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hard to tell what the real reaction is because the comments are filled with upset 'vtubers' posting irl photos of themselves. Thoughts on the entire situation and what is expected of vtubers?

link to tweet if anyone wants more context or to see the replies https://twitter.com/arbiterofwhim/status/1441543522071552007

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When you order steak at a restaurant and they give you chicken wings, do you have a right to be unhappy?

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Stick to one shithole

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Why post irl pictures? I could care less about GFE but thats just dummy

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The rules of vtubing are literally fucking made up and people can do what they want. Stop being dumb.

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Guess you're one of the twitch thots posting their ass in that thread lol. If the rule is made up, why do corporate vtubers do everything to protect themselves? Surely not because you idiots are doxxing yourselves for people who might be more mentally unhinged than arbiter right?

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Corporate doesn't protect their talents dumbass, they limit what they can do. It is literally robbing them of their freedom. Vtubers should have the freedom to do whatever they want, including posting their real-life faces on their vtuber social accounts. Doxxing, on the other hand, is a different story, and those who do it should be punished.

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>826 quote tweets

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You're not going to get any upvotes here. Go back to r*ddit.

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What a fucking sperg.

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A massacre of a single man

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Gatekeeping is the only thing that keeps things from deteriorating. He can't literally stop people from doing their shit, but he can call them out for it.

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looking through the replies he's mostly getting proven right. normalfags ruin everything.

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There's already a thread for this

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He/she is right. If you link your real person with your avatar you're no vtuver, you are just a chore trendhopper, who's gonna drop this too as soon as it has no more new views tô give

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You need just a some amount of IRL to be found, just to verify it’s not a tranny or other BS.

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That tweeter doesn't have the power to gatekeep anything.
No one has the sole patent over the concept of "streaming with a virtual avatar", despite what some poopypantsed faggots who think they're the authority on what "real and true vtubing" is supposed to be might think. All I'm seeing is just another ngmi maletuber who's coping with his lack of success and trying to blame it on them dastardly vthots being at fault.
If you don't like vthots, don't watch them, simple as. Apparently enough other people like them, or they wouldn't have an audience to continue doing their thing. You can continue tilting at windmills and try to tell the vthots to stop thotting, and their simps to stop simping, and they can both tell you to fuck off, leave them alone, and be a salty bitch elsewhere.

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>Apparently enough other people like them, or they wouldn't have an audience to continue doing their thing.
It's literally all 2 views in his replies

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>these coomerbrain viewers are only watching female vtubers because they are attractive irl. if these women were banned from twitch, those viewers would come to me instead.

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I think you can't speak without buzzword spam.

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Isn't the point of being a vtuber to avoid being doxxed? Why dox yourself? Just be a regular streamer then, bruh.

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but why are these girls doxxing themselves, are they retarded?

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because realistically nothing bad will come from it and anyone thinking otherwise is retarded

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Sure, hand pics are generally enough for that.

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I mean he spoke the truth, they are all jumping into the trend just to get internet points, i am actually surprised how didn't anyone try to dialogue with this guy, twitter is a fucking shithole as always.

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>watch vtuber with cool avatar
>oh yeah here's a pic of me irl, oh yeah I'm totally not the lord of chaos irl
why are western vtubers like this? stick with the character, you can still talk about what's going on in your life but you fuckers are just anime PFPs at this point

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this person is an obvious EOP that has a warped perception of what a vtuber is. None of that shit is mandatory ever since jp artists and even voice actors hopped on the train and started streaming as themselves but with an avatar way before 2018. Honestly sick of these invaders telling people arbitrary rules that never existed

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I'll agree with this if you agree the same applies to vtweeters that don't have the power to gatekeep lolicons and loli avatars out of "the community".

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I don't think it'd an arbitrary rule but the pls give me likes selfies are annoying. However the fact that he says he wants to quit making content over it is fucking hilarious to me. Western male vtubers make Japanese male vtubers look like walking bags of testosterone and chest hair.

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Fucking retard revisionists are the worst thing about vtubing.
There has been people doing mixed content channels for the entire fucking history of that term, and before it. There's still many of them around today.
Get fucked, you dumb cunts. Vtubing has no definition beyond use of a virtual avatar, that's IT, period. There's no "but you aren't allowed to show your real self because waaaah muh feelings!" clause.
You will never be anime. Kill yourselves.
Half of the fucking artists and animators in the damn industry are mixed tubers.

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Because you are a retard tourist that thinks a face is doxxing. Go back to /v/.

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>went to wendys to get a bogo deal
>they charged me full price

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Back in the day of OG video game streaming, if your content wasn't 100% game related, and you streamed anything except the raw screen capture of the game, you were called an attention whore who needs to fuck off from "our hobby". Having anything related to money on your stream except maybe a paypal donation link, and you got called an e-beggar who needs to fuck off and get a real job.
So yeah since vtubers don't follow those rules which existed before vtubing was a thing, they're no different than any camwhore streamer, so what's the point of hiding their IRL face?

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>literal who incel gets butthurt over successful girls
my favorite part is him cancelling his anniversary stream like it was some big deal

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>Freebirds had a free chips+queso deal the other day
>Still charged me for the chips and queso
>too autistic to try and mention the promo, just accepted it
good burrito tho, wish they weren't so far from my house

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Yes. What's your point?

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attention, both watchers and /here/ chuubas
Look at the replies and avoid every single one of those chuubas. Not because they post their selfies but rather because they are huge drama whores. You won't win anything out of watching or collabing with them except for retarded takes and activism

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I never intended to collab with girls anyways, most of my collabs were dudes unless I find a girl vtuber who is willing to play titanfall 2 frontier defense with me (which i doubt rumao)

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People back in the day didn't gatekeep hard enough.

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I don't watch western vtubers because they're all like this
>publically spiteful
>some flavor of mentally ill
>blatant numberfags
>women think that simply being a woman is content
>men hate themselves, other men, are creeps, or are 1 step away from being trans

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>tfw IRyS plays titanfall but probably would never collab with you because she's got more than 2views

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Pretty much, everyone posting those mugshots are raising a massive redflag. Avoid at all costs.

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>thinking a small 2view male can collab with IRyS or Selen
I would love that but lmao, never happening

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ok so if 2view males and females are schizos or thots who the hell is even good in the west

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Western vtubers are just ascended twitterfags.

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>None of that shit is mandatory ever since jp artists and even voice actors hopped on the train and started streaming as themselves
Most JP Vtubers with any following either started as a vtuber or were already streaming prior to transitioning over, as you'll notice outside of the indie scene..most of them only stream as their avatar UNLESS they have a career outside of it. Irony of an EOP trying to call someone else an EOP.
Post your picture here then, anon. I guarantee you don't because you know you'd be doxxed lol.

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Anon, doxxing is locating someone's address. Unless their image has a geotag on it or they're standing infront of their house with a clear view of their address you can't dox a selfie. Recognizing someone's face and finding their personal account =/= dox.

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Why would I post my face on this shithole or social media in general?
I'm not an attention whore, I just watch them.
Not that it needs mentioned, but I don't even have said camera to take said picture. No, I don't have that either, fuck botnet devices.

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Nothing worse than a "HA! GOTTEM!" selfie trying to prove they're still attractive irl but they look like they've gotten absolutely bludgeoned by an ugly stick.

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>vtubers and anime avatarfags start invading online subcultures like rats ruining them in the process, meanwhile breaking every single unwritten rule and established way of working
>a few years later get mad when someone does the same thing to them

Really makes you think.
This faggot is making literally a DSP-tier take back when he tried to pass off his handcam filmed TV screen youtube let's plays as real video game content, and everyone that live streamed or used a capture card was just a trendy fake gamer.

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>Unless their image has a geotag
You'd be insanely unsurprised just how many people doesn't realize this is attached to pictures taken. Very few people actually purge exif data before uploading to the net, so it's not the face specifically, it's the entire image.

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>all those 6/10s in the comments

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Reminder that these Cyberlive thots had 500$ donation perks to have virtual dates with them. That is literally Amouranth-tier e-whoring thottery.

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He's a fucking 2view, his content is a joke

>> No.10376265

well, at least this will help agencies filter out a lot more indies for future auditions lol

>> No.10376477

This, I'm glad they won't shit up companies lol.

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The only thing i can say is that, i can respect this dude, independently of what i think of his take he is someone that clearly cares a lot about Vtubing, and has no problem with expressing it in a way that he is well aware will cause him to be shunned by almost everyone else in his community, so doing it anyway because he just legitimately cares about the entertainment that much is definitely something i can respect of him

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