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yes but they're /ourwhores/ unlike Twitch whores who love pushing globalhomo propaganda

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What's with hitomi chris?

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Half-retired members.

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The worse ones were already taken care of. Matuli is next.

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>1 likely to graduate soon
>1 literal who
>3 graduated
You forgot a few too. All the whores need to get removed.

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The forbidden one...

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Why is choco in there?

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OP is the voice of a generation

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And to add to this, whoever scouted out the whores needs to get canned as well. Excise the tumor at its source so it doesn't grow back.

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I still can't believe Mitsuri pissed herself on stream.

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I don't mind Matsuri being gone because he's unpleasant, but I'd hate to see MARINE go.

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What level of esl is this

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>implying something is wrong with sexuality in general
No. I mean, I can understand if people didn’t like VShojo for other reasons, but saying it’s purely because they have hormones, is like some religious fanatic type of situation. The whole “boobies bad” thing is weird.

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It's fun that we time loop every few weeks, with people forgetting the Erolive portion of Hololive.
The truth is most people on here don't like, or have never watched and have personal grudges against the Vshojo girls. And none of it matters. The hololive girls you call whores and the vshojo girls you call whores are at the end of the day, on average, 4x more successful then anyone on this board.

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you can criticise vshojo without being a hololive fan

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>I suck dick and got my ass eaten
>says the fuck word and likes boobs
>implying they're the same
Still no new material, still saying the same retarded shit. Vwhorejo cucks being absolutely pathetic as always.

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vt thinks she was in the wrong even after the guy gloated on twitter about how he "destroyed a vtuber" or something like that.

>> No.10421823

machine translation

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She sold her body and soul to fast track the money, equipment and connections needed to get into hololive, then went back on the deal the moment she got what she wanted. Literally a walking stain upon women's reputations. She should've just accepted her place as a cocksleeve or actually competed on her merits to get in. Being a treacherous, opportunistic whore is just an all around bad look.

Simps and Marxists may champion strong women, but men with any semblance of backbone understand the importance of honor, loyalty and ethics. Trust is the foundation of civil society, and flagrantly breaking trust because feelings is regressive as fuck. Especially if you're the one that willingly and voluntarily entered into the arrangement while knowing full well what you were getting into. And if you didn't, then you shouldn't be involving yourself with others until you learn yourself some common sense.

tldr She broke a social contract and got axed for being a selfish whore who didn't want to work hard or keep her mouth shut. Nothing of value was lost.

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hitomi chris was molested. japan is a place full of misogyny, so they put all the blame on her.

>> No.10422599

that Mel, retard

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chris too

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Gonna need some evidence chief, otherwise you're just flinging shit like the retard that you are
>full of misogyny
Congratulations, for using buzzwords (You)r opinion is automatically invalid, have a nice day.

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if he did that he would be taken to court like Mel's manager.

>> No.10422884

>Gonna need some evidence chief
can you provide evidence for>>10422191?

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T. Clipnigger

>> No.10422928

newfag, check /jp/ archive

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Kinda unrelated but is holoJP cursed now? Gen 4 involved in an incident that closed down an entire branch and eventually led to a graduation. Gen 5 had a massive shitshow right from the start and a near instant graduation. No wonder Cover will only expand EN and ID.

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the ironing is delicious

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It's the only place I know that has separate sections of a train for people who don't want to get molested
I guess maybe that's progress

>> No.10423083

What happened to hitomi anyways

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And too many JPs.

>> No.10423283

>stop criticizing vshojo

I will never cease disrespecting american women.

>> No.10423625

I will never cease disrespecting all women.

>> No.10424262

>comparing holo girls to this

>> No.10424565

Saying that Japan is sexist cause more women get raped/molested is like saying Japan is sexist cause more men get murdered. Its almost like you're implying that Japan encourages that shit. This isn't the 90s-early 2000s, rape/molestation is taken very seriously.

>It's the only place I know that has separate sections of a train for people who don't want to get molested
>conveniently forgets to mention the male victims that get falsely accused of train molestation only to get blackmailed or their lives ruined
See this is why you dishonest faggots are so hated. Only telling half of the story, leaving out essential details, cause otherwise muh narrative falls apart

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there's no proof about everything on the internet. I was in a similar situation to Hitomi Chris and most of them were orbiters/internet flirting that never led to real life

My best guess is that it's a random who saw her debut and made up a story so he can get internet clout.

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>leaving out essential details
Proof of anything please

>> No.10425593

you're forgetting fauna mumei and ollie

>> No.10425647

T. Clipnigger

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Low effort post. You didn't include Noel and Kiara.

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lol bottom left XD

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The difference between OP's picture and vshojo is that the former has some redeeming qualities that allow people to look past certain flaws, whereas the latter does not.

>> No.10425958

not him
you haven't provided any.

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Invaded by niggers.

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Vshojo is full of whores that are not supposed to be whores but need to be whores.
Holosuperiority got whore characters played by angels.

>> No.10426271

Is there a niggerchuuba?

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God I'm so glad you people are gatekept from my vshoshi

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>Vshojo is full of whores that are not supposed to be whores but need to be whores.
>Holosuperiority got whore characters played by angels.

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anonchama... the "he" in his reply was Matsuri. at least learn English before calling someone ESL.

>> No.10426894

Nice try, ESLfag.

>> No.10427105

Hololive has never talked about doing anal or having bloody period diarrhea and for that reason alone they are much better

>> No.10427187

Remember when Coco said, “trans right? What’s that?” Now that’s what I call a BASED moment.

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That doesn't count

>> No.10427665

Everyone is a hololive fan, some people are just being tsundere.

>> No.10427742

She's black.

>> No.10427782

>posts Choco and doesn't even post Mel
>doesn't even post Noel, or Luna
lmao, do your reps.

>> No.10427931

Her name was Mano Aloe.
Victim of the blackest of black companies.

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>> No.10428128

And many of them aren't even in the OP pic

>> No.10428217

Then she should be black

>> No.10428222

That menhera bitch is only a victim of herself.

>> No.10428439

This is a black avatar, right?

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Is the muttbaby mad that people don't like things he likes? Is he seething that people look at his way of doing things and the current object of his bastardization and keep him at arms length while choosing the latter instantly? Boo-fucking-hoo. Make like a Wigglytuff and Rollout you fat fuck.

>> No.10429699

>nonce femcel
>nonce whore
>normal chick
>grooming victim
>normal chick
>normal chick
Woah, so many "whores", now lets count Vshojo, they have:
> A camwhore
> A whore who cheated on her boyfriend while he was serving in the military
> Some antituber's fiance
> A make a wish spic
> A few more whores

>> No.10430648

Whores deserve nothing. Matuli graduation can't come soon enough after za hando killed her viewership.
Seethe tranny. Jap thots get a bit of a pass because they somewhat care about their image and actually do more than just being coom bait, while for Vthotjo is their only selling point and their thotery is trashy and unsophisticated.

>> No.10430768

>Jap thots get a bit of a pass because they are Japanese
ftfy Ken-Sama

>> No.10431089

>after za hando killed her viewership
Anyone have a before and after of her viewer count? Since it was on her roommate channel, did the hand really impact her that badly?

I stopped watching her shit over a year ago after she started exhibiting menhera tendencies, so I have no idea what numbers she's pulling.

>> No.10431563

Do you really believe that Marine is a virgin? She was an OL slut and was part of NND offpako.
Also you don't know anything about Choco if you think she is a normal chick.
Aloe is an actual whore, she makes Matsuri look like a nun.

>> No.10431600

>Also you don't know anything about Choco if you think she is a normal chick.
She just wants a husband, please understand

>> No.10431668

With how her year has been going, you could quite easily slide Marine into the likely to graduate soon category.

>> No.10431715


>> No.10431732

what's "za hando"? being completely sincere, here, i'm not really up on the lore and lingo of /vt/

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>Do you really believe that Marine is a virgin? She was an OL slut and was part of NND offpako.
>Also you don't know anything about Choco if you think she is a normal chick.
>Aloe is an actual whore, she makes Matsuri look like a nun.

>> No.10432057

Okay you don't know anything about her past...

>> No.10432405

Coomerbait, true, but she's not nearly as vulgar as vshitjo. Plus she at least can sing
Hasn't been relevant since ZA HANDO
Literally who? Outside of Hologra she's like the niji of Hololive
Couldn't even make it to a single stream before getting fired. Lol.
Should've graduated shortly after getting HoloCN shoah'd. At least then she would've died a hero instead of becoming the villain.
Couldn't even figure out how to private a stream. Thankfully the Nijiniggers and unicorns got her to quit before her retardation could take all of Hololive down with her.

>> No.10433027

> Should've graduated shortly after getting HoloCN shoah'd. At least then she would've died a hero instead of becoming the villain.

I think in part you can thank Cover and the other Hololivers for that, I wouldn't be surprised that Coco was done and ready to ship out months prior but had to go through bureaucratic tape with Cover and smooth things out with all the others to not potentially lead to live menhera reactions and additional damage to the Hololive brand.

>> No.10433164

Do your archive reps, anon
Hell, even simple search on youtube

>> No.10433209

Hero for getting rid of chink.

>> No.10433222


>> No.10433312

i don't know what that means but when i look it up all i get are jojo clips and memes

>> No.10433381

Those are just two among countless other fiascos holo went through in the past couple of years. Some were bigger like the permissions drama, some smaller, like that doujin artist throwing a fit on twitter. It's just what you'd expect from a small tech/entertainment company suddenly growing bigger than any of the people involved are capable of handling.

>> No.10433610

>Coomerbait, true, but she's not nearly as vulgar as vshitjo. Plus she at least can sing
Mousey can sing better and Marines buttfangs would get her an instaban from twitch

>> No.10434494

LOL ok dude

>> No.10434640

>Should've graduated shortly after getting HoloCN shoah'd. At least then she would've died a hero instead of becoming the villain.
Shut the fuck off company bootlicker

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Our whores would never do this.

>> No.10435603


go back

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You can also be a hololive fan and be fine with Vshoujo.

>> No.10435640

you are a fucking retard,

not a single person on /vt/ has ever criticized melody and shes a literal cam whore,

its not because they are sluts that people hate them fucking newfag.....

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>not a single person on /vt/ has ever criticized melody

>> No.10435768


i keep having to bring this up, people are actually fucking retards or newfags or zhangs or both,
basicly the whole
"we hate vshojo since they are whores"
was a psyop that never happened,
people hate nyanners because she supported gamer ghazi against gamer gate and she became a huge sjw that wantedto ban trap and everything for 5 whole years.

people barely hate vei anymore originally they hated her cuz she was gonna collab with kiara and people didn't like her voice,
people hate froot cuz of the military rrats,
people hate silver vale cuz....
actually no one hated silvervale thats a timeloop, and amelia is her.... ok i won't say it
people hate zen cuz he hates trump and is a generic cuck.

and melody isn't hated by anyone

>> No.10435781

Your holowhores literally engage in yuribait keyfabing. If you don't think that's actually a part of the globalhomo agenda, then you have zero credibility.

>> No.10435797

Come back to me when you can find a single clip out there where any of them say how they had their asshole eaten out
And thats just the tame one. If you want to go hard mode, sucking eat or drinking piss.

You wont, meanwhile thats what you get daily with vshojo
The entire industry would be better off blacklisting vshojo or better yet their complete removal. Unfortunately being a literal prostitute isnt a bannable offense on twitch, they would be gone instantly if they were on youtube

>> No.10435813

link me posts of people shitting on her
cuz it never happens, if it did it was false flag, even then there are barely any

>> No.10435824

I think the hate was exaggerated initially but became real as people kept parroting the same thing they read until everyone just accepted it as truth.

>> No.10435859

wtf this is possible? why is this even allowed on paypall?

whats stoping some one from pay palling some one 500 million $$$ then refunding and making the fees in the hundred thousands.

>> No.10435966

>why is this even allowed on paypall?
because nobody has ever skimmed a credit card then bounced the money through a bunch of different accounts to launder it...

>> No.10436068

its illegal to call them donations
you can't take donations unless you're a non profit or a religious organization, it's straight up tax fraud
paypal doesn't register them as a vendor because they're not taking tips, they're taking donations which means you don't get chargeback protection

her "lawyer" is going to call her a dumbass and tell her to drop the case, not a single person in Vshojo has any sort of intelligence

>> No.10436092

Why is Towa not in this pic?

>> No.10436232

Can't believe how vshojotards seethe like this. Keep enjoying your girls talking about swallowing cum kek.

>> No.10436251
File: 1.07 MB, 3508x2480, 8ED3894D-2116-45EB-86BF-EF634708A366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just get along

>> No.10436327

>using 4chen as a credible source

>> No.10436394
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Or this

>> No.10436926

clips come from streams retard
nobody is going to watch a veibae stream when ALL her clips are like this

>> No.10437016
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>> No.10437113
File: 892 KB, 988x739, 1589153932480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at this shit. Hololive isn't on this level. Does anyone have that clip of vei describing the cum of some dude on omegle or something?

>> No.10437151

lol that was hilarious
>I am nuht readee to cum.

>> No.10437719

Vshojo are mega sluts and they even have that dragon trap with robotic voice.

>> No.10437791

oh no, the clippers are taking clips of veibae acting like a whore and are using them to make it look like she's a whore!

>> No.10437810

Those Vshojo sluts have too much "freedom" one of these days they will create a political controversy.

>> No.10437897


>> No.10437916
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lol no ayame?

>> No.10438067


>> No.10438086

Not anymore lol he just removed Vshojo from his twitter handle

>> No.10438116

Lazy bitch.

>> No.10438408

Yea you know I can hate them for those reasons and also for being gross whores, right?

>> No.10438600

Matuli is buddy buddy with the management she have no reason to graduate.

>> No.10438855

No Ayame and no Towa, OP is a teen.

>> No.10439892

pick one

>> No.10439995

take your meds

>> No.10442764

Completely and utterly seething

>> No.10442808

Fpbp+op is a faggot

>> No.10443624

wait why did zen leave vshojo?

>> No.10443697

Oof. First Hime, then Zen. Everyone's jumping ship.

>> No.10443936

This. That dude can psychoanalyse this as much as he wants but most of us don't like them because they're stupid whores

>> No.10443991

Diabolically based

>> No.10444095

Cope seethe and dilate

>> No.10444239

It's another vsluts cope thread. Just sad at this point really

>> No.10444350

are you retard?
nyanners is canadian. same with silver,

vei is polish and living in uk.
iron mouse is purto rican
melody and froot and zen are the only americans in vshojo technically hime but she is barely in vshojo

>> No.10444423

canada is in america

>> No.10444432

Didn't one of them cheat on their husband and steal a bunch of money from some /k/ patch making people?

Vshoujo is kinda fucked.

>> No.10444614
File: 78 KB, 850x605, 1630107076939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No stop believing stupid narratives

>> No.10444698

Yeah, Froot. She’s also a tranny lover.

>> No.10444867

>stupid narratives
I heard this from a guy who knew her on a first basis. I don't know 100% of the details but the theft thing does seem to be true.

>> No.10444929


>> No.10444965

Yeah but they were Asian so it’s ok. White whores on the other hand… built for steed.

>> No.10444967

woops I guess it's *vshojo, whatever

>> No.10445000

Of course he did anon

>> No.10445253

Basically America.
Basically America.
>Puerto Rico
Basically America.

>> No.10445557

Has she ever showed proof she didn't cheat or steal money?

>> No.10445624
File: 14 KB, 500x279, shit_bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Has she ever showed proof she didn't cheat or steal money?

>> No.10445654

Five whores and the best Vtuber of all times.

>> No.10445683

So no?

>> No.10445713

Guilty until proven innocent. The schizo way.

>> No.10445757

When has that ever been a thing?

>> No.10445872

Proving your innocence? Since forever. Especially when it's financial stuff that is super easy to prove.

>> No.10445922

>Vwhores fags throwing a fit because their thread got derailed again
It's funny every time

>> No.10446045


>> No.10446296

Pretty in most places it's innocent until proven guilty and wouldn't proving her guilt be easier?
What's she supposed to do? Give /vt/ards full access to her financial records?

>> No.10446365

Is English not your first language?

>> No.10446552

I don't get it...

>> No.10446731

He thinks this was intended as a vshojo thread despite it clearly being a standard daily bait thread. He also thinks people are raging about it, probably because he got called a schizo or something

>> No.10446877

>Give /vt/ards full access to her financial records?
Literally as easy as posting her transactions from certain periods of time.

>innocent till proven guilty
That's in a court room, and you can bring people to small claims courts on accusations too. Kinda of a moot point when it's extremely easy to post her transactions without putting her name and bank info.

Same thing with the relationship. Posting your messages you sent is extremely easy. She just won't because she knows she's in the wrong.

>> No.10446892
File: 67 KB, 459x581, 1622465911727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Coomerbait, true, but she's not nearly as vulgar as vshitjo. Plus she at least can sing
I didn't want to join this bait thread, but the Mouse isn't exactly coomer bait. And she can sing.

>> No.10447835

Proof gets posted. It gets deleted. People get banned.
Several days later proof is asked for again.
Rinse and repeat.

>> No.10448068

>She just won't because she knows she's in the wrong.
Yep, and proof has been posted of her being lewd with someone over discord DMs but it just gets discarded as "ERP" because somehow telling someone your feelings for them is roleplay.

>> No.10448087

Are you fucking retarded ESLnigger?

>> No.10448386

But no proof of her being married, seeing anyone else at the time, ever meeting this dude that lived 5000 miles away in person or of her ever being given any money.
She did flirty DMs though so she's clearly a monster.

>> No.10448874

Its been said before, to prove it after they split is pretty hard to do as that stuff has long been scrubbed clean.
I've been in servers with her and I can find other people mentioning her co-owning a patch shop with her husband but I don't know if that will pass.

>> No.10449075
File: 202 KB, 1023x993, B8559044-3E79-4929-BCE2-45E8B6F06AC2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haha Chang.

>> No.10449114

Coco is unironically a e-thot.

as for Froot.. it could have been photoshopped by someone looking for clout. maybe they wanted fame

>> No.10449203

The only lewds ever posted of froot were photoshopped and said to have been found on /b/
I dont know where this shit came from about her having leaked nudes when the guy she fooled around with himself has claimed to not having any.

>> No.10449244

only flirty dms were "leaked"

I really wonder if humanity is going anywhere if we care more about internet drama than saving real children from broken homes.

>> No.10449317

Really talking about "saving children" on /vt/ ?

>> No.10449685

no it just bewilders me on how people care more about a vtuber's infidelity than real physical shit happening in the real world.

>> No.10449758

fair I guess

>> No.10449844

It's a thread made by vshojo fags shitting on hololive. So yes it is a vshojo thread. Your third grade level understanding of English might make that hard to get I know but try to keep up

>> No.10449882

VShojofags only know 2 of the people in the OP

>> No.10451148

Why are vshojo shitters so much jealous of JP chuubas?

>> No.10451244

Again, we have no idea who these people are

>> No.10451507

I mean, I get it but at the same time I'm not going to defend scammers.

What you do in your bed is between you and god. How you treat people in your community, even if it's a niche internet one, does speak volumes about you though and you should be shunned

>> No.10451651

>She did flirty DMs
married women shouldn't be flirting with other men ya betafaggot

>> No.10451774

stop deflecting valid criticisms towards the vshitjo autists

>> No.10451804

She was never married but the og rrat wasn't interesting enough

>> No.10451846

This is actually very much undepreciated about JP chuubas, as unlike these rude and aggressive whores, JP chuubas are polite, have class and are way more feminine with their words

>> No.10452295

>implying that they don't act like this at least twice a week
And you keep saying that the holochubas are whores kek, talk about a double standard.

Keep your copium in check anon. Enjoy your vshojo cum talk.

>> No.10454814

Matsuri is a whore? I don't watch her but she looks normal to me, never saw a clip about her being a slut or something.

>> No.10455786

she was married

>> No.10456027

Holy shit I'm checking the archives and wow, Vshojo shitters are all a bunch of unironically cuckolds. They think its okay for females to cheat.
Do not try to compare your dime dozen whores to JP chuubas ever again you betafaggots

>> No.10457826

yes, but, crucially, some of them are a lot funnier than VShojo.

>> No.10461448

Foad, zhang.

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