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Holomyth's new outfits got postponed because some JPs are getting theirs too and nobody would give a shit about it if they overlaped with Myth even though the JP branch don't have to cancel their shit because of EN

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>Japanese company prioritizes Japanese talents

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The one thing that can be said about Japanese companies is that we like their chubas but not their management. If it wasn't for Reine and Kronii, I wouldn't even give any fucks about Hololive.

Luckily my faves aren't the ones getting shafted right now, but that's just a temporary thing. Hopefully they'll be able to follow in myth's footsteps and circumvent managerial roadblocks via bootleg 3D. After all if you want something done right then don't rely on a Japanese bureaucracy.

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Don't worry. Hololive gives the shaft to your oshi's equally. Just give it time.

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>get walfie on the line
>we have an urgent, time-sensitive matter to discuss

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Literally this, the day my oshi graduates is the day I leave hololive in the dust, I wouldn't want to be associated with it till the end of my days.
Likewise the only thing that's keeping me in the hololive circle is haachama, and that end seems to dawn nearer and nearer anyways

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don't give me that shit, your oshi didn't get graduated because some whore said taiwan
i miss her so much...

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Anon yo, she was one of the whores who said Taiwan, and only got graduated for being American.

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Disregard that, I didn't see the image. Your oshi got what she deserved.

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Every single time.
Every single fucking time I see this bitch her eyes get farther apart.
It's only a matter of time before they start floating off her head.

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