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So now that it's been a month what's the verdict?

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Much MUCH better than HoloEN1

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Mostly shit. Only Kronii and Sana are worth watching. Mumei is occasionally okay.

Worse than -Myth- but two out of five is honestly not bad considering some of the shit JP's endured.

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Boring, soulless. Myth is inclining hard ever since their debut so that's good at least. Maybe being senpais is encouraging them to try harder. Waiting for EN3.

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Kronii mogs the her peers so hard is not even funny.

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Mumei - Cute but boring
Kronii - She can be a better conversationalist, a lot of empty space in her streams.
Bae - Like her chaotic energy in collabs, but I haven't watch any of her solo streams.
Sana - Don't watch her but I like her gusto from clips
Fauna - I listen to her to sleep. Lovely voice.


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Competent streamer, I expect a lot from her since she's hard-carrying her gen in the brains and gaming department. She's also the best when it comes to superchat readings, and she knows how to make her streams interesting to watch.
She has a lot of interesting stream ideas that are unique and although her voice kinds of bugs me, she's still likeable enough. She's also very honest and endearing which is a huge plus. I'm still waiting for her to show her true skills in drawing.
Her constant Japanese is a huge debuff for me, but she is trying her best as the leader. She's good in collabs and I hope she becomes more comfortable in her role, because being chaos really isn't suited for her. But she really shines once she shows her soft side, and I want to see more of that.
A very competent voice actress, her autism is fun to watch and her doomer personality is something she really owns. Although she isn't my favorite, I can see why she's the most popular holo in her gen. I just wish she can tone down the meme-pandering.
She's really improving as a streamer and most of her nerves when she was first streaming is now gone. She really settled herself in her role and she somehow keeps me entertained no matter what braindead shit she keeps doing. She's a lot more fitted to be Chaos more than Baelz.

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Great success. Myth should be getting ready to be replaced

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Sana's ugly as shit design makes the entire group irredeemable

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Fauna is a really good streamer by all accounts.
Sana has interesting ideas but those interesting ides are not based upon something that is widely popular; astrology is stupid. But she's happy so it's fine.
I can literally only enjoy Kronii when she's on minecraft, not streaming, but in someone else's streams.
Mumei's pretending to be retarded shtick is annoying, and while she DOES have some form of autism she needs to chill it out on overdoing it with the larp.
Baelz sticks to the larp too much to an absurdly annoying degree. When she's chill she's fine.

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Owl, Fauna
>Graduation/transfer to NijiniggerEN
Sana, Rat

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I want Sana to sit on my face.

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Better than I expected. Sana is going to take some more getting used to, but she's sweet for all her loudness.I wish all of EN had more lore so I could more easily power-scale them for the fan made anime.

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Why are PrismProjectfags like this?

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I wish I could like them because I need more EN vtubers for me to fall for, but... they are just not it. Either a bit too boring or a bit too fake. Too much dead air as well.

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Nijifag here. So far, great. They actually look like they want to be there. I do catch their streams sometimes.
I wonder how they’ll be a year from now though. Seeing what happened to Myth, I’m not too optimistic.

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>Seeing what happened to Myth, I’m not too optimistic.


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Good voice, personality, and design but she can be too depressing at times. Has trouble filling air time with conversation, doesn't really share stories very often.
Good voice and GFE, even if she is probably a bitch irl
Literal braindead bitch, why was she included in this group?
Objectively the best entertainer of the 5, very good design, deserves the most subs. Has an annoying scream debuff that kills headphones.
Lacks confidence. Her trash design is a major debuff that will be hard to overcome. She is 2nd or 3rd best EN2 for conversation.

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Best girl

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The teletubbies of Hololive

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he just wanted to shit on myth.

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She makes a great antagonist in the Ame & Myth anime.

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Kronii was the only one I liked at launch and now that all changed as I find her fucking boring by herself.
Mumei being a cute retarded airhead and Fauna being an actual good streamer and having the best stream so far made me jump to these two instead.
Bae is still going through massive growing pains so I will check on her in a month
Sana has nothing to interest me

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Fauna - Cute and really pleasant voice but not a fan of her stream content
Sana - Grew on me big time, very fun streams
Rrat - Don't really care
Kronii - Boring as fuck
Mumei - Cute but really run of the mill content

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Bae's other massive debuff is repeating everything in Japanese

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He's clearly an idiot if he thinks that Baelz is the best of the 5 when all she does is scream like a retard when she doesn't know how to fill in dead air. Like Mumei but less autistic, thinking about it.

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>really pleasant voice but not a fan of her stream content
It's exactly the oposite for me. I find her game streams to be great but her voice filters me

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I was told being loud is an important component to zoomer humor.

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but it's so soft and velvety

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Her voice filtered me extremely hard, but I finally got over it and now I love her.
Fuck ASMR though

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Baelz and Mumei should swap models, I could see Baelz being much more comfortable

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Ceres feels like an actual streamer trying to make her content interesting but she doesn't resonate with me in terms of game choices etc. Considering still giving her a chance in the future.The rest of them feels gimmicky and unnatural, especially the rat and the niggress (I mean overall behavior, not voice/accent before some retard comes out with "hurr hurr esl filtered" or whatever as a cope). Hard pass for now.

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That could work. Mumei as a mouse falling for all the traps she sees hence the mousetrap on her ear

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Mumei is chaos but only because she doesn't think she's chaos

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Love Sana.
Like Kronii.
Liking Bae now she's finding her feet more.
Mumei is cute but boring.
Fauna is just boring.

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delusional. kronii is the only good one

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t. Doesn't watch Fauna
If Fauna is boring then Sana definitely is too.

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Great fun, good personality
Probably not fit for the keyfabe. She needs to get more comfortable
No soul and says shit for money. Hard sell.
Too competent and polished so there is no charm. I'm not a fan of her voice.
Retarded. Her streams have some of the lowest lows but some of the highest highs.

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>Fauna is just boring
Watch the spore and Pokemon vods if you think she is boring

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Sana is great
Kronii is great
Fuck Mumei
Baelz is ok
Fauna is ok
Overall, much better than Myth and that's not burn out or whatever dumbshit cope faggots come up with.

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My verdict is that /vt/ are faggots.

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It's interesting how much opinions have changed since launch which I guess people posting actually watch them

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Myth came out at the exact right time to ride the wave so they will have reached highs western vtubers won't hit any time soon. Their worth is overinflated.

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wasted design/10

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The least interesting gen in the past year or so from both Hololive and Nijisanji.

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>Sana, Rat
NijisanjiEN fan here, we'll gladly take them

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Now that they can collab they'll be better.

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>Nigger lover

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I haven't been watching much of them lately but it looks like they are improving. Especially the Rat and Sana.

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Sana does her own thing and has a great time doing it.
Fauna is probably the best streamer of the group. Her chat is grooming her into a gym rat, which makes her even better.
Mumei is literally fucking retarded. She's ok on her own, but watching her stupidity mindbreak her collab partners in real time is amazing to watch.
Kronii has the best voice, but everyone admits it's entirely due to her mixer settings. Calli would kill a man to get them. Aside from that, she's boring on her own, but really shines in collabs when she can play the straight man.
Baelz is still trying to find her niche, and is suffering for it.

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Like Sana, ok on Fauna, rest might as well not exist

>> No.10305057

Kronii doing "pay me to say stuff" stream preaty much tells you she's only in it for the money

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As a group, they are nothing extraordinary, but that's okay. They offer some different personalities and dynamics, which has brought back a few old fans and brought in a few new ones. If they keep being their selves and having decent group cohesion, then nobody will complain. I would still choose to watch EN1 streams over EN2 streams in most cases if there's overlap

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I like Sana the most. Her second art stream was better than the first one. Not bad at games like Celeste. Provides interesting and creative streams.

Kronii was my second favorite, but not sure anymore. She doesn’t is kind of dull. Bae seems good, but I for some reason don’t feel like watching her as much, for reasons I don’t even know myself. To me Bae seems good like Sana, but I prefer to watch Sana.

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They're improving

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Fauna is my favorite by leaps and bounds, Sana and Mumei are tied for second followed by Kronii followed by Bae.

That being said I dont dislike Bae, I see her value but not my cup of tea.

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>Too competent and polished so there is no charm.

What kind of retarded shit is this?
>She's not a fucking dumpsterfire from the get go so she's no good!
Like, what?

>> No.10305216

no way it's worse than niji en 2
the only worthwhile member of niji en 2 is only relevant for apex shittery

>> No.10305221

Considering what they did before being in Hololive...do you blame them? Milk goslings for all they're worth.

>> No.10305247

You definitely don't watch them, then.

>> No.10305267

I had my doubts at first, but they all turned out to be pretty talented and unique. I've really enjoyed their streams

>> No.10305273

Not them, but some people like watching people grow or find their footing.
With her already being a great streamer you are not to get as much enjoyment if you want to watch them grow

>> No.10305307

Council are just Myths supporting characters

>> No.10305310

Kronii is actually good at games

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They're equal to the 5th gen of Jp:
>One of them highly hyped for her design, classified as chaotic and energetic, but ended being bland and niche
>Another one being the GFE experience with ASMR shit and a fake personality
>A cute dumb bimbo
>A popular girl who started being the most subscribed of her gen and it's still the most popular one
In the end, the only difference is the ignored one for her thick accent and ugly design and the graduated little cunt who streamed 2 times before being fired

>> No.10305634

Sana's my oshi, not only is she cute and kind-hearted, she's got that completionist spirit I relate to, always hunting for secrets and collectibles. She helped me get over cringing whenever I hear our accent in different media.
I'm not saying she's comparable in terms of popularity or personality, but to me she's kinda like the Korone of EN. Maybe just in the way she plays games, and feels like she's away from everyone else and enjoying doing her own thing.
The others I weren't fully sold on until the fifth grader stream - then they all massively grew on me, Mumei and Fauna especially.

>> No.10305663

they are great

>> No.10305673

Fauna and Kronii have amazing voices, I don’t even have their streams showing on the screen I only listen while I have something else on the stream.

>> No.10305680

I will fucking kill you for talking shit about Lamy you motherfucker.

>> No.10305781

She really tries to be a ray of sunshine whenever she can. I also like how she's got a nice creative outlet in the form of the astronomy streams. Also made me realize that years of following a Finnish artist has made me immune to getting filtered by accents.
ASMR isn't my thing but it's nice she has her niche from the get go. Strikes me as the Ina of the gen in that she'll be the one that you'll watch knowing exactly what you get. Nice taste in games doesn't hurt either.
Gura is right, her voice is nice to just listen to. Mix it with her being the most invested in MC in her gen and you have some really nice nighttime listening. I think she'd be at her best riffing on something. I don't know why but it's just a hunch.
Feels like she's got hidden depths even she's not aware of. By herself she's dopey and silly but can get snappy with NPCs in games and her genmates. Also must have the hardest time with management regarding history stuff. Will probably end up the most different by her 1 year anniversary.
Unlike most other posters here, I kinda like how Chaos itself is the more collected one of the bunch when she's not being a zoomer. It makes an interesting mix in Lore where despite denying being the leader, she certainly has the head for it. She's the one I'm most interested in seeing a 3D for.

Overall they're a perfectly fine group.

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ASMR isn't even Fauna's primary content. She does it once a week as opposed to play games for the rest. I don't know why people keep harping on that shit, it's like you guys seriously didn't watch her post debut.

>> No.10305884

filler gen

>> No.10305909

They are good but not good enough to replace any of the Holos I actively watch or to make me somehow make time to watch them, in comparison I started hating IRyS design and after a month I was a member of hers, none of EN2 manage that

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People have mentioned that Bae doesn't really fit her role and that she needs to find her footing.
The chaos thing is hurting her more than it helps as it put expectations on her that looks like she is not capable of fulfilling

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Who's something to you then?

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Sana and Fauna are great
Kronii and Bae will find their niche

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The best of the bunch imo. All her streams have been great.
Like her voice and her streams have been all good.
Don't watch a ton of her, seems ok but not really my cup of tea.
Streams have been ok; not a huge fan of the doomer personality. I'm already depressed I don't need a depressed vtuber as well.
Too retarded for me. She has some nice moments but I'll probably just watch random clips.

>> No.10306682

>The chaos thing is hurting her more than it helps as it put expectations on her that looks like she is not capable of fulfilling
Exactly. It’s just not her, which is cool too. She shouldn’t be expected to live up to that.
>nice creative outlet in the form of the astronomy streams
I like Sana the most, but I don’t like her astrology streams much. She has a lot of creativity though, which I’m sure we will see more of, and it’s neat that she made this clip for the upcoming collab:


>> No.10306757

Better than myth, better synergy together, kronii is the only one I don't really care for and Mumei's complete lack of experience and brain power is almost frustrating, but Fauna is 10/10 perfection and Sana and Baelz aren't far behind

>> No.10306790

Embarrassingly ordinary

>> No.10306834

When the best member is not even as good as the worst of other Gens

>> No.10306848

I can't wait for Ina and Sana to shitpost more.
Because that's what this fucking video is. And entire fucking shitpost.

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>boring and miscast
>boring and brown
>better Ollie, which isn't a compliment
>adorkable streamer ruined by an atrociously bad fanbase that she never tardwrangles
>boring en aqua who's not good at FPS games
They're all shit for a variety of reasons. Basically the iPhone notch of Hololive. Tolerated but never truly loved.

>> No.10307129

Mumei is gradually looking like she might be interesting in the future.
baelz, maybe.

The rest are pretty basic.
All in all, pretty dull. But its only been a month.

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>boring and miscast
Fauna is a perfect possessive/vengeful mother nature

>> No.10307403

I sure hope this is a falseflag by a Phase Connectard

>> No.10307758

Honestly underwhelming

>> No.10307790

It's the same that happened to Polka. They put way too much expectations on her, she has a great start but she quickly reclined to what she is now. Having a well known past personality didn't help her much either

>> No.10308388

you're depressed? no, you are just a fucking loser with no life, kill yourself

>> No.10308592

Kronii isn't ever going to notice you

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Nothing special about any of them.
>Sana got in because of nepotism (I know she isn't the first, doesn't change anything)
>Kronii would be fine if not for some minor complaints, still nothing special about her
>Baelz would be great if she didn't talk like she was from 2007
>Absolutely NOTHING special about Mumei, she's dull in the worst possible way and has a terrible streaming ethic
>Ceres is le yandere meme mommy, a character that's been done to death
>3 of them have boyfriends
Youtube going out of its way to slash their subs in half like three fucking times kind of feels justified at this point. I kind of have an aggressive tone making this point but I'm more disappointed than anything since I don't like anyone from Myth either and became disillusioned with NijiEN.

>> No.10308745

wait i know mumei and fauna, am i out of the loop on anyone else?

>> No.10308790

Who cares at this point, anyone can make up any shit and /vt/ eats it up.

>> No.10308821

They all have a boyfriend and it's me.

>> No.10308890

I don't remember posting this.

>> No.10309072

Bae is cute
Fauna cute
Mumei...I'll give her another chance
I don't watch the other two

>> No.10309115

brown is a proven debuff

>> No.10309259

Kronii's booba is disgusting

>> No.10309363

Mostly they just remind me of how awkward HoloMyth was in their first month. It will take some time for them to really get as comfortable and seasoned as Myth has become. Right now it's just a bunch of them making jokes about their own lore and shit, but give it a couple months and we'll have stuff like Kronii and Fauna having candid conversations about eco-fascism or Sanner telling us crazy stories about life in Australia

>> No.10309389

Bae was definitely typecast in a way that hurts her.

>> No.10309472

Cutest laugh, most genuine
Best podcast
Best singer
Best comedy IQ
Protect at all costs

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they managed to find the two worst people to be vtubers in all of australia
the others are ok, maybe they'll get better maybe not
2 bad 3 ok is pretty much the same as en1 at debut

>> No.10310086

qrd on what she did?

>> No.10310237

You should've said
>Now that the dust has settled
instead to farm maximum (You)s

>> No.10310346

they made me stop watching hololive. Watching other vtubers now instead

>> No.10310638

Yes without any irony. Having growing pains but coming into your own is the height of soul. Korone is the best example of this. Being a polished, good product from the start makes you feel like you're watching a factory made product tailored for a smooth watching experience. It feels less genuine, almost artificial. It even seems effortless.

>> No.10310747

The bigger problem with Polka's case is that she doesn't bloody stream or if she does she streams at odd times with no schedules playing mostly debuff games. And also the Aloe and janitor incident took the wind out of her sails and she never really recovered from it

>> No.10310850

Barely pulling any VA work. Going from barely any money to more than you'd make a year in 2 months is quite intoxicating.

>> No.10310990

Kronii: Her "I am the best" air of superiority keeps me away.
Sana: I don't support BLM.
Fauna: Boring, but her ASMR streams are really good.
Rat: Repeating everything in Japanese keeps me away, do any jpfags really care for EN? Why bother?
Mumei: haven't really seen much of her but seems rather odd.

>> No.10311025

Better than Myth, but that's not a high bar.

>> No.10311034

>do any jpfags really care for EN?
You haven't seen her chat when she streams in JP time have you?

>> No.10311047


>> No.10311081

Mumei- so much dead air, nothing to fill, id watch Gura instead.

Fauna- ehh not my cup of tea, theres plenty to choose.

Baelz- voice so loud like Kiara, too much into character. Id watch her later once she replace her usb mic.

Kronii- not my cup of tea.

Sana- Ina upgrade because she speaks morethan five words.

>> No.10311086

kronii and sana are ok
all the other ones should retire

>> No.10311108

>do any jpfags really care for EN? Why bother?
Yes? If they speak Japanese, they get JP fans and engaging in Japanese helps include them.

>> No.10311198

>I don't support BLM.

>> No.10311273

why not? she's so talented!

>> No.10311317

People rather hire shills like lilypichu.

>> No.10311339


>> No.10311587

VA industry is extremely clicky and insular.
Think about it only in the last few years did we get any new talent in over a decade.

>> No.10311633

joke about her model

>> No.10311672

This is an objectively correct opinion.

>> No.10311707

>They're equal to the 5th gen of Jp
God-like comparison

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They're alright. Only Sana and Kronii have won me over to be a regular viewer, and I'll dip from kroniis stream if an EN1 girl is live. Sana is right up there with some of my favorites though.
Bae seems like a fun collab partner but I find her highly annoying by herself, Mumei..... just isn't for me, I don't know if she acting retarded or actually is a bit slow, but it just sorta makes for boring content for me. Fauna is "fine". Nothing special at all to me about her, other then how fake her voice is, she's the vtubing equivalent of air, the only time I was having fun was during her Pokémon unite stream where she showed a small bit of personality.

>> No.10311877

Have any of them nearly said the n-word yet?

>> No.10311912

would still sex all of them, things are looking good for council

>> No.10312086

I'm still salty over Fauna using a lower quality microphone than the one she used on her previous character so she could pretend that she's new to making ASMR.

>> No.10312134

I'm waiting for the Australians to say cunt

>> No.10312142

The debut was godawful as a whole but now I think that they're okay.
Much weaker than EN1 though.
Their stream times are godawful for the most part for me so I haven't been able to watch all that much of their streams.
My favorite of the 5 is Bae by far.
Sana is also good.
Mumei seems somewhat fun but haven't seen enough of her yet.
Fauna is okay but just not my cup of tea.
Kronii is fucking garbage.

>> No.10312146

That's interesting because I love Gen 5 but am just sorta OK with EN2.

>> No.10312223

you be a fool to waste your time watching these mediocre people. There are lots of talented people out there that are worth your time. You don't know what you're missing by riding the yagoo cock

>> No.10312242

>false flagging this obviously

>> No.10312358

Why are you even comparing them? Kronii gets 2-3x more live viewers so it's obvious who's more talented and entertaining

>> No.10312393

They are all great, Fauna probably the most entertaining one. Kronii's voice filtered me at first, but after seeing her collab with calli and play minecraft with IRyS she seems alright, her voice still isn't up to what I like but she seems like a funny girl.

>> No.10312460

As a unit is so much better than Myth, but individually are quite average at best.

>> No.10312491

All of them are good especially together however
Needs a better mic if she wants to seriously do ASMR, very supportive of her genmates and others and shines in collabs
I still too nervous but despite that does interesting streams, westerners love her accent but it filters easterners and SEA, there's not much she can do to her design even though PAKO did an amazing job, the core fanbase that likes her is all she needs and is a good filter from the nonsense the other girls put up with.
Is making the mistakes Anya and Kiara before her a making in trying to appeal to multiple demographics at once, I beleive once she feels she has stagnated in the west then she would be great at picking up Japanese or Korean fans , people expect her to be crazy too much because of her aspect, hopefully she doesn't lean too hard into that and finds other ways of meeting those expectations without forcing herself too hard. (the answers might lie with her once popular VTuber sister)
Is interesting and excels at voice acting but I feel that alone has caused fans quick to make her say silly things overrate her, her voice, demeanor and mannerisms all similar to her sempai Mori also seem to give her some of the same weakness, however she has the strength that see actually seems to be more into VTuber and idol/Otaku culture than Calli so she will temper out sooner.
Still lacks confidence and struggles solo, she is great in collabs, Has had great success due to misinfo campagin and high expectations but will probably not be able to live up to them, she will be fine if she can figure out creative ways to deliver content from extremely controversial and strict permission laden games.

>> No.10312586

an even worse flop than gokisei

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OK, thanks for the reply, believe it or not I watch alot of vtubers not just Hololive, and yet still members of gen5 and EN2 are enjoyable to me.
The way, by the way, to get people to watch something you enjoy isn't by running up to a random person, and saying the thing they like sucks.

>> No.10312709

The fuck does this mean

>> No.10312734


>> No.10312791

I think they're much better off a month in than Myth was in terms of chemistry but that's not a hard hurdle to clear. Long term is where the truth will be. Sana is honestly fine and is having fun. She's like Ina in that she's just doing this for kicks. Fauna has obvious experience being a streamer and knows how to keep a rhythm. She knows how to be feminine to her benefit as well. Kronii is funny and has that mature voice but she runs out of steam really fast and doesn't know how to handle dead air. Mumei is only now starting to open up more so I still can't say much about her. She doesn't talk enough and she's extremely autistic in a legitimate way. I'm honestly curious how she even got picked up in the first place with her lack of conversational skills. Baelz doesn't seem to know what she wants to do with her character. She's also trying too hard with the multilingual aspect to the detriment of herself. Kind of like Kiara was in the beginning.

>> No.10312856

>trying too hard with the multilingual aspect to the detriment of herself
I will never actually get this complaint. Same with people getting filtered by accents.

>> No.10312921

Talking about VA industry, anon. Do your reps on kronii's PL/IRL if the point confuses you.

>> No.10312948

I don't care for ASMR but she's been good in collabs and game streams.
Her strong accent can be hard to understand sometimes. Not as hard as Ina was on debut though.
Hasn't done anything to wow me personally but she seems fine.
I thought she was good in the Portal collab. Other than that not super interesting so far.
Sex. All categories are Sex.
If she keeps playing games like Frostpunk she's peak EN for sure.
Her Construction Simular stream was very entertaining but far too short. I liked her recent Rimworld stream.
I think there's a lot of potential here for the future.
Solid lineup with lots of potential. I think they're more "average" than Gen 1. No outstanding talents but no duds either.

>> No.10312971

They've grown on me,I really like mumei,kronii,and bae

>> No.10312993

Which is interesting to bring up now, given that Sana (someone I actually really really enjoy) was brought in by Ina. And that Kronii in her past life also ended up interacting with Gura (but only because Guras old fan base thought she was ripping her off).

>> No.10313003

Great sleeping aid

>> No.10313009

knows how to keep conversation, decent gamer and willing to get gud. severely underrated and most got filtered by asmr.
good comedy, a bit of an odd vibe but I enjoy the streams. her game choices are great.
high energy but too random to really keep an interest for me. bilingual speak gets annoying. still likeable.
baits clippers, not a fan overall but maybe she'll find a unique personality over time.
inexperienced, give her a year. no point in watching her unless you want to see a blooming chuuba in the works.

>> No.10313024

That's not a picture of Ina.

>> No.10313089

>Speak the language I speak not sushi or kimchi also speak clearly you sound weird !
that is what the filtered say, that is the gist of it

>> No.10313117

Honestly just evidence why the whole western vtuber space is filled with talentless women trying to cash into the vtuber fad if Holocouncil is the best of the best out of all of the ones who applied.

>> No.10313223

I want to see a collab between Fauna and Ame, it can be very interesting.

>> No.10313240

>why the whole western vtuber space is filled with talentless women
You will never be Japanese

>> No.10313355

>Kronii: Tits are too big
>Sana: Tits are too big and brown
>Bae: Flat
>Fauna: Green Lamy, nice tits
>Mumei: Perfect tits
2 out of 5 ain't bad

>> No.10313391

Mumei - Best girl, best voice, really cute but sometimes plays up the bit too hard and you realize it's a bit which breaks the enjoyment. Hoping for more interesting streams going forward as she grows

Kronii - Don't really even like her voice because it sounds incredibly professional, too smooth and deep. I like some scuff to my entertainment. But I enjoy her personality and love her Minecraft mind

Bae - I find her annoying, too hyper and loud, too much screaming, doesn't let things sit or rest. Better with others to play off of. If she finds a groove that's more chill I might start to enjoy her. Will not be following closely

Sana - Poor girl and her model, although I think having an Aussie with the tan model actually works better than other nationalities. Hate Astrology. Think she's sweet and a little insecure which I like

Fauna - Sounds too much like Mumei but all breath and no strength to her voice. I thought she was the most bland of the 5 but she had a good burn about Mumei that she got in during Bae's prank stream so I will continue to evaluate her.

>> No.10313490

Mumei is cute and Kronii is sex, so yeah, i'm pretty satisfied with Council.

>> No.10313584

I started only liking Sana and Kronii. I grow out of Kronii but Sana became my second favourite Holo. The rest i haven't checked since i didn't like their debuts.

>> No.10313591

I never find time to watch any of their streams so i dunno

>> No.10313593

>Bae: Flat

>> No.10313611

Imagine liking corporate polished products over slightly scuffed, passion projects with character

>> No.10313823

>Panders to fans
I don't get how people can make this argument when Kronii made a rule not to send her requests in superchats after she opened them.

>> No.10313868 [DELETED] 

Shes better by herself. Her pace is so weird that she cant sync most of the time

>> No.10314134
File: 1.39 MB, 1200x1200, 1632049342939.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Myth have left a long shadow, Council haven't broken out of it yet, and probably won't for a long time.

Not my cup of tea, but is proving better than the "green Lamy" digs she got around debut. Strong voice. Could be a sleeper hit.
Pleasant Aussie girl, is probably and quite rightly wary of being pegged as "Council Ina." Seems decent at games, and has a curious mix of interests, including astrology. Maybe she's cultivating a more female fanbase?
Wasn't sure what to make of her. People seemed smitten with her almost immediately, which I found baffling. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can hear Gura, but not nearly as sassy. It's frustrating for me that she seems to know next to nothing about the humanities, but she has gotten over her initial nervousness and is playing her character better lately. You need to be smart to play dumb, we'll see.
Her battle-meido outfit is so sexual I was almost put off by it to begin with, but she has a lovely voice, dry humour and her slightly neurotic demeanour hides a gentle soul. Easily my favourite.
Seems way too sweet and careful not to offend to be "the embodiment of Chaos". Another nice Aussie girl. The Japanese stuff doesn't both me so much since I watched Japanese chuubas before EN, and Japanese watchers are notoriously shy about speaking up in English dominated chats. Maybe it's management direction to be the bridge to Hololive's home audience, or they're showing up on her analytics. Needs to be a little more wild than mischievous, but that's my opinion. Nice girl, will be interesting to watch her develop.

>> No.10314348

I think a major part of Kronii's appeal is that she somehow comes off as more of an inept loser than the people who watch her. Like some kind of existential schadenfraude.

>> No.10314776

She made a bad first impression on people who are turned off by it, many of whom didn't bother watching more of her. I'm not sure why she did so since she was making bank other than her chat being some of the worst troglodytes ever to walk the earth.

>> No.10315874
File: 1.42 MB, 1300x1282, 1606028227392.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her voice filters me a little bit. I could probably tolerate it if it wasn't for her constant "tee hee" laughs every other sentence she mutters. She seems to be the smarter of the bunch and is pretty good at games compared to the others, but still woman levels of bad though. I really like ASMR but I don't like whisper ASMR so even though her content is good it's not really for me. I do enjoy watching her collabing with others though, although that's pretty much true to all of them, unlike myth. It does seem that "council" is a fitting name for them as they do their best when collabing.

I haven't watched much of her stuff. I'm ultra racist and even then I don't think her skin color is that much of a debuff for her, even though most people point that out. Her problem is the god awful retarded outfit and poor design overall. I really think if she had a new outfit it would improve things for her. I don't mind her accent so much but then again I'm ESL, although I can understand her pretty clearly, most of the time or at least when nobody is speaking over her. She seems like a lovely person and the most genuine of all of council. It's kinda of a tragedy how much her awful character design fucked her shit up. Looking foward to a new outfit in the future, sounds like the only thing that can save her other than the usual simp pity.

Even more retarded than the shark, by a large margin even. Her content is boring as fuck in general but she kills it with her retarded cuteness, and yet again especially when she collabs. For now she's my favorite but that might change as she gets less nervous and starts acting more normal. If her retarded cuteness goes away she becomes the worst one out of council as she's pretty boring without that hook. Let's hope she keeps her act up.

I haven't really watched her yet outside of collabs and minecraft streams. She sounds alright but I don't like her grating personality even though she plays it off comically. She has a very good voice and I think it fits her character well but from what I've seen of her she seems very boring. Her minecraft autismo sounds alright and I'll probably watch her more because of that and maybe warm up to her other content but so far she and Sauna are the least intereting for me.

She's all over the place. She seems to be the most creative of the bunch and the second smartest of the group after Fauna. In the long run I think she has the most potential but so far she seems kinda lost. She's the only one that doesn't do very well when collabing with more than one other member. Her voice is kinda irritating but it seems she's toning it down lately, especially her screams. She's very good at improvising and I like her high energy. She's probably the most underrated of council.

>> No.10316512
File: 975 KB, 907x1268, 1632054160745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your wish is command

>> No.10317947

No one can sing for shit

>> No.10318713

I feel like she overplays the excitability a bit too much, but I can tell she is just regularly excitable IRL which makes her fun to watch. I also get the vibe that, under the bubbly airhead, she is very intelligent. I don't watch her much, but I wish her success.
Probably the one I watch the most. Her voice is great, she is comfortable in her own abilities, she's more competent at games than I thought she would be, and her ASMR is good. Also, I couldn't give a shit if she has a bf, I'm not trying to fuck chuubas unlike half of the lonely, self-loathing retards on this board.
I don't know if I like or dislike her. Her severe brain problems are cute as fuck, but I have to be in the mood for it or it's just mind numbing.
Literally only has a good voice that she has to voice act to achieve. I don't like her model and her personality is fucking awful. She would be the person IRL that everybody fucking hates, but it only works because she's a streamer.
I don't particularly like her. She's got several debuffs, streaming at weird times and speaking Japanese a fair amount. I've also never been drawn to any of the streams she does, as all she does is play games that have been streamed to death or just chatting. She needs to find a niche and fast, a unique game genre or unique activity, or she'll permanently be a dead chuuba to me. Genuinely no idea why the fuck they gave her the leadership role.
Fuck this cunt. Literally only a manager who wanted to insert themselves into the scene because of a self-importance boner, and gets off on people recognizing and then freaking out that he followed them on twitter.

>> No.10319645

For me Sana > Fauna > Mumei > Kronii > powergap > Bael

>> No.10320846

It's more like Cover just sucks at scouting given NijiEN, Prism, and Cyberlive all picked great vtubers that debuted around the same time as HoloEN2

>> No.10321036

Fauna feel too much like simp bait for me, weird since I don't feel the same way with mumei

>> No.10323383

Ames silly karaoke streams have more soul and creativity than anything Councils ever done despite them having more talent is a bit worrisome.

>> No.10323673

Holy shit you guys still peddling this shit? It was just a gimmick for her first superchat stream to reward her viewers for their support, she has since put into the rules to not make voice requests anymore.

>> No.10324159

They probably didn’t watch after that. First impressions matter.

>> No.10324555

She did it in her debut to fill dead air too. My theory is she didn't like saying the line all that much.

>> No.10325773

myth is just a bunch of crazy overachievers, it's not fair. even other branches felt bad seeing them

>> No.10326141

>First impressions matter.
Except that wasn't her first stream at all, did you guys all forget that during debut she did the "ara ara" request and people here saying she'd say it every time now, but then her next stream right after that had her say at the start that she wouldn't say "ara ara" so easily anymore? Kronii knows moderation and to limit these things so they don't get overdone.

Seems a lot of anons here really are thread readers only.

>> No.10326283

Too little too late.
After myth debuted, many others came that made a more relevant impact, because of bad ideas and scouting from Cover.

>> No.10326549

Forgettable. Hope the learn and do better on EN3

>> No.10326842

I really like Fauna and I've been following her since way before she joined Hololive, happy to see she took such a big step forward.

>> No.10326857

Maybe has potential. The most soul of them all. But that isn't saying much. Her and fauna are the only ones that don't seem forced and unnatural.
extraordinarily normal. not exciting to watch.
perhaps has potential to unlock the extreme surrealism route. As it stands, just kind of pauses all interactions in a kind of uncertain limbo. Liklihood of evolution to glorious extreme surrealism route: 20%
Find her streams insufferable and completely unwatchable. But the hints of extraordinary levels of mental illness that are starting to arise are intriguing. Will probably have interesting clips in the future.
She started with maybe some potential.
Evolved quickly to corporate 'zany'.
Doubled down on zany and now just has the personality "forced personality"
Possible worst arc: fakeness incarnate.
Possible best arc: 80's british punk.
Possible alternate arcs: loving schoolteacher. annoying little sister.
something is wrong

>> No.10326935

nice people but too boring to watch. none of them have shown any unique skills or trait worth talking about.

>> No.10327031

>Fauna feel too much like simp bait for me
Anon every single vtuber, corporates specially so, is simp bait.

If a girl pretending to care about you in the hopes that you will press the donation button rubs you the wrong way watching vtubers is not for you.

>> No.10327042

I let you know in a month. Even Irys found a place even though I initially didn't like her

>> No.10327384

>what kind of person boldly enters a public situation where all signs say they will likely fail?
Myth. Thats who.

>> No.10327416

This. This is a timeloop from 3 months ago when everyone was shitting on IRyS' model, calling her an ugly goblina and doomposting about her numbers. Then the collab ban lifted and everyone changed their tune.

>> No.10327526

I haven't changed in my opinion. I've just moved on.

>> No.10327587

That is because IRyS has a ton of gachis now. Fauna and Mumei lost out on those because of I'm not taking a vacation. Bae is gachi proof, Sana is unlikely to get any. Kronii will and people will be nicer to her. I think people here just "grew up" on mytch and think they're the bee's knees that far outclass everyone. It's like telling people Ocarina of Time wasn't that good.

>> No.10327650

The childhood friend that you didn't realize had blossomed into an adorkable woman because you were too busy lusting after the popular girl:

Has a great voice and I'll watch if I'm specifically interested in the game which means I've watched the Frostpunk streams and that's it.

I'll put her on and either I get sucked in or I get bored. Her comedic stuff hits in a Gracie Allen kind of way, which worked with the construction simulator but in something like Rimworld is trying to say the least.

I don't care about ASMR but that monstrosity she made in Spore was hilarious.

I watched one of her streams and it was inoffensive. I enjoy her in collabs, though. I think she's a lot more fun when she has other people to play off of.

>> No.10327765

>Ocarina of Time
I'm a boomer. I have no nostalgia towards this game. Still, when I watch clips, I can see clearly that its a good game.

>> No.10328224


>> No.10332125

The most fake out there, and no, vtubers aren't just about faking, they're mosty altering pre existing traits. She just feels the most fake cupid girl around. No particular talent as well.
Pretty nice energy, good motivatio, pretty interesting hobbies she is genuinely pasionned about. Too bad her voice heavily filter men and of course er design.
Hnestly it's the best design by far, and I had my expectations up of her, but she turns out to be prett average. Dropped a debut but I heard showed sign of changing from her forced hyp and zoomer act who was mostly parroting Ollie
Had very low expectations for debut, really disliked the model, and thought I would drop her instantly, but from the first seconds she spoke I knew she was clearly different from the rest. Her debut mostly confirmed it, she's just a very clear step above the rest, not only her voice her overall control of herself and her acting performance, it's just really good.
I genuinely forget she exists
I only watched her debut and it was uterly boring and awkward, on top of being a huge disappointment both in animes and games she likes. Knowing shomwhat how to drives is really below standard for Hololive whand you're not even fun while playing videogaemms.

So it has some strong point, mostly with Kronii, but as an average EN1 seems ab it better.

>> No.10332728

Kronii feels too good to be true, she's the only one I felt was somehow already on the level if not better than Myth. Sana have potential and passion, Fauna is ok but will probably not improve much from here and feels like someone extremely calculative. Mumei could just not exist it would be the same. Rat is well, fine, but really not much stand out. Maybe she can work on her singing and take that spot on the gen since no one really does so far.

>> No.10333063

But sana is the cute bimbo

>> No.10333076

How can you be this wrong?
This has to be bait.

>> No.10333362

Sana's great. I saw a couple of Fauna's Spore streams and they were pretty good. Mumei's Rimworld stream shows she has potential but its clear she doesn't have a whole lot of experience with games like it. I'm willing to give her a chance. Can't really comment on Kronii or Bae, haven't really watched any of their streams.

>> No.10333430
File: 102 KB, 682x874, 1629925339253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fauna is the best. Kronii has a nice design. I don't care about the rest.

>> No.10333528

Boring, Made me switch to NijiEN.

>> No.10334221

when 5 of them are together i can't even feel her presence
kinda okay

>> No.10335221


>> No.10335617

But in their current incarnation, Kronii is way more popular than lilypichu.
I checked now her ccv now is just 6k while Kronii can get 2 to 3x more than that easily. VA industry is unfair if they didn't give someone like her a chance when she's obviously extremely talented with her voice.

>> No.10335858

Gura likes Bae. So I like Bae. Simple as.

>> No.10336503

They are fine.

>> No.10342042

What Gura likes, I like. What Gura thinks, I think. I'm just part of the Gura hivemind

>> No.10342359

Kronii: mega dimes
Mumei: great gimmick of being a retard
Bae: hyperactive annoying little fuck
Fauna: ten a penny, worthless
Sana: kill it with fire

>> No.10342498

Fauna has the fakest voice of anyone in Hololive and it actually triggers me

>> No.10342690
File: 300 KB, 800x436, 1627184731325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. It's wonderful

>> No.10342714

Each one of them uses a fake voice. Why especially her?

>> No.10342791

Same prediction I gave during debuts a month ago:

1. Kronii - comes out as the undisputed queen of this Gen.

2. Mumei - cute autistic cinnamon roll dark-horse that everybody slept on but that is battling Kronii for the most popular girl spot.

3. Fauna - falls squarely in the middle of the pack. Basically Green Lamy with a heavy ASMR focus that brings in a dedicated but niche audience.

4. Baelz - projected early on to be the Gen leader and the Gura killer, but failed spectacularly with too many debuff games and by splitting her audience between Japanese and English.

5. Sana - generation's largest failure. No personality, no special talents, just giant BOOBS.

>> No.10342814

One visit to her general makes it hard to believe this

>> No.10342856
File: 3.97 MB, 3000x4500, f241ded5185bf8d24c92b48a7dab9a58.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to titfuck Sana and Kronii

>> No.10342859

Having huge boobs is a personality
Just look at Noel

>> No.10342931

>it's ok that she's blantantly doing it just for money, because she doesn't do ot all the time

>> No.10343282

1)Kronii: Best thing that happened to gen 2, 9/10

2)Hakoz bell: Pretty Average, diet Ollie energy, and diet Kiara, japanese stream, 7/10

3)Mumei: below average,
her voice is so low, can make you sleep and force close the stream, cringe, 6/10

4)Sana, I never watch sana, because of the streaming schedule, but I really like her Australia accent. 7/10

>> No.10343413

5)Fauna: Good at the start, my excitement level diminished over time, good character design though 7/10

>> No.10343626
File: 69 KB, 687x687, 1614326189767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then you must hate every vtuber who read the content of superchats, even if just sometimes, right? Superchat reading incites people to superchat in the first place, its why Ina is usually the lowest of the ENs unless some special occasion comes or the others are barely streaming. Nene's risen a lot in the superchat rankings because she accepts whenever people propose to her.

>> No.10343771


>> No.10343940
File: 114 KB, 1154x719, 1621924840174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The whole "using your VA skills to say certain phrases in a different tones" is one of the most stupid criticisms ive heard here since its one of her strengths. That's like criticizing Gura for singing since people tune in more and donate more.

>> No.10343948

So boring that they actively made me switch to NijiEN.

>> No.10344620

Kronii is good for all kind of streams.
Bae - singing and zatsudans, gaming streams are whatever
Mumei - has a gaming stream niche with strategies and sims, banking on protecc aura
Sana - very boring solo streams, good in collabs, horrible singing
Fauna - whatever.

>> No.10344764

Rat is pulling 11.5k Viewers 5 hours into a Mc stream right now. Are Friday nights really that dead at some parts of the world or are most of those saturday morning watchers in Eurasia?

>> No.10344809

Anon? Did you miss her numbers a few hours ago which was almost 20k?

>> No.10344840

best stream so far?

>> No.10344870

I literally just woke up, so yes. 20k is amazing. Last week she had almost only a 10th of that at some days.

>> No.10345384

I know literally nothing about Minecraft, are the torches enemy repellent?

>> No.10345454

Lit areas prevent hostile mob spawning

>> No.10345517
File: 205 KB, 1242x739, 41B602BC-075C-454D-AD86-5B1468AC3D12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> battling Kronii for the most popular girl spot

>> No.10345559

>second place
also, 40% chance of having a personality flowering as she settles in - ending in a massive buff.

>> No.10345837

Kronii - Super boring and too negative. Really hate her narcissistic front and willingness to do anything for superchats as well. I watch streams to be happy and entertained not bored and depressed.

Sana - Model is terrible and voice is kind of annoying, but she’s got a cute enough personality. I don’t have any strong opinions about her.

Mumei - Cute model, uninteresting streams.

Fauna - Nice voice, nice personality, and pretty okay streams. The GFE is a turn off. Best one in her gen but she has some growing to do.

Baelz - Voice is grating, model is unappealing to me specifically. The way she’s supposed to be chaos but is the tamest member is weird. Her attempts fo act more chaotic miss their mark and make me cringe though.

in conclusion

>> No.10345938

> bae
normies choice. seems to be trying very hard with the rp but has corporate whacky vibes which kind of ruins it. not my thing but she's fine, the normal one of the group it seems, which doesn't fit the chaos theme.

patricians choice, clearly the best at vidya. asmr seems to filter people which is fine because they're faggots who care about muh bf. is a holonerd but ( like Ame) she's too shy for collabs and stuff and needs to sort that out.

the coomers choice. memes and autism with a top tier voice, not a big surprise she's the stand out. baits for the supas a bit too much for me but i don't blame her if people are going to throw money at her.

the virgin choice. i'm got filtered by the tism and the nerves, can't tell how much of her is just pretending though. can't say i've watched much.

dark horse choice. seems pretty clear she doesn't know what she's doing like early ( or current) cali. skin and design debuff sucks because she's pretty charming, hurts that she hasn't found her thing yet.

>> No.10346195

EN1 set the bar so low I started watching vshojo

EN2 has had a great start and has brought me back to strictly Hololive again.

>> No.10347014

Dead air: the streamer. She's good in collabs but just doesn't know how to fill time. She desperately needs someone to bounce off.

Dead Air: The streamer part 2. She streams like she's asleep.

Casting her as chaos was a huge mistake. She's clearly an actually calm person, so her streams are all her forcing it. I hate her fake voice, her fake laugh and her fake personality.

She's going in the same camp as Irys, great streamer with an unwatchable model. Way more chaotic than Bae, she high energy, actually fills the time and enjoys what she does.

Great all around. Calm but talkative enough to be engaging, nice voice, nice design. Game choice could be better, but at least it's Minecraft speedrunning rather than base game.

>> No.10347325

Precisely, that's why I would never fault kronii for milking people if she ever did do "pay me" in a sly way lol.
>Mumei: great gimmick of being a retard
They all use a fake voice anon, how can one have the "fakest" voice when none of them are using their natural voices?
11k is still more than most streamers get on a good day, anon.

>> No.10347384

Love Sana, like Kronii though I always miss her streams, the rat seems surprisingly cute in the end, not sure about Fauna, but mumei and her 3s attention span is really not my cup of tea. I will aka her if she plays Victoria 2 tho

>> No.10347652
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, 1632337171452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm more weirded out that people spurged out on that.
It's a superchat reading.
She read superchats.
Sounds logical.

>> No.10347913

honestly hard to like this generation
Kronii - hard carried by her model and rigging, nice voice but personality is off putting, too meta.

Mumei - is a total birdbrain, but that can hit sometimes, though gets kinda tedious to watch all the time

Baelz - forced chaos. most unnatural

Sana - got put off by the model and havent watched, no opinion

Fauna - no thanks to ASMR, I'd rather fellate a cactus

>> No.10347975 [DELETED] 

I hate niggers, but I love Sana!

>> No.10349140
File: 279 KB, 480x401, 709B5A65-EAF1-483F-BFD7-342568DC3F32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shot dead by a white man.

>> No.10349460
File: 660 KB, 1920x1920, 1627666005084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are all pretty bad. Failed to capture the already gigantic EN market brought in by a year of Myth, and offer absolutely nothing new or original to the table, while being inferior copies of other more interesting Holos. Their momentum was over after debut week, and that's saying a lot.

>The only one who is thinking outside the box, but her content is pretty meaningless.
>Chooses the worst times to stream.
>Her accent is a filter for ESLs.
>The EN Flare: the worst performer of her generation but with the most loyal fanbase.
All in all, a package for failure. It's going to take a lot for her to bounce back.

>The ASMR EN, has the most scuffed setup
>Boring debut, but has proven to be just competent enough to stay relevant
>The most OK of the bunch
Entry level EN. I'm guessing people will watch her for a bit, then transition over to better options down the line. Not awful, but not great either.

>Great debut, shot herself in the foot soon after
>Unable to function like a normal human being. She's constantly larping as a doomer, and playing the depressed cartoon character you see in games and anime. That's her whole personality, there's nothing genuine there, and she's very strict about her role
>Desperately needs to have a partner in order to be remotely interesting
>The most succesful after pandering to reddit and clipwatchers by spouting cringe shit for money

>How this girl joined EN2 is still a mystery to me
>The most basic, bland, boring piece of shit vtuber
>Larps as a retard. that's it. That's her whole personality
>The clearest example of model buff. She's being hard carried by it

>2nd worst alongside Mumei
>Awful stream times
>Kiara syndrome: too much Japanese during her solo streams at the start of her career. Tried to course correct later but her viewership and people interested in her tanked because of it
>Uninteresting. Has nothing of value to say or do during her streams and it shows during collabs.
>Accent not as bad as Sana but still filtering ESLs

I watched all of them for two weeks, out of curiosity and hoping they would grow out of that awkward debut phase where all you do is cringe and you're trying to get comfortable and show the world your talent. That never happened, it only got worse. After that, I was out. They couldn't compete with the JPs or the ENs or even some IDs.
Their personalities are all shit and bland. It really feels like management tried encapsulating them into their fucking characters for lore reasons, restricting their creativity and how much they could be their actual selves during their streams. Either that or it's just a cope and they are really all talentless and shit despite everything.

>> No.10349565

ina > ame > sana > mumei > gura > fauna > mori > baelz > kronii

>> No.10350381

You can't donate to unarchived karaoke, retard

>> No.10351852
File: 2.08 MB, 1000x1763, fauna2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kronii and Baelz are the best so far. Mumei is Mumei.

Don't have an opinion on Sana and Fauna yet. They have great designs (Fauna's is actually my favorite of the five), but they're just not that entertaining to me so far.

>> No.10352866

How low are your standards over there

>> No.10353005

Best part, these girls would have more fun in Niji just because AC gives them actual freedom and let them ACTUALLY form chemistry with each other.

>> No.10353332

Anyone who brings up Fauna's ASMR and doesn't say anything else about her has an invalid opinion because they clearly don't fucking watch her. Her ASMR is literally once a week and she streams 5-6 times a week.

>> No.10361130

Fauna is good but not my style, her voice grates on my ears and I don't enjoy ASMR, I got filtered quick.

Sana has a typical aussie accent, but her art is great. It's a shame she doesn't really want to do art streams. I haven't watched much of her, nor do I plan to. The ''Sana is big'' thing got repetitive and I got annoyed. Will stop in for art streams but nothing else.

Bae is great, the singer of HoloCouncil for sure, am excited for the unarchived english karaoke. Stream times are a pain in the arse for my tea drinking self, though. My Oshi of the council, though seeing as her natural voice seems to be typical aussie like Sana, if she stops the character voice I'll drop her.

Kronii has an amazing voice, but I find her boring. I watch Vtubers for entertainment, not to jack off unlike the rest of you. Her singing didn't impress me in the debut and I'm not buying her membership to see if she's better with different songs, so maybe she'll impress me when she does a public one.

Mumei is cute, but once again boring. The dumb act is why I don't watch Gura, Finana or Rosemi, I just find it pretty irritating in large doses. Nice voice though, and her singing isn't terrible.

Anyway, those are my shitty takes, they're pretty basic bitch but hey, that's just my entire personality.

>> No.10362462

Despite everything, i like still them all and i'm also looking forward for more streams from them

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