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Double Kiaraoke time!

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1440009959354294273

Previous thread: >>10391579

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I unironically wish Kiara streamed more

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Look at this ass!


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That's a nice ass

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>Takamori dead
>No soft voice from debut
>No insecurities to feed saviorfagging
>No more bottom left

Give her 3 months and she will start branching out from JRPGs, that 's the last trait of 2020 Kiara remaining.

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So now we know who stole the UNO idea, not surprised

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Yup. I just hope Mori doesn't ignore 1 on 1 collabs with her genmates now that EN2 is here. I want another Kiara collab

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Convince Kiara to play Mass Effect with a photo. Seriously, she should really give this game a try.

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Take your guess: What is an "allrounder" karaoke?

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I just want Kiara to do more stuff with EN1, they have all been doing so much shit together without her the past two weeks, improptu and planned collabs. It's good that she will be able to interact with more JP girls after the portal gets done but i don't want her being alienated from her genmates.

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bit of emo, bit of standard white girl pop and a bit of Hello Project. Probably just a normal unarchived karaoke

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Would be great if she sang something with her lower voice, it's always a treat when she does.

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This bitch is getting rid of everything that made her unique.

Who even cares about her anymore now that she killed her main selling points herself? I give her another 2 months tops before she's forced to quit Hololive in shame due to underperformance.

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What a shit edit OP

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That nigga above me has aids

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She just had a 1 on 1 with ina and is going to have another one tomorrow so that's not a worry. Kiara just hasn't been doing that many 1 on 1s in general with her back-to-back jrpg commitments.

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>and is going to have another one tomorrow
How do you know?

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It's on her schedule, anon. This is referring to Mori and not Kiara, in case you're mistaken.

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I get weirdos will still bring up takamori. But can random crying about Mori be deleted now? It is off topic and not even the fun kind.

I don't care that you cock gobblers hate pink woman so much. In fact she is often on at a bad time for EU anyway so entirely irrelevant here. Go cry to the deadbeats or get bullied in global.

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So we should just stop talking about potential collabs with her genmates now? I'm not even complaining about this ship shit nigga I just want to see them collab more

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Random crying Mori ignores collabs is irrelevant to this thread, go cry in hers. No one here cared even when takamori was a thing. Other threads weren't talking about Kiara using their shitty bomb game idea.

This thread is only for talking about how cute Kiara is (very)

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Do any of you lot know the name of the music group that Kiara linked in the prechat of an ambassador stream?

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I cared and I've loved their collabs in the past so why is it a bad thing to post about wanting another takamori collab in Kiara's own thread? Nobody was trying to police ametori posts when they were being made so it seems weird that you're trying to stop this only now

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Bro just stop responding to him. You’ll get a collab eventually. Same goes with the other ENs though obviously everyone’s a little more busy with the Council plus the new outfits still coming up.

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I feel like Zeiss has really improved his art. I think he is one of the JP KFP that has been there from the beginning and regularly does art for Kiara's JRPG games, but in the beginning his art was pretty rough.

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God I hope we get a Holotori collab featuring Mumei

Maybe Uno with the members left out from the other Uno collab + Irys

And I would absolutely creme my pants if we get a D2 collab with Boton

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Yea I'll stop but it fucking annoys the crap out of me when someone comes in here and starts trying to police dumb shit for no reason

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Just got to the point in Henry where Kiara mentions a vibrator.
You are now thinking and picturing Kiara masturbating. You're welcome.

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Timestamp pretty please?

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Hey KFPBros. Im trying to be a new Kiara clipper. Im not gonna shill my channel or anything. I just want your guys' opinion on my new channel banner?

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Is it going to be pure saviourfagging and gosling clips? If not, Id' use something else.

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It's lowkey enough to not be an obvious containment break for people from outside this board even though anyone from here will recognize it.
I think it looks ok.

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Too containment breaking, plus stale meme honestly. Just go ask if you can use someone's art or use her thrown away one.

>> No.10420202

Go away

>> No.10420218

Borderline containment breaching. I’d use something else personally.

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What are you even going to clip that isn't already clipped by Yuriko, Pudding and AceQrown?

Also if recognition from Kiara is what you want, post clips on twitter not youtube.

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Last thread had too much text... Post more images next time at least.

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>What are you even going to clip that isn't already clipped by Yuriko, Pudding and AceQrown?
Just your average Kiara clips here and there. I'll probably add some video memes involving Kiara idk
I see. Well, thanks for the feedback anyway. I'll probably try using some mashups of some Kiara fanarts instead
Pic rel

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I'm happy to now. Fucking whatever 4chan was doing that had me range-banned on firefox is gone now so I can actually post images without having to switch browser. How about something for the karaoke?

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Damn shawty, ok

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Good luck wth your channel Anon

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Oooo I like this, really cute and sexy

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If a post is over a paragraph I just assume it is an egg or schizo enough they might as well be. Doubly so if they use a new line for every sentence or go on about someone who isn't Kiara.


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Imagine some gay guy starts writing songs for you and wanting to hang out all the time, you feel weirded out, it be creepy as shit. I feel bad for Mori because Kiara just forced herself into her life with her lesbian bullshit. It says a lot because Mori is super progressive and has made SJW songs, so Kiara must have been really annoying with her lesbian shit for Mori to put her foot down and say enough is enough. Good on Mori for standing up for herself but i feel bad because now KFP schizos are all "noooo why aren't you a prison lesbian like my queen Kiara, this is not fair". Hololive is filled with prison dykes and real dykes and yet Kiara has to go bother one of the few straight girls on Hololive for her stupid shipping bullshit. Kiara needs to learn about boundaries and respect, eveb on stream Mori has tried to tamper down Kiaras bullshit. Good for Mori, she doesn't need to be forced with Kiara and her unstable BPD prison lesbian bullshit.

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Kiara has some fine cosplayers

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Heh, just as you said it.

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Damn. My female coworkers look like that!?
>If a post is over a paragraph I just assume it is an egg or schizo enough they might as well be. Doubly so if they use a new line for every sentence or go on about someone who isn't Kiara.
Heh. What're the odds?

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Kiara is, or really was, trying to be a good friend, not everything is sexual you dumb fucking brapfaggot. Good for Kiara, she doesn't need to waste energy on soke ungrateful rapper bitch with no rhythm.

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only 2.5k waiting, she's not gonna make it bros...

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But anon, according to Kiara all of the chickens are girls

>> No.10420636

Maybe we're crossdressing

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Give it one more year. They will learn eventually...

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I'm a girl?

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I know this is bait. I just wanted to remind everyone not just the anon I'm replying to that it started all with Mori.

During Mori's debut (so before Kiara's debut) she showed a preview of Could you please RIP and Kiara was already there. Kiara didn't spoke a single word that Mori was already pushing Takamori forward.

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WHAT?? Are the boys the ones being fried??? Anyway, do Kiara and the other myth members have official lore for their characters? I just got into the hololive community

>> No.10420800

Is she gonna break 10k viewers?

>> No.10420833

Their “official lore” is what’s in their channel descriptions and debut. Everything else is made up/decided by them as time goes on.

>> No.10420854

Nah. She barely did that with her special German karaoke, a random one won't be able to do that.

>> No.10420899

No. Now go away.

>> No.10420942

Start the stream bitch I'm fucking edging here

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Why does youtube not autoplay streams that I'm in the waiting room for?

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Mori would be a nobody without Kiara, the whole ship made her jump into popularity.

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Small hindu company please understand.

>> No.10421019

Kiara you haven't even rebroadcasted the German one...

>> No.10421040

It's planned for her vacation.

>> No.10421050

>didn't get to prepare as many songs

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A bunch of different genres of songs I´d expect. Also, this is the earliest I´ve been to a stream. Also did the German anime karaoke get rebroadcast yet?. Kiara reminded me of that talking about arivching?

>> No.10421065

It has been quite some time since she had the whit second hat on.
I am all for that.

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>> No.10421106

Oh I didn't know

>> No.10421158

Also, 21 songs, how surprising.

>> No.10421163

Kiaralicious definition make them chickens go loco

>> No.10421180

she's going to have another vacation?

>> No.10421210

3(?) days? Just going to one of those fancy spas.

>> No.10421280

Self confirmed Stacy

>> No.10421301

>they call me Stacey

>> No.10421303

>Call her Stacy

>> No.10421306

I've been having a heart attack on the stage for over a month now. No one has helped me.

The sight of Kiara's fat ass is what did it. The shorts are assless btw.

>> No.10421316

Three days at the beginning of October. Barely more than an extended weekend. In the middle of the week. For someone who takes no weekends off.
So she calls it a vacation.

>> No.10421322

she's pretty hot

>> No.10421414

Again, plz, AGAIN

>> No.10421530

Why did she say she couldn't do TTRPG for a week if it's only a 3 day vacation

>> No.10421622

Probably because she is gone on the day that TTRPG usually is on.

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File: 252 KB, 850x1202, __takanashi_kiara_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_aaanecooo__sample-d31e36946e53f3c95a5da36c90d160b2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A little scuff inthe begining of Don´t funk with my heart

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I want to be Kiara's man after midnight...

>> No.10421977

Wait a second....is this song about the sex?

>> No.10422036

This is un-archived? Why? How do I download this

>> No.10422066

it's about lonely middle aged women hitting the wall.

>> No.10422118

Oh shit this is my favorite Abba song.

>> No.10422164

And now I wish she woulda just skipped it not knowing any of the actual notes...

>> No.10422229

Okay this setlist wasn't at all what I was expecting

>> No.10422246

Boomer pop karaoke is so much better than weebshit karaoke, get fucking idolniggers

>> No.10422289

Fun setlist.
Heart of glass please.

>> No.10422302

The truth scares idolniggers.

>> No.10422328

Who woulda guessed that people want to hear songs they actually know and can follow along with. Even if you don't know the words for all of these, you at least know the beat and how the vocals should sound. Kiara loves her idolshit but not a whole lot of people outside of Japan do.

>> No.10422351

If you're a HoloEn girl and you aren't doing boomer karaoke or western songs you like at the least, wtf are you thinking

>> No.10422364

If I miss that or Maria I'll be pissed

>> No.10422377


>> No.10422415

I only know the weird al version

>> No.10422450

>Boomer pop karaoke
It bothers me more than it should that Boomer means anybody born before 2000 now.
Like the actually boomer gen ends in the 60s or 70s, and she's singing either gen x or gen y songs.

>> No.10422512

i just watch cause i understand the english songs

>> No.10422528

Kino karaoke

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File: 123 KB, 850x478, __houshou_marine_hololive_drawn_by_takuyarawr__sample-7b1dcbd4b6cef228aa46c49792050912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a fragment of Money, money money, also by ABBA, and putting a funny Italian accent on Madonna. Then Material girl

>> No.10422550

Kiara didn't you literally say sex in this karaoke already

>> No.10422562

I still hold out for the day that someone does a comedic karaoke, filled with weird al, parodies, songs memed into the stratosphere and mashups

>> No.10422579

Rough cats with Kiara

>> No.10422667

i like both

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Cats winning again

>> No.10422719

I tune in every time. If it's just j-pop and idol music over and over, I usually just leave, but any time there's music that I at least know, I stick around.

>> No.10422805
File: 347 KB, 1488x2088, __takanashi_kiara_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_teti__9a13d59fdbd5c4c35fd3d6656666022c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine this cover remixed with a generic video of housecats doing silly things, just for the meme.

>> No.10422919

Not to numberfag here but whats the regular numbers for kiara unarchived karaokes?

>> No.10423004

and now she casually drops a fuck after censoring sex. What makes youtube flip out and what doesn´t? this doesn´t make sense,dies the kraoke being unarchived affect how much of a yab will that cause?

>> No.10423012

Waterfalling Kiara's overflowing cough drop saliva...

>> No.10423013

Usually around these numbers actually. I think the german one had a bit more

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She's so talented.....

>> No.10423102

Its not about youtube (considering this isnt even going to be archived) but she doesn't feel comfortable saying for some reason

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>> No.10423482

Sounds like she she´s nailing it.

>> No.10423521

>this is what tiara felt shortly before being mythraped by two vampires

>> No.10423539

Yeah she recovered well

>> No.10423593

that's ironic considering how much she use it in her streams on a daily basis, she's cursing more than any other holomem includding the edgy F-word rapper.

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File: 73 KB, 630x630, 1627604139899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10423700

She is weirdly prude about some things.

>> No.10423757

Just like she doesn't want to do ASMR or have an official daki there are just some things she is coy about.

>> No.10423788

Dipping her toes into K-pop now. I don´t know K-pop, but this song is giving me Britney Spears vibes. K-pop in Emglish now.

>> No.10423798

It keeps decreasing everytime, the last time it was 11k I guess

>> No.10423865

As it turns out pop music sounds like pop music.

>> No.10423869

KFP exprain
Seriously though, first I'm hearing about this. Never looked into her rmt beyond the surface.

>> No.10423914

Only because it was German karaoke and people were hyped for the gimmick.

>> No.10423934

It's called "making shit up"

>> No.10423998

That sounds like big bullshit to me

>> No.10424003

The explanation is that /vt/ is full of schizos who don't speak japanese relying on other people also not speaking japanese to spread rrats.
Her roommate said no such thing, in fact barely if ever alluded to her family.
Unless it was on niconico and I 'strongly' doubt someone here actually saw those.

>> No.10424038

I'll explain
You're retarded
I hope you can understand now.

>> No.10424039

It's very easy to lie if you want to. Especially about something that's so hard to track due to many VoD's not being saved, tweets getting erased, etc. You just pretend you have 'le secret knowledge' and refuse to give it up because you might get banned, despite talking about roommate shit.

>> No.10424061

If orcschizo couldn't find shit in Kiara's past it's not today that they'll start finding something.

>> No.10424070
File: 31 KB, 640x153, 1628616166022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424095

>crossposting from the obvious falseflag egg thread
Go back there you faggot

>> No.10424141

LO-FI & Chill karaoke had 5.5k viewers

SPARKS Endurance had betwenn 8k and 9k viewers

German anime karaoke had around 10k viewers

>> No.10424229

>thread slow as fuck since no one gives a shit
>comes here to bait people there to bump

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>> No.10424301


>> No.10424308

Funny when the LO-FI one was massively better than the others

>> No.10424346

KFP Krauts, what the fuck is she blabbering about?

>> No.10424347
File: 288 KB, 700x711, CUTE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now this is something I can get behind. Cute, calm singing Kiara is the best!

>> No.10424426

I'm just curious faggot I didn't even post on the other thread

>> No.10424482


>> No.10424506

Getting fucked

>> No.10424595

>Kiara will never fuck you once and then leave you emotionally compromised because you expected a relationship

>> No.10424596

Well, that's not entirely true. In some cases there may have been past info that's unrelated or doesn't really show anything that suddenly will be important based on what Kiara is talking about now. In this case, it's just some fag trying to shitpost and rile people up with another angle to their rrat to try and make it real.
Tell me, is this chain of events more likely than any rrat? Does Kiara have the abiliy to set up and propagate a lie for almost half a year without fucking up? On top of that, coming up with stories between the two of them and keeping it straight on stream?
>Kiara is talking about her childhood books she traded with other kids in school and what she would write in them.
>Says her mom gave them to her.
>One of the books mentioned video games and her mom playing them.
>Chat questions Kiara and she starts talking about her mom's game playing
>People continue to bring it up here and there and Kiara talks about her moms expansions in her minecraft solo play.
>People egg her to get her mom to come on and start building on the EN server and for her to play games with her mom.
>Talks about her mom in many different streams during tangents, giving little bits of info about her moms past.
>Mom comes on and have multiple stories about her kids when they were younger.

>> No.10424657

Kiara is LATE

>> No.10424691

Kiara is a BITCH

>> No.10424736

Her voice goes deep on Shakira, but it suits her, Also the line about breasts wasn´t too yab for her not to sing, wonder what made her decide that.

>> No.10424757 [DELETED] 
File: 643 KB, 960x540, someBODY[https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fc7djog.mp3].png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424807

Cute &

>> No.10424818

Material Girl and Gimme Gimme Gimme were bitchin' good, really showed that she has a great voice.

>> No.10424901

Bro that wouldn't even be hard, all they'd need is minimal prep.
Kiara would have to write down what she's said and give it to the other so she doesn't contradict it too heavily (anything minor can be handwaved away), and she would just need to proofread whatever stories the person is gonna tell (or come up with them herself).
Still probably bullshit.

>> No.10424965

You're missing everything prior to that. The fact that anyone thinks Kiara, who can be cleaver but is not very smart and can remember almost nothing, can execute a months long story between many streams is stupid as fuck.

>> No.10425040

The development of the mom has been happening over months. It's been a slow drip that ended up with her eventually joining the mc. Seems impossible for someone like kiara.

>> No.10425095
File: 1.12 MB, 964x822, 1630251707157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>these fucking songs again
Archived karaoke is cancer

>> No.10425121

No anon kiara is actually a 300iq ultramastermind that planned all of this so she can eventually finalize her plan to assassinate Yagoo trust me

>> No.10425201
File: 81 KB, 1023x789, 1630807757115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone shut the fuck up and listen to my oshi sing

>> No.10425267

...Just how low are y'all's expectations of Kiara?
This isn't some sort of Mastermind tier shit, it's just basic writing. Kiara would have to be a diagnosed retard to be incapable of it.
Whenever something like this comes up, to dismiss it, people act as if their oshis were actual retards incapable of planning, preparing or thinking on a level that fucking teenshit writers can.

>> No.10425310

God knows coming up.

>> No.10425394

Again, you're missing the fact that the info we got about Mamatori was sprinkled between months of streams, and would come up randomly during 4-8 hour long streams for 10-30 minutes at a time. Could she have? Maybe, but it would still take a lot of foresight to do so and to also lead convo into shit like this. If it was just a single time talking about her mom for 3 hours and spilling everything at once? Sure, then maybe you have a slight point, but in this case it's insane to think someone plotted this kind of shit.

>> No.10425424
File: 377 KB, 2252x2159, paintori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>blue bird is a song about being left behind
>God knows is about remorse


>> No.10425435

Odd that her deep voice doesn´t Aya Hirano as well as Shakira, I´m used to to God knows a little higher

>> No.10425541

>Basic writing
nigger the amount of prep for something like this is ridiculous for something with so little benefit. Not just the three streams Mamatori was a port of but all the times Kiara spoke about her throughout the year. All for what? A thousand or so more viewers for two minecraft streams?

>> No.10425616

I really fucking hate how retarded these people are.

>> No.10425697

basically less numbers she gets for an average HoloTalks episode.

>> No.10425702

It's not foresight, it's just planning on the absolute most fucking basic of levels. All it takes is Kiara going "Hey what if my character had a gamer mom?". Then she can either thoroughly plan it out... or literally come up with it on the fly, neither requires any degree of intelligence, one just takes more time. All she needs to do is not contradict herself, an ability literal children telling lies, yes even over longer periods of time, often have.
There's no reason to believe it IS true, it's a random ass conspiracy theory, but it's not some implausible Mastermind 300IQ shit, it's entirely plausible, there's just no reason to believe it's true.

>> No.10425805

Kiara, calm anime songs doko?
I'd love to hear her sing something like this.
Just imagine how much better it would be sans-chicken voice.

>> No.10425886

>literally come up with it on the fly
Except it kind of falls flat when you think of the games Mamatori plays. Fucking Starship Titanic? Kiara made that up on the spot? You can't even say she played it in her childhood since the game was released way before she could speak english. So explain to me how she picked an obscure late 90s adventure game on the fly?

>> No.10426063

After aquick revision Gurenge is starting.

>> No.10426074

>privates the karaoke
>starts a new one


>> No.10426081

>fucks up instantly

>> No.10426087

Archive needs more fun songs

>> No.10426134

Because she used song without permission in this one.

>> No.10426148
File: 2.09 MB, 676x900, how new[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F1pze0l.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10426181

Yeah true, for specific names of shit like that she'd have to look stuff, but that still isn't any kind of hurdle.
The planning behind Mamatori could've been as "elaborate" as just writing down some names once, or making some bulletpoints, both things she could probably do in less than an hour.
And I see at least a couple retards metioning being done over time as if it mattered, but it means nothing, just that she didn't forget about about the idea of A MOTHER.

>> No.10426208

It was planned like this from the start. Got permission? Archived. If not, unarchived.

>> No.10426221

She's nailing the song quite good singing reminds me of Suzy.
Now she just needs not to be lazy bitch and actually practice so she doesn't fuck up every 10 seconds

>> No.10426318

She had to practice the unarchived songs as well so I'm not surprised that she's not perfect on these ones. It's for fun anyway plus she might try them again in the next archived karaoke

>> No.10426377

Ok you dumb faggot, lets pretend she can and did do all of this. What is the end goal? Beyond that, why invite her mom on to her stream when the only people doubting or even caring about the legitimacy of it are a few retards who are from here? What's the fucking point of doing all this in the end?

>> No.10426408

This song sounds more relaxed than the rest, pretty nice.

>> No.10426458
File: 3 KB, 439x98, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For real ?

>> No.10426470

Imagine fucking Kiara's mom. Just really going to town on her smilf ass all over Kiara's childhood home. Telling her your dick is so good she'll come out of menopause and lay another ten eggs. Then Kiara comes in and says "mama" before she stops short as you've got her mom suspended in midair, holding her up. Her mom doesn't even notice her she's so out of it from your furious pounding, but you lock eyes with Kiara and establish dominance. That night Kiara goes to sleep hating men a little more, but you get to sleep in her house and you're her new father so it's all good.

>> No.10426549

Hey upcoming clip-anon, you could try to put up her german song.
Include the english lyrics for added value, maybe hunt around for jp translation, too.

>> No.10426603

she needs to do a jap karaoke with irys so she actually has to practise hard for it

>> No.10426652

>Yeah true, for specific names of shit like that she'd have to look stuff, but that still isn't any kind of hurdle.
Except why Starship Titanic? That doesn't really make any sense as a pick. Where would she even find it? Why would she pick it? It doesn't show up in any top tens on websites or youtube and even the novel based on the game has more of a web presence than the actual game. And it coudln't be on some Japanese site either because it was never released in Asia. So why Starship Titanic, anonchama?

>> No.10426659


>> No.10426708

Imagine if she sang the remix

>> No.10426731

Judging by how well this karaoke's been I'd say she practised plenty. I would love an Irys karaoke

>> No.10426742

She streams about 60 hours a week

>> No.10426806

Yes and?

>> No.10426811

Well that's a lie.
Honestly, I realized how little the Holo's stream in comparison to your average 'made it' on twitch.

>> No.10426832

Does she even need any complex reason? Do you have one every time you make shit up? What about every faggot on this board? Maybe she just thought it was cool, and people liked it a lot. It was fun. Do you think every character trait of every Vtuber is some carefully crafted master plan?
Like I said it's a conspiracy theory, there's no reason to believe it's true, it's just plausible and I don't get some of you think Kiara is too retarded to plan on a basic level, it's like you think she would HAVE to fail if she tried anything that could remotely constitute a plan.

>> No.10426857

It feels like something calli would ask her to sing

>> No.10426874

>Do you think every character trait of every Vtuber is some carefully crafted master plan?
No, but you sure seem to, which is why I like to laugh at you.

>> No.10426885

Kiara dumb pls undastand

>> No.10426934

Kiara oldfags, did she sing orginal Renai Circulation before? Even she´s confused if she did or not?

>> No.10426962

> it's just plausible
Eggchama your bait is leaking...

>> No.10426977

Tangent time.

It's a great memory though.

>> No.10426985

Exactly so you would write this, retard. But no that's probably a 3000 IQ PREDICTION?!!?!? for you, right? Kiara is too retarded to bullshit on the same level as even the worst rratposters.

>> No.10426988

Let's not go that far, it's closer to 40 hours on average, but she also does a lot of background work, so all around she definitely works more than your regular 9-5 worker.
Twitch streamers do whatever the fuck they want, besides spending a day on sponsorships and such per month, most of them prepare like five muntes before their next stream.

>> No.10426989

Sung it with Nene in an O'riends karaoke a while back and recently in the German karaoke.

>> No.10427013

I forgor
t. 11 month member

>> No.10427016

Kiara never even thinks about IRyS.

>> No.10427035

Can't believe Kiara was Lex Luthor the whole time

>> No.10427069

I can't wait for Kiara to shake her child-bearing hips for us when Cover finally gets around to their 3D Debut. We saw a sneak peek during Ame's anniversary with smol Kiara, but I need the real thing.

>> No.10427104

Most people don't, for some reason. Only Ina, Reine, Anya and Calli have done solo collabs with her. And Reine was only very recently.
Gura, Ame, Kiara, Council and the entirety of HoloJP just don't think about her I guess.

>> No.10427158

>She did it because she knew that we would know so she wanted to try and throw us off her tracks.
You realize how retarded this sounds, don't you? This isn't Death Note we're talking about here, it's a live performer.

>> No.10427271

Kiara is pretty bad at singing man.

>> No.10427283

Actually it actually is pretty fucking complex, anonchama. Because the game chosen were not just picked out of a hat. It would take for Kiara and whoever helps her to have considerable knowledge of late 90s, early 00s PC games in Europe. Mind you not all games were sold in every country during, so they would have to know which was sold in Austria at that time and its not like now, where you can download a game as the web speed was not there to download full games. And on top of that they need to actually have to know what those games are as they were recommendations given to Kiara.

>> No.10427321

>gets ignored in /hlgg/
>comes here
Every single time, it's really sad at that point.

>> No.10427349

Knowing Kiara there will be some random technical issue that ruins the entire thing

>> No.10427355

Nigger it's the absolute most basic level of abstraction. "Wait that's too obvious, lemme think of something less obvious". It's the kind of shit even you, retarded as you are, probably do regularly. I can't tell if you're so retarded that it actually seems impressive to you, if you think Kiara (or streamers in general) are too retarded to think like regular people. She's your oshi ffs give her some credit.

>> No.10427416

Any comments on the weird song choices?
She complained about restricted selection before and still choose overused songs. Is she filling up a bucket list on typical holo songs?
4D brain move to exhaust the list to get management off their ass for more permissions?

>> No.10427450

stop baiting this retarded bait about her mom. holy fuck why are guys such massive retards?

>> No.10427463

Anon that info is a goddamn google search away. Maybe two or three if she wants to be precise.
I didn't remember that those where recommendations given to her though, that's actually a really good point.

>> No.10427501

I can see it for Gurenge because S2 coming in two weeks, as for the others, no idea.

>> No.10427642
File: 172 KB, 244x266, 1621870092409.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was amazing.

>> No.10427673

She nailed the song holy shit

>> No.10427741

Does not even have to be a technical issue. She will try to do choreography for one of her songs and then just fucking die with her Luna-level of stamina

>> No.10427853

I wonder if that's for real or if she's just trying to be cute. She was a live performer, is it even possible for your stamina to deteriorate that much? It's not like she's just kinda weak, her tangents make it sound like her body barely functions.

>> No.10427933

whatever happend to her getting a threadmill?
I know ringfit died the seiso death

>> No.10427964

No time for exercise and doctors, pls undastand, very "busy" watching Netflix

>> No.10428034

Stop replying to obvious bait you retards. It should be obvious when Cover is simultaneously a shithole company that restricts their talents yet also a company that allows a talent to hire some random actor to pretend to be their mom. How scandalous!

>> No.10428147


>> No.10428186

Why is she practicing her graduation song goddammit

>> No.10428209

I got teary eyed...

>> No.10428212

It's scary how much she's grown and thickened up. She almost feels like a machine now.

>> No.10428424

She even worked auf Widerswehenm into the Kyara Pamyu Pamyu and then she gets pushed to do an encore. Thaty kinda runied the mood. The encore song is cute, though.

>> No.10428499

>Stop watching Kiara 2 months ago
>Stumble on Takamori is dead clip
Fucking finally she ended this garbage. Get fucked Takamorifags.

>> No.10428501

Yeah, a lasagna eating machine

>> No.10428677
File: 118 KB, 754x518, Kiara being annoying since day 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10428689

Life = Worthless.

>> No.10428848
File: 54 KB, 576x413, 1618159734653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and then she tweeted this

>> No.10428875

I wanna rub her belly

>> No.10429231

Of course she is. Do you even watch her steams? She's retarded and is a contrarian. Craves for higher number, but keeps singing idolshit, playing JRPGS and doing some other stupidity that gets more hate like the Vshoujo collab.

>> No.10429285

Kiara going for challenger/champion in HFZ!
Who am I kidding OP is never coming back.

>> No.10429293


>> No.10429647

But I thought her graduation song is "Leaving on a Jetplane"?

>> No.10429712

This, rrat time but i think this was a goodbye for something else, an old Kiara.

>> No.10429860

Will you miss old Kiara bros

>> No.10430113

Not really i freaking love current Kiara

>> No.10430190

Yes, old Kiara was very cute, and I arguably had more fun watching back in the honey moon phase. But old Kiara was also very confused and got herself hurt a lot. A stronger Kiara can only mean better things for everyone.

>> No.10430345

I actually think there is something wrong with Kiara's channel now. Maybe ever since she uploaded the Zelda stream that she cut. All her recent numbers have been low, but it is not normal for her to have a karaoke stream with 33k views, this is absurd.

>> No.10430431

Old Kiara was sad. Jealous of Gura, and lonely. Stuck in a foreign land, possibly leading to an obsession with the only person she could connect to at the time. Which then made the casuals see her nothing more than Calli's sidekick for the longest time.

>> No.10430483

VOD views after a stream have been completely bugged for several weeks now.
Rrat collab had something like 40k after the stream.
It usually takes a few hours to recover.

>> No.10430577

As someone who follows neither of them can someone let me know what this is about?
They get into a fight on stream or something?

>> No.10430597

>Less than 40K views for her karaoke
>Will probably end up around 70K at most in 1 week
Bros it was a kino karaoke... why so few people enjoy Kiara...

>> No.10430616

reply to my bait instead

>> No.10430653
File: 1.03 MB, 2756x3541, 1631979819941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10430661

Yes, I miss her. I was more involved in the streams because of her.
But current Kiara is better for coping with her eventual graduation. I'll miss her but not as much as if she was still old Kiara.

>> No.10430709

Views in general have been bugged forever, and not just for VODs. Even after several hours the display will often lag behind, give it a day.
Bait or actual newborn?

>> No.10431060

Kiara killed Takamori and won't be trying to force the ship or their friendship anymore.

>> No.10431109

watch streams

>> No.10431324

Sure, bro. Which one?

>> No.10431526 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.89 MB, 2362x3542, 1626019296640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10431571

Hard times make strong chickens
Strong chickens make good lasagnes
Good lasagnes make fat chickens
Fat chickens make hard times

>> No.10431599

Same. No reason for it either, the ending + encore was all happy, it just hits different with Kiara

>> No.10431677
File: 289 KB, 414x590, FAEhPxvVcAcT1bC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll buy this rrat for a dollar.

>> No.10432059

She said she will change the way she acts on stream with Mori. It's for the better according to her. She was pretty vague desu. Here's a clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjOuEAaBMT8

But since she was already different in the most recent collabs and since she's still retweeting takamori fanarts it probably won't change much. She's only announcing changes that are already in place.

>> No.10432152

If you could create official KFP employee chicken merch, apart from plushie or figure. What would you choose?

I think a stress ball would be funny.

>> No.10432196
File: 548 KB, 1000x1200, 1612965154648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This rrat that Mamatori is an actor is fucking hilarious.
>Mamatori already addressed it
My fucking sides.

>> No.10432222

Fat chickens make better food for tenchou
Tenchou's belly is heaven

Simple as

>> No.10432334

So this is the power of SEA-schizos... whoa!

>> No.10432375

>le trending twitter face
Kill yourself, fag.

>> No.10432395


>> No.10432517

Edgytori would be perfect for Halloween, if she could tinker with the model....

>> No.10432543

8-ball-like toy with Kiara voice lines.
>Yes *kiss*
>No, you stupid chicken
>Shut up

>> No.10432619

Would the message hole be its butt?

>> No.10432782

Next member stream will have a Q&A

>> No.10432821

Not trying to timeloop, since we did this all yesterday / today, but why not link to the actual stream instead of a clipper?

>> No.10432826

still hoping for hats
for chicken merch a spatula or an egg timer going kikkeriiikill

>> No.10432864

>if she talked about it, then its true

>> No.10432957

Lazyness to be completely honest. The clip was in my recommendation for a while and it's such a short moment that the clipper can't possibly fuck it up with editing.

>> No.10433225

Did Kiara really get banned from /vt/ for spamming AME CUTE? I'll gain a lot of respect for her if true.

>> No.10433334

A Fluffy hot water bottle with small cloth wings on the side

>> No.10433775

From the member's prechat:
Stream should be around 2.5hrs long before SC reading, plans to read them until 21:00 her time becauae she "supposedly" has a collab at 22:00. Schedule being worked on right now. And a mod rotation if she remembers.

>> No.10433888

They just can't handle the truth baka

>> No.10434002
File: 279 KB, 480x401, 50E75CD3-5090-4C26-9AF4-F38DDEC312EF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to forgive her.
She should apologize to the black people.

>> No.10434195

This ain't /morig/

>> No.10435266

What do you guys think about the new members icons now that they are implemented?

>> No.10435555

https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1442249203263098885/ SCHEDULE UP

Mumei's asked Kiara for a MC collab confirmed

>> No.10435557

Kiara should sing mitternacht

>> No.10435652
File: 556 KB, 1432x2048, E9Q3HFmUcAIFEXO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This girl is shaping up to be a great KFP artist. Kiara is starting to recognize her

>> No.10435661
File: 47 KB, 1080x149, Screenshot_20210926-171520_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Birbinity getto

>> No.10435663

Minecraft sex

>> No.10435749

Wait, did Mumei already have an official "first" senpai collab or is Kiara taking two virginities while Gura takes none?

>> No.10435778

Yes, and probably, Fauna is next with Diablo 2

>> No.10435810

>Breaking holotori tradition
seems like the real tradition is everybird must collab with Kiara first

>> No.10435814

>Egg is broken

>> No.10435947

Every bird must pass through the holy mutter

>> No.10435983

I think I saw some Fauna stuff on the Ame shedule in /hlgg/ but I might misremember.
Kinda sad Gura doesn't want to be a senpai. I was hoping Reine would be the first bird Mumei collabs with but she probably had to collect all her courage to ask Kiara to help her in Minecraft so she can contribute to the portal.
Reine could also help her but her main server is the JP one.

>> No.10436016

>Diablo 2
>Fauna hasn't collabed yet.
Fill me in here. Is this all correct?

>> No.10436074

Just at rrat but Kiara said about something with D2R and collabing with EN girls, and the only ones who are interested on those games are Ina and Fauna, maybe Irys

>> No.10436105

Mumei did not even ask her, she ask "someone" to help her with portal since she is bad at MC and Kiara took her up on it.

>> No.10436177

Anon, the Council girls have to ask, that's how things works, Gura is actually more active and making social life with the girls but it up to Council to ask a damm collab, Fauna is shy as fuck and Mumei is busy with University.

>> No.10436393

I'm happy to see that new kfp artists are arising as the older ones turn to doing other stuff

>> No.10436397
File: 165 KB, 1322x1897, IMG_20210926_234113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10436438

Mumei actually could actually be bird brain enough to not realise that asking Myth to do anything is basically the same as asking Kiara.

>> No.10436850

I'll have to watch the movie with her some other time, but her putting it before the Q&A means I'll be able to catch the full chat/Q&A now which is nice.

>> No.10436918

More prechat info: Seems like they're making a Tori gate. And maybe a shrine with a stand that gives you fortunes. She hopes to finish in one stream.

>> No.10437002

But didn't Bae already build a tori gate? The shrine might be worth it, though. Especially since Kiara could write JP fortunes.

>> No.10437119

This was also talked about there, apparently Balez's is a welcome gate? I have no clue.But I like the Tori pun

>> No.10437179

>tori pun
I can see Kiara saying she will build a tori gate and it's a gate with two giant bird statues...

>> No.10438143

Do you have the entire messages?

>> No.10438190

Nope, just lurking on my phone

>> No.10438430

I got them >>10436627

>> No.10438488

>Cover pulls a random unit off their ass before OG Holotori Collab
>New Tori is added, goes through her entire collab ban and collabs with Kiara before OG Holotori Collab
>It's been like 10 months since they brought up the idea, still nothing
I don't get it man. I'd even adopt a "they secretly hate each other" rrat at this point. They all both seem and claim to be friends, they've all stated interest in it, so what the hell?

>> No.10438544

Momo collab doko
Pomu collab doko
HoloTori collab doko
5-man (or more) Worms collab doko

>> No.10438614

>shitty owl collab
>D2 isn't a collab with secret EN member
>egg kusoge again for some reason ??
This is what she considers a great schedule?

>> No.10438616

Kindly fuck off

>> No.10438638

At least try to be organic with the shitposting dear dramafag, you already got BTFO in the Hooman thread

>> No.10438740

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.10438759

Reine could do it but I don't think she is invested quite as much into HoloTori that it's an absolute requirement.
Kiara's the only who is being a bitch about it but then again that's been the case for all collabs ever since here "I'M LE SO LE BUSY *watches hours of netflix*" meme started

My biggest worry is that Turducken will never happen because at this point they will feel compelled to include the worthless shitty owl.
Sure she doesn't speak Japanese and thus wouldn't fit in, but that might well cause them to not to do HoloTori collabs AT ALL because they don't want to "exclude" the cunt.

>> No.10438995

Remember not to fail for bait kfp.

>> No.10440180

I want Kiara to play Diablo with Botan.


>> No.10440487

Sorry anon, Kiara has already stated she doesn't want to do JP collabs anymore because >we won't understand her

>> No.10440581
File: 122 KB, 900x869, 1603830302970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking sleep.

>> No.10440630

>Takamori banner

>> No.10440815
File: 2.17 MB, 1000x1785, 1624850883762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"they secretly hate each other"
>Spam the rrat
>Kiara would eventually notice it
>Would do the collab just to slay the rrat

>> No.10440891

Secret Hitler collab doko?

>> No.10441159

New thread up:

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