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>high emotional resillience
She had a small breakdown over a yab superchat name.

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>average resilience
She literally took breaks because of le online hate lmao, and also cried during the Mario Kart tournament for DCing a lot

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Put Miko up one, bring Marine down one, bring Kronii down one, bring Ollie down one, put IRyS up one, put Ina up one, bring Reine down one, and bring Risu up one.

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I'd say bump haachama a tier and throw Noel and ollie in menhera, you have no idea what ollie does in her mem stress

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>insane emotional resillience
she was just on the verge of quitting

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Kronii needs to be in "low" tier. If you think she has high emotional resilience then you don't watch her when she's around others.

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I somewhat question the placement of my oshi, I'd say she's good, but not that good. However the main problem is something that she seems to have mostly gotten over this year, or maybe I just haven't noticed it as much. That being that in a video game when things turned against her she used to spiral down to a pitiful level. Yes I know I didn't mention her name.

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This anon knows.
but also put okayu up one

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Definitely put Ayame and Shion one rank lower

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Kronii low and Ollie low.

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>high emotional resilience
she wails like a demon being exorcised when a vidyagame has rules and mechanics that she refuses to understand

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Noel is definitely menhera tier, she's thrown multiple fits on stream.
Kronii probably belongs in low but it's kind of a different low than the rest of them.

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i think kanata should be higher with her numerous "endurance" stream

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Koone is very sensitive to melodrama

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Kiara is legally a menhera.
Ollie has low resilience.

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>Marine not in insane after the shit she's been through this year alone
>Risu not in insane after being literally (here) and able to deal with shit here about her without breaking down like Moona and Ollie
>Anya not in Insane after telling chat to fuck off various times over various situations
>Ame / high heheheh

>Towa not insane after her legendary yab
>Aki / average hahahhaha
>Reine should be in high
>Ollie in average after taking a week off for her legendary "yab"
>Haato not in menhera
>Noel not in menhera
>Iofi in average heh
>Mel not in high after stalker incident
>Fauna/Mumei high....
>Kanata in low
>Pekora not in average
>Aqua/Kiara in anything but menhera

You need to watch more streams and or clips

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Now that I think about it, isn't Towa also menhera? The other talents have talked about her having meltdowns in the past

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>high emotional resilience

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Having fun in something like games with nonexistent stakes is normal
If something really bad happens that might threaten your life, job, social standing; such event determines whether you're tough or not.

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Probably shit for two reasons
1. all tierlists are shit
2. you don’t watch all of them and clips don’t count

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Raise up Marine and Botan, move down the Dog, Ollie and Kronii

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>kiara that low
i hate you guys

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No offense to Ioforias but Iofis replies to schizo comments often. Unfortunately Reddit actually thinks its based and made memes out of the times it did happen so I got the feeling she won't stop anytime now or even feel encouraged. Also Suisei's newest album is now available in digital version so please buy them

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Kronii belongs in her own tier, because while she can come off as Menhera, she's still stable and actively wants to help her members in a non co-dependent non parasocial way.

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You need to watched more streams or even clip before you make such tier-list

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marine and ame too high

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Haachama and Towa should be higher. Being as they are the 2 hololive members that actually survived a suspension. Shion should be lower, since she is very very depressed.

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they're women so they should all be at the bottom

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Kanata in low... Just admit you know nothing of her. What even is this based on.

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Ina should be higher, just because she cried twice since her debut doesn't suddendly make her average, she's very stoic otherwise.

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Korone literally broke down from playing Klonoa

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This, excepet Ollie is low

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I think clip-watchers should shut the fuck up and stop making retarded charts.

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Irys should be lower.

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How is Polka menhera?

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Leave Polka alone.

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I'd put Anya, Nene and Sora in top tier. Anya for chewing out chat on the regular, Nene for bearing with all the costume/3D delay shenanigans and still being so positive. Sora has a will of iron and has been doing this for 4 years now.

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dunno about Ayame, but lower Marine by one, probably. she should be lower than Subaru. yes, she's been through a lot, but her mood is pretty swingy. although maybe you could argue that she's affected by stuff pretty easily, but also bounces back pretty easily.

lower Korone and Shion, and raise Kanata.

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>Anya not in Insane after telling chat to fuck off various times over various situations
she's not in insane tier just because she has had angry outbursts towards chat, which is mostly in the past now and did it in her debut months
she doesn't get sad/emotional in streams or show any weakness and doesn't open up

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Subaru should be highest tier. She went through so much at young age, now her resiliency is ridiculous.

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I can tell you're not a member

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She had a shitty life, but she also broke down and cried like a baby when her live got postponed (and eventually cancelled, but she didn't know it at the time). Several other holos have dealt better with more awful stuff.

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Wasn't that also the second time it's happened because of the china virus? I can forgive her for being frustrated and emotional about it.

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Why should haato be in menhera? She doesn't really have any crazy outbursts or anything like that, and this is talking about an actual menhera not the whole haato and haachama arc

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It happened a second time, but I'm talking about the first one. Also, the second time it was because of food intoxication, I can't even remember why the first one was cancelled.

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Are you being serious? Have you payed no attention at all to Haachama in the past year or so?

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Kiara Moona and Pekora are average
Kronii Fauna Mumei Mel and Noel are low
Mori is menhera

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Why do you say that? I'm not going to say I know enough about her to give a proper argument, but at the very least she handled the sekuhara situation like a pro and I've never seen her let an ounce of instability leak into her streams.

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all of them should be under menhera/low resilience. only menheras choose streaming as career path

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Pekora is way up

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Sora definitely needs to be bumped up higher for surviving as a 2view (no brand boost at all) and doing all that real life shit and streaming on the regular. Seriously, between all the Victor Entertainment studio stuff and practice for lives. Not to mention the stuff she did in the past, like somehow finding time to act in a sitcom.

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That shit wears you down. Was in high before, but now she is at low and you can kinda tell holomems are walking on eggshells around her.

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>you can kinda tell holomems are walking on eggshells around her
Have you been skipping on your meds again, anon?

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>waaaah, management won't give me a cool birthday party so I'll shit talk cover and other holos to my members and threaten to cut superchat

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>no argument
That's what I thought.

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Given how little Mel streams your claim is almost non-falsifiable, you're the one who ought to provide something to support it if you expect anybody to take you seriously, because from the viewpoint of anybody who's not going schizo over Mel's relation to holos there's not a single notable indication that she's being avoided or being treated differently. Her collab rate is pretty normal, given how little she streams to begin with.

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A lot of you people can't seem to tell the difference between overreacting being part of a character and certain individuals who sound like they're legit going to start crying because some rando in chat compared her to some other chuuba.

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suichads cant stop winning

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>Noel in average
Someone has not been watching her play any game

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Nene should be top tier, she's the only vtuber I have seen that seems to genuinely be happy about life in general

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This is what I'm saying, when I think of menhera I think Matsuri or rushia level of mental illness, is haachama that bad? She doesn't really stalk her fans or cause drama over the smallest of things or even start crying or gossiping about other holo mems in her membership streams so I'm genuinely confused here

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The day Amelia cries for real on stream, you'll know that something VERY bad has happened

>> No.10595309

Yes and she handled it like a champ. It's like it never happened.

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Nigger watch more than one clip before pretending you know anything

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So based = menhera and cuck = resilient okay anon

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Aki should be in high. Sora should be top. Marine should be average. Noel is menhera. Ayame should be low. No way Kanata is low.

>> No.10597973

swap ollie and moona, moona fucks around with 4chan and reads it on her phone while ollie is still crying over it

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>Mori is menhera
She had her moments but i would not call her full blown menhera.

>> No.10598597

Moona also likes to piss of her own country which I don't know is crazy or not considering the place she lives

>> No.10598656

Mutt's Law

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Nene should be atleast 1 tier lower

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>Coco's rock for over a year
>low tier
OP is a fucking retard

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Because she occasionally looses her shit when things go south in games (MC, Mario Kart for some examples I've seen it in).

Is it menhera? Surely not, but its not "High emotional resilience" as OP put her.
Average sounds more reasonable.

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Does she do it for entertainment or is she actually angry?

>> No.10599435

What happened with Kronii?

>> No.10599876

Def angry, but also somewhat for entertainment I'd say

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Based on what

Captcha: SADXY

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but she cried because muh scary japanese bunny

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being upset at your own shortcomings is stronger than getting upset over random retarded comments on the internet

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She applied for her audition 4 times, and is actually happy, every other holo member is depressed or something close to it. Being angry doesnt mean you arent resilient, I get angry as shit playing frustrating games but will stay up 10 hours if I have to beat them

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Pekora's emotional resilience is a skit, she is the only hololive member except maybe suisei who has the desire to be NUMBER ONE

>> No.10605710

>So based = menhera
Yes. This has always been true. Only tourists and discordfags believe otherwise.

>> No.10605968

Speak English.

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>quick run down

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How is Marine ahead of Miko? Marine tucked tail and hid during the doujin incident while Miko dealt with all the blow back. Miko has also been dealing with vicious antis since well before her time in Hololive and she has never let it effect her content. Miko needs to be in at least High and I would even put her in Insane. Despite the Elite Baby act she is a very strong girl.

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>spoonfeed me the meaning of this common acronym

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reddit tierlist again?

>> No.10607272

but she didn't cry

>> No.10607398

Lurk moar.

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>you can't rate her unless you watch her streams
>you can't rate her unless you watch her memberstreams
>you can't rate her unless you know her irl
>you can't rate her unless you are staring at her through the window right now

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How can you truly be certain of someone's emotional resilience until you have sexually mindbroken them as described in the sacred texts?

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Kiara is one bad day from being an hero, should be below menhara

>> No.10615611

>not menhera
Shit list

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>Insane emotional resillience
She did 15 minutes rant on bad taxi driver. I would not put her that high.

>> No.10627884

Ranting isn't as being emotionally resilient. Some people like complaining about things that don't affect them much emotionally.

>> No.10627950

Ranting isn't the same as not being emotionally resilient*
I forgot to take my meds and my spelling and grammar have decreased rapidly. Gomen.