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Has anyone else noticed autistic changes in themselves since becoming obsessed with streaming anime girls? For me it's:
>started talking to myself a lot more while playing games
>subconsciously apprehensive about singing anywhere because I don't want to get copyright striked
>became much more sympathetic to male vtubers after starting to have daydreams about being one
>these daydreams are more complex than I'd like to admit
>I've gone through 4 different character designs
>I have loving fans and genmates
>all in my head

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I've gotten a lot more paranoid at the prospect of women having bf's.
Also I may or may not consume more ntr doujins now.

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I'm way more conscious about my blinking than I used to be and I noticed I clear my throat a hell of a lot more often too

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Ive become less (more) lonely

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>Started a diet
>Started drawing
>Started doing JP reps
>Wanna start learning the piano

I thought improving for women was a meme but I see her and I just wanna IMPROOOOOOOOOOVE

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Forgot japanese. That's easily the biggest one for me. For some reason chuubas are pushed me into taking japanese almost on a whim, despite almost exclusively watching EN

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I wish I could sing, never cared about that before vtubers

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I actually study Japanese daily now, something I've been putting off for years.

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yes. it gave me a shit excuse to run from my responsibilities

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>Pick up art reps
>Play around with photo and audio editing
>Started cooking instead of buying takeout
>Learn indonesian
>Schedule my day instead of doing whatever
The only downside is I read fewer books and podcasts. It's all consumed by vtubers now.
Based. The hardest reps to start is art reps/diet. How do you do it?

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Started lifting for my oshi, then dropped when she starting yurishitting. I no longer care about oshis, i just wanna get bigger. Have you lifted today /vt/?

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almost ready to come out of the closet

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>yeah i see this anime octopus girls and i totally wanna be a better person
Where did this society go wrong?

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when w*men started being allowed to vote

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I start taking care of my looks more, purely because I don't want my oshis to be uncomfortable if we ever met in real life.

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are you me

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Dont worry anon, being a little bit autistic is fine if it doesn't interfere with your daily life or ability to be a functional being. Just think in Kiara, that idiot wanted to be an idol despite not knowing crap about Nippon land and she finally succeeded almost ten years later


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I lifted to attain a body similar to Kiryu, because goddamn does he look cool

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I keep trying to improve for my oshi but I keep slipping back into suicidal depression

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yes, the worst is when I do mental gymnastics trying to convince myself that my oshi is not a whore

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feel ya, though the thought of being, perhaps something like a male vtuber and having to deal with the workplace relationships of other vtubers really bother me. It's the thing i think most about.

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other than the picture of my wife ina that i have at my desk at all times, mostly positive stuff by most standarts.
>Doing far more art reps than before
>Am gonna make it. whatever it takes.
>157 day streak on duolingo. No shitty weekend amulets or streak freezes. Simply doing it 毎日 and starting to become as autistically nihongo jozu as mori.
>Even started reverse-engineering it and doing the japanese to english course.
>Couldnt start lifting due to moving a lot and gyms being expensive, but i'm studying how to work out a home and trying to eat better.
>Tough still depressed, life is slowly getting better.

I'm very thankful for the whole holoEN, but even more to mori and ina. I wanted to do something to repay them, but dont really know how.

in conclusion, my wife is a real dope

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forgot the pic

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diet and cooking are bound together, unless you really have a lot of money. Id suggest you try to start with the middle ground between your ideal dish to stay fit and what you eat now. Even if you cant do the change immediately, you can do things like switching soda with juice and avoiding sugar

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No… I might have problems but not these type of problems…

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I started watching 2 viewer andy chuubas more recently.

Ended up becoming pretty good friends with one of them and gosling

I actually had to turn off their stream when they collabed with a guy

How the fuck did I fall this far. I used to make fun of these people

I feel fucking retarded

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I lost ambition… but when I smoke…. I feel better.

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Most of these are ok but...
>subconsciously apprehensive about singing anywhere because I don't want to get copyright striked
You need help.
(((Disney))) is in your brain.

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Do you bring it to work?
Also checked

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>he doesn’t sing 80’s classic dad rock
I can tell you’re a zoomer.

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No because i dont have a job right now.
Despite most people in my country my family is not that poor so they still let me just study art for now.

>but if i had one i would

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indiefags like to act superior even though watching small vtubers puts you at the highest risk of becoming a gosling, which is excruciatingly painful

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I'm not really a gosling except for some lapses, but my oshi is helping me gradually get over my depression a lot, I really admire her and she motivates me to try more in general, plus I'm trying to have bigger ambitions with my stuff instead of being a defeatist (which was what I've been doing most of my life) because of her influence. I'm also trying to get into singing, have been doing 日本語 reps for a long time but half-assing it this year and stopped slacking to understand her and I want to improve my art enough she eventually at least sees it.
Oh, and somehow my sleep schedule is less fucked now.

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What point are you trying to make?
That 80s dad rock is copyright free?
Are you actively retarded?
Also everyone I know that likes dad rock is fat and early balding whereas my preferred music scene has a habit of staying svelte and attractive well into their 50s so nah I'm good thanks.

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You sound like a little faggot. As if I was ever interested in what you meant! I do what I want and do what I want to do!!!

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I had the same exact shit, but in middle school and related to superpowers and shit. Like that one fucking anime I forget the title of, where the girl pretends she has powers. I also never told anyone. I don't know if all this makes me autistic or not

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clearing ur throat too often aint healthy anon

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I’m guessing…

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you were an undercover chuunibyou

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> As if I was ever interested in what you meant!
Probably not. Suit yourself. Stop creeping on younger guys in public toilets though, that's weird as fuck.

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Straight as a line. I was never hitting on you. That’s how insecure you sound. Fucking nerd.

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It's always been this way you uppity monkey.

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Early balding is a side effect of high test, not that you would know

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I've never acted superior about hell I love some of holo JP and Niji EN

It is pretty suffering though because there's always that barrier between chuuba and viewer even though we always fuck around with eachother

Said we'd practically be best friends if we had met outside vtubing

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based daydreambro

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>Picked up Aqua's sucking noise
>Jp has improved significantly, almost don't need clips
>Now have Korone's accent
>Comment out loud when watching anime
>Support smaller chuubas
>Started making MMD for Haachama
>Small drawings and memes
>Regularly translate text for Hololive like memberships and tweets
>Spent over $800 on Hololive goods
>Never been into games except Touhou, now I want to start

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my habit of forming months long limerent obsessions with girls I dont know has worsened drastically.

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>started talking to myself a lot more while playing games
I have done this.
>subconsciously apprehensive about singing anywhere because I don't want to get copyright striked
>became much more sympathetic to male vtubers after starting to have daydreams about being one
>these daydreams are more complex than I'd like to admit
>I've gone through 4 different character designs
>I have loving fans and genmates
>all in my head
I have never done any of this.
On a serious note: talking to yourself when playing a game is fine. Your brain is participating with you.

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why do you need japanese for a korean octopus

>> No.10340285

No man, I was weird before all this.

>> No.10340463

I literally chant "haachamachama" whenever I'm alone or doing nothing, I just can't help it

>> No.10340552

How often do threads like these get posted? I’m starting to sink into these feelings recently and I’d at least find solidarity that we all fell under this spell near the same time

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>autistic changes
I bought my first monster hunter game, no joke.

>> No.10340890

No, not that anime, the one with the short purple-haired girl, and her crackhead friend with long blond hair. They're all in highschool
Yep exactly. I knew it wasn't reality, but I genuinely wasted thousands of hours day dreaming because of how fucking cool it seemed compared to reality. So much time just fucked. Also the title of the anime had chuunibyou in it.

>> No.10340922

Jesus . I am not the only one .

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Okay if it doesn't hurt anyone AND doesn't slow you down like depression does, it's not that bad right?
But why do you gosling? You know there's a barrier between you and your oshi unless you're friends IRL
You KNOW the limits but you refuse to acknowledge it. So let me ask, WHY?

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it's fun and productive, until your oshi announce graduation

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I think you should get another hobby. At least for a while.

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t. Travis touchdown

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Absolutely based and GMI

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Shot dead by a white man.

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I tried octopus the other day. A bit disappointed that it wasn't disgusting or weird, just a bit chewy.

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The moment you came to this website faggot

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I started playing Minecraft, and playing Minecraft alone is the most autistic thing I've ever known.

>> No.10348988

Whats autistic about it? You sound underage btw.

>> No.10349286

>instead of acknowledging (you)'re already autistic AND schizoid from the beginning

>> No.10349399

Literally me fellow Tako. Though ive been pretty slack with my JP reps and usually miss 2 days a week

>> No.10349442

Reminder that you faggots need to grow up and stop obsessing about shit like that.
/biz/ here btw

Buy btc

>> No.10349530

Stopped being a neet so I could send supas

>> No.10349633

I'm still waiting the bottom

>> No.10349925

/biz/ which coin do I buy? Is Binance alright?

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That shit is way too infectious, it's deep in my brain despite only watching clips of her, can't even imagine how bad it must be for stream watchers

>> No.10350136

>/biz/ please scam me

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I'm so happy for you Takodachi anon!

Almost the same! Since I started watching Calli more
> started to doing English reps more frequently
> doing streaming and video editing reps since 2 months ago
> trying to be less shy around people I like

Hope you guys find inspiration or motivation on others cool chuubas too!

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Donta smoka...

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Yeah. This song lit my fucking ass and I've picked up everything I can to see which one sticks.

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If you have to ask the just buy btc or eth and forget about it, sell after 5+ years.

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I suppose it's the act of building something grand without sharing it with anyone.
>You sound underage btw.
And why is that?

>> No.10351558

anon her intro...I can't stop singing her intro whenever I find myself doing or saying nothing, whenever my mind just goes blank it becomes filled with chammers

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>Began writefagging again
>Tripled my workout resilience by playing Gura song compilations (100 -> 300 reps)
>relaxing drawing meditation and VODs

Had it not been for EN last year I would be an emotional wreck in Uni
Chubas make me want to be better and have happy life

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newfag thread

>> No.10352435

Nope I've always been a desperate lonely autistic loser who wants a video game playing wife.

>> No.10352674

>And why is that?
Because its such an innocent game and
>I suppose it's the act of building something grand without sharing it with anyone.
Kids and teens have a strong evolutionary desire to be validated as they develop skills, its a reinforcement mechanism when they are doing something right. Adults tend to lose that somewhat and develop a sense of personal satisfaction when doing things, without the need of an audience.

>> No.10353244

Well, fuck. I guess watching Hololive has made me a man child.

>> No.10353259

Rest easy anon, its normal.

>> No.10353813

I don't enjoy video games anymore because I constantly feel obligated to entertain the imaginary Chat in my head, which is retarded because I have no intentions on ever becoming a vtuber.

>> No.10353854

I've stopped getting angry at video games.

>> No.10354016

Kiara made me start cooking at home more often. The thought of making nice home-made meals for us drives me to get better/quicker at it, and it seems KFP nagging her about frozen lasagna for one worked well in getting her to start cooking for herself instead of eating out all the time.

>> No.10354197

Just kidding, the Hololive server is a disaster.
They should've given the whole server to Flare and not allow anybody else to build int int.

>> No.10354484

Can’t remember writing this but looks pretty based to me

>> No.10354601

When did you start? I picked up cooking at home more often around April/May.

>> No.10355094

I started in January but only recently (maybe June) got really into it.
My problem is that I cook more tasty stuff than healthy stuff, so I probably should look into some more meals that check both boxes
I remember unintentionally cooking a pasta dish during the lasagna cooking stream.
The whole experience was a very surreal unexpected self insert gosling fantasy I can only recommend if you are into that, and off your meds

>> No.10355096

Just like another anon said, I chant Haachama-chama alone in my room sometimes.
I sing the first few lines of Red Heart
I picked up singing lessons
I started Japanese reps, though they are not going too well.
I also stopped going to the gym, so that's cool.

>> No.10355197

When I scream… the pain stops…

>> No.10356397

I asked in the members chat if she was gonna give us the recipe so we could cook along with her, but she wouldn't...

>> No.10359033

That would have been amazing

>> No.10359286

This post has been flagged as misinformation. Autism is neither caused nor exacerbated by watching VTubers. It is caused by vaccines:

>> No.10363493

I took a cia personality test I saw in an /x/ thread that basically said I have autism, so yes.

>> No.10364143

>male vtubers
>debuffing yourself before debut

walk the babiniku path no one will know your secret

>> No.10364905

>all in my head
Don't let your dreams be dreams anon!
Become the vtuber you want to see!

>> No.10365306

yeah, that's the one

>> No.10365456

Whenever a woman makes me laugh, I imagine them as a chuuba. I've introduced a coworker to vtubers with the hope that she would want to become one.

>> No.10367056

>>157 day streak on duolingo
How good is duo for learning?

>> No.10367143

The opposite. I've realized that it's completely fine to just watch the anime girl and that my adoration is sufficient. No more no less. I have noticed the actual schizophrenia of the schizos though. It's an entirely new level of schizophrenia.

>> No.10369184

I think it has caused some bad habits in me. I now regularly stay up to 3-4am to watch her stream. Iv spent over a 1k on hololive shit. It's would actually bother me if they interacted with guys. I think I use to be fairly normal before.

>> No.10371827

Im happier

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I fucking love feet now

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