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Do you like NIJISANJI?

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Sex. With every single one of them.

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Sorry, i like Ninisani.

>> No.10416989

why are the best ones always blue colored ones

>> No.10417016

because you have shit taste

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can you really consider liking the biggest vtuber ever as having shit taste? i mean, number is a proof of something, yknow.

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i like ars, and the ENs except for finana, and petra

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>And from here, we going off topic

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Nope. Nijisanji is just bad.

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Man Nijisanji has so many good designs

>> No.10417230

And good thigs

>> No.10417244

The only ones I cannot name are the VirtuaReal ones

>> No.10417348

Can't Blame you, they really don't exist outside of bilibili

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Looks at this picture reminded me that this god tier design is wasted on bugmen

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I will sex every single one of them.

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This is an incredibly wrong opinion.

>> No.10417559

Bugs need sexy vtubers too.

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>> No.10417651

nah, there too boring and most of them are fags

>> No.10418005

No, I prefer quality over quantity

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I like this girl
i can't find her in the picture, I thought she was a niji but maybe I was mistaken

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only wosemi

>> No.10418160

Well, she used to be...

>> No.10418837

Oh no anon...you missed one of the greatest...

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i also like nijisanji :)

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Who is this?

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Venezuela thought the same and look where they are now

>> No.10419392

I may be colorblind because I'm fairly sure Furen isn't blue

>> No.10419489

Some virtual real maybe? When i was on my way to sub to any nijisanji vtuber on YouTube i don't see her, so yeah, might be VR

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File: 208 KB, 1744x1150, __selen_tatsuki_nijisanji_and_2_more_drawn_by_kukie_nyan__3d6249b0ed02f6d8d3611a170885f76d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Best Niji.

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Oh even EN is included nice! They don't have many green chuubas do they?

>> No.10421767

I like Pomu.

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I hope some of the new ones are green. The green friends we have now are pretty great.

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Honestly sorting them by hair color like this looks pretty cool.

>> No.10422821

True. I think Finana is the most recent one.

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Ofcourse shes not there, shes just under your bed or hiding in your closet.
>I like this girl
They liked her so much now shes gone, one can never have nice things for too long eh

>> No.10422989

you know there are males there right

>> No.10423078

you think that will stop me?

>> No.10423096

ESPECIALLY the males.

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As if it'll stop anon from being a coombrain

>> No.10423121

Did he fucking stutter?

>> No.10425944

homo, there's nothing gay about males having sex with each other.

>> No.10430742

Why didn't her fans just form a vigilante group to track down her harassers?

>> No.10430952

The top descends into a sea of silver, gray hairs.

>> No.10430970


/vt/ sing virtual to live fucking when?

>> No.10431295

Not enough of her fans actually knew about the stalking harassment prior to graduation. Unfortunately the poor girl has experienced this kind of thing beforehand already
Would be kino

>> No.10435033

I love this senile hag dragon
Chiyu from VR

>> No.10435188

It's time to let go.

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I'm a black man and I'm sick and tired of being called a nigger.

>> No.10436361

She is cute and real.

>> No.10437257

Is there even an official instrumental out there?

>> No.10437594

God told me she's coming back on Halloween

>> No.10437698

Yep, it's on the CD single

>> No.10437736

Yeah I guess, I like EN and Chima Machita.

>> No.10437758

why are there so fucking many of them...

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I like pomu

>> No.10438170

I liked lulu

>> No.10438327

Lots of people did. Enough to stalk and dox her

>> No.10438396

i want to marry and have sex with akina and kanae

>> No.10438466

Glad to see Pomufication is still progressing.

>> No.10438554

Just goes to show why you should NEVER pander to idolfags.

>> No.10438648

Shikatanai anon-san, she was a previous idol already so it was second nature to her. I hope Uiha doesn't suffer similarly to her but at least Mayuyu filters a idolfags on a daily basis

>> No.10441966

I'd be down for that. Can you set that up and mix the audio?

>> No.10442038

Pretty sure you can make a thread and try to summon prodanon. Also, try to have the instrumental ready.

>> No.10442190

Lemme have one day to prepare everything and I'll make a thread with all the things required

>> No.10442267

Even the joker?

>> No.10442312

Just in case he doesn't appear, try to be the one. Also, if you do end up getting it done, try also making a video and contacting the guy that runs the /vt/ sings channel.

>> No.10442337

Yeah, I like their take on vtubing more too. Its just a loose group of people under the same company who provides help as needed but mostly lets people take things at their own pace.
The ideal vtubing company imo, and plenty of options for everyone no matter what they're looking for in a vtuber.

>> No.10442392

Yes. Especially Joe

>> No.10442409

Man I'd love to get in on a singing thing, I always miss them when they happen. (and I'm in the middle of moving right now so i'm fucked for like 4 weeks until i get my shit set up again)

>> No.10447501

Especially with the Joker.

>> No.10447528

>Do you like NIJISANJI?
Yes but I don't dare admit it.

>> No.10447610

He is experienced in sex so yes.

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