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There are all kinds of animals and monsters, but no black people.

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Go forth and be the change that you wanted to be.

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Japanese are disgusted by black people, so no.

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Then let's make a black with Vshojo!

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they'll eventually have to, they're an american corp. they'll kneel to pc pressure eventually for those sweet sweet investor monies

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We need black people.

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i've seen a black vtuber and she was absolute dogshit but for a different reason. there are lots of black anime fans out there, i'm sure one will pop out (that's actually good) eventually.

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I think it's okay to have one popular black vtuber.

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Is the holostars oga black?

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Vtubers are mostly non japanese.

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Black people are always losing money.

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Ironmouse is spic right? That's close enough

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Isn't Trinity or whatever black?

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Sudacas are more white than black

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Some vtubers are Arabs.

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