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What vtuber provides the best girlfriend experience?

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hitler baked beans

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hitler baked beans

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me but I'm a 43 year old short balding man

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Mori's type, nice

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mnigelg nige hitelr ebak ebaked beans
hitelree baked beabns

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Ayami sensei

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Yeah I banned her from my streams, she was too obvious about grooming me

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>Yeah I banned her from my streams, she was too obvious about grooming me
Damnit anon now she'll be even more wound up every day. Fuck's sake, couldn't you take for the team?
Come on now. Not saying you should respond but this is a bit much.

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I only know EOP streamers but try Reina Sun, Nene Amano, or Yura Rikudou

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isn't yura indonesian?

>> No.10575467

No, she's half JP half Chinese

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I refuse to be raped by a 5'6" Amazonian

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Mel's momma Aymay

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said it here
and I spelled her name correctly too

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Nene Amano

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I was in so much denial about this. Then she and her friend did the dual ASMR and realized I was getting more than what I bargained for.

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Hololive currently has the entire GFE Market cornered. Even after Coco's departure, No other agency has even come close to competing in this department, Not even Niji male sanji. Coco is at the top of the GFE pyramid. Don't argue with me. I'm just stating facts.

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1/10 bait there mate

>> No.10575988

You replied to it that makes it at 5/10 at the least

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Ame is a girl you had a crush on but never dated and stayed friends

>> No.10576057

and that post was a 0/10
I miss the old days where people put in effort.

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This. I remember Coco comparing streaming to like having a date or something? Her being at the top shows just how much influence she had in hololive for them to change direction and start catering to gosling retards loners. which means, minimal homostar collabs, and more Yuri bait nonsense. I kneel.

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Yura is the best GFE vtuber in the west.

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Anyone who takes you out on dates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-OXNwh_Wm0

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Nijisanji already provides BFE you dumbfuck. Nobody cares that hololive attracts waifu loving weebs like you. Cute boys is where it's at. Boyfriend experience is an acquired taste. I don't expect a holobroni to understand.

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Anon this was literally a year ago, Ame hates being a GFE vtuber and she abandoned all signs of it a long time ago.

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Can someone explain to me what a girlfriend experience is actually? How is this even possible when the only interaction you will ever get is her talking behind a screen?

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She acts like a tsundere towards chat
Does the *chuu* after streams
And sends her members twitter-like messages
I love her :3

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Amelia Watson? come on bro, you can do better than that.

>> No.10576384

>remembers your name
>knows details about you
>does streams where you do things couples do like go on dates, have long talks, play games together and more
>flirts and teases you a lot

>> No.10576428

>does streams where you do things couples do like go on dates, have long talks, play games together and more
you and a whole bunch of other weebs
it's not true GFE if it isn't 1on1
what you're talking about is the gangbang version of dates

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But the first sentence is 100% true.
No other major GFE vtubers(the kind that can reliably break 3 digits on Youtube). EN or JP.
Fact is, vtubing is full of whores, and whores, despite the origins of term GFE(since for obvious reasons whore GFE and vtuber GFE are vastly different), cannot do GFE.
Name me a single chuuba that loves her fans and expresses that love with GFE that isn't a holo

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>anon doesn't mind meld and become one with chat

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>Astonishingly based as fuck.

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Imagine that you have never had a girlfriend and equate ASMR streams with sexual pleasure. After that, take your subjective tastes and apply them. Past that... I'm not sure. I don't get it either.

"What vtuber provides the best girlfriend experience?" feels like asking "Which pogo stick provides the fastest commute-to-work experience?". Sure, they COULD be used like that, but why would anyone do that?

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>remembers your name
>knows details about you
Wait, what? Even if you only had 2k subscribers with only half interested that'd be like 1k names to remember. That sounds insane.

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It's a daughter experience, a daughter experience, A DAUGHTER EXPERIENCE!

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Rushia who is considered one of the best GFE tubers out there remembers all her gachikois, stalks them and their personal accounts, remembers if you dont show up for her streams, knows when you appear in other vtuber streams and will personally say your name out if you're not there for her.

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You remember the paypigs and those really active in chat maybe. The percentages of those compared to subs is always tiny and inevitably gets smaller as subs go up. You're looking at at worst a couple of hundred people even for someone with 1m subs. And you don't NEED to do it for every single one. Showing you can do it for a few gives hope to the rest keeping the paypig production going

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>when the only interaction you will ever get is her talking behind a screen?
Anon being ignorant about online dating lmao

>> No.10576728

I don't know if you know this, but usually online dating has talking back and forth directly, not someone talking at a crowd and you commenting on what they say, hoping they read it, in a sea of other commenters.

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>Hololive currently has the entire GFE Market cornered

True. All the GFE heavy hitters are in hololive. But what People haven't realize yet is that the reason;
> (You)'re all fawning over their cute "anime" voices,
>obsessing over their cute character designs,
> obsessing over literally everything the vtuber does, from their mannerisms, to their vocal ticks, all the way up to their social life. (All of that is 100% weirdo behavior btw).

The reason you all act this way is because you're all trapped in this inescapable GFE hellhole and you suckers don't even realize it yet. Accept GFE into your life. Get saved.

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>All the GFE heavy hitters are in hololive
said the holobrony who never stepped a toe outside the holobubble

>> No.10576966

Go watch Kuzuha & friends.

>> No.10576980

>obsessing over literally everything the "anime girl" does
I mean, technically that's the purpose of an anime girl. They are rarely remembered for their deep and complex personalities.

>All of that is 100% weirdo behavior btw
How about fuck you? The girls are literally doing the same, if not even worse. Noel being a prime example.

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>said the holobrony who never stepped a toe outside the holobubble
How could you tell?

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>apex only streamer
haha no.

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I don't know if you know this, but I'm perfectly capable of holding a conversation with myself and leaving 500 messages for my first crush to wake up to in MSN at the age of 9.

>> No.10577555

Name any other fag

>> No.10577588

Well, what they do is be a better person than you and become capable of loving muh "text on a screen" because they have a soul

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>Western daughter tubers
Can't wait for them to cancel their paypigs in a twitlonger for the ultimate shitstorm.

>> No.10577636

I did

>> No.10577651

I don't think giving false hope to lonely people makes you a better person, but I respect your opinion.

>> No.10577695

I do but I prefer the meshers for the true BFE. Shame Ebio doesn't do it, he's got extreme potential to do it

>> No.10577751

So she made it worse by having them pander to autistic retards ready to throw a shit fit at the slightest hint of YABAI and ruining fun cross over collabs with nijisanji and other chuubas because the girls became "teehee idols"?

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Its GFE not an actual girlfriend. If you can't suspend your disbelief to enjoy it then go get an actual girlfriend you lose.

>> No.10577909

I'm just telling you the fact that you're a cuck.

>> No.10578880

GFE is providing a stimulated social experience that feels similar to what it's like to have a gf. You've most likely heard streams and podcasts referred to as "friend simulators" before. GFE is just that but with a sexual/rimantic tinge.

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Rikudou Yura

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Kanae, you really feel like you are his girlfriend when you watch his streams.

>> No.10579025

yeah I totally want my girlfriend to be responding to the romantically charge messages of other men in the middle of my date with her.
GFE? more like cuck experience.

>> No.10579075

This is better proof for the evil of capitalism than anything commies ever came up with

>> No.10579734

The one you enjoy the most. GFE is the point of Vtubing even when thin veiled.

>> No.10580295

not for me
don't project your issues onto me

>> No.10580370

>false hope
With enough mental illness there's nothing false about it

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Words can't begin to express the level of contempt for people like you. She's not your god damn girlfriend. This one sided parasocial relationship you're engaged in is so fucking awful, have some self respect.

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go back normalfag

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I watch Reine because she's entertaining but sometimes she has insane accidental GFE and I'm tempted to oshihen really hard. She enjoys streaming so much and gets lonely on her off days. I remember YT chat dying and she got sad because she couldn't read the comments, implying she reads all of them. She also reads my comments even if I'm not the most loaded paypig and only SC a few times a week.

She's dangerous, and Merekyats know.

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she is based and beautiful the best hololive if you ask me.

>> No.10582722

>watch a twitch chuuber with under 20 views.
>your name will literally be 20% of her chat.

new cuties are debuting all the time, get in while they're new and your name will be important to her forever because you were there supporting her and being active in chat during the early days.

>> No.10582736

>enters hobby
>ruins it
>because of 'muh cringe'
>from his high horse
Got your self respect right here fag, open wide

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Very cool samefagging anon, glad you got to show off your neat pictures :^)

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how does it feel, now that I took your copium away?

>> No.10582976

True and ironic because she seems like the literal opposite of GFE

>> No.10583067

Nice paint skills bro!

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>go into hobby
>instead of being there to have fun, a bunch of faggots begin to form parasocial relationships with idols who see them as a number in their bank account
>vtubers, who were once fun and interesting, now play into this retarded fantasy because idiots throw cash at them to do so
>hobby is now full of e-whores who spend less time singing, playing games, etc. and more time going "uwu look how cute I am anon-kun desu I love you so much kawaii"
>stop ruining the hobby anon, I'm trying to get affection from someone who doesn't care about me and ruining the entire medium in the process

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based and true

>> No.10583206

You should be a fiction writer you're really good at it

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Stop samefagging we know it's you

>> No.10583391

anon do you even know what samefagging is?
tourists are supposed to leave when summer ends.

>> No.10583462

Only a tourist would pretend to be several different people just because they're insecure about the existence of GFE though

>> No.10583600

cope harder anon.
I'm sure there can't be two whole people on 4chan who disagree with you at the same time.

>> No.10583733

Uh huh

>> No.10583835

Looking at it objectively, Sora provides the best girlfriend experience

>> No.10583907

>Sora provides the best GFE in hololive

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> Mentioning GFE
> Not a single reference to the queen of GFE

>> No.10584245

step out of your hololive bubble for 1 week I dare you.

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If only what you said was true. Unsurpassed. Unchallenged. Unbeatable.

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enter pic related

>> No.10584989

It's actually, Ayamy.

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File: 1.17 MB, 1402x992, __suou_patra_honey_strap_drawn_by_amamiya_ui__9ac4f217ca223dc08438b603ec870434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suou Patra from Honey Strap™

>> No.10585145

welp fuck me in the butthole and call me a cocksucker.

>> No.10585158


>> No.10585175

She definitely makes me want to gosling hard.

>> No.10585239

Have to PUSHU PUSHU harder next time.

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Enter CHADryu CHADco

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roboco but for real she is just pure unintentional GFE

>> No.10586218

Ame 100%
She screeches all the time gets mad at stupid shit. Doesn't listen to you or any advice you give. Makes fun of you for caring about her. Cries when things don't go her way. Puts on a cute face and pretends to not care about money. And best of all cancels plans with you almost every week.

It's the perfect gfe

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Aaaarh Nenemax SAAAAMAAAAA. I was only joking. Please don't divorce me neneSama. A-Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i-i-i I humbly kneel in shame.

>> No.10586670

Rushia, Rushia. If you declare your love to her, she tells you can trust her with it. And she’ll also stalk you on twitter if you show up enough in her stream that she remembers your name.

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Enough said

>> No.10587494

You're absolutely right about how the twitch e-thots picking it up was 100% to do with how much money it generates, but faggots forming parasocial relationships with women who will never know them is literally the foundation the idol industry in built upon.

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My wife

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>Has 3 jobs, still manages to stream multiple days a week because she loves chat
>Makes shorts that involve her pampering her viewers, and being in GFE situations
>Will make assets to enhance her streams just for (You) (Maid costume for maid ASMR, school girl outfit for japanese horror game)
>Made a hashtag for posting your meals because she was concerned whether chat was eating well or not
>Remembers chat by name and will notice if you don't show up for a while, even remembers regulars on other PRISM girl's streams even if they don't watch her
>helps you with /fit/ reps because shes a fitness trainer IRL
>Allegedly was a retired model
>Decent at games
Shes one of the most powerful GFE chubbas in the game

>> No.10589329

no one takes nene's GFE seriously because she's dumb

>> No.10590894

do you know the artist of that picture?

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