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A-asanagi... I kneel...


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It looks like garbage

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Not his best work.

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>her back
Jesus Christ is painful to watch

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Stand-alone it looks great as usual for Asanagi, in motion though it's fucking terrible. Rigger needs to do his breast physics reps.

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looks alright to me. would fap
has someone hired Asanagi yet to design them a live 2d?

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I don't care much of the body because asanagi's faces are where it's at, fuck I'm so hard right now

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I remember there was some guy who hired Asanagi to make them a live2d, god knows why he wanted the shortstack expert to make him a generic male one but he kept gushing over how cute his little sister war.

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Reminds me of this one.
Too bad that voice changer filters me hard.

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Hot damn Amane-chan

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I knew a fat girl that looked like that back in school, she ended up being passed around at parties until she died of an overdose.

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I was wondering when he would get the chance to design a Vtuber.

>> No.10353459

he already did
see >>10353117

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Just like in my Chinese comics...

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Another example of an artist that doesn't translate that well to Live2D, like IRyS.
Model must be upfront and very layered at every detail, live avatars work better as compositions of independent pieces rather than a whole static image.

>> No.10353723

Poor girl has some serious back problems.

>> No.10353785

>12 watching

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Reminds me of that doujin I fapped to last night that started from Miya-chan

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Nicely drawn, but whoever commissioned rigging shouldn't have splooged all the savings on Asanagi and use the leftover $50 to have the character rigged. The head has absolute zero articulation or any angles. Its like a png with swinging tits.

Its like buying a muscle car and driving it in the 50kmh zones.

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>wHeRE aRE heR ORgAnS
It's like I'm really on Western Twitter.

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/vt/ is just reddit

>> No.10354313

>ctrl+F organs
>this post shows up


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This board is filled with femcels and faggots trying to shame men for watching Vtuber. Real fan lurk in their oshi threads.

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Sex voice

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This is peak female character design. Anyone who hates slightly above average sized breasts and lordosis like this is just coping.

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Shit taste retard

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Forget the tits, what the fuck is that neck? No wonder the L2D can't turn it's head, it'd snap clean off.

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Asanagi please stop making titty Monsters vtubers.....your best designs are flat girls....

>> No.10356073

It looks like his typical affair but exaggerated to the point of absurdity.

>Specifically denotes the right angle in her spine
Is this self-parody at this point?

>> No.10356101

Holy sex goblin

>> No.10356174

>90 degrees
it's a little much

>> No.10356319

What the fuck is that rig why
It’s a better design than the other vtuber he drew though, this one is actually cute

>> No.10356404

Twitter whines about this kind of shit because SJWs will jump on anything they can assert as being unPC and/or sexist. In this case /vt/ is pointing out that the design is just garbage and the absurd proportions don't make it sexier, it just looks dumb. The 90 degree angle in her spine is just fucking retarded.

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I would fuck it. Nice. Asanagi keep hooking us up.

>> No.10356789

a bunch of niggas will sub her

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the funny thing is that this type of body shape absolutely fascinates blacks. most whiners are anlgo scumbugs.

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Now that you mention it, you just reminded me of something...

>> No.10358294

Say what you want that's the look of a confident man who will get shit done. Not some twink ass femboi that so often shows up or a useless manblob.

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John Smith did nothing wrong avenging the death of his good friend Gudao

>> No.10358516

I dunno this is too much, she's deformed by this point. She should look like this -after- the mind break and body modification, not before.

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He was shot dead by a white man.

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Nice strawman, no one here complain about the body not being realistic, just the rigging is beyond garbage and ruin everything.

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absurdly fat tittie vtubers consistently have shitty, barely existing rigging.
Yousei Ichika, and Aozora470 have barely any rigging, with just a bit of jiggle on the tits.

Ember ushi has obnoxious man voice, and at least it's rigged, but the art is terrible.

Kakou Shinku has nice art, nice rig and nice voice. Best fat titties vtuber.

>> No.10360311

It was probably the client demands.

If a cute mesugaki with lots of money throws money at Asanagi while requesting flat mesugaki models, I can die happy.

>> No.10360454

In fact, White Pussy likes black dicks.

>> No.10360625

> 90° spine

>> No.10360943

Another victim

>> No.10361277

>the 2d character has 3d problems!
You need to go back.

>> No.10361360

How you can be this wrong and still alive is anyone's guess.

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No such thing as a female hentai artist

>> No.10364555

question is, does she have the ahegao mode?

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This is as good as place as any to ask but does anyone have a list of vtubers that are pretty much focused on huge boobs, I'm not picky.

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>Asanigger vtuber
>it looks like shit
as expected

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Is it possible for asanagi to draw something that isn't disgusting? Maybe it's the anatomy or linework or colouring, maybe it's the dumb gigantic bulging cheek he gives his characters, but something about them all makes them viscerally unappealing.

>> No.10365933

Kakou and the other one are legit pretty entertaining

>> No.10366157

The better the art, the better rigging they need. This should have just been translated to 3d because that would have been easier than rigging a 2d model...

>> No.10366214

True. I caught one of their duet karaoke streams once. Super fun.

The cow does pixel art. Mute their stream and enjoy.

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>Good voice
>Big titties model

>> No.10366609

next thing you know, shiruka bakaudon will be a vtuber

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>Mesugaki vtuber
Waterkuma what are you waiting for...

>> No.10366925

Why mute it?
Her voice is pure sex

>> No.10367406

>90 degree angled back

>> No.10367441

Yes, his male characters look decent when he actually tries. He unironically would do a better job doing BLshit.

>> No.10367541

>Comically large boobs
>This is supposed to be hot
Sometimes i cant tell if people just act for the meme of "haha big booba hot" or if people in general find this garbage attractive.
I mean someone will always find X thing hot, but thats besides the point

>> No.10367757

Pretty common kink, really. There's always some seriously huge boobs thread on /d/

>> No.10367859

god you're retarded

>> No.10367871

Saying anything is common because it's on /d/ is real fucking retarded anon.
The board was created as containment for things degenerates found too degenerate.

>> No.10367900

It's a nice change of pace
Most vtuber models have more or less the same body which gets boring fast

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love of big booba has always existed
but I’ll concede that she does look a little strange. She’s got fat-lady tits on skinny-girl body plus I never was a big fan of how Asanagi did faces

>> No.10368177

I mean yeah some people love big boobas, but theres a point where it just starts to look fucking comical to me.
Anything new chuubawise is always nice, but i dont think big boobs are a new thing. If they fit the model i dont mind it tho.

>> No.10368214


My japanese isn't great but if I understood it right then the 90-degree angle thing is just for that specific pose making a boob shelf.

>> No.10368366

It is, but that wont stop tumblr moaning about it.

>> No.10368389

Tumblr has been dead ever since they banned porn.

>> No.10368418

>theres a point where it just starts to look fucking comical to me.

Yep. It's not everyone's deal. But it's still fun. On my model I can go from watermelon sized to absolute beanbag chairs.

I'll never be able to use it in twitch with out risking a ban, but it's fun to know it's there.

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Oh shit

>> No.10368894

Didn't Asanagi also design a dude model with the eyeless NTR man look?

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>> No.10369172

I dunno man, I think it might be Asanagi.

>> No.10370429

anon.. your yandex images reps...

>> No.10370643

>メsugaki hairpin

>> No.10370988

I'm on no-fap, why the fuck do I even come on this board...

>> No.10371136

This is perhaps one of the most atrocious designs I have seen from asanagi and that's really saying something

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>> No.10372364

Just wait for Kana and Henreader's model

>> No.10372438

I, for one, appreciate giant tittie asanagi girls

>> No.10372569

The breast size is a bit excessive, but she has a really nice voice. At least the thighs are nice and, knowing Asanagi, the feet are as well.

>> No.10372592

oh god

>> No.10372594

He went overboard. This just looks dumb.

>> No.10372791

>She’s got fat-lady tits on skinny-girl body
This is the issue. I have yet to see a successfully done milf body type for a chuuba. Chubby in all the right places.

>> No.10373273

Just give me a thick vtuber with I cup tits. this isn't it

>> No.10373502

based asanagi

>> No.10374754

Please respond..

>> No.10380756

>people call an ugly design ugly

>> No.10380987

Is 90 degrees really good posture?

>> No.10381123

Looks fucking disgusting.

>> No.10382586

It's pleasure to put dislike on Asanagi's tasteless art

>> No.10382686


>> No.10383015

But there is literally no reason for people to call this design ugly. It is pure sex.
The only issues mentioned in this thread are big boobs bad, too chubby, too thin and possible back pain if it were real.
Also I don't get why hating big boobs is sjw. Aren't they for body positivity?
Big boobs are the most female thing I can think of.

>> No.10383143

>best at doing loli mesugakis with small perky breast
>does boring spherical boobs bitches anyway
Literally Raita 2

>> No.10383315

Henreader is a great loli artist but he's not that much ''mesugaki style''

>> No.10385562

What the fuck happened to that loli vtuber?
I feel like I subbed to her but havent seen any stream in months.

>> No.10386546

Except for the fact that it's clearly her default pose or close enough to make no difference. Try to bend your spine back to a full 90 degrees whilst standing and see how far you get.

>Complaining about shit anatomy is SJW-only
Fuck off retard.

>> No.10386634

We're talking about Asanagi art here not your face

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>It's not a man this time like his last daughter
ASANAGI I KNEEL, but I also kneel to the VA who decided she wanted this, may all the SC be hers

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Asanagi adorable guys! I can change him!

>> No.10386953

low T

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Depends, sometimes it's a nice constrast with the character. But I agree it's often more laughable than erotic.

>> No.10387230

He's done a lot of works without those insane boobs, are people just requesting him that spefically? Seems weird

>> No.10387246

Nigga's finna lay some pipe

>> No.10387355

Well that kind of proportions really doesn't do it for me, but that was no the point, it's mostly how insanely bad the rigging is, it hurts to look at.

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You're not looking

>> No.10387468

Christ, how has this guy degenerated so hard? He was doing well, getting better with each new doujin, and then he got memed hard and just got worse and worse, and now everything he draws is grotesque. Remember to beat artists regularly, everyone.

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>> No.10387506

Shit proportions, doesn't stream

>> No.10387584

Her rig makes me want to puke, those tits look disgusting in motion

>> No.10387693

Better than his other one.

>> No.10387767

His last doujin has a large variety of body types tho. I suppose for the request he often does commissions and for reasons beyond me people request grotesque stuff.

>> No.10388046

I'm a bit more curious why TMA decided to give her a separate fantia instead of bundling her with their other vtuber members like they did with everyone so far.

>> No.10388105

Because she's clearly superior, If I was Asanagi i'd try to forget the others existed too

>> No.10388389
File: 291 KB, 1250x2048, E60m76ZUYAELt2o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is the last vtuber who has debuted under their label just 2 months ago. Its a tough choice.

>> No.10389339

>all these comments shitting on Asanagi
Trannies are still seething over his doujins huh

>> No.10389578

Lol cunnyggers getting filtered

>> No.10393677

For a man that could draw draphs so well this is cursed

Guess we now hope for a kuro chuuba

>> No.10398914

do not besmirch the good name of John Smith

>> No.10399104

>Also I don't get why hating big boobs is sjw. Aren't they for body positivity?
>Big boobs are the most female thing I can think of.
That's just it, sjw hates femininity and feminine looks.

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File: 117 KB, 647x1200, EJ3Zw06UEAEQerp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Asanagi can draw decent girls (and boys) when he tries.

>> No.10400608

Asanagi can make good looking girls, this is a "they didn't pay me enough" design.

>> No.10403888


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File: 143 KB, 693x601, Yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see the word "Mesugaki"
>automatically subscribe

>> No.10405303

when will he draw a vtuber with bruises like his usual "art"

>> No.10405540

That is grotesque. Shoot it with a harpoon gun.

>> No.10405590
File: 15 KB, 300x297, BANGIEF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're either an SJW or a faggot, so pick your poison.

>> No.10405708

Neither, I just have standards. This isn't even an Asanagi issue, he can do much better than this shit, it's the people with no standards who are part of the problem of artists getting away with garbage anatomy.

>> No.10405729


man this is so sad and pathetic...

>> No.10407298

Ouch! Ive watched her/him(?) a couple of times, the voice changer thing is a little offputing and unnatural sounding and doesn't go well with the characters looks. And while some things were pretty fine, like trying to beat Mario, theres not really much personality to her as much as my non-jp brain can interpret it. I do feel bad, but shes her own debuff.

Expecting a clipping/meme contest to enter vshojo on a 200 view vod community is just asking too much. Formica is just pushing herself too hard too fast for her own level. Yeah you got a famous artist to do a model ( with a pretty sub-par rigging somehow, same goes for the OP's, why do asanagi commissioners skimp out on riggers), you got some sort of a small company affiliation to help out right off the bat (i wonder how that happened considering her vtubing skills, did she have a previous life?), you've got the assets for a presentable stream, youve got some high quality custom fanart (self-commissioned mostly maybe?) all the things a starting out PngTuber dreams off to have a budget for. Some months ago there was a stream to go for the EN audience too, which just came off not particularly genuine considering the lack of eigo reps and seemingly no queues of general western audience culture. This vshojo bussiness to my non-translated brain just looks like another attempt at getting a piece of a larger audience quickly, but that wouldn't help unless problems, when the previous audience getting hyped over asanagi fizzled away, are addressed. Not saying be fake and loud, but be more genuine cause, be it large language barrier or whatever, she doesn't seem like she is. Really outrageous voice changer doesnt help signal 'genuine' either. Theres a chance that im being very rude, because i can't tell what shes saying 90% of the time, but thats what my conclusions were.

>> No.10407476

>oof her poor pack guys

Suck tits.

>> No.10407503

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.10407684
File: 147 KB, 731x381, 8e2a715495eccbe35e0d4c83bda03b857728b477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>her pinned tweet

>> No.10407785

Based we can never have too many mesugaki

>> No.10407854

Is their signature mark the moles on lower eye and breast?

>> No.10407943

So you got the design doc for her?

>> No.10408001

good god, imagine the farts

>> No.10408381

I found a bunch on my own some time ago, maybe we can pool our knowledge...
beware, some male voices ahead, and some furry

>> No.10410113

Which of these are actually worth watching?

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