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Recently I found a Hololive mod for HOI4. Its currently under rework and its development looks super promising.

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Focus trees are looking sweet too

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Now do it with the ame global map

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The flags are looking pretty fresh

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Looks fun.

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please tell me that enslaved pekora is the señor hitler of this mod

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She's Mussolini but competent

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>Historical map instead of using Ame's map

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Doesn't look that historical to me.

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It uses the same geography and has roughly the same borders. That includes the Aquitaine/France divide. Even the Soratomo republic is just greece.

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The political maps look more interesting in North America and Asia.

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Even in this outlandish scenario, the French still endure

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Just use the Ame map. It's wierd to see a fictional fan scenario with the earth's geography.

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Did they endure in other scenarios, really?

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I mean, they're still here so yeah.

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You reminded me Ame is supposed to be inspired by a British fictional work

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Is mapanon running this one?

>> No.10396190

No its another development team. At the moment its a janky but fun mod on steam, but they're working on a rework that adds full on focus trees and events

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>imagine all the fucking naval invasion sounds

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>Ame's map
what kind of map is that?

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>doesn’t include Austria
Go shill your shitty mod elsewhere fag

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>paradox cold war game canceled because racism

I just wanted to play as post-war germany and re-arm, was that too much to ask? 7 years later and I'm still miffed.

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It's this one I think

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>because racism

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They are a swedish company.

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Can someone please already do something with Hololive on Xcom 2?

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A voiceline mod would be pretty based

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There's that HoloEN players pack and the Hololive inspired character pack already out there. But beyond that, a voiceline pack or an update where there are other fully outfitted players would be amazing.

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Needs more holo mods for more games

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>Kiara country doesn't even own Austria

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George USA

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Pekora is not the reich? Missed opportunity.

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Who's white/finland in the picture?

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What are the ideologies?

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they weren't always like this. Remember, Remove Kebab was a fucking achievement until like 3 years ago. The moment they moved to California, things just went downhill for them. I called it on 2017 and I hate to think that I'm right all this time

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Let's build his empire in America.

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