum jar.

>> No.10738422

...my oshi. I want to be the one that has the pleasure to take her life. And then feel guilt and shame and kill myself afterwards.

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>Botan calls her LINE by mistake
>Sora picks up in half an attosecond, before Botan's neurons can even begin to consider cancelling the call
Sora is starving for interaction but everyone is too afraid to ask.
Even Shubaru remarked this week how she's too nervous to talk to Sora. Subaru! Who fucking buffs any collab like the bundle of liquid sunshine energy that she is.

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Sora's is a sad and lonely existence. I can't watch her streams because I find their overall tone too depressing.

>> No.10744134

The shitstorm would be glorious, his fans are even more retarded and obnoxious than chumbuds

>> No.10744330

How can they be that blind? This or sora is behind the cameras a dangerous person, if now I don't know anymore what the fuck happens with her

>> No.10744893

>newfags don't know how tightly management keeps Sora on a leash
They wouldn't let her join the ARK boom because there was too much poop in the game. I'm not even joking. Then there was that spontaneous MC collab where Sora joined them in the game but wasn't allowed to join the discord call.

>> No.10744954

Depression graduation when?

>> No.10744961

This was my second theory, management being an ass, imagine if Sora decides to graduate because that

>> No.10745331

The faggy idol larp that management keeps up us cringe

>> No.10745368

Idols are all about larping.

>> No.10745496

I would kill Nyanners. She is a drain on this country. Sooner we get the socialistards out, faster we can rebuild.

Or just ship her to Japan or some shit.

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Suicidate puto prieto asqueroso, ojalá toda tu familia se muera de covid.

>> No.10746000

i want to hug her

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it's a nip thing

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I bet 80% of this board would say Kiara.

>> No.10751039

i dont dab on death note daydreaming

die and let live

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How much of that is Cover management (who is a clueless techstartup that came from literally nothing) and Victor Entertainment (aka JVC electronics) who is Sora's record label and holds the real gilded idol chains?

>> No.10753062

Luckily I still remembered the exact stream when she talked about not being allowed to join in on ARK. As for the MC collab thing, you can easily find it yourself, it was that spontaneous collab with Miko, Kanata, Polka, Flare and Botan. There's a bunch of clips from it, so it's easy to find.

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It worked

>> No.10753410

Is that the one where they all went to the End? I found that one really weird where Sora was the only one without a voice.

>> No.10753798

Yep, that one.

>> No.10753976

god I want to watch the life leave her eyes just to watch her fanbase writhe
to be fair if i could just slowly and painfully kill off her entire fanbase that would be enough, I don't really care for mouse but don't have anything against her personally

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>> No.10756498

Why is management like this?

>> No.10758198

Ooh? how and why?

>> No.10761404

can't argue with those trips

>> No.10762586

pink cat

>> No.10763023

I'd murder the hell out of selen. I'm worried she'd just laugh the whole time though and I'd feel bad after

>> No.10763187

corpo suits are always like this because they're job is to prevent boat rocking

>> No.10765626

Based and rape-pilled

>> No.10768662

What the fuck, you are completely illiterate.
"Cringe" is not an adjective; and you meant *is*, not "us".

>> No.10769045

All of them
I just want to be free

>> No.10769680

Nyanners was on her way to being fixed, but she was the influence.
Vshojo would be a different place without her and Silver.

>> No.10769749

why in the world does it trigger these faggots? breaking some comfort bubble you have created? xD is this how fragile masculinity looks like? just start using twitter u faggots

>> No.10775834

How did this pic make all other anons mad?

>> No.10776308

>nooo they need to let sora talk about her period shits like BASED veibae!!
go watch vshojo then

>> No.10776552

disguised twitfag makes newfags seethe

>> No.10776588

>Just start using twitter
Got banned for calling a tranny a faggot

>> No.10776611

>wherever I go, I must incessantly seethe about gay people
Kill yourself, freak.

>> No.10776732

I would pay (you) for Live2D, decent internet and computer and then kill (you).

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>froot and husband sold anime /k/ patches
>husband gets deployed to Afghanistan
>froot starts fucking other dudes and /k/ patch makers
>this leaks and froot does damage control, saying that he person she was fucking was a stalker
>Whiteknights assemble.
>Said "stalker" leaks the DMs in retaliation.
>turned out she had a history of doing this

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>> No.10783469

>be Anon
>Can post with gay abandon because I'm anon
>Can even say I want to lick Kiara's cloca
>I'm anon and so are you

>> No.10783485

I would hold a pillow over her face while she sleeps until she stops breathing.
In Minecraft.

>> No.10783812

I would kiss her and hug her a lot every day, marry and have 5 children, then after many many happy decades she dies of old age together with me while cuddling in bed one summer night. The perfect crime.

>> No.10784150

Traitor deserve no mercy

>> No.10784236

Thanks for letting me know to post in here

>> No.10784275

>Kill yourself, freak.
Oh the irony

>> No.10784334

Shut the fuck up spic, I know how cancer sdlg is, now return to facebook to use your "papu" "elfa" ":vvvvvvv" words there, remember you must be +18

>> No.10784335

Objectively good killing: whoever gets the most views in vshojo, probably nyanners

To see this board melt down: Ame, the chaos would be great

>> No.10784544

She's completely retarded, unfunny, loud in the worst way and has no quality control. Out of all of the VShojos she's the most talented but she never puts on a legitimate karaoke out of laziness (don't act like it's from her illness). She's lazy and low quality and awful. The scene would be better without her.

>> No.10784927

your cringe

>> No.10785062

You know it’s a black company when management and the CEO are allowed to goof off and have more fun than the talent.

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