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Why does Gura have some kind of skin condition?

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I wonder if 'people of color' ever get pissed that white Twitter libs draw them as ugly and as racially indistinct as possible. I'm all for more diversity in VTubing but this art style sucks dick

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Why do people always blame whites ? Very often the people doing these are nigs

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>Beauty standards are unrealistic and opressive, art needs to be uglier
>*Proceeds to make them fat and brown*

Do they even realize what they are implying?

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>blackwashing is progressive while whitewashing is considered evil and naziism
Really makes you think.

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nah it's white people, same people who get offended on behalf of minorities and then when they're called out scold those same minorities for not siding with them

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White liberals are the ones mostly doing this shit because of white guilt. But yeah nigs do it too so not all blame should be put on the former.

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No one else is calling me, forgive me Jesús for uttering this word, latinx

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Black people who do this are pretty much white people who have assimilated into SJW white culture.

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>black people who do this are white
Oh yeah i'm sure you don't blame whites for everything.

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I don't care if this shit is being drawn by the ghost of Malcom fucking X, the art sucks

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I balme whites for the rise of trannies and SJWs, i blame blacks for the crime. Latinos are the best the US has. I will admit i feel like a hypocrite shitting on white people given that i would fuck a white girl if i could, just fuck tho, american white girls are kind of crazy cunts, you git it and quit, most femanons are white, is part od why they are so insane.

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Something about tumblr makes people want to draw noses large and prominent. I believe it's some attempt at "realistic" proportions but they are blind to the fact that the human eye perceives things differently in 2D and 3D. Drawing a realistically sized nose on a 2D character makes it appear twice as large as it would be in real life. The nose becomes the center of attention in the face instead of the eyes. This ruins the emotiveness of characters because we as humans perceive emotions through the eyes. The nose is dead space, dead weight in describing a person unless it's comically football sized (which is still an unrealistic proportion). Therefore tumblr designs always look less expressive and deader than the anime designs they adapt because the focus of attention is on the nose and the eyes are not given enough space or detail to communicate emotion properly.

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anecdotal but yeah in my experience non white women are way more chill than white women

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never thought about it that way but makes sense. even western art usually has noses that are little triangles in cartoons unless it's looney tunes, which is purely comedic anyway. look at black characters in DC cartoons, they don't look like OPs pic and yet they're still black

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Can any white femanon explain this? Why are you guys so crazy, can can't you just be a cool girl.

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Definitely anecdotal because the white women I know don't hold a candle to black women when it comes to fucking craziness.

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If a black person draws something like that it's whatever, that's their own mental delusions they'll deal with, but whenever I see a white lib drawing gross shit like this it's almost always a fetish for them.

They'll hide it behind being progressive, but really they all have a dark skin, ogre body, vitiligo, body hair fetish. I say this as a "poc" artist that used to be friends with these white sjw types, they're ironically more prejudiced than some right wingers.

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also probably depends on where you live to a large extent

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there was a style that was popular back in the day where men were tall and had big noses. Also that one girl from Steven Universe that had the big pointy nose was popular on that site.

I think a lot of budding artists grew some kind of large nose fetish from that and that's where that came from.

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That looks pretty good though. If Tumblr tried to make their art to look like that the world would be a better place

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Mori is pretty cool. Kakkoi Kari-chan

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Art always reflects the truth that dwells in someone's heart. As every erotic anime afficianado knows, words may lie but bodies don't.

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>I say this as a "poc" artist that used to be friends with these white sjw types, they're ironically more prejudiced than some right wingers.
hand and timestamp or fake

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literally not true.

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This isn't an art style choice it's a character design choice, see how the girl has a little nose. Some people just have big noses irl, usually given to nerd/dork characters, old men, etc. This is ok to me

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>they're ironically more prejudiced than some right wingers.
Aren't they the first to chimp out when a character is drawn a shade lighter?

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yes they are the first ones to spazz out.

I don't know if you remember the case of the white chick that took a japanese artists Knuckles drawing and edited him in to be black saying "I fixed him".
lots of black people, yeah even the sjw types, were actually pissed off at the white girl that did that, and somehow throughout the entire drama they found a way to get that idiot to give them donations. White guilt is a hell of a drug.

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Not him but I remember that, the girl actually had a history of trying to jump on and cancel people, even if they were unironically at the expense of other black people, after the knuckles thing, she started apologizing to all the black people she offended in the past, claiming she wanted to have some accountability instead of running away and deleting her account. Shortly after she then deleted her account. She had autism if it helps

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The best 'black' thing about your oshi is 'blacked'.

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I'm not a chumbud or a teamate though?

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Rocky and Bullwinkle is comedy same as Looney Tunes.

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>Some people just have big noses irl, usually given to nerd/dork characters, old men, etc.
Yeah, look at Master Roshi in Dragonball or even Gendo Ikari in Evangelion. Where it doesn't work is when you give a big awkward nose to a youthful and cute character- like all of HoloEN.

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Big noses can be cool too, just not in tumblr style

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Yeah, but I said youthfull and cute. Kaiji and Akagi are youthful but not cute (mileage may vary)

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>Mori has the lightest skin
What did they mean by this?

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They're already labeling Egyptians as black culture, also muslims.

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Kaiji is cute.

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Why do these all look like a less square Pacha from The Emperor's New Groove?

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Good thing there are real Egyptians to prove the opposite.

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This just proves negroes are the bane of humanity. That drawing is fucking trash.

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If there were no whites, there would be no racism, and blacks, Native Americans, and aborigines would all live happily ever after.

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Oy gevalt

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the only reaction you deserve, worthless mongrel. literally shit on a digital canvas.

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He didn't have to be killed.

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aboriginal vtubers

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Mori is that you?

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>brown people
>fetishizing their own skin color
Yeah, try again retard. The only time it's not autistic shut-in white girls is when it's autistic shut-in ethnic girls who've been so utterly westernized that they're indistinguishable from their fellow tumblr girls (twitter girls now, I guess).
Brown people with skin conditions are extra fetishized, which is why you see so many with vitiligo (shocked OP's pic has none) or with retarded freckles (which is 2/5 in OP).

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Because it's all white people's fault.

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The cutest.

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