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Reminder that Hololive committed a crime against humanity. They are the main reason of Chinese flood happened last 24th

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Meds... onegai...

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I don't understand insect sounds.

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Based zhang??

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ching chong ching chong

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what a disgusting language, makes the indogs sound tolerable in comparison

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Based chinese ignoring his duties for holos

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Some Taiwanese guy was watching astel/aqua/noel and playing games instead of monitoring the pumping station which caused a flood. You could literally get that from looking at the video and google translating the title.

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Chinese island. just like USA's hawaii

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He will end up in jail now. That's what you get for getting a job neetbros.

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Based Taiwanese dude
Has his priorities straight

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Fuck off zhang.

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Hawaiiniggers probably hate the US mainland more than Taiwan hates China mainland
Fuck those polynesian gooks

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Is there anyone here that knows Chinese? What happened exactly? How bad was the damage?

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I thought the U.S. killed all the natives

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Anon, I...

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Unfortunately not

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Chinese sounds so retarded.

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How the fuck do they not have any kind of alarm systems and instead need to have someone constantly glued to a screen.

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Like a mirror.
Only difference is air traffic control-chama only *nearly* caused a disaster.

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Why is Chinese such a vomit-inducing language?
Chan chun wan tao chan chu yu pin chun cha

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I think it's Taiwanese, but I don't like the sound because it sounds like Chinese.

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>US mainland
only whites

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because chinese taipei is chinese island

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I briefly worked at a call center and they told us to be wary of Hawaiians and to deflect if they ask us if we're in Hawaii. The only Hawaiian I ever got a call from was trying to get me to connect him to a non-existent Hawaiian branch

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Five-thousand years of bad dumplings, preasu undastandu

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Isn't this in taiwan?

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Now you understand why they like Aqua more than any Chinese vtuber despite them being racist as fuck.

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Because that would shove the responsibility on whoever sets up the system to predict whatever went wrong there, and to do so possibly years in advance. Besides, what would you the people there to do, just watch the pumping station do what it wants with no ability to overwrite it in case it does something dumb?

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Taiwan is China

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TVBS is a Taiwanese channel

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I don’t understand… the reason why your shit country is going to go to shit is because of a black swan. Your days are numbered! Zhang!

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The news says some staffs in the water resource controller room were found playing video games and watching hololive, they made the water resource in Taiwan got polluted. The senators in Taipei have reported this to the national government of Taiwan.

TVBS is a television channel in Taiwan.

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Btw, my chinese sucks, so my translation my not be accurate.

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thanks anon I can finally understand what they say
it's cover fault btw

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Based Chinkaqua weakening Taiwan to make it easier for CN's impending invasion

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How can we help them do this again?

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Aqua was actually popular in Taiwan, that’s basically what caused the Taiwanese milk tea drama which results in Aqua got suspended by bili

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>Playing WoT in 2021

What the fuck, that was only fun in 2014 when GuP was still cool.

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Oh god, it even has Astel on it hahaha

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>watching a vtuber causes a flood that will destroy china
brb oppening 55 tabs, post your 2views that you want to saviorfag and i'll have them open the entire day

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Ok this got me laughing. Didn't think I could laugh again like this ever since that shitshow of a reporter/journalist reporting that ameshitpost on KR national TV

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Tonal languages sound ridiculous and disgusting. And no, before you bring out your customary chink-level whataboutisms, Japanese is not tonal. It's bi-tonal at worst and depends largely on accent and dialect. You don't even need to use it to be understood; just to sound fluent. Japanese is monotone compared to this putrescence.

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>hate china
>love taiwan for hating china and loving coco
>taiwan got flooded because watching holomen
>haha chinkman deserve it
Fucking holobronies.

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>Bug playing games and watching vtubers instead of doing his job


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China stole the language from japan anyway
Dont get your argument

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I-Is that Ina on the far left monitor?
Okay I chuckled. Based Taiwanese bro.

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People's hatred for china is understandable. It's regrettable when Hong Kongers or the Taiwanese suffer friendly fire due to proximity. I hope they will forgive the rest of the world for such misattributions, or at the very least, understand they aren't the intended recipient. However, Chinese still sounds ridiculous.

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>love taiwan for hating china and loving coco
Presuming this was your first mistake.

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Uh... Japan and China are different language groups

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>love taiwan for hating china and loving coco
>ALL taiwanese viewers on cocos channel were chinese on VPNs
What kind of drugs are you on anon

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Fuck off chinks. Go back to your firewall before daddy Xi send you to the summer camp

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>Taiwan is china
OK chinks

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I hope it will happen more

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>doesn't know ROC
American, right?

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+.000001 social credit

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ROC cringe, Taiwan belonged to and will always belong to Imperial Japan

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Chumcocks are cringe

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It's in Taiwan and he pumped oil into the river because he's too occupied watching vtubers.

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What? You have it slightly backwards and that only concerns the writing system anyway. Japan adopted traditional chinese glyphs more than a thousand years ago, but kept their own language. Ancient Japanese didn't sound anything like Chinese.

Also, fun fact. The Chinese have always been back-stabbing racist pieces of shit. Not only did they routinely use the same characters for animals/insects to describe nearby peoples/civilizations, they then taught those people to use these slurs to describe themselves without teaching them the actual meaning.

They did that with Japan as well. When Japanese dignitaries first visited China, the chinese told them they should call themselves 倭 "wa", which was the same character that meant "subservient dwarf".
After finding out how disrespectful the Chinese were, Japan eventually replaced the character with another character pronounced "wa", 和. The chinese refused to see Japan as an equal, and so when the chinese Emperor declared that China's kingdom consisted of everything under the Sun, the Japanese sent a letter calling themselves the kingdom from where the Sun originates (日本, literally "sun orgin"), which is true from the perspective of the chinese looking East. This infuriated the chinese Emperor, who told his retainers to ignore similar letters in the future. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_Japan

Fuck China.

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>World of Tanks

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So, instead of working they were watching weabshit? Seems pretty based to me.

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you know it's taiwan because the guy was playing games and the ching chongs can't

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Could you not tell he was clearly baiting? Thanks for the history facts though, glad to know chinks have always been scum.

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See? Watching Aqua or Noel truly empties your brain.
Do not watch Aqua or Noel.

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Isn't it funny that in the anniversary of the zhang attack the whole shitfest of vtweeters started?
Seems that day is cursed from now on

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You gotta be kidding me....

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that remembers me of that guy in /jp/ /hlg/ who mentioned he almost caused an airplane crash because of watching holos

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found the post

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Hololive is a destructive cult that will end the world.

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>associating aqua with the insects
Kill yourself

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This level of blameshift is frightfully American. You should know better, faggot.

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kek Japan literally copied everything from the Tang dynasty.
Most of the prominent features in Japanese culture come from China.

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kek china copied almost everything from mesopotamia. They should be ashamed for copying other civilizations.

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I don't get it, I thought China hated it when you said Taiwan is China. Which one is right.

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yeah they copied the writing system, Confucianism and the government structure from Mesopotamia right?
At least say India to make it more believable

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They didn't flood the place enough.

>> No.10423344

I thought you guys love us Taiwanese wtf ??
Fucking 鬼佬

>> No.10423435

OP made it seem it happened in mainland China.

>> No.10423549

I would do the same if given the chance.

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Ching choing choing Tiananmen Square

>> No.10423630

Nah that's okay I get it
The average people can't tell the difference between 臺灣人 and 華人 anyway
We're all chinks in your eyes at the end kek

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So anyways a chinaman goes to see the eye doctor, and the doc puts em through an exam and then tells the chinaman "I know what your problem is". The chinaman says "what?" and the doc tells em "you got a cataract" and the chinaman responds "no, I got a Rincoln Continental".

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shut up 4v. you will become my maid once we enter your tiny island

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because it happened in China. chinese taipei(which is a province of china) is just a vacation island for us chinese

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Zhang nigger

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lmao Japan would be like the Philippines right now without the Chinese influence

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Shut up mutt kek
Yeah nice try but no 共產 dog speaks like
Another 鬼佬 spotted

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Goddamn you people took to Africanisms like an illiterate chinese peasant to a dog-festival.

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Pretty long vacation some of them went on almost a century when commies with completely western ideas took over the country and killed more people than any force in human history but natural causes. I could see why they would never want to surrender

>> No.10424612

nmsl 4v

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you are 笨蛋4v. disgusting 蟑螂

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Not him but an alarm system implies that it would just alert the operators to stop watching fucking vtubers and do something. It wouldn't do anything on its own.
As an example: A Fire Alarm system doesn't extinguish a fire, it alerts others to the presence of a fire. A Fire Suppression system extinguishes a fire, and you can have one without the other.

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北七 mainland dog

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kek using fallacy doesn't really help here.
In South/East Asia, your culture will based on either India or China. Japan is in the Sinosphere, you can't deny that.
Also, I'm not Chinese but that's not the point anyway.

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> I'm not Chinese
Stop lying

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>muh fallacy
This isn't a lolbertarian think tank gathering where we all wear bow ties and make our livings by being the opposite of a contributing member of society and being a pedant playing around with definitions and arguing from an explicitly sino-centric POV won't get you anywhere. Learn the difference between dialectic and rhetoric you try hard.

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Why do you need a passport to go on vacation in this supposed province?

>> No.10425466

are you seriously denying that Japan took a lot of influence from China, especially from the Tang dynasty

>> No.10425570

Taiwan is the true China, the mainland is just 31 rebel provinces

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