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>It's shocking how much joy has been sucked out of an interest I've enjoyed for almost 5 years now, literally since the dawn of Vtubing, by hordes of normies with no clue what it even means to be a Vtuber. If you're going to tweet IRL insta-thot pics, not even bother with the slightest semblance of a character, etc., then imo you're nothing but a room-temperature IQ normie who hopped on a bandwagon for clout and simpbucks.
>All you have to do is put on some semblance of a character, make some form of video content, and NOT POST IRL CONTENT ON MAIN.

They hated him because he told the truth.

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>pro wrestler gets mad at olympic wrestlers
b....bu...but my kayfabe!!!

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Who cares?
All those rules about not mixing irl are made up anyway. Or is the vtuber police going to enforce complete separation of irl and vtuber?

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I’m just worried about the day when tech advances so much, that we cannot even tell that 90% of the female VTubers at that time, are actually male.

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That'd be great though, guys are more entertaining and if they sound so much like a girl to the point they're indistinguishable and they never break that illusion then it might as well be one, you get the best of both worlds

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twitter roasties are seething hard at this one. well done.
god the envtuber community is such garbage. I can't believe this is what we have to work with in the english-speaking sphere.

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That would be cool, but you just now that most of them are going to be trannies IRL.

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>gays aren't entertaining
>can't have a boyfriend if you're a guy
It will be vtubing's greatest day

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That would be fucking amazing. It's literally the best of both worlds like tomboys.

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go back

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transsexuals are just ahead of the curve. The technology is rudimentary and disgusting for now, but when it advances w*men are doomed

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Is this your account? There isn’t much engagement.

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While he's definitely acting like a salty purist, I can see where he's coming from. Putting content creation aside, vtubing is all about the virtual character, and if you're going to reveal your IRL face you're defeating its purpose

The guy is a massive retard, but the roasties can keep seething, I see it as them being vtubers just as a gimmick for popularity

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Babiniku are already better most of the time - the taste in game is better and they often display more skills, the jokes are funnier the characters are cuter, the stream is has more chill and so on.

The waifufags however won't even look at them because their minds have been so corrupted that they can't see chubas as replacement-girlfriends and won't see the ages-long tradition of theatrical-crossdressing as anything but the lens of 'muh tranny' and panick at the slighlest hint of a voice-changer.

Their loss though, interacting with the bros behind the character is really fun.

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No, it simply isn't natural, anon. That's why I think this is a good idea, instead of cutting their dicks, trannies can just get a vtuber model.

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people act like this is entirely contained on the en side of things. Tamaki pretends to be a dude while at the same time telling everyone exactly who her roommate is, and she is successful enough to start her own agency

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The only reason to post IRL stuff on a Vtuber main account is if said Vtuber does things that require IRL space to be involved. Like cooking or showing off their TCG cards and the like. Anything beyond the IRL aspects of a hobby they enjoy is excessive and frankly unwelcome.

If you hopped on the Vtuber bandwagon simply to get more of an audience to show your IRL duck-mouthed selfies to then you're only in it for the attention and literally nothing else.

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It's true
It's damn true

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EN indies think they own the place and believe their shitflinging are industry wide news

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is this the attention-whore faggotry that m*les must resort to in order to get clicks and views?

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You severely underestimate the amount of straight males who'd kill to be able to keep doing what they already do while also getting the cute girl buff

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That's because she was already well known before becoming a vtuber.

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>only in it for the attention
And what's wrong with that? Is there supposed to be some higher purpose to vtubing?

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there are way too many content creators with this sort of shallow ambition and frankly overabundance of them paints a bad image on the medium as a whole.

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The only good opinion in this thread.

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>5 years
>only 196 followers
>streams just once a week for 1.5 hours
>thinks he has any meaningful opinion on what it means to be a vtuber
twitter was a mistake

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Higher purpose? The 'only' purpose is to be an entertainer playing a character. "Generic e-thot #23089754" isn't a character, it's a worn out trope.

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NTA but his point still stands. The "rules" are entirely rudimentary. All that matters is staying relevant, which this guy isn't.

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lol the cope and seethe from this retard is palpable. him and his made up rules can fuck off.

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What chuubas do you like then?

Vshojo are still getting 2k-10k live viewers a stream, I'd say your opinion doesn't matter.

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You mean "arbitrary", not "rudimentary" you fucking mongoloid.

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Learn to read because that's exactly my point. There's no higher purpose to it. It's literally just women larping as anime girls

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for every vwhoro there are a thousand pronouns in bio tbatubers and EN thots jumping on the vtuber bandwagon

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that's not what rudimentary means. the word you were probably looking for is arbitrary.

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Absolutely redpilled and based. It's far too late for gatekeeping at this point though. This "hobby" is already overrun by the trash he's ranting about so all he can achieve is crashing and burning his own channel.

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Vshojo still play characters, Melody specifically is one of the most dedicated vtubers to her kayfabe I've ever seen
Just because they're different from the characters you're used to doesn't mean they're not characters, hell, Zentreya gets hate here for playing TOO MUCH of a character

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>implying vshojo isn't simply tolerated because it helps contain the coomers
>implying vshojo isn't simply tolerated because it's a containment company for aspiring #metoo's

Good on them for making sure 2-10K spergs are sated for a few hours a week, I guess? They aren't funny, they aren't entertaining, they don't innovate and do nothing but appeal to the lowest common denominator with the lowest of hanging fruit content while they ride the coattails of others.

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but he's right.

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There are japanese chubas that are doing this way longer than him that post IRL pictures, why does this amerilard think he knows best?

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Why is he so bothered about what other people are doing? Just don't watch the ones who don't stick to kayfabe then.

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Give some examples

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didn't you read? he went on twitter and saw TWO irl face pics. TWO. he could have handled seeing just one, but he say TWO FACE PICS. BAH GAWD

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Jesus fuck

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While I can understand where he's coming from I just don't pay any mind to the ones that are clearly thots. He can talk about it polluting the hobby all he wants but eventually you're just gonna look like a sperg. Just watch JP more if it bothers you that much.

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Why are people defending thots using the medium in an pathetic attempt to gain relevance?

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>whiney beta male whining that he isn't more popular
>i wonder why nobody will watch me

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He's not wrong in a way.

I'm not saying that vtubers were ever bound by a no-IRL rule, but there's a certain charm that comes from the vtuber keeping IRL stuff separated from their characters, this is also what gives the vtubers a lot of freedom in their content, one of the things that made vtubers more interesting than your average Twitch camgirl. Normal streamers with a cartoon avatar have been always a thing, vtubers for some time, were a bit different than just that.

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Because simps.
All there is to it.

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I mean, if we're talking about painting a bad image on the entire medium I'd argue that some of the bigger ones already do that with practices like emotionally manipulating their lonely and socially starved viewers for moeny.

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You mean... every Vtuber ever?

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The kinds of faggots that guy's talking about have already infiltrated this board, anon

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For me it's more about the freedom of choice on how they present themselves. I don't support any kind of third party policing of content

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True and based. This is why Kson is shit.

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Because thinking that a woman stops being a shitty thot when she puts on an anime face is dumb.

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Holy fuck, >>10361489 was right, not even a minute passed.

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That applies to most everyone in this thread for agreeing with this stupid shit lol

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i dont agree with him but thots thotposting like its an argument really proves his point

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Every single ASMR tuber.

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If you hate thots then why are you watching vtubers?

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He will never be japanese

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This is Takahata's line of thinking. That the only reason to be a vtuber is to be as much of a thot/himbo as you possibly can and gain the adoration of retards, all while you pad your wallets with simpbucks.

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Thot slayer

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Yes, fuck expectations and boundaries. It's totally okay to post porn on the SFW boards. Pewdipie is a chuuba since he did one stream with an avatar. Hell, everyone on youtube is a vtuber since they use a virtual medium to present themselves.

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Makes me think but I feel like interesting enough, there is a difference.

Being a vtuber means the thot doesn't need to worry about her appearance, clothes, makeup, cleavage bait, etc, all while giving her the freedom to talk about shit she would never do usually when she needs to be behind a more public image, it should be a win-win situation. Falling back to trying to sell her real image pretty much just ruins good part of what was interesting about herself, her much more interesting self that she could show thanks to the safety that comes from being behind a mask.

So I'm not arguing about vtuber culture ourity or anything like that, but being "pure" vtubers actually make them much more fun and interesting, and their own simps are pushing them the worst way possible out of horniness, into a much more plastic image of heavily filtered selfies instead of the personality that attracted them to the girl to beign with.

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He has some semblance of a point, but he also seems like just another whiny product of that cancerous website.

>> No.10362383

peopel already do this with kson.

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I want to preface this by saying there are plenty of wonderful EN Vtubers out there who I genuinely enjoy watching and interacting with. This is not directed at them, and I wish them nothing but the best. That being said:


It's shocking how much joy has been sucked out of an interest I've enjoyed for almost 5 years now, literally since the dawn of Vtubing, by hordes of normies with no clue what it even means to be a Vtuber. If you're going to tweet IRL insta-thot pics, not even bother with the slightest semblance of a character, etc., then imo you're nothing but a room-temperature IQ normie who hopped on a bandwagon for clout and simpbucks. This isn't a complicated concept. There is meant to be a crucial separation from reality, which you promptly flush down the toilet for the sake of your daily social media attention fix. You clearly aren't satisfied with compliments being directed at your Vtuber avatar, it neeeds to be directed at YOU.

A Vtuber is a virtual character, which is what defines it as its own unique form of content. It boggles my fucking mind how people have trouble with this. All you have to do is put on some semblance of a character, make some form of video content, and NOT POST IRL CONTENT ON MAIN. It's so easy even somebody like ME can manage it. You don't even have to stream for fucks sake. Plenty of you might not remember, or even have known in the first place, but for a long time Vtubers just made short Youtube videos. Streaming came about later.

Am I being a crotchety no-fun party pooper? Am I being unfair and unreasonable? Frankly, I think the only unreasonable thing about all this is how much of my headspace I've allowed this nonsense to consume. If you want to call yourself a Vtuber, then take 10 seconds to learn what the concept is and apply it to yourself. If you can't put in the absolute bare minimum of effort, then don't be surprise when co-opting and shitting all over an existing genre/interest earns you the ire of people who were already there enjoying it.

Just before I banged out this dumb fucking rant, I had opened my Vtuber Twitter (which almost exclusively follows Vtubers because what I want to see there is Vtuber content) and was slapped with not one but TWO different """Vtubers""" posting textbook attentionwhore please-tell-me-how-pretty-I-am pictures. So as a final, well-deserved parting shot, I have a rather unkind reality check. The majority of Vtubers whose pictures I've seen (regardless of gender) are frankly just average-looking. Anybody with a brain can see through the filters, makeup, and angles. You can point all you want at the number of likes they get, but let's be honest here. Even if the ENVtuber twittersphere wasn't rife with this cringe, clique-y, no negativity allowed hugbox attitude, it's easy as hell for something like a lingerie picture or uwu cutegirl filterfest to break a couple hundred likes lmfao.


On a semi-related note, I think I done making regular content for a while. This, among other things, has put a real bummer on my mood and I promised myself that I wouldn't make content if it's just going to feel like work. I do enough work as it is lol. I want to spend more time reconnecting with my friends and the hobbies I enjoy. This whole rant thing feels like it's lifted a weight off my shoulders, since I've been holding it in since early this year. I want to get back to making good, enjoyable content again, not just average, lazy streams. And hopefully this twitlonger is the first real step to get me there.

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A lot of japanese indies have a patreon where they post IRL pics, erotic ASMR tubers are literally riding dildos while streaming. You newfags are too clueless, you came late into the fad and you're trying to make up rules.

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>Who cares
>All those rules about are made up anyway
Genres exist for a reason. You wouldn't play a game that calls itself an RPG if it has little stats and leveling mechanics and only focuses on shooting. You wouldn't watch a movie that sold itself on its action scenes if most of it is a romantic comedy between two cringeworthy actors reading off a shitty script. You wouldn't listen to a thrash metal band that records 3 straight albums of melodramatic blues-rock.
When you call something one thing, then give people something different, people are going to call you out on it.

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A sensible person wouldn't classify a content creator as a vtuber because they used a live2D avatar once. And even if they did what would it matter? What's the point?

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>who cares if I went to the theatre and they played a movie instead

>> No.10362509

Genres coexist with each other and very few things exist solely as 1 specific genre and only that genre.
>romantic fantasy
>scifi fantasy
>historical fantasy
>scifi romance
>horror romance
>horror fantasy (usually the same)
especially for more niche genres you'll almost never find them by themselves.

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This is probably why people realized that kson is just the same person as the dragon. There's nothing different or intuitively new that kson brings to the table, in terms of personality, so there's nothing new or refreshing about her.

>> No.10362600

So why do we care?

>> No.10362621

norioo was already established and well known as a mangaka before she adopted vtubing.

>> No.10362625

I can understand getting mad at e-thots but I can never agree with people that go
>[THING] should be [HEADCANON] because I say so!
The whole "separation from reality" part often comes from the same crowd that pushes GFE shit

>> No.10362627

Spoke the truth. Any company affiliated Vtubers who ever dared to post their IRL selfies will be fired on the spot 100%, can't use their anime character avatar anymore. It's also a dick move to all other vtubers who never post their IRL selfies to attract simps to their stream.

>> No.10362633

>beta white boy comes in
>decides he's in charge of the ten commandments of vtubing
seems about white

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I fucking hate being on this board this time of the day.

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>> No.10362682

>you have to enjoy vtubers the same way that I enjoy vtubers!

>> No.10362697

>Americans waking up
>SEAfags still up
truly the hololive of time

>> No.10362713

coco good > kson bad

>> No.10362751

Already well-known and famous figure before becoming a vtuber =/= Literall WHOres Jumping on a badnwagon just to do IRL selfie when they get some attention

>> No.10362768

ledditors and seafags

>> No.10362782

nooooooo you can't have fun and jump on a bandwagon nooooooooooo my glorious nippon vtubing folded over a thousand times noooooooooooo

>> No.10362800

The point is she mixed irl content and her vtubing. Also I'm making fun of OP. Also have this.
Also she added English some English subtitles to some of her videos lately.

>> No.10362827

Cringe. All vtubers should reveal their IRL identity. Restricting their freedom is stupid and soulless.

>> No.10362828

>a patreon where they post IRL pics
Notice how that's not "posting IRL on vtuber main?" but it's relegated to a different site entirely?
>b-but the japanese
Irrelevant. Absolutely irrelevant.

Every faggot whining about how they think Japanese vtubers are the only ones allowed to set trends in a hobby that happens around the world is a good candidate for testing how effective the 9mm pill is at solving their oxygen thief issues.

>> No.10362843

True, let's fire all the holomen.

>> No.10362867

Literally what's the difference?
>It's okay for X to post cosplay selfies because she's popular!
>It's okay for Kiara to call herself Kiara
>It's okay for kson to be a literal whore
>a 2 view showed her hands?! LITERALLY KILLING VTUBING

>> No.10362888

Inuyama Tamaki sucks anyways, their content is literally all collabs with other people.

>> No.10362921

You don't get to make rules, if you hate women so much then go watch a babiniku.

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It reminds me of those old usenet posts from like 1992 about normalfags ruining anime they were right then and now though

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Chuubers like kiara and pomu that use their real lives to solicit better SC money annoy the fuck out of me.

>> No.10363009

>be amerilard
>finds sushi good
>decides that the real sushi from now on should only be fried
>tell the japs that eat their sushi with raw fish that they're doing it wrong
>also shits up the other americans that enjoy to eat sashimi

>> No.10363010

>Genres coexist with each other
You mean setting and story coexist with each other. You can have a romance story in a fantasy setting. You can't have a romance that's also an action thriller. It won't work as you're just forcing two plots together and half developing each one in the time you could have spent fully realizing one plot or the other. See, every romance subplot in YA fiction. It's foced and takes away from the story. The Star Wars prequels were absolutely destroyed by forcing in a love story for no reason.
Same thing with IRL shit in VTubers, you're spending time posting yout 7/10 face caked in makeup and instagram filters that you could be spending on your streams.

>> No.10363012

This. If Kson and Norio can do it, why can't they? It's really fucking dumb that they won't post their real life faces to the public. If they do, they'll know who you are, and they'll also support your real life account too if you ever plan to quit vtubing because in the end you get all the support from the fans of your vtuber counterpart. It's a big WIN WIN.

>> No.10363017

anime that appeals to normalfags is unironically the best anime. its the shitty otakubait that's just fan service after fan service and "haha do you remember that popular anime?! I REMEMBER!" that's killing anime. that and shitty isekai adaptations.

>> No.10363042

This will unironically be American theatre 2050 though.

>> No.10363046

They can do whatever they want, I'm just not gonna watch them.
I wanna watch fucking vtubers, not real life people.

>> No.10363079

That's an interesting point, you actually have much less freedom of expression the more you reveal about yourself. This is something people that enjoy posting on an Anonymous imageboard should understand well.

I don't agree that there are rules about Vtubing vs IRL public images, but Vtubers that connect themselves so intimately with their IRL selves are just limitng themselves into a more boring persona.

But many times all simps want is hot pics so they might just be giving their audience what they want.

>> No.10363088

Americans should be walled, americans should only be allowed to watch content from their own country.

>> No.10363099

You objectively can have IRL stuff with vtubers, it's the reason for this thread

>> No.10363101

>the core of anime is what's actually killing it
>the people who only post tiktoks of their reaction to le heckin diversity problem in anime are the ones saving it

Big thoughts from small brain.

>> No.10363108

>More context please
>I you're referring about her ''sliip up'' on her roomate, that's her roomate, the day she starts posting thothery on Kiara's Twitter I'll agree with you
>No, that's why many people, including some in reddit, shit on kson, because she just became another E-thot
>go back

>> No.10363110
File: 107 KB, 1252x1252, e9525edb4dfc770de389ac16b809fd76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wanting e-thots to be filtered from a hobby they're leeching from means you hate women

I prefer to hate people on the basis of their personality, or lack thereof. "Look at me!" isn't a personality, it's a personality disorder.

>> No.10363129

the setting is the genre you dumbass.
a vampire romance only works because there's fucking vampires and vampire shit going on, but the romance is the major emotional arc of the whole thing.

star wars is sci-fi fantasy, its also action, all 3 of those are genres even without the romance thrown on top of it.

twilight is fatansy and romance.
nanoha is magical girls and lesbians and also mecha action.
macross is idolshit and mechas and action and scifi.

you're fucking retarded.

>> No.10363160

Tamaki's good though.

>> No.10363172

All female vtubers are ethots, stop being delusional. Pokimane and Kson literally had the same reasoning for using their avatar.

>> No.10363191


>> No.10363206

Literal whos dont even get more than 20 viewers, so what kind of attention are we talking about? Unless they're going for corporate route or retired from a corporate, they'll make more money fishing simps as an irl girl streamer. Or, as you and the other anon said, she or he is already an established popular person like a mangaka or a Holo illustrator.

>> No.10363211

Neither Kiara or Pomu never did any of that, the most they did was on the same level of anyone else, talking a bit about their real lives. Might as well complain about Noel talking about her hamsters or Okayu about her cats, Pekora about her family, etc

>> No.10363227


>> No.10363232

I have infinitely more respect for pokimane than kson though.

>> No.10363268

One day, vtuber culture will be overrun by normalfags and Jews, and its culture will shift to embrace real-life selfies and thottery.
>It's already happening
Not yet. Wait until traditional JP vtubing culture goes extinct.

>> No.10363339

Why else do you think those two have such huge anti following?

>> No.10363364

>Log onto Twitter
>See some 2 view whore/vtweeter post her face in a selfie
>Keep scrolling to find funny clips or tweets from my oshi
Imagine seeing some insta-thot and getting angry enough to rant about it lmao. There are probably thousands of vtubers and you're letting the absolute bottom of the barrel shitters get you upset.

>> No.10363372

Sorry I don't speak the shitskin dialect

>> No.10363401

you will never be japanese, faggot. go defend the vtubing bushido someplace else.

>> No.10363433

Found the KFP.

>> No.10363446

>All female vtubers are ethots, stop being delusional.
What a very misogynistic point of view you have there.

>> No.10363463

This is what I don't understand, who gets angry about this shit?
I watched tsunderia and they kept doing hand and feet streams so i stopped watching them. Now I watch PRISM instead because pippa won't stop being /pol/ and their mods ruined PC. Literally that simple.

>> No.10363532

muh soggy knees

>> No.10363547

>He doesn't know
I don't follow Nijis but Kiara's YT alt is fairly well known.

>> No.10363596

Only if you also wall Europoors, SEAfags, and Austards

>> No.10363648

>female streamers
>make money from lonely men and paypigs
>all have cute or sexy designs to appeal men
>not thots

>> No.10363660

and there's the clout chaser coming in hot with his virtue signalling

>> No.10363666

noel and kiara both slipped and called themselves by the name of their hololive characters on their IRL streams, that's what these retards are crying about

>> No.10363674

>their mods ruined PC
What's the story on this

>> No.10363692

EU is fine, you should only wall britbongs.

>> No.10363701

This is your average holobrain. Go find a single selfie on their vtuber account, faggot. Neck yourself after that too.

>> No.10363720

don't you have a bike to steal or work to avoid?

>> No.10363738

Because it takes a lot of effort and time to find out how they look IRL, right.

>> No.10363745

Pomu doesn't do that

>> No.10363790

>that doesn't make them any less of a vtuber
Haha, right.

>> No.10363796

tamaki has always been super public about who she is IRL, about the same as any actor in any movie

>> No.10363808

>vtubing must conform to the ideals of some literal who white boy just because he said he's been doing it for 5 years

>> No.10363824

All I'm seeing is a lot of cope from a no view faggot.

>> No.10363922

Based gatekeeper.
He is 100% right.

>> No.10363933

would you rather they have ugly af designs so that the design doesn't appeal to anyone LMFAO

>> No.10363970

He's right and anyone that disagrees is a faggot that needs to be gatekept

>> No.10363990

he is 100% right, vtubing was supposed to be about creating a character to play as to stream for people, not as a quick mask to wear when you're bored and then just to post your actual face on twitter

>> No.10364015

You will never be a real woman


>> No.10364034

read the comic about how good hobbies are ruined because of stupid thots like that before u speak some retard language

>> No.10364039

It's okay to post your IRL faces on your vtuber account.

>> No.10364050

>some literal who white boy
Leave it to someone speaking the truth to get all the various "-ists" and "-phobes" riled up enough to drop all pretense of hiding their powerlevel like this.

What kind of fucking thought process is required to think that anyone who doesn't get many views and/or has a certain skin color isn't allowed to have an opinion on how they think the hobby should go? Are you faggots still in secondary school?

It's no secret that most of the inhabitants of this board should be on a watchlist for VARIOUS reasons but holy hell.

>> No.10364083


>> No.10364116

Not the point, your oshi is basically amouranth you liking or not.

>> No.10364274

Nobody challenged his right to his opinion. It's just that he's a nobody and as such his opinion doesn't amount to much.

>> No.10364281

>check replies
>all those e-thots
so it's over?

>> No.10364284

Kson and Tamaki. You don't get to decide what's right and wrong for vtubing. Deal with it.

>> No.10364312

It was over the second Nyanners became a popular vtuber.

>> No.10364321

>Nobody challenged his right to his opinion
The vast majority of this thread would disagree with you.

>> No.10364338

it's not ogre yet, none of them exist outside of tw*tter

>> No.10364399

Wow you gatekeeper incels sure are afraid of IRL women faces LOL

>> No.10364490

go back

>> No.10364517

>4ch only agrees with this guy
rumao, lmao, lol

>> No.10364527

wasting time complaining about others when they don't care about your opinion is pointless

>> No.10364565

There's a reason none of the good ones are active on twitter. This guy is part of the problem and thus only attracts like-minded people.

>> No.10364570

What about a picture taken years before they start vtubing? I said go neck yourself? Blind much? Retards like you are the reason this medium is now filled with e-thots.

>> No.10364753

There are two groups of people speaking up against him. The first are the ones that are threatened by the notion of only suckering one audience instead of two. The second are the ones threatened by the notion of not being suckered.

If either or both of those groups up and leave vtubing entirely, it would be nothing but a boon for the hobby.

>> No.10364829

>he wasn't raised from birth to become the ultimate vtuber with zero trace of his irl identity carefully crafted and sealed away from the public's eye

>> No.10364881

ITT: EOPs thinking their opinions matter

>> No.10364914

hiding your face with an anime avatar and hiding the fact that you have a boyfriend isn't "playing a character". no one plays a fucking character, they just hide their unappealing irl traits to appeal to incels

>> No.10364944

or... people just don't like arbitrary rules for the sake of having arbitrary rules...

>> No.10364956

>to appeal to incels
>he thinks vtubers wants to appeal to incels

>> No.10364993

what is gfe if it's not just that then?

>> No.10365019

The relevant vtubers that actually play a part in how the industry is viewed won't even see this tweet

>> No.10365056

Why are so many morons here complaining about how this guy can't and doesn't make the rules while also complaining like he's actually made the rules?
Are you guys okay? Do you all have brain damage?

>> No.10365107

>also complaining like he's actually made the rules?
that's because >we are mocking him for the audacity he has

>> No.10365144

Phase connect just has garbage staff that makes omegatranny look like a modest nip granny.

>> No.10365146

If he simplified his argument to "Its kinda lame how some vtubers are seemingly being vtubers as a trend and not really understanding what it means to be a vtuber by being a character." I think a lot more people would agree with him, but the stuff about thots and normies just make him look like an incel.

>> No.10365187

>for speaking his mind
The horror.

>> No.10365189

rules don't have to be real to be pointless and unnessisary.

>> No.10365211

>account started in 2014
>streaming since October 2020
>196 subs on twitch
>1100 followers on twitter
LMAO get a load of a 2view getting angy at other 2views.
On the other side, lmao one bad take and 500 vtweeters doxx themselves in public.
This is a complete clown show

I hope everyone is saving the selfies :^)

>> No.10365212 [DELETED] 

that's because he's white and should know his place.

>> No.10365238

Pokimane is more or less self made and keeps her stream for the most part stand up. You can call her an ethot and so on but for the most part she's seiso and keeps a clean stream and persona.

Kson is only big because she lucked into hololive and leeched hard and now just shows her ass on stream for money.

>> No.10365257

2 view Civil War

>> No.10365341

i can already imagine the movie poster.
>2 views, 2 sides

>> No.10365387

This anon gets it, there's a point in his ranting but he sounds like a bitch. Although I'd argue vtubing has moved pass playing a character faithfully since even at the highest level in corpos you'll see the girls dropping the roleplay gradually and stream with the roommate personality more and more.

>> No.10365464

They're not real rules and never will be. So why act like what this guy is saying holds any water or will ever actually happen?
It's because the leeches know they're only in it for the attention and money and any sort of rule that would require them to dial that back and be anything other than a blatant leech threatens their short-term income.

>> No.10365532

I just like vtubers because they let me enjoy female streamers without having to deal with feeling attracted to the streamer, which can be distracting and cause mild sexual frustration.
I know what a lot of vtubers look like, but out of sight, out of mind I suppose.

>> No.10365550

Watch out, they'll call you a zhang and bug

>> No.10365584

This, its also why I only watch vtubers with little girl avatars and flat chests, that way i can in no way feel sexually attracted to them.

>> No.10365635

The spanish-speaking sphere is not much better...

>> No.10365660

>So why act like what this guy is saying holds any water or will ever actually happen?
It's a discussion on whether there's any point in what he's trying to say. The way it's presented in the thread makes it look like people arguing in defense of or against a rule.
It's certainly nothing anyone should play victim about

>> No.10365838
File: 77 KB, 734x404, 1252353016824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all 3d will be converted into 2d. gatekeepers can attempt to delay this process but they cannot stop it.

>> No.10365931

I share his preference for keeping IRL stuff out, but I don't really think it really should be a "community rule". I just watch the ones who are entertaining and being in-character is more entertaining.

>> No.10366086

I only watch Tenma and sometimes Pippa and don't engage with twitter or their discord, so I wouldn't know. They don't seem to affect the streams at least

>> No.10366115
File: 272 KB, 1600x819, Waifu Supremacy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Waifu Supremacy will happen my brother.

>> No.10366171

ive seen enough pokimane bending over showing her ass in yoga pants compilation to know this is complete bull shit, and she leeched the fuck out of all the league and fortnite players that actually knew how to play the game, she even tried to leech vtubers if you werent too retarded to remember

>> No.10366249

>Give equal rights to waifus
Why the fuck would you do that?

>> No.10366274

>muh leeching
you know she has more views than pretty much all of them right?
she's just providing interesting content to millions of viewers.

>> No.10366545

>you know she has more views than pretty much all of them right?
What does this have to do with anything?

>> No.10366556

This. All he had to do was make his complaints and dislikes known without going into a full twitlonger rant that comes off as being and incel and wanting "rules" for an entire "community"
But this is the internet and no small person on Twitter has someone reading over their posts ahead of time

>> No.10366629

Kinda ruins the point to give waifus any rights

>> No.10366679

Funny because kson streams multiple times every day and yet a few retards call her an ethot for one unintentional wardrobe malfunction from a month ago, where is the new material? Oh, there isn’t any because that’s not her content at all.
If you actually want to argue in good faith and have a proper thread the minimum you could do is stop calling any women who sometimes streams on cam a whore, it not only makes you look retarded but a shitposter too.

>> No.10366699

>waifu wants to go grocery shopping for food
>you have to log off your games and go accompany her because she's not allowed outside on her own without supervision
>you need to actively fend off any creeps who might even look at her or you're seen as weak for not defending your waifu

>> No.10366795

why the fuck would I send my waifu bot grocery shopping when I could get that shit through online orders or by sending a common serv bot.
That bitch is staying in the house

>> No.10366825

How are you holding up without the unemployment checks?

>> No.10366863

>could get that shit through online orders or by sending a common serv bot.
who would be making those deliveries, you fucking retard? "common serv bot" you can't even wipe your ass with a robot yet and you think a bot can deliver your groceries?

>> No.10366881

This. He sounds like whiny egotistical twat, which is great for (You)s here and all in good fun
But on Twitter where people take things extra super seriously, ya gotta be more careful

>> No.10366920

He's right and the people disagreeing with him posted pictures proving it. The ENdie scene is just a normalfag wasteland.

>> No.10366927

So the waifu bot is advanced enough to do grocery shopping by itself but a non waifu slave bot can't exist
Kill yourself ape brain.

>> No.10366979

I got some bad news for you anon...

>> No.10366998

And the minute some other grift catches their attention, they'll leave the vtubing scene a smoking wreck. you hate to see it

>> No.10367003

to have them mog the 3DPD and be a constant reminder of how they have failed. The Waifu will not abuse equal rights

>> No.10367011

saying this is almost like saying men are the entirety of the demographic, which is even more insulting.

>> No.10367044

He is right. If you link your real person with your avatar you're no vtuver, you are just a chore trendhopper, who's gonna drop this too as soon as it has no more new views to give

>> No.10367133
File: 69 KB, 1237x556, Waifu 2D Truth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My brothers, can we please stop this silly argument. If a man wants to give his Waifu rights, it is within his rights, and if he does not, it is also within his rights.
The ideal of the Waifu is what we all unite under, and is not something we should bicker over

>> No.10367174


>> No.10367176

But if vtubing was gatekept properly and never left japan the guy in the OP pic might not have even discovered it himself. Hell if it never blew up who knows how many vtubers and groups just wouldn't exist.

>> No.10367199

The thing is that if he had wrote it that way nobody would've given a fuck about him and he most definitely won't have a thread made here so

>> No.10367271

I miss the days where you animals hang out on trees

>> No.10367298

Just say you hate women

>> No.10367356
File: 170 KB, 374x373, IMG_20210801_142559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10367369

you're funny.

>> No.10367378

Holy based.

>> No.10367417

simply calling out the 3dpd vtweeters is going to trigger the hive, but at least they wouldn't have as much a moral high ground. which is everything on twitter

>> No.10367421

Blowing up in japan ≠ blowing up in the west

>> No.10367436

lol what did you expect from a middleage-crisis woman who writes tranny fetishist manga?

>> No.10367451

NTA but por favor ni me lo recuerdes anon...

>> No.10367493

if it was intentional she would have done it again by now.

>> No.10367508

This is one of the main benefits of an agency like hololive. They audition candidates making sure that they’re actually girls first of all, but also that they’re talented.

>> No.10367589

People do that on twitter every day, nobody gives a shit except for the two dozen or so people who care about what random people on twitter say about vtubers.

>> No.10367621

Based and fumopilled.

>> No.10367725

Nah, you're the retard who does not understand his point.

>> No.10367799

>gatekeeping something that's going to fade away soon

>> No.10367906
File: 67 KB, 512x512, 1632547452887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everything can be fixed by changing the name of what we call vtubers who don't kayfabe or hide their real identity. or at least put them into different catagories.
tier 0 = kayfabe, maintains a secret identity, haven't been doxxed (Roboco, Subaru)
tier 1 = same as above but doxxed (ame, gura)
tier 2 = kayfabe but has separate irl streaming identity (kiara, matsuri, coco)
tier 3 = kayfabe optional and has no separation of identities.(lily pichu, nyanners, kson)

>> No.10368013

do we really know the identities of some of the holo girls? like all those videos and pics of who they were previously before joining Hololive, or is it all just bullshit.
Like is there good clear evidence or just schizo conjecturing and bullshitting

>> No.10368019

>be vtweeter in OP's pic
>be coomerbrain smoother than an asscheek glazed with futa cum
>can only get off to anime girls after a year in pandemic lockdown jerking it on nhentai
>learn about vtubers
>start following female vtubers with attractive models
>wait, they're not real anime girls?
>wait, they're humans? actual PEOPLE?

>> No.10368072

Who hurt you?

>> No.10368135

gatekeeping is healthy, and you lose your vtuber card the moment you show face.

>> No.10368166
File: 167 KB, 860x774, 56765785673312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hurr durr who hurt you

>> No.10368213

mostly just people recognize their voice, plus their old accounts going down at the same time as Hololive auditions

>> No.10368231

Why so mad? LOL, literally just enjoy

>> No.10368238

Not long now before it's all soulless. Enjoy your oshi while you can.

>> No.10368246

swedish menhera drops in

>> No.10368259

meant for>>10368013

>> No.10368304

I am pretty sure we know what most of them look like by now. a lot of them have well known previous lives on nico nico/twitch.

>> No.10368344

>Moving goalpost by REACHING this hard
I accept your concessions. Now off yourself, holotard

>> No.10368408

are you just saying words because you heard Ben Shapiro say them on tv once?

>> No.10368451

All this shows me is why EN vtubers specifically indies (actually just indies and shit heads)will never get a single second of my time or a cent from me.

>> No.10368508

I agree with this. We can go through the gymnastics, but the appeal of vtubers isn't just that they're funny anime characters doing things, it's that there's a real person behind the mask putting effort and time into doing the things we love.
Acting like the avatar makes them not "3dpd" and entirely different beings kinda misses the mark

>> No.10368641

do you know what a joke is?

>> No.10368707


>> No.10368784
File: 75 KB, 591x505, gross.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gatekeeping is a requirement for every hobby. Shaming too. Otherwise creatures like this think they're acceptable.

>> No.10368808

What's the point of the avatar then if they're going to ethot it up and make it all about the person behind of the avatar?

If it's all about you, then just cake up your face with layers of make up, save the hundreds (if not thousands, depending on who you comission) of dollars you'd spend on an avatar, and be done with it.

>> No.10368912

I agree with this but that doesn't warrent people to hope onto the trend and use vtubing as a mask whenever they feel like their makeup doesn't look good today. Established famous streamers using vtubing also are big problems if they constantly use it to just jump onto the vtuber trend

>> No.10368918

Dude it's always all about the person behind the avatar.
What matters theatre more, the mask a performer wears on stage to represent a character, or the voice work, performance and emotion they put into it.
The avatar is still an important facet for visuals, aesthetics and the tastes of the actor behind them, but they're puppets the maestro brings to life.
This is for both male and female streamers/vtubers.

>> No.10368952

NTA but aren't there hundreds of thousands of youtube channels that use avatars to represent themselves in videos? Whether it's a cartoon drawing of themselves or an animal/furry. While it's not exactly the same thing, couldn't it be considered along the same lines?

>> No.10368972

People like this is why I gave up entirely on western vtubers and female streamers in general. That self-righteousness is disgusting.

Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesians, filipinos - they may be the biggest menhera weirdos you can possible think of in the world, but they're still way bettter than your average female streamers, vtubing or not.

>> No.10369001

>Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesians, filipinos - they may be the biggest menhera weirdos you can possible think of in the world, but they're still way bettter than your average female streamers, vtubing or not.
you realize that vtubers in those regions ALSO do face reveals? you just don't see it because you don't speak the language and don't see it on twitter algorithm.

>> No.10369079

No because they're not pretending/rolepaying to be a third person and it's understood that the purpose of their activity is to promote their real selves, not their avatars.

>> No.10369093

>The l2d is ugly
>the irl photo is somehow uglier

>> No.10369132

the most appealing thing about vtubers for me is that they dont have the retarded political opinions of modern women, or at the least they arent allowed to reveal their opinions so they actually appear as likeable people. its so rare for things to not have an agenda nowadays that its a breath of fresh air

>> No.10369212

pokimane literally said she wanted to use her avatar on days where she doesnt want to put make up on. its literally because ethots are too lazy to look good so they use an avatar

>> No.10369222

They are not showing their face on their vtuber channels with very few exceptions such as Inuyama Tamaki - which is why I don't watch her.
Even if they may leak a bit abou thier personal lives and if the kayfabe is very thin most of them still keep it, which makes them inherently superior because they understand what is the appeal of vtubing in the first place.

> you just don't see it because you don't speak the language

>> No.10369266

nice google translate, retard. you will never be japanese.

>> No.10369271
File: 826 KB, 2404x1260, 4633066-7416513324-14286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its only down hill from here

>> No.10369306

And the fact that they are all up in arms over some no name dude is really disgusting.

>> No.10369318

there was a jp vtuber that revealed her preggo ass irl belly and said she has to give birth soon lmao

>> No.10369357

I think most of the girls who do this do it to get attention. They probably saw any moment of either Niji, Holo or some Indies and thought that just by being a vtuber you are gonna get a lot of fans, artists making fanarts of you, and vtuber friends. Then they get a reality check when they realise they need to make effort and be really proactive to have those things. Since all of this is too much effort for them (networking, keeping the kayfabe, having a fixed schedule) they just take irl photos, since it easily attracts coomers.

>> No.10369377

What hobby are you picking up next.

>> No.10369388


>> No.10369391

This graphic doesn't work when the hobby is built on top of women streaming while talking to dudes and talking about their lives under the thin veneer of kayfabe

>> No.10369394

Simply interacting as a virtual avatar makes you a vtuber, because everyone will associate you with those pixels regardless.
Whether someone roleplays as another identity is a cherry on top.

>> No.10369437
File: 38 KB, 500x500, 1615121886502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based as fuck but I'm not reading all that

>> No.10369445


>> No.10369456

I bet these are the type of faggots that think superheroes should always reveal their secret identities

>> No.10369457

No they don't, at worst you get to see body reveals, no one in these regions show their face because they 1. know they're ugly or 2. value their privacy. The people that show their faces on purpose are a minority in a minority, it's not accepted there

>> No.10369463

mine is vtubing so...

>> No.10369469

Kson isn't a vtuber, she's a game content creator(Let's plays and streams) who got a virtual avatar when it became a fad. It'd be like if some let's player like Markiplier started frequently using a virtual avatar, he wouldn't be a vtuber. And I bet that if this really did happen, people would be agree he's not a vtuber while simultaneously getting angry at people who say Kson isn't a vtuber

>> No.10369473

Good luck with becoming an artist.

>> No.10369487
File: 612 KB, 799x799, 1339988587593.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no it isn't, its about roleplaying as your avatar so its fucking stupid to look like X and then you start talking about your RL problem, its not vtubing anymore its like vblogging or some shit

>> No.10369500

バカやろう、Google Transtlateは使われていない。
もし私がGoogle Transtlateを使っていたらこう書いてあったでしょう 「あなたは確かに間違えるでしょう」。

>> No.10369504
File: 378 KB, 1242x1337, 6A7B8BEA-2F17-4332-A8BD-303476C9176B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When this kind of topic is brought up, you can know some things about a poster by their opinions about it

>> No.10369518

>why can't ho's be chill like bro's
Age old question my friend. Most current answer is because women are insane.

>> No.10369571

Ill just capslock on twitter that everyone should normalize stick figure drawings on lined paper and that they are just as heccin valid as yours

>> No.10369609

valid? sure
worth commission money? lol

>> No.10369634

So VR chat streamers back in 2013~2015 were all vtubers then?
Just stop.

>> No.10369687

Your irl example is Scarra

>> No.10369692

there weren't any VRChat streamers until 2017, fix your internal calendar

>> No.10369710

vtubers who desperately try to save face when being outed as cloutchasers, after showing face.

>> No.10369741

Yes? In fact, they probably feel more vtuber than modern vtubers these days.

>> No.10369785

is this the male version of attention whoring? your channel doesn't even have 150 followers after 5 years so you gotta drop a hot take on twitter for clicks? why is it always some beta white boy complaining about irl photos?

>> No.10369832

Modern Vtubers using VR chat is different from VR chat streamers from back in the day. Stop being obtuse about it.

>> No.10369845

there's a better graphic illustrating this that has a guy in a window and then he is forced out rather than this picture which reeks of fgc incel crap from /v/.

>> No.10369885

Why is it always a beta white boy redditard/shitter user complaing when someone calls ethots on their bullshit?

>> No.10369920

You realize some of the popular OG vtubers started with vrchat streaming right...?

>> No.10369954

after reading your reply, i realize Hana Maccia was right, kek. seethe more.

>> No.10369968

bitch looks 45 what the hell is she doing vtubing instead of taking care of her grandchildren?

>> No.10370070

Where the fuck did all the faggots itt come from. Get off of 4chan and go watch your 3dpd already.

>> No.10370075

When is Hana posting face pics then on her Nijisanji account? Oh right, never.

>> No.10370096

She’s been vtubing for years, you’re the newfag here.

>> No.10370110


>> No.10370111

SEAnigger discord tranny detected. You should go back and dilate.

>> No.10370160

She was briefly a vtuber, after a long time of not being a vtuber, followed by again not being a vtuber.

>> No.10370162

She's right though, chuds btfo

>> No.10370181

Yeah, and they did so by roleplaying a fucking character. That's why Zentreya, as awful that he/she/it/whatever is, has more claim of being a vtuber back then than any of these shitters with a live2d avatar posting their mugshots.

>> No.10370203

She's posted her cosplay tons of times before and she's also right

>> No.10370225

her vtuber model is so lame and basic

>> No.10370228

Why do it matter when K-son still get called a Vtuber

>> No.10370289

When you expose the thots, all they can do is group up to defend each other and cry to their legion of symps to protect the whores masquerading as damsels.

>> No.10370297

she's right but at this point I think we should just call these people anime streamers over vtubers cause at this point the west has ruined the original concept of a vtuber

>> No.10370319

Rope yourself retard.

>> No.10370356

>original concept of a vtuber
Isn't it just someone streaming with an anime pic

>> No.10370358

Seethe, cope, dilate.

>> No.10370404

no you idiot, it was someone becoming an anime character and using 3D or Live2D to entertain an audience

>> No.10370427

Get lynched.

>> No.10370436

[citation needed]

>> No.10370466

Seethe more.

>> No.10370473

You're all anime girls to me anyway

>> No.10370483

Stop committing crimes.

>> No.10370582

i mean it's easy for us to do that since we're anons that don't post our real life pictures. Lumi's opinion is gay cause then if you try to refute her people can just say "LOL UR UGLY BRO, LUMI IS SO CUTE BOTH IN 3D AND 2D" I mean it's not an established rule, but using vtubing to just be the live2D/3D and the character mixed with some of the actual person's personality is what a real vtuber is to me

>> No.10370593

>She was briefly a vtuber
Years before hololive
>after a long time of not being a vtuber
Yes, like almost every single hololive member, they started streaming on nnd before being a vtuber duh, that’s how all of tjem started, either an utaite or a streamer, they all come from nnd, she watched tons of vtubers including Haachama and thought it was fun so she became one too
>followed by again not being a vtuber
Almost all her streams are with a vtuber avatar, at least check her channel for 30 seconds before trying to give a lecture about who is and isn’t a vtuber if you actually care so much.

>> No.10370598

The name itself is a relic. Originally the "virtual" referred specifically to Kizuna Ai's character setting with her being an AI and existing in a computer space, not in our physical world. A few other early ones like Siro went along with that but it phased out pretty quickly.

>> No.10370636

Don't make me post the gif of her slapping her gross 3dpd titties.

>> No.10370642

>jap vtuber
>live streams herself having sex while vtubing with a video of her actual self getting fucked
>b-but westies posted a selfish on their profile!
You'll never be japanese.

>> No.10370646

It's because the women there understand shame is part of femininity while wester women are pushed to be shameless and "equal".

>> No.10370659

honestly, the fact that most vtuber avatars are anime-styled seems like it's more based on personal taste as well as pre-existing trends of vtuber models than something fundemental to the medium. "avatar streamers" is the most logical name to me.

>> No.10370677

JP streamers with 2D avatar, or even a L2D gig don't call themselves vtuber. Amatsuki,Kamito,Kson don't call themselves vtuber. Why is this such a hard concept for people? Western e-thots twisted this concept, and make it like every streamer who has an anime avatar/l2d is a vtuber.

>> No.10370708
File: 491 KB, 979x1029, 2179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here are my requirements in order to call yourself a vtuber.

1. You have to be an indie
2. You have to be a (real) woman
3. You have to be japanese
4. You have to make your own model
5. You have to rig your own model
6. You have to be single (past boyfriends are OK as long as it's less than 3)
7. You have to be decent at singing
8. No face reveals ever
9. Collabs with males allowed but only if they're a punching bag for your jokes
10. You should stream on YouTube

>> No.10370726

tweet this publicly on your 2view account, coward.

>> No.10370736

alright, so most western vtubers are avatar streamers then. It kinda saddens me people always have to show their real faces online, I most want to keep the v in vtuber so I can remain anonymous but also have fun with a character while streaming

>> No.10370763

Almost like there's a crucial difference there, anon.

>> No.10370781

I can't tell if this is serious or a lowkey burn at /here/

>> No.10370874

Hes too angry but hes right. The ones who link real personas with their avatar dont care for it and are just using that as another gimmick for themselves. And they are gonna drop it the moment it stops being beneficial for them. Trendhoppers should be gatekept at all costs.

>> No.10370929

This is why trannies are the best vtubers, theyre playing their character every day even in the real world.

>> No.10370946

Nobody has to show their real face online
I think the point people are against what the OP said just want to make a point that people should have the freedom to do as they wish with showing their real faces without being exiled from vtubing or losing the moniker just because they posted a picture but stream 99.9% of the time with an avatar.

>> No.10370951

The virtual part is still important, that's why those people are crying so hard about this shit. They realize if it wasn't their avatars, the overwhelming majority of them wouldn't even be 2views - they'd be stuck at 0.

This is all pure lazyness.
It's shitty lazy western streamers who don't want go through the small hassle of putting make up or keeping a ressemblance of kayfabe and resist the urge about making it about MEMEME and their braindead fans answering to the call of the cthothullu.

>> No.10371084

yes but linking your real identity and face to your vtuber persona basically takes away the "v" from vtubing and the idea that vtubers were supposed to be anime characters having the personality of an actual person with some lore behind them live streaming. Showing your face and linking your real identity to vtubing basically just makes you some other streamer who uses an anime avatar. Avatar streamers are what I will call these people rather than sperging out like the guy who started this

>> No.10371096

I accept your concession

>> No.10371112
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>anonchama really believed these words as he typed them

>> No.10371115

I have a vested interest in knowing whether or not my chuba actually puts makeup on before streaming as avatar but she can't show evidence without breaking the illusion. I'm not sure if there's a solution to this paradox.

>> No.10371170


no one tell him about THAT holocouncil member

>> No.10371178


>> No.10371194

That doesn’t exist, nice try retard

>> No.10371202

That's totally fair and I can get behind the idea of Avatar Streamers as a term. Could easily see it being adopted as soon as some massive scandal or incident happens that shakes the entire industry and poisons the term "vtubing" too

>> No.10371367

I like the guy's passion, but I'll be 100% honest in being into vtubers for mostly the access to japanese women and some anime/otaku (maybe a small bit of idol) culture.
The "I Remember" anime is "normalfag" anime...I like most anime, you can find almost anything that relates to your hobby...and yes that includes otakubait

>> No.10371454

Yea it annoys me too. Ame is always making up stories of how she gets sick to bait superchats, and cancel streams. Fortunately most of us are poormates so not that many people supa.

>> No.10371481
File: 1.27 MB, 4096x2892, 1628308554970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's fucking stupid. Vtuber is just easier to say, its why twitch streamers still use it because it's just convenient.

You faggots are retarded trying to make some head canon definitely of what a vtuber is "supposed" to be. Do you really think any of the modern bullshit you holobronies eat up is what was originally supposed to be vtubing? Vtubing was originally supposed to be for professional high quality content like Kizuna AI or himehina where they had the full force of japanese corporations behind them to make high quality and manufactured content.

Thanks to tsukino mito vtubers are just cam girls streaming with anime avatars, yet you faggots actually have the audacity to act like your shitty ewhores are the "real" vtubers. It's irony is so thick you could fucking drown on it like Matsuri drowns in semen. The only girl in hololive to start out like a real vtuber is sora, the rest of the girls are just generic esluts copying tsukino mito as they make a mockery of what vtubing was supposed to be.
Your holosluts are no different than these western selfie posters.

>> No.10371586

I'm not going to spoonfeed you, nice try though.

>> No.10371782

>>It's shocking how much joy has been sucked out of an interest I've enjoyed for almost 15 years now, literally since the dawn of live video game streams, by hordes of vtubers with no clue what it even means to be a real video game streamer. If you're going to tweet anime avatar pics, not even bother with the slightest semblance of being good at video games, etc., then imo you're nothing but a room-temperature IQ normie who hopped on a live streaming bandwagon for clout and simpbucks.
>All you have to do is put on some semblance of a knowing how to play video games, make some form of video content, and NOT POST ANIME CONTENT ON MAIN.

>> No.10371815

The disconnect is between people who see vtubers as a virtual identity, and those who see vtubers as a virtual form.
Which one matters more? How much is of either thing is needed to be considered a vtuber?

>> No.10372102

>Ame baiting superchats
Go back

>> No.10372644

If anything it should be mandatory for vtubers to post their ugly IRL mugs so everyone knows who they're dealing with.
The only people (especially streamers) who have the right to their anonymity are those who never gave in to trends, and always continued to stream or publish nothing but 100% real content, no facecam bullshit, no virtual avatars, no other stupid gimmicks, no drama or IRL faggotry.
Vtubers in general trying to act like they're part of this same crowd of anonymous streamers, while doing nothing but pandering to the lowest common denominator live streaming trends present in the camwhore community can go fuck themselves, nothing but hypocritical fence sitters.

>> No.10372649

>Every Vtuber is allowed to post things what they are comfortable with
I don't remember anyone trying to make this into a law.

If a vtuber shows her face, some people will stop watching or simping. Either due to principle like the guy in the OP or because they thought she's ugly / fat / old. If she's young and pretty, she might attract new fans to make up for the loss.

>> No.10373002
File: 25 KB, 400x400, 20210921_175440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If only someone would have warned you...

>> No.10373122


>> No.10373424

His point isn't wrong but it's not something that needs to be said. The market speaks for itself, the only people who care about generic 0-10k Twitch-based ENvtubers are themselves and they are on a permanent spiral of fueling each other's irrelevence. The audience naturally goes to Vtubers who actually make something out of the medium.
It's like making a Twitter rant about shovelware. Of course it's not very good, why is this something that needs clarification?

>> No.10373481

Well the humor comes from that its a shovelware dev complaining that his shovelware is better than their shovelware because it didn't have girls in bikinis.

>> No.10373506

It kinda sucks that simps blow their money into the black hole instead of donating money to scientists and engineers in R&D to make that godly voice changer equipment that's indistinguishable or something...

>> No.10373660

So I actually looked into doing it awhile back, but the biggest issue isn't something you can easily develop to work as a voice changer.
A large part of the difference between how men and female speak isn't the pitch (which is the easy part to change) its more of their 'accent' that matters. Hence why girls with deeper voice still sound like girls even if they're 60 year old fat white ladies. They talk in a certain way that's not easy convert real time without going full AI, in which case the AI is doing the talking for you essentially. At which point, there's no real point in having you talk in the first place.

>> No.10373712


>> No.10374003
File: 1.50 MB, 960x960, captaindisillusion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree for almost everything aside from
>you have to put some semblance of character
Yeah it's usually expected BUT that's really not understanding streaming as a whole
There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to be themselves-vtuber and not constantly have to think of some lore or w/e. Many artists become vtubers that way, they've been drawing vtubers for long and don't like real face cam, so they make their virtual avatar expect it's animated and they don't bring politics or other stuff.
You can totally just be your "streaming self" which you could say in a character, as basically all streamers act differently on stream vs talking to a friend or at work or with family.

At the opposite, quite a few content creators create a character they play with their body.

>> No.10374178

I mean he spoke the truth, they are all jumping into the trend just to get internet points, i am actually surprised how didn't anyone try to dialogue with this guy, twitter is a fucking shithole as always.

>> No.10374218
File: 331 KB, 480x360, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly with indies, they don't even really have to avoid politics if they want, they're indie, they have no boss or rules, they can just target an audience that agree with them and the others can just not watch this indie among 10000 others.

>> No.10374306

voice changers sound bad though. i'd rather jsut listen to a real woman or a dude

>> No.10374369

This guy put so much effort in his stuff too, I was always surprised he didn't blow up that much. Should have become 3D vtuber.

>> No.10374433

pretending to be a character is optional. When will these vtuber tourists learn

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