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Marine is an actual pedophile who tried to groom her colleagues kids:
>I probably have never talked about the time I was a shotacon seriously on stream.
>It's true! I've been over that. I can't say for sure that I've been graduated from BL, but I have actual proof that I'm not a shotacon now.
>You see, when I was a highshcooler, my mental self was still in elementary school, so it's natural I was sexually attracted to elementary schoolers.
>However, now my mental self is a JK gyaru, so elementary schoolers are now too young for me.
>"but you still like shota, right?"
>I like them, but I used to only watch shota as bottom when it comes to BL doujin, and now I also accept watching highschooler as bottom.

>When I was in highschool, I was with my friends on densha. And there were elementary schoolers(on the way to their school), you know.
>Their legs...were so nice, and I can't stop staring at them.
>My friends then told me that: "you're staring too much. I wouldn't be surprise if you get arrested one day."
>When I saw shota walking in front of me, I was always imagining about what lines should I use to hit on them, like:
>"Are you interested in Johnny & Associates(Japanese male idol production company)?"

>I also like to imagine having a younger brother who loves me so much that he'll follow me to my all-girl school because he was so lonely.
>And then the my classmates will all go "who's this cute lost little boy?"
>I'll then proudly claim that he's my younger brother. Imagining stuff like this makes me feel so good.

>After I start working, I barely have any chance to see a shota.
>The wonderful train ride with shotas became a distant past.

>But then there were two elementary school boys(coworker's kids), they came to the company sometimes.
>I don't know if I should say this, but I always want to be the ideal oneesan for the shotas, erotic and gentle. I even bought 30000yen Youkai Watch goods for them.
>"you'll cause them trauma"
>No! If there was a kind, pretty oneesan with big boob like me around you when you were a shota, you would be happy, right?
>Those two kids even came in my place sometimes, and I totally did nothing to them.
>I did imagine a lot of things though.
>One thing I imagined is luring shotas with strong cards(TCG), but I know nothing about card games so I stopped.

>"nothing bad happened, so I guess it's all good"
>My coworkers got a free babysitter, they were happy.
>The kids got free presents from me, they were happy.
>And I got to fool around with shotas, I was happy.
Source (starts at 32:00):
Translation (longer than mine):

All the other shotacons and lolicons keep it in the fantasy realm. Marine is deranged.

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Good morning Marineschizo. Here, have a (you) on me.

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that's cool
or sorry that it happened

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based, i wish i was that shota

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>no arguement
I even provided a translated clip for you EOPs.

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And? what is exactly new? of course a repressed hag like her would opt to children who can't say no and don't know any better, no sane adult male would ever go anywhere near marine

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and that's a good thing

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A lot of newfags don't know about this.

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Marine keeps getting more and more based.

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I want to fuck marineschizo in the ass, hitting his prostate while Marine watch.

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tfw Marine will never give you a folder full of Pokemon cards that she rubbed against her rotten vagina.
tfw you will never tell her stories about how all you shared the cards with your friends and now you guys have pokemon battles after school.
tfw Marine will never excuse herself and run off to the bathroom and aggressively grind her cunt thinking about all the little boys playing with her old pokemon cards.

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damn thats crazy

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this board actually has real schizos like op.

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yes, and?

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Shot dead by a white man.

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She literally said all of this. How is he being a schizo?

> She’s Japanese so it’s okay to talk about wanting to fuck kids

Kill yourself

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If it was anyone else, people would be shitting on them. This place really is reddit, hence the love for the reddit pirate.

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Why? I thought she was just doing an act? The talk about shotas is really disturbing though.

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Take a look at the comment section of the video he linked. Most people aren’t any more disturbed by it than here.

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dumb exaggerated eop translation by a massive dramaqueen

all she says is "she used to read shota doujin" and the others are about her average fujoshit delusion. nothing from what she said is illegal, you dumb thought police.

you average fujoshit has the same delusions. you just dont know it bc they just dont/cant openly talk about it because of the woke puritan revolution and the worst kinds of fujoshits instead virtue signal to openly express their gay and pedo garbage in the mainstream market. this is exactly what your mainstream market is like. like marvels gay woke comics. netflixs cutie

amerimutts and chinks cant tell fiction and reality apart either. ever. thats why your media is so puritanical and censored now but you will never realise or admit it, and japan will dominate everything.

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dumb eop, your massively casual japanese skills are utter garbage.

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Which video the translated one or the orginal?
Also doesn't change the fact that reddit pirate gets a pass on everything.

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God I wish aunt marine would've fucked my brains out when I was younger and given me free shit

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But why aren't more Japanese people disturbed? Could you imagine the reaction if a famous streamer in the West talked about the fantasies they had about elementary schoolers?

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You are full of shit. She literally bought gifts for her colleagues kids in an attempt to groom them.

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huh, not a lot of samefagging in this thread.

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She didn't do anything illegal, but it is disturbing to have pedophilic fantasies about elementary schoolers, and to openly discuss those fantasies on the internet.

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>nothing from what she said is illegal, you dumb thought police.
Buying gifts for your colleagues kids in an attempt to groom them may not be illegal but it is morally questionable.

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normie japanese people don't generally approve of or ignore pedophilia but normie japanese also aren't paying any attention to vtubers

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no argument. your japanese skills are trash. also you alter it to fit your narrative. "localise" to fit your woke garbage or chinks anti japan narrative. typical commie woke cunt.

again, "imagining irl things in your own way" isnt illegal at all. you fucking dumb thought police.

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then ban all "minor" sexual anime stuff. its the same. its illegal in your mutt shithole or what?

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NTA but I would bet money that you were one of the people who shits on Noel for being a shotacon when the whole thing is clearly a joke but you want to give Marine a pass for this...

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>no sane adult male would ever go anywhere near marine
Speak for yourself, faggot. I'd fuck Marine senseless if presented the opportunity.

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Marine fantasized about REAL kids.

>> No.10353383

The translated one. All they can say is “OMG that was so Yabai tehehe”.

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>morally questionable.

lol literal thought police. its nothing but your mutt """moral superiority""". typical woke trash.

again you should make a movement to ban japanese anime. id support you if you are serious. bc i want to ban amerimutts from the japanese market.

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what makes you think anyone in here cares. go back, please.

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>again you should make a movement to ban japanese anime.
Lol no. I don't care if its 2D. Marine wanted to do it to REAL kids and tried to groom them.

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ITT: Faggots getting triggered by an actress acting.

>> No.10353451

still no point

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ant all of that was just her imagination. nothing is real lol. you already totally lost your argument, woke thought police

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she's not any more Reddit than a lot of the other members.

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Ordinary morality is for ordinary men. And women.

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So Noel is bad for joking about it, but there is no problem with Marine actually attempting to do it?

>> No.10353533

If she was just acting why did she think it was wise to act as a pedophile?

>> No.10353566

huh? i dont even understand what you dumbfuck are talking about. both didnt do anything illegal. just talked about their otaku shit in an entertainment way. nothing more nothing less.

>> No.10353592

If it was a joke it would be fine, but she was obviously trying to be serious so even if she was acting its very suspect.

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It’s not illegal but it’s morally wrong. Just like showing porn to a 12 year old is not illegal. Something can be wrong and not punishable by law. If Marine was a man or if she was in any other country than Japan, or even just a normal streamer she would have taken some severe backlash and rightly so. Your posts reek of mental illness.

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Because Japanese media, especially otaku related shit, has no real problem with it? She's not catering to stupid ass Western morality.

>> No.10353614 [DELETED] 

sure, but if she didn't act on it further, eh.

>> No.10353616

She's a woman, it doesn't count.

>> No.10353618

She's a shortstack nip with a nigress ass. I would pound her pelvis till she was immobile.

>> No.10353623

You are gonna make everyone in the board like her like this, try a new strat

>> No.10353633

Okay good, at least you are consistent.

>> No.10353660

>if she was in any other country than Japan
But she's not, she's in Japan where shit like Comic LO exists. Applying Western morality to her is not going to work. You dumb nigger.

>> No.10353700

Minorities are always looking for what's wrong with white people.

>> No.10353725

Pedophillia is wrong no matter where it happens.

>> No.10353726

>it’s morally wrong
are you a scratched record on a record player? how many times will you say the same shit. thats nothing but your amerimutt """"""""""""""" moral superiority"""""""""""""". your christcucked moral values arent a thing in east asia. they arent laws. if you legalise it just do it in your mutthole. then you can legally ban her and most japanese contents from your country. like i said, if you do ill support you seriously

>> No.10353728

Comic lo is fictional, she talked about real kids. Even for Japanese people it’s still wrong.

>> No.10353769

sure, but if she didn't act on it further, eh.

>> No.10353772

>you legalise
*want to legalise

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She's an anime girl talking about fantasies she had, of which you don't know if they're actually real things that happened or just something she has made up. Keep getting triggered on the internet over it though, that will show her...

>> No.10353833

She built the bomb but she didn't detonate it. Its still bad.

>> No.10353847

I’m not american but it seems like they’re living rent-free in your head anon. Just out of curiosity, which shithole are you from to be foaming that much about another country? As for it being okay in Japan, it’s still not morally right to talk about fucking kids in Japan, you mouthbreating otaku. Tell that to any average Japanese person and tell me how they act.

>> No.10353886

Lol anti thread

>> No.10353919

> It’s okay in Japan
Not it’s not
> It’s not illegal
No but it’s still wrong
> It’s just fantasies, YEA THAT’S IT
How many times are we going to move the goalpost?

>> No.10353962

I'm begging you, go back.

>> No.10353966

I love marine, she’s actually my favourite Holo. But acting like talking about fucking kids is normal is wrong.

>> No.10354024

As it turns out, nothing happened, so it should be okay.

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>> No.10354070

>I’m not american but it seems like they’re living rent-free in your head anon.
thats their freedom for them. not for you. its not specially a japanese thing either. east asians and most southeast asians dont give a shit about it. indonesians are muslims but they dont give a fuck about such morals. none of them are upset by what holo jp does.

you have your western moral standards values and freedom. thats fine. but asians are different from you.
the reality is simple. you cant cross the border. if you want to do you need to use some international sanctions or laws.

>> No.10354088

Wow I love Marine now

>> No.10354097

I was wondering where you went marineschizo. How's it hanging? Wanna grab a beer sometime?

>> No.10354120

>indogs are okay with kids getting raped
Honestly not surprising.

>> No.10354148

Let me tell you something anons, the reason no sane straight man would want to get near her isn't because she's ugly or fat or anything like that.
it's because once you're done pounding her, her fujo instincts go into overdrive and one day you'll wake up strapped to bed, either about to get fucked by other men, or you'll be reverse rapped by some femboy shota just for her enjoyment.
do you want this fags? would it be worth it?

>> No.10354166

But would normal Japanese people be okay with what she said?

>> No.10354217

> Nigress ass
Anon no nip has ass. Your fantasies aren’t reality.

>> No.10354222

fucking retard eop

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go back faggot

>> No.10354298

>Another thread where Marinefags cry over her not getting special treatment.

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