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Hey anon! Catch!

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shions womb will catch my sperm

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Shion will kill her child like she killed her cat.

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How'd she kill her cat?

>> No.10356682

Ripped its ears off to have the surgically attached to her own head.

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Great art

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I will stuff Shion into a 30 gallon drum to make Gura cry

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How old and fat you have to be to Shion?

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yikes dude relax

>> No.10357826

>winter clothes
>tummy still exposed

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I love shion so much. I hope things get better for her and she can stream more often.

>> No.10357901

Thanks gura

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You can feel the heat there, no need to worry.

>> No.10358905

then I'll give her more

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God I want to lick that tummy so badly.

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He was shot dead by a white man.

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I like this. Shion is the only vtuber to whom I dedicated a folder.

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Nah that white man was just taking a knee. In solidarity ya know?

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I want to fuck her so bad

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How does impregnation work anyways? Cum is always thick and clumped together, when you watch creampie videos it always just kinda drips out of the girl. If she stood up afterwards, how could it possible get to her womb?

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You must be 18+ to post in this website.

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her belly button is so pokable

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Source on this rrat about the ccat?

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I want to rape Shion.

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