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jari jari jari jari

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Huh!? What is it now?

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Didn't earn it

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I thought it was Iofi that hated the shark. are all indogs jealous of her?

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I want to brainfuck her

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I'm sorry anon, but you can't. She doesn't have any.

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>better than (You) at math and chess

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Don't project.

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>Gura's cumbuds attack Iofi because they're too autistic to tell that Gura was playing up the anger for laughs some of them actually believe that Gura was serious when she tweeted out she'd never stream with Amelia ever again
>Gura outright tells them the next stream to stop harassing other holomembers and that she was playing up the saltiness for lulz and everything she said during the game and tweeted out was a joke
>Iofi tells some chink pretending to be a cumbud in her comments to fuck off
I'm beginning to think you guys weren't even around when those streams happened and that you just believe whatever narrative is posted here.
I'm not that anon but she's so fucking bad at chess that her elo is lower than young children who played the game for a while. Also her maths streams are just her regurgitating a highschool maths textbook that she barely understands.

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Jealousy. Inability to accept and admit her own failings as both a chuba and a person.

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>implying there's anyone /here/ who would lose to her basic levels of math and chess
Well, maybe (You) would, now that I think about it

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Does she now? I missed this rrat but Gura seem to like Ollie, praised her in a few streams recently.

>> No.10422971

Recall that Gura wanted to play Apex with her, but the zombie just ignored her.

>> No.10423069

If thats true then based
The ID leech knows that Gura would bring shitton of mess if she collab with her

>> No.10423094

That was a Muna viewer, lol

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The shark is very protective of her position and stands for everything the walking yab opposes. Probably got ghosted too like most people who want to interact with her.

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Wow, we don't even need shitty out of context clips anymore. Just say something and people will run with it.

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Lol, no she isn't. Not even close. I have a math degree, you projecting, retarded child. Also, didn't she call her calculus stream differential equations before changing the thumbnail?
Anyway, I'll admit, I don't like her because of yubigate, but there aren't that many chuubas willing to study math on stream. So I at least respect her for that.

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Does she? I don't like Ollie but based if true

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>highschool level math and highschool level chess elo is considered smart in muttland

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You know it was one grey niggger chink in iofi's comments and she couldn't just ignore it. 1 grey nigger chink = chumbuds. Try again faggot

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Nta, but that's anon says "pretending".

but yeah that one is on iofi for being thin skinned.

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If it was just 1 person Gura wouldn't have addressed it. Cumbuds were going after Amelia too.
It's likely the reason why she didn't collab with people outside of EN for a LONG WHILE after that stream.

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ever heard about yubigate? that was the shark

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I'm sorry... I was killed by a white man, and she...

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More like c*nnor ordered her bitch to get Gura to play with him so Ollie tried to catchfish Gura into playing Apex with her and bring c*nnor into their offline play session.

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